The Fall of 76

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    1. Internet Historian

      Won't lie, I'm probably still gonna preorder Starfield.

      1. Mr Tortoise

        @Daniel Dunn it wouldn’t be as good because the game company actually started to fix the problem

      2. Lil Chump

        @Konameme ///

      3. Daniel Dunn

        Do one on cyberpunk 2077!! 😂🤣

      4. joner


    2. Vxlssxr

      This is my most favorite video in the world. I love How He says stuff and edits it. I love this man

    3. Kb Bryant

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    4. YSAmmo

      This was brilliantly made. I died laughing at the cartoons depicting what bethesda was doing

    5. Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron

      Man I knew bethesta screwed up with 76 but man I didn’t know it was that bad, glad I never bought it

    6. Jonny Walker

      The way he says "an all consuming void" is just perfect.

    7. Have_A_Goose

      this isn’t going to be the only time you watch this you know...

    8. Smokey

      It really feels like a game from '76

    9. Ben Hsieh

      I love the ad time

    10. SunlightEvidence

      This is EXACTLY the kind of studio you sue for lying.

    11. Mr House

      4:07 dangerous game you’re playing there..

    12. Fatal Bert

      7:22 I'm trying to pay attention to the video but this remix of Wake Up Get Up Get Out There that never starts is hurting my brain.

    13. Monster Ball

      lol I work at a company that makes those kind of plastic shell stuff for inside wall parts on busses and deskboards and stuff. That shit it dirt sheap and extremely simply made.

    14. Rue Dadi

      Lmao a Zimbabwean note

    15. Anthony Phung

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    16. Kevin Budzisch

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    17. Jack of Blades

      Year 2021 Bethesda is getting sued.

    18. DUM DUM Crack a FaT

      I feel blessed right now for not ever playing a fallout game 😎

    19. Andreas Verno

      Soon the bomb of rage will ceased, soon todd will finally out of the vault, to get our hopes up... and hopefully not drop it (certainly hopes so for ES6)

    20. Olof Thorn

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Why did people keep buying the merch even though they knew about the scams that Bethesda where pulling?!

    21. Christian Bauer

      This wasn’t shooting themselves in the foot. This was emptying an entire clip into their foot, reloading, and emptying a second clip into the same foot.

    22. Violent Tugboat

      I would've been super happy with just another fallout 4 same engine and map size or a bit bigger. Just different stories missions and quests. More lore new weapons and stuff. And a different map. And then come out with dlcs like fo4 did. I mean I loved it. Other then the monotonous settlement crap. Multiplayer? Not a fallout game. Just a online fantasy rpg were your only goal is to level up and buy stuff for your house and apparel. Boring! we want great voice acting and amazing mind blowing quests. And to run across some f'd up gross stuff down in a vault. Fo4 was amazing so was fo3 and NV. Why fix what isnt broken. 😥 I miss fallout.

    23. Void Man

      it didnt just work

    24. Undercover Giraffe

      The meteor should have done 9999 damage to the earth, only critique.

    25. fgfhjfhjf bhfghf

      Ok fine youtube I'll watch it

    26. Majed Marji

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    27. d1fferen7

      16 times the detail !

    28. Chavon James

      out of all these, im scared of the black void wanting to consume you 😰😰😳


      “16x the micro transactions”

    30. Divockisthegoatm8

      I’ve watched this video countless times and never noticed hazard radioed and bakayoko at 11:40

    31. Zeed

      Justice for a toxic fanbase

    32. ThatGuyFromCanada

      Almost 2 years later, this is still one of the biggest gaming shitstorms to ever happen. Warms my heart.

    33. Irongrip62

      >̝̖̼A͖̣͓͚͖̫͍͠ǹ͍̱͔ ͙̺̭̣a̢͖̦̜̞͕͇l̷l̠̠ ̣̹̺͓̩͖co̰̞͙̱̖̩ͅn̵̝̱͙͉s̩̻u̜͈̩͡m̹̣̺̺̯i͎̩͇̙̮ͅn̘̦͈̭ǵ̗̥͕͎̺̫ ̢̟͎̞̘v͞o̧̜̥͖̙͖̳i͖d̳͚

      1. akwgamer25


    34. Jim Osborn

      Todd is a liar... the end

    35. Cara Garnier

      It is almost as if Bethesda gives their marketing and e-commerce part to a high school class, except the high school class would do a better job.

