Your Direct Messages Are Embarrassing - IMPAULSIVE EP. 237


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    In today’s episode, the boys break down Jay Alvarez’s leaked sex tape, Logan speaks on his recent breakup, Instagram models are sending us raunchy DMs, Logan attempted to sue Greg Paul when he was 12, street fighting is a lost art, Snapchat is trying to be TikTok & more…
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    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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    1. Mike Majlak Vlogs

      THE ALVAREZ TAPE IS OFFICIALLY OFF THE HUB! We can’t believe it either. Enjoy hearing about it and not being able to watch it. Sorry for the incumvenience :((((((

      1. Louis Pfeiffer


      2. Galactic spring

        It’s on Twitter 😃👍🏼 it’s weird

      3. e a

      4. e a

        it’s on twitter

      5. OHALL

        @Maude R it is.. i have it but it’s fucked, jay doesn’t deserve this

    2. Robert Hartshorn

      I feel you on the landscaping Logan... I do it for a living... I fucking hate it!!! Let me come move in

    3. Jaylen Battee

      I think logan should change the impulsive channel logo to him with the beard

    4. Jess Mailman

      You ask my brother how many fights he been in and how many times he has been suspended and you would be still happens a lot these days. He's only 17.

    5. B

      I came for the dog

    6. Mallory Murphy

      Who else is dying at the hoarder conversation lmfao

    7. Failed Einstein

      Can you invite Mufti Menk or Mohammad Hijab to impaulsive sir?

    8. Jj Hernendez

      Dennis Fucken Rodman !

    9. Milton Jackson

      Sure, anything you want Mike.

    10. Nursing Girl

      Where do I find someone with an intellectual and maturity level comparable to Logan?! And that beard! Conversations with him must be amazing 😍

    11. Lenora Hummell

      The break up discussion, my husband and I used to break up every year for 4 months at a time, did that 3 years before we finally figured it out. We both had issues I came out of an abusive relationship and he is a veteran, we both had severe PTSD, eventually we worked through our BS, but it took a while. The poor people who tried dating us in between our breakups though, lol.

    12. ronan faux

      Please don’t call him Prince!!!

    13. Ryan Taraskas

      Seriously thinking of moving to Florida or Texas

    14. Christian

      In high school now you get arrested and assault charges

    15. Ervin

      can someone give me the minute they start talking about jay?

    16. Ervin


    17. Jake Kilian

      I bet Nate Robison gets knocked out

    18. Milotote 1

      I watched the whole show while I was making a tree arrangement at my moms flower shop lmao

    19. evelyn chabelis

      mike is so annoying

    20. Max Coletto

      Homie's monologue at 29:00 made me go from not liking him at all to loving him and identifying with him

    21. Reema Ibra

      12:35 😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    22. Fae Winter

      That dog is so precious! 😭😭♥️♥️

    23. Dorian wx

      Why’s no one talking about the dog ? He’s sooo cuteeeeeee

    24. Smittyyyyyyyyy

      injuries suck man m 22 and already going thru my second acl recovery tore it i long jump practice for my senior year of college

    25. diana bahena

      Idk the dude on the left’s name but bless his heart. His second mountain goal is so beautiful it brought warmth to my heart

    26. UCKM Incein

      I roof with my dad and we get McDonald’s for my payment lmao that’s funny

    27. Roe Jogan

      When y’all were talking about doing chores as kids that was relatable af

    28. John Boddy

      The happiness on his face when he saw the dog made me happy

    29. Mark Köhler

      what a thought by gorge about money so fucking inspiering

    30. Cass Butler

      service is my first mountain. as a nurse & true humanitarian, some of us are just born into a life of selflessness. that really isn’t me being on a high horse either, i genuinely just feel the only purpose i have is to give and to heal.

    31. Stewart Tannock

      Wait.....where is ginger the giant????

    32. Stewart Tannock

      I love Logan’s new pup

    33. SarahsTravelDiary

      At which Minute are they talking about jay Alvarez ?

    34. Panda Kk

      At which point they Talk about jay alvarez

    35. Cody Sonoget

      If you want the truth/purpose of life get Mohammed hijab on you podcast!

