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The HU

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    Official music video for 'Yuve Yuve Yu' by The Hu.
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    1. иван голощапов

    2. Böbe Lovas

      I surprised. I thought the title of the song is in hungarian, what mean is "strange, strange". Lovely :)

    3. Freya Llargans wald

      Wow I love this Mongolian rock music, the throat singing is amazing - new sub is here from Scotland 🤗💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    4. Нима Даргаев

      Халуун амар мэндээ Буряад оронhaa

    5. Max Lagos

      This was dope!!

    6. Inadequate

      Крутые ребята! Спасибо ютуб, что открыл для меня эту группу!

    7. Pencilbender

      WEEEEEEEEEE GAAN DOOR..... NOG LANG.... NOG LANG ja mooie nederlandse band hoor jonk's

    8. Debbie Al-Amiley

      Can anyone tell me what those things on the top of the mountain are at 2:28?

      1. D-ShuK kol

        Bird nests are top on Rock mountain next to lake with fresh water. It means not salty

    9. Amy Babe

      Just think of it: The Hu have more fans than the actual Mongolia population.

    10. Alejandro Contreras

      Me encantó, soy fan desde hoy, saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴

    11. ただ歩く人

      Descendants of the blue-gray wolf

    12. Travelingman 1980

      Mongols have the language of the wolf and the Chinese have the language of a cat.

    13. Artur F1

      Russian community with you

    14. Maki Abuan

      The drummer is awesome.

    15. Matias Ramos

      Suddenly i want to play the AoE2 Genghis Khan campaign again

    16. Hugo Lorente

      If gengis khan brought his own metalica band on campaign.

    17. Octaviano Cuello

      My psychologist: The mongol fok/metal don't exist... Me: But doctor, look... Psycho: ¡That is fucking amazing!

    18. Jthree Low

      This song gave me positive energy, just when I was in pain with a big tattoo

    19. AM HA

      I love you guys, you rock on 🤟🤟 but I just have one thing to say, the PlayStation player sucks, how can be possible, Portugal loosing for 2....shame on you 😂😂 Keep rocking Stell on Regards from Portugal 🇵🇹

    20. Ahmed Ashraf

      Grand sons of holako

    21. Евронет Дружковка

      Только мне мотив Цоя напомнил?

    22. Lord Dolor

      4:47 INSANE!!!!

    23. BgJak073

      This rocks!!! Not sure how I arrived here, but glad I came! Has a sound a bit like “Own personal Jesus”. Gotta get one of those 2 string axes!! 🤘❤️🤘

      1. Cholla Ranch

        The band uses traditional Mongolian instruments (turn on CC/Settings gearwheel for subtitles). The 2-stringed horsehead fiddle is known as a morin khuur, and the 3-stringed guitar-like instrument is a tovshuur. Glad you found this! Subscribe to their channel and enjoy! 🤘

    24. Gruzzyh Deux

      Im so in love ith the tall one with the long hair on his rock... If you see my message, you shall know that I crushed on you a lot.

    25. Rubik Kocka

      Cool fkin song. Should we be worried? 👀

    26. Rewdor

      Я тут после мема Когда едешь в машине с друзьями и спрашиваешь -какую вкл.?- а они говорят мы любую слушаем и ты вкл монгольский рок. Кстати мне очень понравилось

    27. Hüseyin Yavuz

      Güzel :)

    28. Ericksong

      Cuántos a en español , ? Saludos desde Colombia , los invito hasta mi canal .

    29. TheInstinctWithinV2

      I have no idea what they're singing about, but man is it amazing

      1. Cholla Ranch

        Move your cursor down the vid's screen to see the CC/Settings gearwheel appear, then click to turn subtitles ON. 🤘

    30. W MD

      68 276 179 просмотров нихера се

    31. •K I N G• O F. Y O U T B E

      Увей, увей, у !!!!💪

    32. graasroots


    33. タマン金

      as a japanese, スーホは馬頭琴に誇りを持っていたんだろう。 貴方達が、奏でる音は、日本にはない音です。

    34. Grimm

      These guys were taunting me in my Instagram stories for quite a while. So I just checked them out

    35. María

      Her: "He is probably thinking of other girls..." *His brain:*

    36. sueaug74

      Excellent!! Natural raw talent and artistry!

