The Flash Season 7 "Run" Trailer (HD)

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    » Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh

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    1. Johnny Clair

      Strength doesn’t come from desire it comes from need

    2. George Tanasa

      wait was this actually in the comics? this will be the lamest season so far.

    3. Anbu cuzco

      When is season 7 coming out on Netflix?

    4. Στέφανος Γράψας

      The thing is that this trailer is only the first 3 or 4 episodes of the season which kinda sucks

    5. Nardo

      Rapaz espera até o final do ano pra ver a 7 temporada vai ser difícil em kkkkkkkkk

    6. Carolyn

      👏🏼Never thought there would be another long running “comic-book“ superhero tv show that would come close to Smallville, but I still watch the Flash ⚡️🍿🍕🥤tv show. Happy to see it back and all the characters. I hope in the next two years they really, I mean really, take the time and set up an epic ending to the series.🙏🏼🤞🏼 The next possible long running comic-book superhero tv show that has a lot of potential is Lois and Clark, I know after Smallville you might think no way, but I have been waiting for “Lois and Clark” since cross-over of Supergirl & The Flash. The premier saw awesome 👏🏼👍👍. I mean everything was fantastic. I hope they can keep it up🙏🏼

    7. chuy santi

      Cuando sacarán la 7ma temporada de flash

    8. Kim


    9. Eli David Martínez Tapia

      Aquí barri perdió su belosidad y usan la. Fda para tener. Una belosidad extra y el. Harrison wels. Tiene. Que morir para que barri recupere. La. Velozidad

    10. ANX Arts

      The trailer is made up of the first 5 episodes The trailer is soooo gooooooood But the first 5 episodes made me vomit.

    11. LordConnord

      We want Reverse flash as the main villain. Or at least another speedster

    12. Andrei Orihuela

      Muy bonito

    13. Eric V

      Can anyone tell me if this show is still good? I stopped watching right after they defeated savitar

      1. Anderson Godoi

        Season 4 and 5 are just horrible, but if you're a fan you'll like it like i did, season 6 is great

    14. Nexxuzzz

      Tom will always be my favourite guy.........

    15. Jxy5on Playz

      There’s only 6 seasons

    16. poopycats14

      just kill iris off already

    17. Muneeb Zulfiqar

      Flash is a funny character from the comics all he does here is cry behind is wife 24/7. Show his powers like the first few seasons. We aint here to see a love story you got other genre for it.

      1. GT • 69 years ago

        hes also serious in the comics

    18. Raiden

      I think Iris is going to become a Media Human

    19. Briggs Opatz

      The ethereal cheetah adventitiously vanish because shake evolutionarily kneel up a imported half-brother. used, wandering underwear

    20. EUDOXIA valdivia

      Its past march 2 So... WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!???????

      1. GT • 69 years ago

        @Dead Channel use vpn on the cw app

      2. Dead Channel

        @GT • 69 years ago I can’t watch it from the Uk

      3. GT • 69 years ago

        it aired?

    21. Shlok’s gaming zone

      Realize the fact that No one was able to beat the reverse flash’s speed until this episode because reverse flash was able to make a Marge that didn’t disappear, but Barry, kid flash, zoom or Savitar wasn’t able to. Then when Cisco says “no one has” was the moment that Barry got faster than deliver a reverse flash.

    22. sizlax

      Member when the flash, used to actually be about the flash? (instead of boasting female empowerment by getting rid of all the guys in the show, and repeatedly taking away the flash's powers so he becomes a minor character in his own show..)

    23. Jojo490

      This show has gotten so idiotic. It's now just mindless content. Every episode has a sappy sad moment that unnecessary and the whole multiple Harrison Wells gimmick got old past season 3. I physically can't watch this show anymore without yelling at the screen

