The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Official Trailer


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    Freedom is just the beginning. The Emmy-winning series, The Handmaid’s Tale, returns for Season 4 on April 28, 2021, only on Hulu.
    The cultural phenomenon picks up where we left off, with June’s fight for freedom against Gilead. But the risks she takes bring unexpected and dangerous new challenges, and her desire for justice and revenge threaten to consume her and destroy her most cherished relationships.
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    1. Kayla Semien


    2. Princesa Fiona

      Warrior June

    3. Светлана Евгеньевна

      Наконец то. Аллилуйя. Я столько только шерлока ждала. Пред его очами

    4. Cherrioke

      Moira better be OK and alive at the end of this series.

    5. Private Name

      I just hope, due to the delay, they don't have so much "filler" this season, trailer looks great.

    6. Marlo Renee

      Ugh with Biden in office this isn't far off from happening.

    7. Jenny Manning

      Can’t wait!!

    8. Sega Drive

      if no one dies on first episode, then this show is......stale.

    9. Depoit T

      Can't wait for the next season ❤️

    10. Tom

      I. Am. STRESSED.

    11. Veronica Valdivia

      Cant wait

    12. mehdi_ games

      Elizabeth moss is a great actress

    13. Humberto Lopez

      I'm here because Diego Ruzzarin ordered to me during Alex Fernandez's podcast. Hahaha

    14. Dylan Smith

      Anyone know the name of this trailer song?

    15. Mirian Díaz

      Anxiety... up up up!

    16. Victor Gonzales


    17. Alissa B

      I'm here for NICK

    18. Louis Vuitton

      I heard they were gonna knock June off the show

    19. Andi Dreyes

      I've been waiting for this for SO LONG!?! Finally we'll learn what happened! Plus, if you read the books...there's the most shocking secret you learn about Hannah, the new baby, the central Aunt, and our Handmaid and her family.

    20. Domzdream

      This is the only show in my 46 years I've lived o nthis planet which gets me so blood yangy, I start trembling with rage. Literally every episode! But man! What a show!

    21. MangoPots

      All episodes will be released on 28 April or ?

    22. Shreya Pandey

      We're the ones we've been waiting for 😭

    23. The Kafka Effect

      Omg the music in this series...Portishead, Mazzy Star, Kate Bush, and I almost lost it hearing White Rabbit in the first season. So effing good. Looking forward to another amazing soundtrack in S4!

    24. Akhila Talanjeri

      When is this releasing?

    25. Ana Giannasi

      wth "free the waterfords" ?? I'm already stressed omg

    26. Carmen Holmes

      Can’t wait

    27. R VW

      I hope Emily us still a regular this season. I've loved her since day one. She needs to help take down Gilead.

    28. Erin Piazza

      I wish they would just release the whole season, instead of once a week. I need to binge! I need to know immediately!

    29. wiinterflowers

      Sorry but *WHY* is Serena pregnant?

    30. Rob D

      Never waited for something so amazing, but so scary as it is our future

      1. Private Name


    31. Pedro 02

      28/04 tá tão perto mas ao mesmo tempo tão longe !!

    32. Laura

      Finally 😭😭😭😭😭

    33. That's Rich

      Is this the last season? This trailer is giving me the vibes of a completed story at the end of it.

    34. Astrid La'fère

      1:45 *You hate to see it*

    35. Ariane A

      I can’t wait. We’ve been waiting so long for this. This is going to be epic.

    36. Anna Jacobsen

      Okay lets all be honest now that we are here: First Serena deserves to be punished Second Nick is better than Luke 100% Third this season is going to be amazing!!

    37. Penny Heying Gabbert

      And there will be a season 5

    38. Oluwatobi Asekun

      Oh my goodness! 😥

    39. S P

      Unpopular opinion: Please tell me they’ll end June’s storyline in this season (should have done it last season) and focus on the other handmaids and marthas or someone who is just starting out their journey as a handmaid or something. I loved her in s1 and s2, not so much in s3 because none of the rules of Gilead seem to apply to her. Her storyline has become so predictable like I know she is going to get away with everything but that’s not Gilead. What we have learnt so far is people are killed for the smallest and most trivial of things so why is she an exception? How is that good storytelling? Oh I wish they would have given more screen time to emily, she is such a strong and complex character.

    40. Kia Dent

      Ugh, any other time..the days go by so quickly and now, time seems to be dragging by because we want to dive into season 4😫

    41. idanehira

      Blessed be the fruit!!

    42. Silberfux

      i feel: this series shows our future....

    43. trish s

      This dumb show has me in tears every time!

    44. Parisa Gh


    45. Online Customer

      Freaky...this is the future the GQP wants

    46. 434444334

      Just finished season 3 if I wasn’t hoped up on Benadryl i would have cred

    47. Tiffany Simone

      im watching this trailer everyday until april 28

    48. Sha_na_naz !

      The first few eps of season 3 dragged. I don’t think this season is going to do that. They are going there this time. I think she is going to be free.