    36. Erica Play’s

      This is why George is king and why I love him he’s so real and so right

    37. Erica Play’s

      I had to cop my son your merch from eBay that’s how expensive your shit is

    38. Erica Play’s

      Why don’t George have his own laptop and stuff so he can research stuff as fast as y’all to George ceo of everything bring your own man

    39. Jordan Hunter

      when do they even talk about the sex tape

      1. Valeria Gallegos

        they dont

    40. D A

      why did they delete the clip of them talking about jay? jay must be upset from them bringing it up

      1. D A

        Jessica Wetzstein yes because he didn’t talk about it here

      2. Jessica Wetzstein

        It’s deleted?!

    41. Iris Lopez

      Logan lets not forget u fell In love with Kong the moment you seen him

    42. Katerina Clark

      The number 66 podcast in the world

    43. Connor Hawkins

      mike stud

    44. Priscilla Quezada

      PUPPY!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


      airack snuck in there for god sake

    46. Jennifer Cavins

      The little puppy is just what you need what a blessing Logan

    47. Fireshrimpgaming

      I feel like that puppy isnt a doberman, its too small, bet it turns out to be a miniature pinscher lol

    48. Pablo Y Carol

      Get Furious Pete on to talk about Testicular Cancer

    49. Augusto Collerone

      I really think Mike talked way too much on this episode. Love the show

    50. Anthony Gregory


    51. Survivor central

      Growing up if I wanted a candy bar(my mom was single paycheck to paycheck and provided us with everything we could want or my mom) but if I wanted a candy bar u better believe I started asking a week b4 id convince her at the checkout. I better have been asking for a week. (Same mom who always greeted me nd sister w cards and candy for each little holiday and a good hot breakfast before big tests..same mom who laid bills out to try and get us to understand..locked up after school snacks b.c wed eat em all and she was debt free lady...but I used to weed whip my yard for my mom and sister and me and are big house w deck and pool she busted her ass for standing in turned off oven after baths for heat...damn kids need to listen to parents more. So long winded but im a mom of 2 now and I truly appreciate all of the things my mother did for us and made me who I am today

    52. julesdwill

      I don't slide into DMs, I slide into comments lol what's up

    53. MickyGee

      Would love to see Tom Green on here one day, he’s doing amazing things at the moment!

    54. J R

      All our favourite HUfastrs hardly post anymore.... they got to good for us 😒

    55. Thomas Sappington

      Is that guy Mack like gone now 😅😅low-key was kinda annoying

    56. Catney Kamleshan

      money does not directly equal to happiness, but it allows you time and opportunity to do other things that could greatly improve your quality of life

    57. gamer wolf

      Logan with the pup melted my heart 😇

    58. Madison LeAnn

      That puppy looks like a Miniature pincher. He’s fucking adorable

    59. Ian pixel gun bot

      Why can’t I go to maverickclothing .com

    60. Katelin E Bruce

      Why can't every guy be like LP 😩😍

    61. Stewart Tannock

      Hope Logan and josie get back together

    62. Jayne Kucharski

      when do they talk about the jay Alvarez thing? I completely missed it

      1. Viktoriya Kovalchuk

        i think they took it out and reuploaded the video cause they changed the title too but i think they forgot to update the bio

      2. KM

        facts i cant find it

    63. Chaitanya Singh


    64. samuel hunt

      George is so wise

    65. alexanderje

      If anyone touched my arm as much as Mike does Logan's, I'd expect that person to take me on a date.

    66. 3THNICITY

      Chris brown as a guest ???

    67. emilie xx

      I have a doberman too! They are the best dogs ever 😍

    68. tori williams

      I need to rehome my beautiful 5 year old Doberman common log what’s one more dog? All he needs is attention and is so deserving of more than I can give him.

    69. Bekah Elder

      This was a satisfying podcast to watch and hear. Props to the whole team.

    70. ll cøøl j

      babes, top me just means rail me/realign my spine/rearrange my guts/etc. it is a term that gay men started and straight girls have tried to use clearly lmao

    71. Katie Keoughan

      I agree with logan... he does not need share all the details of his private relationships. All he needs to be like is " Yo Josie and I broke up, we had blast and I wish her well and we would respect others to not ask us about it going forward." As much as he is a Public Figure he does not have to share every single thing with us. Break ups suck but take as much time as you need to recoop !