    37. Young Moon

      이히름나 냉기충아 냉기충래 같이음매 요와요와요 으에추로와 망갈레메츠 테즈밍간 화타알으 요와요와요 에 에르화타게쓰무근테 야툰박미 양가흑툰 요와요와요

    38. Ivana Sajko

      How bizarre , how bizarre ..

    39. Worn [WornPaladin]


    40. Nagataska Plays

      God the start sent shivers down my spine holy hell.......that’s how you know it’s gunna be good if the first few seconds send those shivers down your spine

    41. Daniel

      Thank you Planet Rock for introducing me to this song!

    42. Carlos Serrato

      This just popped up in my recommended randomly and I’ve never seen anything like it, it was awesome though

    43. Christopher Whyte

      I need Noyan from Ertugrul dancing to this.

    44. Rauf Martazin

      Красавчики )

    45. Patrycja X

      Serducho z Polski ❤

    46. CanardEnFurie

      Grandpa Genghis Khan can be proud of you !

    47. Akka Lange


      1. Cholla Ranch

        Like the Great Khan, himself, I absolutely favor freedom for anyone's religion. It's the gods-bedamned fanatics, terrorists, people who would apply force over other folks' beliefs, whom I abhor and will not tolerate.

    48. Dmitry S.

      0:45 Wake up, modern man. Your Ancestors are calling.

    49. tokamak

      My new favorite song for Karaoke!

    50. A. DUBITANTE

      Now imagine these were Germans… how would you like those lyrics then, world?

    51. TheDieselbutterfly

      This may be the only thing the chinese need to hear to cause them to , you know........take over the world

    52. Bryn Zi

      One of the best feeling ever: Riding a Mongolian horse

    53. istanbul mehmet

      (im turkish) Why don't we have Xiongnu literacy? our culture is Arabic Persian. our blood is also Arabian Persian. our place is ancient Arabian Persian Greek. We have no evidence that they are Xiongnu. we are Arabs. these mongols real xiongnu

    54. Mobile Sanji

      This is so underrated

    55. Chantal henry

      super sympa la musique ça change

    56. Berk Dallar

      You are very similar to Turks

    57. Makkyy Salamat

      This was an ad...

    58. INI LoveTea149

      Это оффигено

    59. Демид Божко

      Родные русские мотивы)

    60. SoCalGirl44024

      What on earth is this shit? I love it.

    61. Alejandro Macias

      Ahuevo si cierto lo q dice

    62. Jamaludin Azza


    63. Dreno Martyer

      Omg i saw the advertising on Instagram and now im here i will listen all musics

    64. Dede Nandar

      best lost ever,, i got here xD thanx god!!

    65. Fahim Ahmed

      It'd be awesome to have a novel about a futuristic Mongol Empire. But more complex in that they're not necessarily villains, as is a common trope in popular media.

    66. Boutros A

      Why-o why-o. Zoom zoom

    67. JayGl0ver

      Came for the music, stayed for the Swasticas

      1. Cholla Ranch

        Actually, the khaas (also spelled "khas") or swastika design has a 12,000-year-old continuous history of symbolic, peaceful, usage. As one Asian scholar noted, the khaas/khas is "one of the oldest symbols of mankind characterizing the sun, sky, life, welfare, eternity and happiness" and has, since ancient times, been "a sacred symbol of Mongolian culture." Mongolia knows how to rock! 🤘

      2. Blxx


    68. comfortouch

      I never would have known this awesomeness existed if YT didn't have 'recommended' weirdness. TY YT!

    69. Brett Segmento

      I heard ancient Mongol warriors used to drink horse blood instead of water because it was all they had out in the field so they were just like “Yeah, our warhorses have liquid inside of them, let’s just drink that to stay hydrated.” That’s pretty metal.

      1. Watch Ryder

        Here's another one it wasn't just Mongols, Euro-Sythians on chariots and horses were doing that before Christ walked the earth. :)

    70. Monika Klimczak

      Heck, I hope you guys aren't singing about anything, like, serious, 'cause this music made me so happy I kept grinnign like an idiot the whole way through. Luuuuurves!

      1. Cholla Ranch

        Run your cursor down the vid's screen till the CC/Settings gearwheel appears, then click to turn captions ON. 👌

    71. Aybu Fans

      That's crazy 🔥🎶 With all our hearts from neighbor Kazakhstan 🖤

    72. Lu Lu

      Как драйвово!!!!😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍🦾

    73. tyrant tendencies

      when the genghis khan gene in you activates

    74. Michael Robertson

      its because ur boss which is me is here.

