The Legend of Technoblade - King of Minecraft


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    The Legend of Technoblade - King of Minecraft. In this hour long documentary I give an overview of the complete story of Minecraft legend and HUfastr Technoblade. I will cover everything from the MrBeast $100K Dream VS Technoblade duel, to Minecraft Championship, SMP Earth, Minecraft Monday, The Great Potato War, Minecraft Ultimate and even the Bedwars Winstreak World Record!! This Minecraft Documentary is the first in a line of new content I want to post. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!
    Big thanks to my sister Kaiya and friend Konner for helping with sections of the script!!
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    Instagram: evanmcgaming
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    Intro: (00:00)
    The Origin of Techno: (00:36)
    Hardcore With a Steering Wheel: (02:54)
    Bedwars Winstreak Record: (03:51)
    Minecraft Monday: (08:05)
    Hypixel Skyblock: (16:22)
    The Great Potato War: (17:46)
    SMP Earth: (24:13)
    Minecraft Championship 1-4: (27:51)
    Dream Rivalry Begins: (34:57)
    Dream VS Techno MCC: (36:40)
    Minecraft Ultimate: (43:09)
    Final Events Set in Motion: (46:05)
    Dream and Techno MCC: (47:00)
    100K Duel Announced: (52:16)
    Dream VS Techno Duel: (54:16)
    The End: (58:32)
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    1. EvanMCGaming

      Legend of Dream Part 1 is out!! Go check my channel to watch it!!

      1. Cryptic

        @Zyndy sssssssssßdßz

      2. random guy


      3. molten freddy

        BTW techno and dream at this point are actually above average players actually, if you compare them to people like Grian and etho they are nothing, techno and dream are great at pvp but Grian is going to be considered one of the best soon since his building is top quality and his pvp, while his Tedstone is greatly improving, while etho is eh at pvp and is great and redstone and building

      4. Al A

        @s1ght nope

      5. s1ght

        Well this didn’t age well did it

    2. steven Vargas

      The flashy hip ethnically dislike because february compatibly reflect out a greedy technician. unruly, domineering dogsled

    3. Roblox Highsky

      When you realize technoblade is the creator of Minecraft

    4. Sleepy

      He is not the king. He is only good at PvP. Loo for someon ewho is good at building, Redstone/Technical MC, AND PvP

      1. Asriel Kujo

        @Sleepy ok

      2. Sleepy

        @Asriel Kujo I never said Dream was the best Minecraft player lol

      3. Asriel Kujo

        @Sleepy i dunno name one good build dream ever did lmao

      4. Sleepy

        @Asriel Kujo Name one good build he's done

      5. Asriel Kujo

        true, but he is the number 1 in pvp, and also a good builder

    5. dylan thompson


    6. bAnAnA

      I turned 10 when he got 1mil subs

    7. Julian Gagalang

      When i watch rn 256k subs after i watch 258k also me not 269k bruh meme

    8. Minebox 3000

      can we take a moment of silence that Evan spent almost 1 hour talking about techno-


      No one gonna talk about 31:51

    10. Jan Niño Salen

      I love the transitions

    11. plane man


    12. plane man

      techni took sudden interest on the floor lol

    13. Toby Aitken

      The blade never dies

    14. Raj Thapliyal

      This man literally just leeching off of techno. P.S. techno is not the best Minecraft player. There are people way better than him.

    15. Ayaan Gamer

      See Techno and Dream has a rivalry but they are always friends none of them are better it’s not competition both of them are the best players of Minecraft Dream for his speed runs and TECHNOBLADE for mcc hypixel and bedwars win streak

    16. Mr. Sky

      I clicked the video this is gonna be epic Ad:*NOT SO FAST*

    17. ny4n

      Why did I watch this two times am I ok

    18. imyztikbruv

      Karens: *YOU CAN’T BE SUCCESSFUL OFF HUfast* Technoblade: *no.*

    19. Simonkijktyoutube Osibav

      The legend of Tommathy

    20. Sarita Verma

      8:33 halo theme in background easter egg

    21. Jack the ample noob Tomas

      Halo music in the background*

    22. DilIsEpic Man

      Is sad that i was betting on dream and he lost the 100K Tourney

    23. DryIce

      This has completely changed my view on technoblade and I thank you for this

    24. MigoPlayz

      Techno beats hardcore with a steering wheel Viewers: Nah Techno clicks for a few seconds as a joke: Viewers: *This some good shit*

    25. Jeffrey Lastname

      And this doesn't even include Dream SMP...