    72. Mr Rafi

      When is Mohammed Hijab coming on ImPaulsive???

    73. Sarah Walsh

      love u loagie

    74. Domi K

      Did you like it as soon as he said "Cause I´m (single)" :D

    75. Arnold Roman

      HUfast time is different than 9-5 time

    76. SnipingInStyle

      Honeslty , I think Mike should become a motivational speaker. His experiences combined with his flowing wordplay really do help deal and tolerate situations. I’d happily buy tickets and I’m here in the UK 🇬🇧

    77. Joseph Delvin

      Its funny to watch this after the fight... NATE GOT HIS ASS BEAT!!!

    78. skater

      fights are def still a thing ~ sophmore in hs

    79. Gaurav Paudwal

      Can u get chantel jefferies to come for a p2

    80. Maloo Cope

      George misses his punchlines most the time, but when he hits, he hits....I swear I can’t stop laughing 😂

    81. stick ninja

      Wait... since when did snapchat die????

    82. Alistair Maclean

      Mike “got me to thinking” Majlak

    83. Stevo Deneka

      My boi said chirping 🤣 #NELK

    84. Emily Sands

      I’ve never related to anything more than the lawn mower conversation.

    85. Dm Deck

      Vlog dog

    86. Cyra Cyra

      George barely talks this episode because him and mike always argue

      1. Steven DeFazio

        No they don’t

    87. Cyra Cyra

      Dobermans need so much excersize. He will tear up the house . Logan’s always leaving and so immature . He had two animals die within a year and gave ginger away because he didn’t Have time to properly train her and now he got another dog. Special type of stupid

    88. Cyra Cyra

      Logan needs to stop taking animals in when he can barely take care of his own !!

      1. F

        How do you know he isn't taking care of his own?

    89. Britten Ratcliff

      What was the girls name?

    90. SPITH

      Yea I get it, but I would much rather cry in my lambo

    91. Shano Dhillon

      32:13 🥺🥺

    92. NJFraney

      It’s not that you can’t fight because everyone has a camera on them it’s because everyone has a fucking gun and is to much if a bitch to get whooped without shooting

    93. Zero FFA

      logans shirt looks like he works at walmart, no offense. I like watching your podcast but just wanted to throw that out there lol

      1. Zero FFA

        @Steven DeFazio it’s the smiley face with the wink that got me. I’m not a hater lmfao. Plus you’re probably a kid and wouldn’t understand since the shirts I’m talking about are from awhile back when Walmart used to make them wear them. I know cause I used to work for the company. Now go play fortnite and stop assuming everyone’s a hater for stating an opinion.

      2. Steven DeFazio

        I never seen anyone at Walmart wear something like that what so ever. I’m sorry man seemed like u were tryin to make a joke but ur just a hater and it wasn’t even a good joke

    94. Tony B

      Happiness is tricky man. I feel our perspective and what we tie our happiness too is very key. Very shortly put back in my 20s i would be happy if i could just wake up and not make unhealthy choices that are pure insanity. Im sure mike can see my point on that one. Vs now i find myself questioning why my happiness lies in benchmarks or achievements and money, not in the piece of mind that i wanted to for to long. The only thing i constantly land on is change nothing is going to be the same forever or even by the day. Plus i think when u question yourself what next like you guys were talking about. It kinda seperates you from the ppl that might not ask that question. Like once they reach that benchmark thats it. Well that wasnt short at all but hey w.e

    95. Ali Laverty

      The way Mike tells an old school fight story tells us all we need to know about him... dude, its just sad.

    96. muhammad 77

      Get KSI on maan

    97. Dr.HazeBlaze

      The worst people to fuck with are the no talkers all action lol, I feel like Mike is like that

    98. Keith Cooper

      Logan’s next girlfriend will be his wife. Don’t worry about breakups,new beginnings happens for a reason.

    99. E M

      Why does Mike always bring up eating expensive meal, hot girls and private jets... we don't care.

    100. E M

      Love your merch