The Lamentable Tale of POKIMANE

Andrei Terbea

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    Over the past couple of years, Pokimane has essentially become HUfast's copyright Karen. By taking down videos and going after people's sponsors, she's turned a lot of people against her, and in today's video we have to take a look at how it all happened, and what it all means.

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    1. Andrei Terbea

      After I posted this video Pokimane made a response, addressing it. She brought up some relevant points, so if you're interested in hearing her side, you can check it out here:

      1. Yet masteryeet


      2. Don’t have A Name

        Also 8k simps dislike

      3. saad attache

        omg she is moroocing

      4. CR1MS0N ACE

        I thought pokimaine and alinity were the same people for a long time

      5. razqa dizhwar

        Ok 👌

    2. bayleafqween

      I just remember the time she used a vtuber avatar despite mocking them previously

    3. lavxiia

      I personally thing what she did was wrong (from today) But in all honestly most of these situations that happened with her in the past it kinda seemed like people were just hating on her for being a girl. there’s a lot of misogyny. but at the end of the day people change hopefully in the future she becomes a better person.

    4. Random person Segal

      The explanation of the great „twitch thot war“

    5. Sai Tej K

      what's he doin on the stream? *stares in suspicion* yeah im lookin at you wilfur

    6. Sai Tej K

      this is clickbait. why tf am i reading a book andrei? lol

    7. MADMAN32

      lol its just a random bottle of hand loation and you know what he used it for ;)

    8. Memoona Khalood

      I am a sssnipperwolf fan and even i think she was being a karen


      Why is SSSniperwolf is this list again? Sorry for being the stupid donkey I am

    10. Wieger Lindeboom

      sssniperwolf is mostly I cringe react channel

    11. Scotty Craft

      I’m surprised this didn’t get taken down 😶

    12. Banana Pal Cal

      S to the I the M to the P Donate your entire life salary

    13. Natali Crespo

      lol who else saw the lotion at 5:57

    14. Paul Harris

      You know what's strange both require talent to pull off, not everyone is handsome/beautiful (w/ confidence) to stream THEIR faces on Twitch, not everyone has Artistic talent and video editing SKILLS to do an animated video for HUfast. However one takes longer than the other while both have their risks.................HUfastrs has it as hard as Male Twitch streamers because Twitch stay simping.

    15. a person on the internet

      I mean she is a hypocrite cause she said the guy stole clips while she is eating while stealing a whole video or the time she said its a gundam is a loser for having an avatar while a few streams later she also had an avatar

    16. lane _positive_vibesbodybuilding

      Pokimaine says im just gonna take down some of your vidiyos

    17. Cyber Kitten

      Surprised some of the thots havent made onlyfans

    18. Connor Downey

      i wonder if pokimane will take down this

    19. Curly Genius

      8.9k simps spotted


      Why won t you get demonitized at the end wilfur is showing us the middle finger

      1. Kippy

        Because it’s ok?

    21. StripStix

      so you had hair before...

    22. VOIDS_ TRAX

      This is like politics

    23. spaghetti memes

      Ngl I don't like her I never did

    24. EdgeBmx YT

      I only have 45 subs yet I know better than her

    25. slippery2

      sometimes i just hope michael comes into her room and just taze her

    26. Fox Animations

      Sssniperwolf ? Oh Lia Yh I watch her here on youtube didn’t know she’d come up in this situation tho-

      1. Kippy

        Then don’t say it

    27. Vicki HIXENBAUGH

      Wait did somebody say... simp? JOHN DOES NOT APROVE 👆👁👄👁👆

    28. Hannah XO Art

      Twitch streamers just sit in a chair for a couple hours eating and reacting to videos when HUfastrs have to Film, Edit, Add Subtitles, Make Thumbnails, Think Of Good And Original Content!!!!!

      1. ISucc Newton

        not all twitch streamers, but i see who youre hinting at, i dont like reaction streams as well

      2. Kippy

        They do it because they enjoy it

    29. kekoa that dude

      People who stream and make HUfast videos: 👁👄👁

    30. will4601 will4601

      In my opinion, HUfast creators put waaaaay more effort into content than Twitch streamers... *RELAX!* Its just my opinion!

