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    viisaus #shorts

    Közzététel: Hónapja


    1. AarnWolf

      Kyllä Suomi on outo kieli.

    2. DK Macharia

      But Finland doesn’t exist tho

    3. The Nd

      Leek spin?

    4. Rigo

      Bee swaus

    5. SuperLiteYT

      If you put “wis” in the translator you get a better version

    6. ItsME_Mango {Damien}


    7. Trey S


    8. Funkin Rals

      Vee- sawse

    9. Uwais Ismail


    10. Uwais Ismail


    11. Linda

      Nope. VSause and Viisaus don't sound same to finn ears. If VSause was written as it sounds in Finnish it would be Viisaas.

    12. Night

      V sOUS

    13. Joshua Moore


    14. N Caulboy

      That's great 🤣

    15. TheElevenFirst

      10k Th comment

    16. TheElevenFirst

      E prt 6

    17. TheElevenFirst

      E prt 5

    18. TheElevenFirst

      E prt 4

    19. TheElevenFirst

      E prt 3

    20. TheElevenFirst

      E prt 2

    21. TheElevenFirst


    22. DonutJoseph

      the thing is you have wisdom so uh

    23. Cenk Hanyaloğlu

      He is back on youtube? Please say yes

    24. wenregeb


    25. Jose Corleto


    26. salty

      V sus

    27. Joey Quintile

      It just sounds like pewdiepie saying vsauce🤣

    28. Felix Lindell

      Try to translate “show us” into Swedish

    29. Pastori

      Suomi mainittu. Tortillat avataan.

    30. magnus31

      Search “English to Igbo” Type in “cat”

    31. lolmankg

      Coincidence? I think NOT!

    32. galaxy was taken

      Who Else is from finland? 🤔

    33. MemeVerse Origin

      Ok. Whaaaaaattttttt!!!

    34. viisitoista


    35. Ili Zamil Amzar

      Massive flex

    36. Spinner891

      Ok, now this crosses the line... The Finnish line.

    37. StringedBeast

      No-one: People from Finland: "Hey, Wisdom Michael here..."

    38. LinkL_66

      I shall get the thousandth comment

    39. LinkL_66

      I’m getting 1000 weather you want me too or not

      1. The Epic Chicken

        It's whether

    40. LinkL_66

      I think I’m the 10000th comment

    41. LinkL_66

      Gonna be me

    42. LinkL_66

      I’m gonna be the ten thousandth

    43. LinkL_66

      I’m gonna be the 10000th comment

    44. LinkL_66

      10,000th! Screw being first, I’ll take 10’000

      1. The Epic Chicken

        No one cares

    45. Woomy Mimikyu


    46. K0rekiyo.s1mp

      this is proof that Vsauce dispenses wisdom

    47. Ryan Who

      Hard bars like not knowing how far the stars are

    48. Aden Owens

      That’s dope

    49. Vuhkaisu

      Torilla tavataan :D

    50. Meemi Mies

      Theres a Finnish song that has this in it: Viisaus ei asu meissä (Wisdom doesnt live in us) And funny meme man animated it as Vsauce peeking out of overwatch Mei So now the entire comment section is full of that lmao (Funny meme man = Pupupuuro)

    51. Vaibhav Agarwal

      That ultra satisfying "say waaaaaaat" tho ✨

    52. ElijahBlueFish


    53. GreenStrqfe

      saay whAAAAAAt

    54. Spidercam818

      i’m so tired that I read it as the Finnish confidence.. how’s your morning going

    55. Bread From the Dimension of Frosted Plants

      A Finnish Vsauce is called wisdom!

    56. Carlo


    57. Reaper of souls

      V SOOSSI

    58. Mr K

      Why isn't it '#Vshorts'

    59. [темнота]-[#NightOwl]

      I hear Vsaus Wisdom

    60. Kasper Joonatan


      1. dolita windo

        With age comes viisaus

    61. yongeWok

      Speaking of Finland, Bordertown is an excellent show

    62. UnderGround CYco2000

      Such a coincidence

      1. dolita windo

        As a French person, i can comment that Sauce is great anyway.

    63. Beconomic

      cant wait for this to get recommended to my grand sons

    64. BashTF


    65. Yūjīn'āru Kunnn

      Memers in my country calling Jesus as Gsauce...

    66. Bruh Moment-um

      V sus

    67. 1992EfiniRX7

      v sus!!!!11!

    68. Fukitsu

      Nice clone high reference at the end

    69. FullemonX

      Welllll fucking hell! I'm Finnish so how I didn't realize this way before!!!! 😂😂😂😂

    70. Ice Nose


    71. Konrad Gajewski

      That's it?

    72. Token Finnish Guy

      *I have been summoned*

    73. Finnley -

      Lol cool

    74. LeDocteurGonzo

      As a French person, i can comment that Sauce is great anyway.

    75. Luke Staten

      With age comes viisaus

    76. Sonja Ra

      Im finn and never made this connection but now my mind is blown lmao

    77. Gay Actor Joaquín Phoenix

      Ah yes, Vee Sus

    78. Dvs 14


    79. Jacek Blach Siewierski


    80. dolita windo

      Captain Vsauce: Finland ... Assemble!

      1. Muffin man

        BE GONE!

    81. petteri homo

      Wise would work even better Wise = viisas and that soulds even more like vsauce to me.

    82. Talk NERDY To Me ASMR

      There are no such things as coincidences

    83. Eemi

      Im finnish

    84. Patrik Filander


      1. dolita windo

        he is the all knowing

    85. Sneakydaddyman

      Im not finnish

    86. rusiru Sathkalana

      Coincidence?! I think... *NOT*

    87. Rayyan

      So apparently michael is better at finnish than finnish people are themselves

    88. ً

      Dam he is has so much wisdom that the computer Bot named him wisdom

    89. JD

      As a non Finnish person, I agree with the Finnish people.

    90. makemekek

      im funny and this is finnish

    91. Tarun Raina

      Coincidence? I think not.

    92. VehicleGames

      The description: viisaus #shorts

    93. Meme Lord David

      Omg!!! Thats amazing!!! You should start pronouncing Vsauce like like, hi I'm Michael welcome to Viisouse lmao

    94. Heavy

      when the bee us sauce !1!1!1😳😳😳

    95. Dawson Boes

      The domain name is claimed now. Check it out

    96. How To Hit

      Vee SUS 😳

    97. VicheaGaming X

      This man is a genius

    98. Platinum PAM

      he is the all knowing

    99. No Brand YT User

      Vsauce morelike Vsus