The Kid LAROI - MAYBE (Official Video)


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    Official video for "MAYBE" by The Kid LAROI.
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    1. Toxxic Lucidツ

      Can you name 1 bad the kid laroi song... *ill wait*

    2. JoakFILMS


    3. Kooto860

      They sleepin on LAROI 🔥🔥🔥🤟🏽

    4. Mathias Lachance


    5. Mathias Lachance

      pas ouf

    6. The Broken Led Pencil

      I NEED THESE SONGS. If you die nobody will have anything new to vibe to. Don't die on us

    7. Don Rari

      this video visualized the moment of waking up in an ambulance so goood

    8. CrazyCats


    9. pinKy floyd

      If only juice sang this.. rip

    10. Cesar Cardenas

      999 666 forever I miss you juice wrld

    11. Cesar Cardenas

      The songs hurt more different once you listen to it more I like the beat The flow And the energy that he has

    12. Cliff Hooper

      See, he sound good without auto tune.. wish none his tracks ran auto tune. I'm soo sick of producers ruining good music

    13. Raven White


    14. Mary Colangelo

      Already obsessed! 🤩

    15. Matheus Manuel Morales

      Laroi makes me remember juice and tentacion

    16. Matheus Manuel Morales

      He should sing with post malone They have the same way of singing

      1. Matheus Manuel Morales

        @Pike yes👍

      2. Pike

        Possible Feature for Stay?

    17. ChiRaq Finley

      Wake up! They create these artists then sacrifice them that simple, we gotta stop falling for it. X, Juice, Pop, Nipsey, Pac, Kobe fuck'em all!! Bieber 2.0

    18. David Snyder

      You dont need me like i need you so if i go maybe id free you... This is what i have been going through for 6 years. Its a real thing. And a liveing nightmare to be a part of. Let me tell you. Il die in the place that i am. I know theres no help for someone as lost as me now. But if anyone does read this do me a favor. Dont play with ppls emotions. If you find a good person and start something real with them make you everything for that person. And you suddenly have a change in heart. Be real and truthful. Dont hide and play games. And make life harder. It will only destroy the person that once looked to you for all the help they needed. Now they get left with nothing and no one. And are left in a world of lies for so long they cant tell what real or fake anymore.

    19. Mr. Shelby

      This Kid is really Talented. That one “Maybe you can save me” really hit me.

      1. Kooto860

        Facts this song hit me ode hard I related to almost every lyric

    20. big dog


    21. Daniel Ramirez

      protect this kid at all cost

    22. OoO OoO

      Another wannabe justin bieber 🤣🤣

    23. Dicey Lol

      You can hear the pain in his voice💔

    24. clyde


    25. J4ckzo1

      i love your music your the best

    26. Justin Hall


    27. A Person

      The kid Laroi is his own person but he was trained by the best he’s not the next juice he is just keeping his legacy alive 999 forever

    28. Isabella Rosalyn

      I’m in love with this guy

    29. jjinuse

      He never misses

    30. OG_Slayer_

      That sound like something juice would say 😔 0:16 Im I wrong 😢

    31. VENOM

      0:16 who else hear juice in his voice

    32. Aj 29

      One of my favorite artists so fucking fire 🔥

    33. Di’s Go Green and Sew Tips

      This kid is so under rated honestly, his lyrics are actually meaningful compared to other rappers who are more famous than he is and they're songs are just about girls and drugs.

      1. Gazzr rrr

        Juice wrld raps about drugs and girls...

    34. Cayden Manion

      2021 anyone?

    35. DYNAMlllIlTE


    36. T0K3

      Maybe.. he will never make a bad song. 🔥💯

    37. Mariques Alexander

      Nice track

    38. Manoel Gabriel

      Esse gringo é foda !! Máximo respeito

    39. Lincoln DelGiudice

      He just cant make a bad song

    40. Shinigami The Reaper

      this shit booms. Keep him alive. We must. Whos with me?

      1. Kate Maynard

        Im also dreading the time when tiktok might overuse every single one of his songs. The fact he made a song about Addison Rae is just...

    41. Symystyk

      kid laroi make a grown man cry

    42. Swanly

      "Why do you pick me up just to break me" Bro I am feelin' that line so bad q.q

    43. Leslie Thabani

      The next Goat 🔥🔥

    44. Lauren Padgett

      Is it my imagination or did he get sick when he was on the ground? It kinda looked like it.

    45. Smooth Brain Bird

      I’m going to be so sad if TheKidLaroii gets caught up in alcohol and drugs dies young he doesn’t seem like he is which is good but I’m still worried because so many rappers die from an overdose when they’re in their late 20’s or early 30’s and his music means so much to me and he has a good career in front of him and if he dies young and has a good career in front of him it’ll be so tragic.