    31. Cl1nical Depression9

      HUfast is fucking retarded. I still use it tho

      1. okay then


    32. Allan Art

      I never knew pokimane was evil

      1. Zeviak

        She always was

    33. Lucia Faye Ajido

      This changed my impression of poki🤣

    34. Winston Churchill

      The hand lotion thing

    35. Lemuel Estacion

      The people that dislike this is a S I M P

    36. Aryan Pradeep

      Hey pokiman are u pokemon

    37. sky ward

      dude I've been hating her for years I thought she sounded the same as my stepmom and she fake as hell

    38. Nicholas Saxe

      sssniperwolf is also a youtuber who reacts to videos

      1. chickenman9000

        she cringier

    39. LilRKbtw123

      2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3. To all those simps. Im going on a murder spree.

      1. Zeviak

        Burning in hell with satan on leash

      2. Asma Z

        their corpses are gonna be, hanging from a tree :) how's the rhyme?

    40. • SushiKage •

    41. whocares72229

      I HATE SIMPS!!!!! Because of them hot girls are no longer being pornstars!!! Now, all we get are tease and nip slip if were lucky

    42. TheRanStreet

      Smooth animation at the enddd loveeeeee ittt

    43. Tech Priest

      Heated comment but wouldn't a certain unnamed president of country's actions inciting some form of unrest recently be another example of the karen phase in the video?

    44. Idris Mullick

      why is she ruining yt channels and twitch channels

    45. Riley Collett


    46. Jonathan Mendoza

      Yes I’m a Simp. Sniper I Monkey P

      1. Y E E T U S M A X I M U S

        Simp : shitty imp miled power

      2. SagaSlasher

        Simp S - Super I - Insane M - Minecraft P - Player Ya you got to thank me for stealing this joke

      3. FRIENDLY

        S - super I - intelligent M- monk P- person

      4. peeballsgamrcool

        snipers inside moneke pee

    47. Léa Sanchez

      Thats funny because I never heard of Her before. I am french and most of the english content I watch is on youtube. Buuut I am watching some french streamer on twitch and I started seeing her on Among us videos on french channel. Si is she chasing for a new audience where people dont know her drama history ??

    48. rizky be

      yeah streamers transforming their food into shits is transformative content

    49. Hazzmatt_dude 25

      I read the title as "the lmanberg tale of pokimane" lol

    50. GamingKnight211

      I hope pokimane doesn’t see this

    51. Rohit

      Pokémon s Socks Auto currect

      1. Kippy

        That’s how you spell Pokémon

    52. Hector Jimenez

      Pokimane is evil. F those simps

    53. Thoughts on Two

      lol I like how the bird on his hand gets angry while he's talking

    54. Moozy

      Not trying to pick a side (not a fan of pokimane though) but I feel like this video is unnecessarily biased. What proof is there that all her fans are simps/male? The simile of the big cat and the exaggerated pictures of her are too much for this to be a balanced video.

      1. peeballsgamrcool

        @Zachion yes wait what?

      2. Moozy

        @Zachion yes that’s fair

      3. Zachion yes

        Not saying all of them are simps, but a majority is. They dislike bomb any criticism against her. They have a whole subreddit worshipping her.

    55. Usamah Ali

      Well, a thief never admit themself as a thief

    56. CdmanJak

      Hasan crying over youtube videos yet uploads his clips

    57. Aurora Pac

      Gamer girls be wild

    58. Starektify

      7:36 look at kaif bro he has a twirch and a youtube he edits alone and streams for hours so for the fighting that happened look at the people that do both twitch and youtube(with no editor like kaif) and think that both is hardddd

    59. Zachary Vogel

      The one problem I have with this vid is that in the simp stampede scene not everyone was wearing a fedora


      Lol bro... I'm a girl and I love poki 🙄

      1. T x



        @T x yes girls wanna be considered cool and shit by degrading the hardworking girls which are targetted and thinking this will make then get more attention from the people hating on girl gamers

      3. T x

        @Jiho Kim you legit just ignored what i said. i’m not denying they weren’t flirty bc they hella were and cringey at that. but doesn’t mean they were in a relationship, just a talking stage where nothing is concrete, we’ve all been there. sis i ain’t lying when you couldn’t understand my reply 😭 it’s legit facts. she didn’t know if she liked him and it was just back and forth flirty texts, everyone does that. what’s your point ? if anything he tried to destroy her career by that document when sending it out to people fully knowing the risks, but sis popped off and said the truth. fed said the truth to an extent but took out all of the context like inappropriately touching yvonne and other girls. point - don’t hate other girls ❤️ girls need to back each other when some guys put girls down :)

      4. Jiho Kim

        @T x Also if you consider people calling out Pokimane as "bullying", then what Pokimane did to Fed can also be considered as "bullying".