    49. Sharon Hooper

      Under His Eye

    50. Ery Froww


    51. mariam keinashvili

      Is the 4th season the final one?

    52. Helen Ferullo

      Can’t wait. Amazing Cast🥇

    53. Lau Ste

      This season is going to be everything I wanted omggggggggg

    54. NOLA GIRL

      I beniged watch the first three seasons, I was really Disturbed...I'm going to watch this slowly

    55. Khan F

      Good 👍

    56. QueenFiend

      will the whole season drop or just an episode?

    57. Ana Hernandez

      i might get hate for this.. but am i the only one who’s kinda tired of June? i understand the love for her child (Hannah, and Nicole) but even in season 3 soo many countless people tell her how selfish she is and how she only thinks for herself. in a way, i agree. the whole story line is super sad but June has had many chances to be free etc. i don’t know! i still love the show and can’t WAIT for season 4, it’s gonna be super good i can already tell 😊

    58. Sherrie x sal

      Man I love this show

    59. el valdo from De alba

      under his eye everyone

    60. Sagine Taluy

      Blessed be the fruit

    61. Fifi Morgan

      I have never read the book or good with predictions, and I know season 5 is in the work, but I think June and Nick’s ending could be one of these or a combination. 1- She stays alive together with Nick. 2- She stays alive, but Nick is dead ‘cause he is going to sacrifice himself for her. 3 - June will plan something crazy to destroy Gilead forever, and Nick decides to join her. They both die as “heros”

    62. mike quart

      How cone i am just seeing this?

    63. Ashley Isaacs

      I have to get back Hulu just for this show

    64. Julia Blue

      WOOO HGOOO I cannot wait!

    65. mesa louis

      I sense Nick will die this season.😰😷🥺

    66. Rodica Mihai

      my blood pressure went up just from the trailer 💥 When is the first episode released?

    67. Matheus Rodrigues

      Are the episodes going to be like weekly?

    68. Kathy Knight

      Can't wait!!! time to spot the local landmarks - already spotted the Royal York Hotel.

    69. Tati Bio

      Não vejo a hora de chegar no Brasil a 4° temporada

    70. Bethany Kasper

      The antici pation!

    71. alida flus

      1:28 Her voice cracking “How can I face him?!” is giving me chills.... Her acting is simply AMAZING 🤩

    72. Francine Padilha

      Que série foda!!! 🥰

    73. Aubrey Chaides

      Girl low key got absorbed by that hole tho.

    74. Talia

      My best friend read the book and told me to watch it. I finished 3 season in a week. IM OBSESSED.

      1. alida flus

        God this series is so good I can't wait!

    75. Shannon Bokowski

      Nick is the literal worst. Why is he still in the show??

    76. Kirsten Barrales

      I feel like Hannah dies and I am so not ready for that. :( Either on purpose to punish June or by some kind of accident when rescuing her

    77. DM Gibbs

      Very soon! Can't wait! :)

    78. jaqqueline rodrigues


    79. bilinas mini


    80. T D

      Why do I have the biggest crush on Commander Lawrence? 🥵

      1. Lyds127

        PLS NO-

    81. Bernadette Healey

      More woman blame. June is strangling Lydia and shooting Sarina. Never the men in charge. Always woman blame for men's doing

    82. NataschaO

      I'm glad Nick is still in it.

    83. NataschaO

      Nerve racking!

      1. bilinas mini

        Omgggg can’t wait!!!!

    84. zerodisturbed

      Puta la wea a pasado tanto tiempo de la temporada 3 , que ya no me acuerdo una mierda xD

    85. Alina Moza

      This better be on Hulu on 28th of April or I’ll go mad 😠

    86. Khan F

      Nice 👌 👋 👌

    87. sorry can'thelpit

      need more of nick!!!

    88. Dominic RedBorrelli

      God this series is so good I can't wait!

    89. barefootwench

      Goosebumps! I cannot wait!

    90. Teresa Abbott

      it's just the trailer and already i'm on the edge of my seat!!!!!!!!!

    91. Shell Bell

      I cant wait 😍

    92. wnnalis cioov


    93. Andrea Monsó

      Ai, vão pegar ela! Vou sofrer 😰

    94. Samantha Rose

      "You have hurt my child" I hope June's children is not physically harm or dead.... 😯😬

    95. Julie Anne P

      who do you think is pushed from the top of the building? i already know i'll cry about it

    96. Rigwell Asiedu

      I'm trying to work out the plot of the season with this trailer. Does June make it out to Canada and decides to return to Gilead at some point? I know Hannah is still there but she's done stuff that she'd be killed immediately if spotted. I hope this season has some believable twist. June is admittedly getting away with too much.

      1. Lyds127

        @wnnalis cioov YES

      2. wnnalis cioov

        Last episode of season 3 literally had me crying out of joy for those girls. I’m so ready for Gilead to get what’s coming to it

    97. JerseyGrl Upinhere

      Omgggg can’t wait!!!!

    98. Reshii Lims

      Can’t wait

    99. elusive reveries

      I cant believe s4 is finally coming😭