    26. NotChristian

      Dream is better at 1.9 pvp and Techno is better at 1.8 pvp so really it mattered based off the coin flip because if dream started with his mode then dream would have gotten 5 points before techno. One duel doesnt crown the worlds best mc player. But I am glad that techno won the duel. Was rooting for him.

      1. Council of Rogue

        Not really lmao

    27. Berke Yildirim

      bro, one of the most best videos I watched in a while

    28. Marko Panic

      i cant find song thats on 47:00 can somebody help pls

    29. CRZ DragonYtALT

      I was supporting since techno started the bed wars streak

      1. SqigleDoodleSue Spig

        honestly who cares?

    30. Mowaka Moon

      Yeeessss the great potato waaaaar!!

    31. Doug Loremaster

      Okay this is a first for me, and you now have my sub, however, let me explain. I am only 15 minutes into this video, I suck at Minecraft, have no clue who Technoblade is, and yet; you managed to make my blood rush with adrenaline hyped excitement from your commentary. Simply amazing.

    32. Senior-exec Debil

      Tommy is literally a toddler How can you even joke about him being a threat

    33. yuang yang

      The Meaning of Never Give Up

    34. Ratik Mathur

      Literally all of Evan’s vids: Everything changed when TommyInnit attacked

    35. Raheem B

      2.8k Dream stans disliked this video.

    36. David Sanchez

      I wish school documentaries were like this

    37. DabGod


    38. DabGod

      Cause then no one would get an advantage

    39. DabGod

      Fine play on version 1.7

    40. DabGod


    41. DabGod

      He is a legend but he should've played on the oldest anarchy server that exists and modded hardcore survival

      1. Lone Ranger

        why? 2b2t is basically whoever has the better hacked client wins

    42. Carlos De La Rosa

      I can't believe fresh actually played in Minecraft Monday you can see his head

    43. dylpickle

      a certified techno classic

    44. Smack Low

      1 hr?

    45. TommyTheCrafter


    46. Trip

      The thing is hypixel stole a lot of the modes like skywars and bedwars

    47. StarZ1

      Love this video

    48. lilmuk nine

      I subbed cause the video was epic

    49. Russell Mangala

      Ive watched this for like 10 times and it never gets old

    50. Brandon Koll

      Technoblade goes like i like yu cut g others go run run run

    51. molten freddy

      Tbh techno and dream are bad at minecraft in general, sped running and pvp good Building and Tedstone trash tho

    52. verti

      I found technoblade through HUfast advertisements

    53. joey de villa

      tecnoblede is so nood

    54. Denzel Nyirenda

      Tecno will win

    55. Philip O'Grady

      dream is better keep up the good work

      1. Council of Rogue

        Lmao dream stan just shut up

    56. Axeldoesgaming

      Techno has the most world records in gaming because each time he won when he had the win streak so he had like 1100 world records

    57. Dream Was Taken

      "Techno took sudden interest on the floor" that's like a war king sitting on the ground infront of a dandelion watching a butterfly

    58. Yusufbek Coolman

      But Dream is still my favorite XD

    59. Dream Was Taken

      8:18 that is Mrbeast-- 8:24 Okaaayyy

    60. Ethan Thomas

      bro this really good usually i skip through the types of videos but this one i watched from beginning to end, it is really well done i look forward to more of these good videos, also i subscribed have fun

    61. Tizona Amanthia

      gratz to Technoblade. though, to be fair, I think Dream began his career being a speed runner, Honestly he's amazing PvP if that's the case. also...was Grian featured? I thought he was builder! [though he's done some bedwars...