      5. Jiho Kim

        @T x The texts that Pokimane sent to Fed were obliviously flirty and showed that not only Fed was being inappropriate it was also Pokimane, so don't fucking lie to me. She knew Fed liked her and still led him on. What Fed did was wrong but Pokimane didn't need to lie to the public about several things and destroy his career. People aren't blinded by misogyny they just hate her as a person. I am not a misogynist but I still hate Pokimane. People who blindly support her and ignore the horrible shit she's done are just as shitty as her and using misogyny is a pathetic excuse to ignore the stuff Pokimane's done.

    61. Sergej Arsovski

      Pokimane the Karen of speaking to the manager 🍉🍉🍉

      1. Sergej Arsovski

        I halir8os hahaha

    62. Sergej Arsovski


    63. Sergej Arsovski

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      1. Y E E T U S M A X I M U S

        What type of drugs do you take

    64. Godzilla Boiii

      7:08 theoddonesout Andy literally every other animator

    65. Rosario Grant

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    66. Karina De La Cruz

      Man I really want you to do a video on corpse husband 😩

    67. YourBeegness

      See, if you're hunting for simps, that's fine. But If you are doing that all the fucking time then you're no less jobless than a simp.

    68. Canelo Cruz

      No more simps no more simps Simps are dumb simps are broke simps want p*** simps are creeos We shall take down all simps for good

    69. heavyd

      These streamers and HUfast's really get full of themselves easily

    70. inspector mudkip

      Ok, this means inspection from me, I’m calling my assistant inspector torchic.

    71. The Defiant

      I sImP foR pOKImaNE stOP HatING

      1. Sam The X


    72. The Defiant

      I sImP foR pOKImaNE stOP HatING

    73. Perceptual Abyss

      My respect for pokimaine dropped by 10%

    74. MizukiSandwiches

      pov: ur looking for simps (like me lel)

    75. Teodora Domnisoru

      Im happy you are part of my country. All respect from me Andrei- teodora fellow romanian.

    76. Mr Gavino

      I like how pokimane is just saying to the guy who she is copyrighting like sorry how hard his videos took to make and then instead of just copyrighting that certain video she continues to copyright many other of the guys video. I’m pretty sure she is not sorry.

    77. sharkyyeaboi

      It’s a fact not an opinion that all of the dislikes on this vid are simps

      1. Canelo Cruz

        Yep And send in the anti simps *silent* Little*da da da da da da da Midiuim*da da da da da da Louder* dada da dada da da *with airships*

    78. Fret N


    79. some lowercase name

      im ngl keems also kind of a dick

      1. Y E E T U S M A X I M U S

        Ur mom fet

      2. Lorenzo Price

        I agree

    80. Devon Mitchell

      Ohhhh so ads are what give you the cash. I will figure out how to monetize my videos on my channels(not the one you see here)

    81. Devon Mitchell

      How do people copyright claim videos? Report a yt video? Email HUfast?

    82. Liza's Games

      Andrei sssniperwolf is more of a HUfastr than a twitch stream 😅

      1. RANCAT Studio

        @RealRinRin Oh hi Rinrin lmao you're here too

      2. RealRinRin

        Reaction channel

      3. A Name

        Me: who are you people

    83. Ţibrea Alexandru

      Sa fiu sincer chiar nu stiam toata treaba asta. Am auzit doar pareri neclare, macar acum am inteles. In rest faci o treaba buna cu abordarea acestor tipuri de subiecte, iti urez tot binele in continuare!