    36. E

      So long story short. Just play fallout 4 or new Vegas

      1. E

        @Arief Maulana that’s also true

      2. Arief Maulana

        New Vegas?

    37. William 04

      4:01 they hated it.

    38. Urban


    39. Philippa K

      I hate the "if you loaded the game, you can't have a refund" clause. I managed to get one for another game because despite meeting the system requirements, it straight-up did not load correctly, with areas just being a blank void where other things outside the play area worked fine. I knew it was likely my system and the fact that they had made it near impossible to find those requirements (found after it didn't work right) made them give me a refund before I got consumer law involved.

    40. Mr Banana

      LiGhtWo0D LaMinAte

    41. fake todd howard

      Come on we need fall of 77

    42. wazza33racer it a republic in the old USSR?

    43. Rick Astley

      *L I G H T W O O D L A M I N A T E*

    44. Owen Fitzgerald

      I'm really glad I stopped playing games of the PS2 era, before DLC and In-Game Purchases and being able to be so disgustingly ripped off by developers. The Future Is The Past, Atari 2600 - Nintendo Wii, the best years, before all this B.S.

    45. EvolvedPants

      I still love that the 500 atoms apology wasn’t even enough to buy the digital version of the bag

    46. Roseh77

      "This is where things went from tardy, to retardy" My fucking sides

    47. Håkan Jansson

      15:32 i need this version of the song, anyone know where i can find?

    48. Father Noon


    49. Runaway Cat

      Love futurama Fry doing the "take my money" meme in reverse during the refund :D

    50. Mohammad Muneeb

      You know who releases a terrible 'Fallout' game? A SYNTH!!! Wake up people Todd Howard is a DAMN synth.

    51. Serpico's Beard

      Tod says it's "4 times the size of Fallout 4!" as if making a game bigger automatically makes it better.

    52. Flin Grin

      must have seen this 3 or 4 times now. this upload is better than FO-76. ...does not say much, but still...

    53. feel toofree

      Welp there are still so many missing things here, added with what he said already, really makes you wonder why people still play this game.

    54. launch4

      The bit at the end, comparing 76 to No Man's Sky, doesn't take into account the polar opposite company cultures behind each game.

    55. Dr. Pepper

      24:46 No Man's Sky is Hello Games Fallout 76 is Bethesda I doubt they'll actually make the game good

    56. Based Farrakhan

      I told my mother about the whole bag thing and she just made me a bag like it for like nothing I keep my books in it

    57. ian park


    58. Singa Binga

      Its like watching the documentary of Pablo Escobar or Hitler

    59. Liam Shaw

      Wait ur Aussie I’m Aussie to.

    60. Federico Guillen

      Yo is this for real, bra? i'm dying lol

    61. TexMexGuy

      Internet Historian: **buys a life supply of toilet paper** Coincidence, I think NOT!

    62. halo1179

      5:30 please tod no more makes me laugh

    63. Homesman

      2021 the game still bad but not bad as before

    64. Aidil OP

      Next cyberpunk 2077

    65. S l p 469

      Any news updates

    66. Multiroester


    67. Delvin William

      I bought it for $1.4 , so far enjoying this review and might not play the game lol

    68. michael kass

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    69. JoshThoughts

      the fact that this (or games similar to this) have become standard operating procedure for billion dollar companies is an absolute fucking disgrace. public businesses are trash and have bot bred the kind of “competition” that is good for consumers, its a competition to see who can rip people off worse

    70. S

      As somebody who was stupid enough to preorder, then play during beta. They DID fix some bugs, just like, 4 out of the 3000 of them. so, not enough

      1. K

        ya i made that mistake too.. i wasn't even able to login for several days, and when i finally did i regretted everything, i played for abit but then never touched the game again.

    71. Coyote Man

      Now looking at Cyberpunk 2077, this game looks like a masterpiece compared to it

      1. Scooby Doo

        @Papi Simba "too much to do" yeah ok lol

      2. CHB Ryan

        @Papi Simba Bullshit. The "NPCS" are as lifeless as the dialogue system in Fallout 4. They still have a million bugs, the building system is so flawed it deletes itself when you get kicked off a server (every 30 minutes). Cyberpunk, not a single bug from start to finish. You people only like to spit on it because CD Projekt Red worked on it.

      3. Papi Simba

        For real. They improved the game a lot since release and now it has too much to do compared to Cyberpunk, being only a side project

    72. Pervinator

      22:59 I need this song. Anybody knows the name?

