The Onision documentary is so trash that I gave up after Ep 1

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    but what did i expect?
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    1. D'Angelo Wallace

      the only way i got through this was because I was simultaneously forcing everyone on stream to watch it with me! i volunteer all of you for sacrifice during tomorrow's stream:

      1. NotJoe

        Oh it’s the damn banana guy huh

      2. NotJoe

        Wait what’s onision

      3. Selena Y.

        Missed it...

      4. Celena Casciani

        You are the most sensible, responsible and interesting person on YT. 🤔 You bring sanity and clarity to every subject. I also love your intro about talking about what you want to talk about. Thanks for all you do.

      5. Joe Rodriguez

        Angelo is an example of the Short Attention Span in Youth

    2. Eddi Bookworm

      uhh ik a lot of people with divorced parents and they never groomed children...

    3. Lauren Miller

      I’ve never watched onision and even I know he wasn’t always loved and then suddenly a controversial topic because of this one incident. LOL

    4. ing.l

      I would give it a d+ as a grade

    5. Diogenes

      The only time I’ll ever justify someone being bad for having a bad childhood is scarecrow from dc comics, dude was literally tortured as a child.

    6. Pablo See's All

      Greg's dad reminds me of Jack black..

    7. Indominus Wrex

      His name makes me think of... greasy onions....

    8. mandamaire7878

      Watching this i feel like his parents knew he was a monster

    9. Jenna M.

      4:49 cough cough, James Charles

    10. Beeble Brox

      This is not your real voice. Why don't you use your real voice??

    11. memeaddict 420

      Are you gay

    12. Zeldoon

      6:58 - but why was that cute tho-

    13. Freddie Mercury

      I’m sorry but is no one gonna talk about how Dangello is 22?!

    14. Jack Baker

      he looks so handsome in the thumbnail

    15. Noodle Bitch

      Honestly? Deplatforming is only a temporary solution to the exploitation of children on the internet. There should be a license to using the internet, for only people 16 and older. A permit starts at a younger age, maybe 8-10, so that parents can explain to their children what they're seeing, but children can learn from the very few educational tools that the internet provides. Also, to be clear, this is the INTERNET. Not an application that the parents download on the computer that teaches a kid how to count. A permit for the computer should exist for kids 6 and older. Theres no reason a child younger than that should be staring at a screen for a long ass time, especially one that damages their eyes with blue light

    16. Scout427

      I- I thought chris hansen was the murd3r3r guy in one of those horror movies

    17. oWcHi アーティスト

      0:28 same

    18. Dillon Micucci

      Eyyyy 4:08 D’Angelo is part of the Greg’s let’s goooo

    19. SunyCartoons

      The whole thing with his childhood was idiotic. Him having a rough childhood has nothing to do with his pedophiliac behavior. You can have a normal childhood and still grow up to be a pervert. Pedophilia is a mental disorder that some people (unfortunately) are born with.

    20. Dorothy Peña

      Didn’t onion boy say that his dad was touching kids? Or was that someone else in his family

    21. Julia Christine Teppen


    22. neo moisi

      that adidas jacket is tough🥶🥶

    23. mars

      i wanna watch the other ep for Eugenia cause idfk what happened to her

    24. coffee: the account

      Dangelo in this video looks so attractive

    25. 7 gremlins in a meatsuit

      Its so disgusting how they try to excuse his actions. My childhood was incredibly shitty, im permanently damaged from it, i have also never gotten remotely close to hurting or preying upon a child. wtf. -Nico

    26. Billioski Lemme smash

      r kelly vibes

    27. Servario Bates


    28. Duke

      Ok i definitely think what he did is wrong. However does he not need help with this problem? I mean he seems like he needs it.

    29. Melody Stockton

      as someone who used to submit photos to his patreon and watch his videos religiously as a young teen, i like to consider him a large part of my self esteem issues and i’m so glad he’s getting the criticism he deserves.

    30. hartlei's vanity

      Absolutely true..also I was homeschooled💀

    31. シSpaden

      My friends parents divorced and he’s his completely normal self

    32. YStudio

      Honestly HUfast is complicit in allowing sexual predators,!PERIOODD!!!!

    33. Ain't gonna dox myself

      I'm not one for silencing people, but people like Onision need to be removed from the spotlight forever

    34. Abagail Drew

      Onision looks kinda like Shane Dawson

    35. Rainy

      how do these people who make these videos not see that shiloh is fucking insane

      1. cvxroleenuh

        @beatificblake ikr... its kinda messed up

      2. beatificblake

        the topic is onision why are we talking about one of the victims tho ?

      3. cvxroleenuh

        and a victim?