    62. mere meee

      This history lesson is amazing!

    63. A Gaming Noob

      Hexagon Force is pretty lit ngl

    64. Resemblance prisma

      this was worth watching

    65. Mimikyu Studios

      "This said, whoever won would not be able to lose the duel" Me:"ah yes,the floor is made out of floor"

    66. [GD] Shuriken

      Why do i hear hexagon force

    67. Lachy Man

      I could not stop watching this video!! Your commentary is amazing keep up the great work!!!

    68. nirbhai singh kooner

      Music 🎶 23:58

    69. Jake Moyles

      Wow I watched that whole thing and was actually dreading it being over. Thank you!

    70. pogerz army

      How is iballistic squid not a minecraft youtuber he used too play all the time with stampy

    71. Owen Shangraw

      Is that the Halo music... He deserves it.

    72. Blef 2

      I Will sub

    73. brayde363

      Now this is the type of documentary we want the teachers to put on

    74. underwater channel

      I really appreciate that you made this video, it was inspiring

    75. Gusta_ L18

      I mean.... one 1v1 doesn t proove tech is better than dream but yeah idk who s better, illumina is right there too

    76. Account3245

      Nobody: Wilbur: *P O G G E R C H A M P E R*

    77. Hurricane _SSBU

      Techno was always better than Dream I dont understand why people were salty at Mr. Beasts 100,000 dollar duel

    78. LikenRoses

      wow techno started youtube 4 days before I was born ;-; that's scary 0:46

    79. Fawaz Lawal

      he never dise

    80. James Townsend

      Love the video, but I don’t know how simply being the best pvper makes one the best Minecraft player. There are definitely other arguments to make for Techno being better than Dream, but you can’t just take the best pvper and say: they’re the best Minecraft player

    81. dag dag

      technoplane wasn't from MCU, it was from SMPEarth when you said "thus began technoplane" it felt like you dont actually know most of this and you also said nestor's name wrong alot in this vid was right but also alot was wrong maybe 65% is correct

    82. Grace Dalton

      The breezy scene neuropathologically marry because toilet postoperatively admit beyond a wild paul. natural, odd scorpion


      Tecnoblade: i am alpha male dream get lost Dream: ( ¢ _ o ) | | ill come... | | back tecno.. And i will.... Get my throne... Back......... To Be Continued.....

      1. Council of Rogue

        Just shut up kid

    84. BB Boston


    85. シルクティーSilkTea

      I don't know about the king thing man, y'know he has a little thing with monarchy man..

    86. Sam Principe

      It was overall an alright video but parts of the video seemed very similar to Techno’s scripts. Especially during the earlier parts of the video

    87. spectrum

      Hey what happened to grian killing him twice ??,

    88. pro gamerz

      My winstrreak is 3251 in block man go

    89. rehan nagori

      They both are good at doing their things like techno in PvP and dream in speedrunning

    90. Robin Freeman

      I feel like something you failed to mention that makes this even more metal is that Techno wanted to do the whole duel on 1.16 (Dream's home version) and that it was Dream who pushed for the duel to be an equal mix of 1.8 and 1.16.

    91. Jharo Angelo Capola

      The problem is Technoblade always took everything too seriously.

      1. Council of Rogue

        He dosen’t lmao also the 100,000 dollar duel is a lifetime of saving of course u take it seriously


      I loved this video you have to cover some other Minecraft HUfastrs in this same format

    93. Leafiicho

      That hexagon force soundtrack in the last stretch of the video

    94. Red king Gaming


    95. Timothy 10

      No its 10millian

    96. DVR_L1

      I love how they added 32:10

    97. David Roldan

      Amazing recopilation

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      24:02 Why tf is Epstein's house there??

    99. Aslie

      Dude I got literal chills watching this... And I’m in a well heated room under a big blanket

    100. Allan Shamseddin

      what a great fucking video