    73. Ace

      "The good" pulls out posted note "The bad" pulls out meter long scroll

    74. Pervinator

      Gotta love the persona 5 music in the backround for the sneaky parts

    75. CC 07

      I thought I was up to date about it all but I missed the rum bottel. dang. Bethesda really really just gave us a benchmark for worst possible launch

    76. Kai benington

      Cheat Mode To trigger Fallout 4's in-game console, just push the tilde key on the keyboard, just next to the "1" type in the leading left corner. Specific keyboards might need the apostrophe key rather, if the tilde does not work. Tapping the tilde raises a dark grey console on the lower half of the game screen that can be used to input different commands. Effect: Code: A multiplier is added to your running speed, based on the inserted number. player.setav speedmult [insert number] Allows players to modify their jump height based on the inserted number. Higher numbers result in higher jumps. However, the fall damage from high jumps will still kill you, so be sure to enable god mode first. setgs fJumpHeightMin [insert number] Bump up your character's level to the number indicated. player.setlevel [insert number] Can speed up or slow down time. The game defaults to 16, with real-time being 1. Negative numbers likely slow down time. set timescale to [insert number] Causes AI to no longer detect you. A pickpocket's dream! tdetect God mode, for complete invulnerability. tgm Increase a particular skill by the indicated number amount. For example, "player.setav charisma 10" would increase your charisma by 10 skill points. player.setav [skill] [number] Increase carry weight capacity by the indicated number. No more being over encumbered! player.forceav carryweight [insert number] Kills off everyone in the surrounding area, except for Companions and other important characters, who will instead flop to the ground in need of a stimpak. killall Kills the creature of the ID indicated. kill [insert ID] No collision with objects. Walk through walls, or pretty much anywhere else. tcl Resurrects the creature indicated. resurrect [insert ID] This will complete all steps of the primary quest, completing the main story instantly. Caution: this will essentially spoil the entire game. Use this command at your own risk, or perhaps on a new character once you've completed the game yourself. caqs Turns off AI. Causes all characters to become immobile, with blank expressions. tai Turns off combat AI. Finally, world peace! tcai

    77. misium

      13:00 You did that TP thing in may 2019? Oh, man..

    78. Bow Sanderz

      They put more effort into the cleaning up the mess than actually marking the game.

      1. Bow Sanderz

        @CHB Ryan true but they still tried harder doing it

      2. CHB Ryan

        They didn't even clean up the mess.

    79. Aris Krist

      Tbh I pre-ordered the Power Armor edition. And afterwards a coworker had to tell me about it not being canvas - I already forgot, 'cause I bought it for the combination of the helmet, map, toys and game itself - I had already forgotten it was suppose to be canvas.

    80. Horny Fruit Flies

      Oh, but when I've been complaining that Bethesda is one of the worst companies associated with video games out there, and the slavish bootlicking and forgiveness for their broken games that should be FULLY REFUNDED by law (as any other faulty product is required to do) since at least 2013, I got bodied by masses of absolutely braindead fanboys with the most asinine, f*cking moronic arguments the human mind can come up with. My favorite one being "b-but they CAN'T test for all the bugs in open world games!!!" ignoring the f*cking fact that companies like Rockstar make better open world games without even 1% the amount of bugs.

      1. Piotr Czajkowski

        What do you expect, bethesda fanboys are the biggest cretins around

    81. Raz

      I had the quantum light, it's also cheap plastic. It broke after just a little while :/

    82. Bossedboss

      i remember going to gamescom 2018 and going to the follow 76 booth you had to go through a huge vault door just to enter a cinema where they gave xbox codes out and todd trying to speak german. Then they just played the trailer and some of the extra shit that came out a few months beforehand and my group was like we waited 1 and half hour for this shit

    83. Itay Sabovich

      The start is really funny

    84. R. K.

      Now do an video The rise of 76. The game is really awesome now, but most people are still so butthurt about it's launch, that Bethesda can't do a thing good in their eyes.

      1. CHB Ryan

        @Papi Simba I'm not paying $100 for the game. "better than new vegas" you guys didn't even play new vegas. Cyberpunk has a story. Your shit retcons it's own fucking lore every 5 seconds. "all its content." - Bugs. - Broken building system (shitty anyways). - Shitty PVP mechanics. - No story.