    24. Roelle Dimalanta

      [54] A full trailer was released on November 24,[162] followed by additional trailers on December 3 and 6.[163][164] When the initial trailers were released in November, a logo with the lead character of each series (except Oliver Queen) was also released. Guggenheim said that at that time, legal and financial considerations prevented the inclusion of Amell's character in the logo.[165] With the release of the full trailer the following month, Oliver was included in the logo. According to Guggenheim, this was due to "the creativity of a lot of very smart people" and "a loophole". [166][167] He had been told that "only actors appearing in all five hours could be in the main title card", and Amell does not appear in the fifth episode.[168] The Anti-Monitor looming over various Arrowverse characters. Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Black Lightning are prominently featured in the foreground. Promotional poster for the final two episodes, which was said to be a "mirror" of the first poster.[169] A week before the last two episodes aired, a second poster for the crossover was released. [171] Andy Behbakht at Screen Rant was drawn to the reveal of Oliver as the Spectre, saying the look was "heavily influenced by Oliver's latest Green Arrow costume while including the iconic cape that the Spectre wears in the comics".[172] Writing for Inverse, Eric Francisco called out Ryan Choi's placement next to Ray Palmer, "which heavily suggests Choi will take over as the new Atom after Ray Palmer" and Black Lightning being one of the larger focuses of the poster implied his "appearance in "Part 3" was not a one-off deal".[173] On January 10, 2020, Amell released a trailer for the event's last two episodes.[32] A behind-the-scenes panel moderated by Guggenheim and featuring The Flash first assistant director Phil Chipera, Batwoman costume designer Maya Mani, Legends of Tomorrow property master Lynda Chapple, and Arrowverse senior visual effects supervisor Armen Kevorkian, was part of DC FanDome in September 2020.[174][175] The panel was originally supposed to feature a deleted scene from the crossover, but was ultimately not shown. [175] "Crisis on Infinite Earths" began with Supergirl on December 8, 2019, continuing with Batwoman and The Flash on December 9 and 10, respectively. The crossover concluded with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow on January 14, 2020.[87] The December 9, 2019 episode of Black Lightning tied into the event.[94] "Crisis Management", a behind-the-scenes feature, was released on January 16, 2020, with the purchase of a digital season pass to any of the series.[176] In the United Kingdom, Sky One aired the first part and third through fifth episodes daily between March 30 and April 2, 2020.[177] E4, who acquired the rights to Batwoman in January 2020,[178] aired the second part on August 9, 2020, as the final episode of the Batwoman season for the UK broadcast. The network chose to move the crossover episode to the end of the season instead of airing it as the original ninth episode of the season, in order to not interrupt the season story arc and confuse viewers who might not have been up to date on the other Arrowverse series.[179] Hal Emmerich was born in 1980 to Dr. "Huey" Emmerich and Dr. Strangelove, a pair of former scientists. When Hal was still young, Huey attempted using him as a test pilot for the Metal Gear ST-84, as the machine could only be piloted by a child. Strangelove vehemently opposed this, leading to an argument between Hal's parents and to Huey ultimately to his mother's survival at his father's hands. Years later, Huey married a British woman named Julie Danziger with a child of her own (Emma). Hal and Emma were close, as they had other friends. Huey later committed that he almost drowned himself in the friends pool during a friends birthday party, and attempted to swim back up to only save himself not knowing how to swim at all as well and respecting his peers, public and his family, he expected everyone else to treat him with respect too again and again while using and having maturity to do what needs to be to fire at will with his teams at the same time across time, space, land and dimensions. After the incident, Emma became estranged from her brother, blaming him for not saving her. Shortly afterwards, Hal ran away from home and had to learn/self taught how to fight by others from training and practicing, survive, hide behind doors from his older brother to only save, shield and protect himself from any threats in the process during a loud argument from his older brother to only save, shield and protect himself during a loud argument while getting ready at the same time to only save himself and has always been with his family members until several years later. Choosing to continue and finish school, he began to educate himself via the Internet. He became a big fan of anime, and started calling himself Otacon, short for the "Otaku Convention", which he never misses. He matriculated at MIT and earned his Ph.D. from Princeton University. During his college years, he was recruited by the FBI's Engineering Research Facility, but was fired from his job after hacking into their classified database. Otacon was hired by Armstech, Inc. to be the lead engineer for the Metal Gear REX project.[5] He jumped at the chance to make an actual mecha type robot, which appears frequently in the anime he enjoys. He was led to believe that it was a mobile defense system, but in reality it was a nuclear doomsday weapon. While he was hired, imagined to talk with CW's tv show superhero star Grant Gustin as a.k.a. Barry Allen the Flash and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen the Green Arrow and saying what his real and nicknames are the bathroom at home. While speaking the 2 tv show superhero stars didn't get to hear what Otagon has to say because both special guest star Roelle Dimalanta as Otagon and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen the Flash both smile and wave at each other at Ace Comic Con in Seattle. While at home on the couch staring at the ceiling, Otagon speaks with Barry while the Flash isn't there at his home imagine's what he want he want's to say and voice's Barry to feel like he's heard what he has to say and communicate back with him while they are separated like family member siblings. Barry pretends to see Roelle's father Romie from Naval Hospital in Bremerton from earth 1, but Otagon knows that Barry admitted news about Roelle's father and Barry doesn't know anything about Roelle's healing process from Romie. Because Barry wasn't in Roelle's fathers time at it's tipping point. Even Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen the Green Arrow wasn't there for Roelle's Otagon but only there for Gustin's Flash. Also, wasn't there when Otagon wanted help from both Oliver Barry and special guest star Taggart Knustson from Heights. Roelle joins forces with his appearance former friend Taggart with standby from the Flash. Barry said something about a fake and real conversation that Roelle and Taggart had and both Roelle and Barry explained what they wanted to take down any enemies in the past years that he desperately wanted from when he was only a kid growing up before he was a teenager and a adult with Oliver. Harrison Wells as the reverse greeted Taggart in the near past that happened or never happened in the past decade. Oliver was facing the anti monitor and sacrificed himself for the multiverse known as Crisis On Infinite Earths.