    84. Arun Kumar Mahato

      Simps be like: ANDREI IS LYING!!!! No offence

    85. Nabiel

      "Audience"!? Ithink you mn "Simp"

    86. SoMeOne

      hehe i am sorry hehe i am so sorry hehe i am so sorry SIGH

    87. jay yu

      Why if you are Asian, Pokimane does not deserve your support: I don't watch her content, but a friend of mine showed me this click bait video of hers titled "Am I Asian" in which she spent over twenty minutes talking about nonsense while doing a dna testing kit. She came back less then 1% Asian. The title of the video was clearly race baiting, since it implied that she finds out she is Asian. As an Asian living in the West, we are quite desperate to find someone of our own who is a popular figure, since they is so scarce in the West. Second, Pokimane regularly uses make-up to make herself look East Asian, despite not being one. Yes, this is yellow face. So those two things she did alone are already enough to make me, an Asian, think she is scum and not support her

      1. XxMsMartinezxX

        @jay yu So the race baiting is more because she uses make up that makes her look more Asian. And because she capitalized on the fact that she knew people think she’s Asian. Like if she names the video “proof I’m not Asian” it would then be her trying to stop the rumors. I understand now. Thanks!

      2. jay yu

        @XxMsMartinezxX First, the fact that she knew a lot of people thought she was Asian and she still used a baity title is what rubs me the wrong way. Second, she deliberately uses makeup that makes her look Asian. Her make-up color and her skin color do not really match, and her make up color falls into the range of Asian skin tone. Also it's hard to describe, but she also does something with her eyes that give the illusion of monolids, an Asian trait

      3. XxMsMartinezxX

        I watched that video and in it she said that a lot of people assume she’s Asian and she wanted to do the test to see if she did have any Asian heritage. I will admit that I thought she was part Asian at first. If she kept that part in the video but didn’t have the title “Am I Asian”, would it still be race baiting? Or is the video what makes it race baiting. I’m mostly asking just to get an understanding on how to do content about DNA tests without race baiting.

      4. will4601 will4601

        Dude, that is awesome and i am glad you recignize that.

    88. Cosmic Edits

      1. gamedevperson

        @Cosmic Edits Ok

      2. Cosmic Edits

        @gamedevperson no

      3. gamedevperson

        lemme guess rick roll

    89. Luffy Ichigo


    90. Taiga Aisaka

      Ok so. I know this isn't really a topic, I mean it might. Idk... But I just wanted to know, like, is Pokimane the mascot of Twitch now? I only ask this because I seen this video, and was like,"Hey How about I check out twitch" and so I go to google play store to install it on my phone, however, before I do that I peeked at the images showing what Twitch has that's usually on every app for Google Play Store. What I see is Twitch talking about what they have through the images but also using Pokimane in the images and its not like they are just using her as a example because they put her in the 4 out of the 5 images, so I'm just confused how much power does Pokimane have over Twitch in general

    91. Deegan Richardson

      I think reacting to a video on yt takes a lot of creativity and a lot of thought power behind it to write a script talking about it, but on twitch if you want to make a good reaction stream you got to make good feedback on the spot, and since twitch let's everyone stream which means a lot of bad quick thinkers get a platform resulting into content of "gamer girls" eating a sandwich not paying attention to what they are doing.

    92. Axel Milan

      Just wait until she's on the wrong side of 30. If you thought she was a wreck before.....

    93. Logan Harris

      shoutouts to the 8.9K simps that immediately disliked the video without watching it just because of it's title.

    94. funtime what ifs

      anyone who disliked this video is a simp for poki

    95. Noah Zhang

      All I hate about her is how she sucks at video games but gets views.

      1. T x

        wouldnt that be jealousy ?

    96. The Wowell Corner

      Imagine if like a big streamer - like Clix - gets donated like 50 dollars to see and E -girl and they go to Pokemaines Stream :)

    97. 60 FPS Muffin

      I would call pokimane the b word and a simp possy maker that should go buy a lottery ticket and lose and lose all her subs and don’t money

    98. Bryce

      So, Pokimane is like Sakura Haruno? Minus the ninja part, as in the trash persona thing?

      1. T x

        sakura gets better later on so yes

    99. Carlos Auer

      Thought this was a video about Avater Kyoshi.

    100. StoopidFool

      Good commentary on the situation this wasnt even what I was looking for but I didn't know about this either