      2. Papi Simba

        @CHB Ryan I know that you have never played the game since wastelanders if you really think the dialogue system is the same of fallout 4... when it's a fact that the fans consider the new dialogue system of 76 as the best one between 3,4 and even new vegas. But hey, you can either keep living in the past hating a game which is trying to improve since release instead of being abandoned like most games that don't have a good start, or you can make your money worth (if you really paid for it) playing all the content that it has to offer right now, which at least is much more than what Cyberpunk and too many others "AAAs" has to offer to its players nowadays.

      3. R. K.

        @Stormborn Apostle Wow, after all that Bethesda has done over the years.. The audacity! ... The only real illegal thing was the duffle bag that was not the quality they promised. And why should it matter that you've paid for it? Like you would still be mad that you paid the same amount for every other game, that you stopped playing 3 years ago. If it's about the money, then you're looking at games the wrong way. Fallout 76 is what it should be. Either play it or or stop whining about it and focus on some game that you will like.

      4. CHB Ryan

        @Papi Simba Yes, it should've been. WoW is a fucking letdown pal. 20 levels and I'm an errand boy? No thanks, I'm not buying to do more stupid errand jobs or to help some fat 50 year old virgins do a raid. NPCS SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE BASE GAME. And they STILL add the retarded dialogue system from 4.

      5. Stormborn Apostle

        @R. K. People who pay for this shit, knowing that this isn't just a mistake but their business model, is why every Bethesda game that will ever be released is going to be garbage. But hey, you'll still be stupid enough to pay for it. What they did was literally illegal. If you can't afford to keep promises that you advertised, then you can't afford to be in business.

    85. Uenz Uenzenstein

      In all honesty, despite the general fuck ups of bethesda, it's your own fault when pre-ordering or buying games 1st day. Especially from a company that is renown for releasing a broken mess.

      1. Uenz Uenzenstein

        @Lucas Nicol That is a relative bad comparison. The thing that i try to say is, why would companies like bethesda (not exclusively) bother? They can easily and will do it again. Hype everyone up... people will pre-order and then get massively disappointed at the "final" product and subconsciously at themself because they've been stupid... again. And like mentioned, it's not an exclusive bethesda thing. Many others do it just like this as well. It's just sad that nothings gonna change in a foreseeable time. Buy early, outcry later is the standart unfortunately.

      2. Stormborn Apostle

        I still don't understand why people pre-order games that aren't even on physical media. They're not going to fucking run out of them. Even for games that are on actual discs/cartridges, I would never pre-order them. I'll wait a month or so to hear if the game is actually good or an unfinished/shoddy piece of shit. And if there are "supply problems"? Well, I guess the company didn't want me to buy their game, what a shame. I've put in over 8500 hours in Skyrim. I will not be pre-ordering Elder Scrolls 6, and probably won't be buying it at all, considering what it's probably going to be like.

      3. Lucas Nicol

        That's a really bad way to look at things, like if someone goes into a dark alley in a sketchy town at night and dies you don't let the murderer off and be like "damn what an idiot" You say "damn what an idiot, also that murderer is a pretty fucked up dude" Just because people bought in and got fooled, doesn't mean the people doing the fooling, in this case, bothesda, deserve any lenience.

    86. Arkon Sarin

      lifetime supply of toiletpaper in 2019 .... welll damm crows you would be jeff bezos NOW!

    87. Lego Builder

      Isn’t fallout 76 fixed now

    88. Rusty


    89. Igor Giganski

      8.9Κ dislikes must be influencers and fanbois along with bethesbots...

    90. Martin Hodges

      I think the devs were working on a Fallout mobile game when Todd went onstage and fucked everything up.

      1. Joe Dollar Biden

        Excuses and excuses

      2. CHB Ryan

        Don't they already have Fallout: Shelter?

    91. Keyser94

      Anyone hear any news of 76 since the four months? Last time that I hear about this game was in November of last year, then Bethesda Studios was buy by Microsoft and then all go silent, I think that this game would have the same fate as Anthem.

    92. DerrtyDynastyEntertainment

      November 14th. But why is the rum gone?!?!

    93. Johnson Anemone

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    96. Charles PH

      Fall of bethesda.

    97. Mora Mulford

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    98. kalameetblackdrago

      Just remembered my friend bought a costume in shop and Bethesda banning his account poor thing

    99. Captain galaxy

      It feels like it takes forever to level up

    100. Blueshark8O9

      At least once a week I watch Internet Historian.