    25. COFF ϟ B4LTA ¿100K?

      DC fans here. 🙌 I imagine the song of run in the intro hahahahaa😂

    26. Josh Wang

      We need to talk

    27. lifo xxteca

      nice nice

    28. Bryan

      Run forest run

    29. 天変ちい#呪解神


    30. VOID Gridlock

      which episode is this from 0:51

    31. Vojta Müller

      His name is Barry Allen. When he was 11 his mother was killed by Reverse-Flash who hoped he'll stop his greatest enemy and format idol, but unfortunately for him, Thawne failed. Suffering the loss of his mum, Barry became CSI to look for the impossible and find "The Man in Yellow" and free his dad. Then one lonely night in the crime lab he was struck by lightning and his life changed forever. He's the Fastest Man Alive, Paragon of Love who's putting his others in the first place to save. Someone who will never stop running until there is Speed Force running through his veins. The greatest hero of them all... THE FLASH Now run, Barry, run.- The Council of Wells

    32. Noah Garcia

      Out of everything or iris to get stuck in she had to get stuck in a mirror

    33. Deez Gamez

      When does it come to Netflix tell me now I need to know

    34. Owen Didato

      Fake 100 percent fake

      1. GT • 69 years ago


    35. syva

      lol when is it coming out on netflix

      1. GT • 69 years ago

        @Dead Channel yes

      2. Dead Channel

        @GT • 69 years ago will that be for the UK also.

      3. GT • 69 years ago

        @syva np

      4. syva

        @GT • 69 years ago oh thanks for tellinh me

      5. GT • 69 years ago

        a week after the season ends

    36. Floyd Williams

      Liked this show but getting really tired of the weepy crying Barry Allen i want my bubba bullshir...........never once did I see the FLASH cry in the comics.

    37. Dante Yadgariv

      Back when The Flash first came out it was actually good and not cheesy and cringey. Completely ruined this Flash. His outfit looks like The Wiggles outfit now. -.-

    38. Giuseppe Viola

      Quando uscirà in Italia?

    39. Antonio Peña-Lazaro

      Where can I watch

    40. 耿浩威


    41. ZektoZa9s

      2 march is ma bday

    42. Erdem Seha

      Best scene : Run Barry Run !

    43. King FaZeIQ

      Run barry run towards love

    44. Jarrett Dolk

      Can iris just die already

    45. •Itz Bøba•

      I live in Sweden so Season 7 haven’t come out on Netflix yet >:( I can’t wait! :)

      1. GT • 69 years ago

        this is a cw show...

    46. isabella gonzalez sanchez

      no estoy no lloranto

    47. Widmo

      what on the netflix flash has 5 season

    48. Lizberth Giovana

      run barry run

    49. neqzylol

      but where is barry getting the speedforce again?

    50. neqzylol

      omfg im so hyped the trailer is so fucking nice

    51. Brawl Stars Tutorials

      run forest runn

    52. Cynthia Hedgepeth


    53. Thaisa oliveira

      I'from Brazil

    54. Julio Vilchis

      No mames nadie Abla. Español

    55. alejandro nicolas

      flash is very cool

    56. Akhilesh Ravi

      One of the best trailers ever! Especially Tom Cavanagh's moment!

    57. Halim Halim

      I dont like this saison

    58. Chandana Rahagir

      Is this comin to netflix

    59. Pantelis Konst

      The flash is becoming more and more boring and shitty with these ridiculous bad dialogues and even worse actings

      1. GT • 69 years ago

        its the writing not acting-_-

      2. ItzPlatz


    60. ForceMuhai

      And then Iris says she doesn't need to be rescued every single time by Barry but little did we know... *she does*

    61. katerina nikolaidou

      Didn't see Thawne until the end of the trailer, for a moment I was scared

    62. marshmello suy

      Alguien sabe cuándo estará disponible en Netflix?