    36. Ava Deng

      5:08 "who was so sweet 🤩innocent 🤪and just a great kid 🤡"

    37. Indigo

      I just need to see D'Angelo using Dvas headset D'Angelo pls, its my youtube dream

    38. Connor Morris

      This is what happens when an incredibly attractive person is also a sociopath

    39. Animation Lizzie

      I used to like Onision. I regret laughing at him rating people and “making” jokes. He is terrible, I regret liking him to this day

    40. Lovely

      People often confuse an excuse for a reason. There may be a REASON someone does something, but that does not EXCUSE it.

    41. Izzy & Pip

      10:01 BRUH

    42. Imastan

      Wow the “I am a banana” clip gave me a memory I forgot I had.

    43. Luan Prates

      In youtube u can find dudes doing porn and naked yoga, naked news, but ohhhhh I'm a banana guy should get BANNED!!! SO TRUEE

    44. ZaynahZihoa

      Aw man, Chris Hansen is such a piece of work. No credibility whatsoever.

    45. Red

      1:24 the girl who said "hi mom it's Amara" People like this restore my faith in humanity

    46. go away im shy

      I love how youtubers are becoming way better at making informational videos than documentary companies

    47. Apple Pencil

      My childhood wasn’t the best either. My grandma died when I was 6, my grandpa moved to Arizona, I met somebody I thought I could trust but realized that she was actually a horrible friend, my actual childhood friend of about 4 years broke all contact with me and started hanging out with somebody I also used to be friends with, I thought about suicide multiple times, my parents divorced. Do you see me being a total weirdo and a pedo? No, because I never let anything that happened in my childhood affect who I am today and don’t let people affect me. A bad childhood is no excuse for his behavior so stop trying to say it is.

    48. Mallory

      Courtesy of comments, I knew they were going to pull the “he grooms kids because his parents got divorced” angle but like. Jesus. It was worse than I thought.

    49. Mallory

      As someone who was also homeschooled, that genuinely explains a lot about you. Also you are a beautiful delight. We Stan.

    50. Diamind

      This man should be rotting in jail already, but his Kira mode is still on-going.

    51. AvP

      Randy missed the oportunity to name him Jack

    52. Lugus

      D+? Damn gotta ask if anyone wants to D+ and chill

    53. superpamcakes

      since you're not taking the d+ sponsorship can you tell us how much they offered you?

    54. Nana Noah

      Coming into this video not knowing anything about a Discovery streaming service or Onision I kept processing D+ as Disney Plus and Onision as "something somewhere between an onion and an ancient greek god?"

    55. Reynolds Reels

      i stand behind any j aubrey representation

    56. Fletch

      So started watching D'Angelo for only a few weeks now and I have to admit I came back on this channel to say that D'Angelo told me to watch J. Aubrey's version and I did......who else will go where D'Angelo sends them

    57. MGmac Santos

      dangelo screaming over things people say makes me laugh cuz same

    58. can i hear a wahoo

      ooh another reason to hate discovery plus

    59. Lucas Rae

      finally a video over 10mins. by a second

    60. ALLY S

      Idk who this creep Onision is and I regret finding out. I only watched for D’Angelo. Onision looks like a copycat Shane Dawson.

      1. Diamind

        you are an intellectual.

    61. Emma_RT

      I'm torn... I feel like this doc is just giving him what he wants? At the same time, I want him to be taken off the platform and this could help?

    62. Natalya Velez

      I’m eating strawberries rn

    63. S

      Please make an updated video on onision- like I’m so confused

    64. CabooseVX9

      So I randomly ran across ur video and iv seen the discovery+ documentary on him and then I seen his side where he shared real information and how the video makes false claims and just the actual context of the whole thing and iv made an opinion for myself that onision did nothing wrong may have made a mistake or bad decision but with knowing the information about what the D+ was accusing him of was to ruin someone’s life and to make money off of it but that’s my opinion and I feel for someone to come up with their own watch the D+ doc and the onisions reply to the doc with his evidence and side of story.

    65. Kay Sweet

      this guy D'Angelo is the don of HUfast.. doooopppeeee AF! hands down.. not gossip. reporting... he only deals with facts and and constructive criticism. and he just doesnt give a lovely MF. all for this...ugghhhh just wish there were more...lolol...congrats on your success my guy. you deserve it

    66. Eric 9371

      Onision: You turned them (his former fans) against me! The commentator community: You have done that yourself.

    67. Kepler Fi

      Oh they’re called D+? Make that an F.

    68. unknown alias

      Onion need some help

    69. Mikasa Ackerman

      Wow tho Eugenia seems to have been around a lot of controversial HUfastr: Shane, onision and more

    70. WePlay KaylaPlay

      I would want to meet you one day. I love how you articulate your words and your work ethic !

