The Fastest Gaming PC is now AMD!

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    With AMD's release of the 5000 series of CPUs, it was only a matter of time our cryo cooled Intel system would be dwarfed. But we WERE NOT expecting this system From Digital Storm to grace us. It is glorious.
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    1. O rence


    2. zykeveyin malone

      He slid that sponsor in so smoothly.

    3. Awarepillow

      the ram doesn't even have rgb

    4. Benny

      where threadripper 3990x ?

    5. mersol Torres


    6. Hello World

      dont drop it, dont drop it

    7. Vijay Andrada

      what the its so big

    8. nb31pom

      This PC is shocking. Loose screws, no airflow, 3200 DDR for this spec! Underclocked CPU. WTF. Send it back OR drill some holes in it, run the DDR 3200 @ 3600 and 1800 BLCK. Actually do a proper all core clock of say 4.7~4.9 once the cooling is sorted. This CPU boosts to 4.9 single core stock so on a decent water rig you should be able to get close on all core.

    9. jones sr

      How does it compare against Orion X2 rig from 8Pack?

    10. Darth Matrinn

      Fastest game downloading pc in the universe you say? I'm sure aliens got them quantum pcs. I bet gamers will get along with the aliens the best now that I think about it.

    11. Deeply Superficial

      In another episode of “everyone watching makes it possible for me to be able to afford it yet get it for free, and you can’t afford it, AND have to pay full price!”

    12. Deeply Superficial

      @2:05 BAAAAYDA!

    13. MaertinH

      lôl vhen you cant afford even any better game mouse, ..and for solid keyboard you are saving €$ good half year! :o stress-deppression in 9 - 8 - 7 - 7 - 6 - ..

    14. ayad nije

      l would like to see how fast it downloads cyberpunk

    15. ayad nije

      l think l found my dream gaming pc that l will buy in the year 1000000

    16. CarterCarterCarter

      Did you see at the start how he pulled the box and then pushed it forward again?

    17. Sean Madden

      when you buy a 5000 dollar gaming pc to play Minecraft

    18. juyi

      please speak english and not nerdy tech stuff

    19. Jasper

      Maybe in 10 years I'll be able to have a set up like this. It will be nearly obsolete by then, but I'll be able to play games made in 2020 on ultra settings :P

    20. Yezmoskii

      THE PC 2

    21. Wewli Lol

      yay more things i cant affoed

    22. Collyn Smith

      This man linus rest shit on doom like it's a hard game to run come on

    23. Gaming Pro

      I have an rtx 1660 ti and intel core 5 9600 k is it fine?

    24. Drew Marshall

      The flimsy capital additionly whine because production speculatively remember through a material step-grandmother. kaput, normal power

    25. Durga Prasad Reddy

      Linus Tech Tips: Downloads "Red Dead Redemption 2" Me: Downloads "Dangerous Dave"

    26. Throttlers Noob


    27. Goodman 4525

      Where are the intakes on this thing?

    28. ein kevin

      what do i need to download games so fast

    29. Raja Rauf

      Plz make a pc with intel xeon phi with 72 core and too many threads

      1. Raja Rauf

        And some 3 rtx 3090

      2. Raja Rauf

        Plus some 128 gigs of ram

    30. J P

      Put the box upside down and pull box up!

    31. Your new stepbro

      Finally a worthy contender for my 2015 chrome book

    32. daniel keating

      needs more rgb

    33. TheEd

      you guys geting computers i whave a potato

    34. Brandon McCarthy

      This thing is fucking HUGE

    35. Freedom Hall

      10:28 "owo! hey there it goes!"

    36. Bakir Jusic

      People who can't afford this pc👉👉

    37. epicchris89

      Where can i get those QDC fittings?


      His sponsor transitions are the slickest I've seen

    39. MrFartPants

      Who would actually buy one of those?

    40. pxnguin_

      If u turn on captions he says 16 cores and 32 Fred’s XD

    41. iGoz

      ابغى مثلك

    42. iGoz

      يبن المحظوظة

    43. Thirsty

      *Loads slower than a ps5*

    44. Kurt Gabuya

      i cant be the only one who got nervous at 4:05

    45. justin rhain Cabuhat

      Him showcasing his new PC Me trying to keep himself together to not beg my mom and dad for a new pc

    46. [ SCG ] Phrog Man

      Always intel.

    47. Shawn Robertson

      meh lets see VR streaming. my system can do it .

    48. Elias Bashor

      The moment you realize, the water cooling system is actually full of orange juice...

    49. Elias Bashor

      orange juice.