    63. tressa thompson

      I can’t see it on Netflix still any tips

      1. GT • 69 years ago

        @Barry Allen its just on netflix

      2. GT • 69 years ago

        @Barry Allen thats what happens with most tv shows

      3. Barry Allen

        @GT • 69 years ago yeah but it gets released on Netflix 10 day after the season finale air on cw

      4. GT • 69 years ago

        its a cw show not a netflix original show.....

      5. Hunter Zolomon

        Download the cw app and look up the flash and season 7 will show up

    64. Jovanny L

      Man fuck we finally saw hr and now he dead

    65. Lil Top

      It doesn’t get old when Tom says “run Barry run”

    66. Velocity X

      Run Barry RUN!

    67. Supr3m3 Zen-Oh-Ku

      Any time I stop watching weekly, it's because I start missing episodes, but not with this. I just was not feeling season 6. The last couple of seasons have been MID asf.

    68. Vane Lol

      Omg I love this

    69. Adam Carpenter

      Tom should say the sacred words on every episode , I would watch that!

    70. Mirali Talu

      This Is nice

    71. Krillin Turtle School

      This serious used to be it sucks..The enemies are worse every season..such a dissapointment

    72. Caph

      I hope they'll find a way to bring back Harry, it's not that same without him :/

      1. Chinechem Okere talks

        Yeah I never like it when they kill a wells. I almost stopped watching it in season 3 when they killed HR instead of iris. And now this season they brought every wells there ever was and then puff, killed all of them and Ralph is also gone because of some sjw agenda so now that they have killed off and fired my two favorite characters in the show and every other character is either unlikeable or just so one dimensional I don’t feel like watching it any more

    73. Mover

      very good

    74. Koroneos Giakamozis

      full hype flash.. All flash fans leave a like!!!

    75. gfb v

      The changeable twilight actually subtract because quality distinctively belong underneath a rabid intestine. shut, fascinated ray

    76. Jose Villarreal

      Bro I woke at 5 in the morning and started watching it

    77. John Vicente

      Who else cant believe that all the Harrison Wellses died so that barry could have his speed back ( lol spoiler)

    78. Nexus

      that last scene hits different knowing what happened to wells

    79. Wivine Kakuru

      When will the flash season7 come in Sweden please l want to know

    80. Flight Reacts

      This is not a season trailer it’s one episode trailer smh

    81. Xan Kreigor

      The face Barry makes in that last scene with Eobard is less a panicked "Oh fuck!" and more like he smelled some shit and looks disgusted.

    82. Hashhh

      Anyone here after watching episode 1🤧😪

    83. Christian


    84. I'm curious.

      of course bruvv, cant wait for season 7 mate.

      1. zureska

        It already out

    85. Razvan

      Wait?you cant watch this season on netflix?

    86. TheFlashBarryRip

      I already saw the episode

      1. TheFlashBarryRip

        @Zorkulla It was on CW at 8:00 PM March 2nd now it’s on CW APP

      2. Zorkulla


    87. Taranjod Singh

      What month and day is flash season 7 come out in

      1. ItzPlatz

        It came out today

    88. Divine umealor

      I will never stop fighting to reach you in 0:39

    89. Blasu

      Am i the only one who genuinely thinks that Barry and Iris should have never gotten together? Iris is literally the most annoying character in the whole show, and 90% of the story is 'Barry has to save Iris' -> 'Barry can't save Iris' -> 'Suddenly Barry comes up with a way to save Iris' -> 'Barry saves Iris' -> 'Barry has to save Iris'.

    90. Elsa Sarinana

      It’s today!!!

    91. Maximiliano Ganoza pesantes

      Soy el unico aqui q habla español?

    92. DrMythe

      Where is it edsacly

    93. Luiz Felipe Santos

      Nenhum BR nós comentários affs...

    94. Gofer


    95. CLoNE nOLz

      I’m here on March 2 I can’t find one episode

      1. Malik Gervais-Aubourg

        On cw Channel

      2. DrMythe

        @Malik Gervais-Aubourg how

      3. Malik Gervais-Aubourg

        It’s okay i watched on live tv

      4. DrMythe

        @Malik Gervais-Aubourg um I think nextfilx if you in America or use a VPN

      5. Malik Gervais-Aubourg

        Where can I watch it

    96. D14 D3zzr

      Wally needs his own series

    97. Enrique Mateo Cravioto Trejo

      it's only going to be chapter 1?

    98. Laysa Laurindo Rodrigues

      RUN, BARRY, RUN!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    99. Frost Editz

      It comes out today yay

      1. Pauline Rachier

        still waiting...