    46. Api Api

      Drown my sorrows in this bottle Won't like wakin' up tomorrow I'm the only one that cares about myself And you don't need me like I need you So if I go, maybe I'll free you But I'll be lost, to tell the truth, I need your help And even you can't fix my problems Like you once did, I'm too hollow I can't talk to you no more and I can't tell If it's me or if it's you, 'cause You don't even pick up my calls no more I'm drunk and left alone with all my thoughts So maybe, maybe I'm drivin' me crazy Maybe it's me and it's not you I'm not too good at admitting when I fuck up But maybe, maybe it's you who could save me I got love for you, but I hate me So maybe there's no way to change me So maybe, maybe I'm drivin' me crazy Maybe it's me and it's not you I'm not too good at admitting when I fuck up But maybe, maybe it's you who could save me I got love for you, but I hate me So maybe there's no way to change me, yeah No way that I'll ever change Zoomed out and laid out next to my brain I said I'm okay, but no way It's more than I can take And there's no one to blame but me No need to wait for me Why do you pick me up just to break me? That's what you say to me Why do you play with me? You won't ever understand So maybe, maybe I'm drivin' me crazy Maybe it's me and it's not you I'm not too good at admitting when I fuck up But maybe, maybe it's you who could save me I got love for you, but I hate me So maybe there's no way to change me So maybe, maybe I'm drivin' me crazy Maybe it's me and it's not you I'm not too good at admitting when I fuck up But maybe, maybe it's you who could save me I got love for you, but I hate me So maybe there's no way to change me

    47. Luthbrook

      Lil post malone?

    48. 10K Novideos

      When he hits 21, he’ll be The Man Laroi

    49. 10K Novideos

      If you’re scrolling and you see this, I wish you a good day. God bless you.


      looks like 69 got his tats removed

    51. ShwdowBlah

      When a other song release form you going to be posted?

    52. •G L O W Y•

      laroi is insanely talented hes a legend man


      Maybe im going crazy

    54. Zaiixy-SXS

      °. .° °. .° ° °. ° °. °. °. 1 imposter remains ඞ .° .° °. .° .° °. .° .°

    55. Zaiixy-SXS

      Fred Pud Is My Dad Guess What . . . You got jebaited

    56. Amber bhikhie

      best ever

    57. Pabloz WRLD

      I see and feel a lot of juiceWrld in his soul 💙

    58. Christian Quintero

      I love your songs, Greetings from Mexico❄️🔥

    59. Jarren Gant

      When he says but I’ll be lost he sounds like juice what the fuck

    60. Nikki Castillo

      We need to protect him at all costs. Like frs. The reason why we are losing so many Legends is because. The people that help the stars to become big need to take care of them. Also to help them stay away from really bad situations from other bad people and shit. Like frs their need to be a change and also to help them to get away from drugs #stayawayfromdrugs

    61. Marshaun Hopper

      I love you

    62. jarod grant

      Feel this

    63. DYLAN 777X

      They don't compare, LAROI with another artist, it makes me sad .. I'm 27, but his damn songs make me very sad ... beware of drugs, we need you! miss JUICE!

    64. christy gaouette

      dang who else didn't know he was white til they watched the vid lol

    65. JR


    66. get_ beared

      Maybe ill sub

    67. itsyaboidanger 69

      anyone else want a backstory to this music video or just me

      1. Brett Longjon

        @itsyaboidanger 69 stfu fortnite kid we get it you like fortnite

      2. itsyaboidanger 69

        @Brett Longjon bro just because my PFP is fortnite doesn't mean I'm a fortnite kid I play cod mc apex I've played ever cod and I used to have a Xbox 360 with halo 3

      3. Brett Longjon

        Stfu fortnite kid

    68. Angel Roman

      Man he make me happy when im sad

    69. ItzShadowGG

      Start kinda sounded like ajr

    70. FirebXmb

      Laroi just can't make a bad song I swear !

    71. JUNNE G2oxx

      all that i want is a rmx ft posty

    72. Sdddn3

      keep it up! Very proud of you man.

    73. Sedative

      Лучший трек в мире

    74. Joonee Odal

      The next robi from cobra kai


      I love this song tho omg ❤️❤️❤️and whoever disliked this video your jealous because this song really s littttt!!!

    76. ballsaglory

      Listening to this on repeat.

      1. Lazzy

        Me too man

    77. bálint somogyi

      fasza ó ó ó ó ó ó

    78. alex

      lowkey his best music video to date pure fire man

    79. Francisco Lima

      The dislikes are from the nurse's exs


        Keiko hahhahhahahaha

      2. Ace Go CrxZy

        Then Laroi gotta let her go man 😂😂

    80. LongLive JuiceWRLD

      So we all saw the vest kid laroi was wearing that looks like juice's vest?

    81. Amelie Eisenhofer

      This boy is crazy! I love all of his music🖤

    82. Brian Milashoski

      Cmon bro lets make a song

    83. MAYBE CraZy

      Bem legal as músicas dele

    84. Godz Show No Mercy

      X took him under his wing

    85. Sandra Gonzalez

      When jb was young

    86. Blake Holland

      Leo sqaud up in this bitch

    87. Juan Ruiz


    88. Lilly Rose

      he is different! i love that!

    89. Spencer Todd

      Bruh LAROI always get the baddest bitches in his vids

    90. Nathaniel Moguel

      This song fire

    91. Luis Zavala



      Prou of you g


        I am High asf lol PROUD OF YOU G


      Saved .

    94. Ezra Wijaya

      man this kid music is so fuckin good

    95. Philip Wilkins

      I Like Maybe big time.

    96. Jayden Hodgson

      Just saying This is sick

    97. wrld 999

      We gotta protect laroi at all costs

    98. Ariz Animates

      This guy's singing voice is insane, glad I found him

      1. Ariz Animates

        @Kooto860 fax. FAX.

      2. Ariz Animates

        @BenjaminLoud ehhhh....

      3. Kooto860

        Facts I feel the same

      4. BenjaminLoud

        Sounds like trippie red

      5. Google Employee

        I know he’s crazy good

    99. Jerillio Magana

      fire as hell

    100. Amelia Dawn

      Another banger like wtf