    50. David Rutitsky

      9:27 Cpu utilization drops down to 69% lenny face

    51. Alex Conker

      9:26 I see you editor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    52. Mat B

      WOW dream rigg there, I wanna go fast too

    53. Random Projects

      6:29 This looks like a mainframe in a factory

    54. Aeri Airin

      i wish that pc can run over 100 fps with highest graphic setting for raids in blade and soul

    55. PhoTon cynicle

      im sorry but 71 degrees is bad my gaming laptop reached 94 degrees stable just running at 60 fps

    56. Roberto DILMEN

      Can you try valorant to in your pc videos

    57. AlzySucksAtEverything

      That's a lie the best pc, computer ever is the nasa computer.

      1. Kronillix

        that is the nasa pc

      2. Jasper

        He said "fastest gaming PC". There's a difference.

    58. Travis _

      Omg so trash it's a freaking Pre built smh can't even run peggle at 45 frames just throw it away and retire. Just kidding love you linus and that thing is a freaking beast.

    59. kuluguy

      I now know where my mom's rent money is going

    60. TheRiver7

      I wish i had computer like this :(

    61. Smith Chuah

      I just wanna find the best pc and get Minecraft RTX and I fainted upon watching this vid

    62. Joseph Oneal

      Hey Linus I’m just wondering what u do with your pc u build

    63. Sunny borah

      I wish you played red dead redemption . I wanted to see it 4k ultra ray tracing test in this PC😍❤️

    64. Jack S

      WTF are on your feet @2:19?

    65. geri

      this guy does too much of overacting....stupid

    66. Jose Monterroso

      I usé Logitech g710+ in 2021 :3

    67. Arab

      he says when you have MEGA FAST INTERNET thats where they fuck you

    68. thesinaclwon

      Linus is gifted a 15k rig.......uses it to see how fast he can download games 🤣

    69. Jason van der Klip

      he can you give me a motherbord a a videocart so my computer can upgrade i have a h61m-k asus and a msi n1996 that stuck so i can play nothing on my computer😥

    70. shudin ansary

      Am I the only one who noticed that in 9:27 ? XD

    71. Kyle Tan

    72. guitarboyjeff

      You need to workout and get some muscle dude!!!!!!!!

    73. Oscar Alejandro Velasco Rodriguez

      Ksp will crash it

    74. Tiffy

      I get 10 mb download

    75. Chase Guap

      Yes but can it burn cds?

    76. TheOddDiabetic

      I love the way digital storm does this but good lord I cannot afford anything from them

    77. William David Wallace

      So what one can't buy the parts in Canada and even when one can the price is doubled or so.

    78. tyler braun

      Does anyone know how much this system actually cost?

    79. heinzmarco

      stop smoking weed before a clip mister red eye

    80. Fredo

      They can Play above 100fps on a god pc on a ultrawide monitor.. technology is great... Not Like mine old laptop from 2011 that is dying :3 on 15fps on lowest as possibile settings in csgo

    81. WET syrup

      has litteralt the fastest gaming pc just to play half of the first level of doom eternal

    82. Luke Hoffmann

      Where tf can you get this???

    83. ECHO

      Bro your shoes it’s not possible 😂😂

    84. DairkGamer YT

      he is like 1 hour and 14 minutes me 10 hours 54 minutes

      1. Eelectriz

        Bro I don’t even understand what you just said

    85. Steven Schödel

      6 Gigabit download ..... omfg

    86. JZ


    87. paul matthew robinson

      Give you my house for it 😂😂😂

    88. Will Stankevicius

      It hurts to be poor :/

    89. Milobyte

      those birkenstocks shouldve given you 5lbs extra strength

    90. Benoit Art

      the think is in 4k even a i7-7700k is good.

    91. Aprendiz

      wow! 🥰

    92. Serge Fog

      Hello from central London where I download stuff at 700 kb per second :)

    93. James Ryan

      Ahh can't comprehend it's power I'm just a mere mortal

    94. quitegenius

      I feel you bro, recently upgraded to Mac pro for faster internet too. Damn CPU limitations, right?

    95. the Story of Luca

      Him: 600mb/sec Me in Philippines: down to less than 1mb

    96. Julian Kneaz

      ahahahaaaa dirty 64 gigs of ram peasant, i have 128 gigs of ram, join me and ascend to godhood, for you are weak and i am mighty

    97. nohingok

      150 countries?I don't think my country supports amd or nividia

    98. Tom M

      that cheeky 69 with the smug face aha

    99. exothermic ethan

      4:04 , can't believe he had the balls to tip that over l m a o

    100. Javere Merritt

      Wow compared that to my pc My pc is smaller than one of those rgb fans