    75. Demyan Cherednichenko

      Буряты в роцк умеют?

      1. Naranchimeg Maamuu

        Они монголы

    76. Ati Delapanio

      long live the people of the Altai

    77. tokamak

      Genghis Khan must be headbanging in his grave

    78. Mahboob Ali

      I'm here due to instagram And English lyrics are here.. On the fucking caption don't be a moron

    79. luis diaz

      genial ;)

    80. Carlos Gomez

      Me encantó

    81. Ivo Buchtela

      Best song ever planet👍😂

    82. Господин ПЖ

      68 185 656 просмотров•28 сент. 2018 г КУ !

    83. PharmStrikerTV

      FC from Thailand 🇹🇭

    84. Al

      L O L

    85. Quid Divinum

      Не ожиданно... т.к я обожаю рок, то это что-то новое и главное в чем молодцы эти джигиты, так это в том что они самобытны и не косят не под кого. Успехов вам братцы!!!

      1. ibgmc

        Немного Цоя напоминает

      2. Altai Khangai

        .В точку сказал

    86. lara

      I'm addicted to this, really glad that i found this song while seaching for oghuz music lol

    87. Deez Nuts

      Listening to this while playing Ghost of Tsushima...

    88. Aprox Dniprovsky

      Припев сильно напоминает что-то из творчества Алисы, только не могу понять, что именно...

      1. Naranchimeg Maamuu

        Ха ха ха...нашёл с кем сравнивать...с каким-то Алисой...

      2. Aprox Dniprovsky

        @Altai Khangai А где я говорил, что "спёрли"? Читаем, но смысла не понимаем?

      3. Altai Khangai

        .Ну да, в мире столько хороших песен но Монголы сперли у Алисы или у Аллы, Хахаха

      4. Altai Khangai

        @Sh Sh Hahaha

      5. Aprox Dniprovsky

        @Sh Sh «Али́са» - советская и российская рок-группа, образованная в 1983 году в Ленинграде. Одна из самых популярных отечественных рок-групп России и СССР. Лидер и автор большинства песен «Алисы» - вокалист Константин Кинчев.

    89. ashzombi

      sup wit ta sub txt?

      1. ashzombi

        prob right

    90. Nomin Artemis

      nice ❤️

    91. LORD

      Мне просто было интересно как звучит монгольский рок

      1. Cholla Ranch

        И теперь вы знаете! 🤘

    92. Mel T

      I am now a FAN!!!!!

    93. Madina Dudu

      Түсінбесем де, ән ұнады. Үйді жинап шықтым ) тамаша!

    94. jack frosy

      Wow did not mean to find this but glad I did nooooiiicieeeew

    95. Makin Waves

      In a since, we all have an inner Viking regardless of your ethnicity’s, we all have are own version but most call them Vikings... the fearless warriors of blood and siege.

      1. Altai Khangai

        Only among whites Vikings are warriors. Mongols have not met any Vikings in World and Olympic Championships in wrestling or boxing since 1962.

    96. CaptinCookedd

      Are those vocals taught or inherited?

      1. Cholla Ranch

        @CaptinCookedd Several of the bandmembers can sing 3 or more notes at the same time. I think it has something to do with circular breathing techniques.

      2. CaptinCookedd

        @Cholla Ranch thankyou it's very impressive.

      3. Cholla Ranch

        Throat singing is a learned skill, and Mongolian music conservatories excel in their teaching methods.

    97. Simon LAZIC

      i remember my dad showing this kind of music to me a long time ago. Last night i realized how good this song was then i searched it the rest of the night. I was satisfied by the result of my search.

    98. N30 R3TR0 CYB3R

      Mongol language is death metal

    99. elliott strong

      I have absolutely no idea what they're saying but I love the music

      1. Cholla Ranch

        @elliott strong Agreed! The language of music itself is almost always more important. When so well composed and arranged, so skilled as are The HU's works, the words are but an adjunct. (Fortunately, the lyrics turn out to be a good addition in The HU's music, as there's real meaning in their every song.)

      2. elliott strong

        @Cholla Ranch if anything not understanding the lyrics almost makes you appreciate the talent lying in Mongolian instruments and vocal techniques

      3. Cholla Ranch

        Move your cursor down the vid screen till the CC/Settings gearwheel appears, then click to turn subtitles ON. 🤘