    71. Neko Hitomi

      I’m not watching it because 1) fuck onision 2) stop giving onision attention. 3) he’s gaining attention even if its negative attention i honestly feel like that show regarding onision is a BAD idea...

    72. SokkingBTtulaj

      Actually, Onision was fishy before he got hated for pissing communities off. He was probably grooming before that.

    73. Andy Dawn

      Completely unrelated: Shiloh looks so pretty now

    74. SFN

      There's something about Onision that reminds me of Shane Dawson.

    75. La Deck

      I finished it fully. It was good. Dramatic. But good. It’s a massive call out. Idk I liked it. They really did let victims have a voice in this.

    76. Kristýna Hustopecká

      Jesus this is a scary reminder that I was a one of the girls who stupidly send him a photo of MY BODY and he said I am too thin that its ugly and should get some help😭😂😭😂😭 I have hard time gaining weight at all and hearing that destroyed me because I couldn’t do anything about it..

    77. Mie Andersen

      another thing i dont like is that they misgendered and deadnamed Kai. i absolutely fucking hate kai but there was no reason to deadname or misgender him. they said it was so people would understand the different times bc kai hadnt identified as a trans man since the beginning.

    78. Merōn

      I remember he called African American hair dirty and that was enough for me to not fuck with him

    79. Aubergine Man

      Just watch TRO’s 3 part documentary instead. Also, people need to stop talking about him. He do’s not deserve to be remembered

    80. Soviet Kaneki

      Onision is not a predator

    81. Cailin

      I think it’s funny that onision autocorrects to “omission” ... Siri knew first

    82. mizo mint

      Oh and even at 22 you're still an idiot.

    83. mizo mint

      She was not 16 when he sent that to her. She was 17 the first time she ever emailed him... The legal age of consent in Canada and Washington is 16. Get over it. No crime was committed. Good job completely not paying attention to details and false claims. I think Onision did a pretty good job defending himself and showing evidence in his speaks videos. I honestly can't stand the dolt, but I also can't stand the constant blatant lying.

      1. Teenagedirt Bag

        @mizo mint 🏃‍♀️homeboy is a sick freak no matter what

      2. mizo mint

        @Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu you mean how she promised to end this career and is documented as a criminal and will known as a pathological liar?

      3. Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu

        What about his drama with Shiloh?

    84. Shelby; and that's all really

      I remember I used to watch Onision in middle school. I feel off watching him for a while, and when I went to check up on what videos he was making, I saw that he did a video where he just,,, basically made fun of autistic people. Needless to say, I didn't watch him anymore. Should've stopped sooner, honestly.

    85. Grüne Eule

      Who else thought it was really weird to hear the step mother tell how she met him when he was 4 and that he was so sweet? I've never thought about that he used to be a little kid. I mean, everyone used to be little, but in cases like this you tend to imagine that the person just popped up the way they are today...

    86. Emma

      Why would anyone want want to put money into making a documentary about onion man

    87. Dyllan Anderson

      The reason this streaming service is called D+ is because that's its grading as such.

    88. Kali B

      Thank you for the Trigger Warning :)

    89. Dylan Francis

      What the fuck are you wearing

    90. AlexxTheProd

      This is like my 10th D'Angelo video in two days. I don't even care about HUfast drama, I just love the way this kid explains things. Props to you, D Killin it 🤙

    91. heather j

      Not them hard cutting straight from the video of a victim recounting her abuse to the “I’m A Banana” video

    92. jopie

      why did it never occur to me that greg has parents

    93. Dragon Katt

      All these people trying to make documentaries when their lives are failing apart and their careers are going down... Remember when Lele pons tried to make one saying everybody hates me uwu... Like who would even want to watch this, and I'm so sorry you did.

    94. Water Witch

      Lol I remember watching him back in the day(2012ish maybe idk), people always hated him because he was an ass about everything he said 😂 that’s literally why I first start watching his videos, until I just stopped maybe after a year because I found better you tubers who were still sassy but not complete and utter fucking dumbassholes

    95. Mands

      Wow I am so disgusted by HUfast and Discovery's allowance and provocation of pedophilia, hatred and abuse toward others, promotion of drug and substance abuse, beastiality, plus MANY MORE I've learned about only because youtube's been removing the shit out of my content so much so that I don't even want to UPLOAD on HUfast - HUfast IS SO DUPLICIT in their allowances 010010 I am literally disgusted by HUfast and the way they allow this shit. THERE IS NO EXCUSE WHEN IT IS REPEATEDLY IN THEIR FACES WITH MILLIONS OF VIEWS and THEY have the POWER to REMOVE these channels videos and even channels.... I don't see them with age-restriction on their vids.... just continuous abuse toward our communities. HUfast must be held more accountable.

    96. Landon Bubb

      I'm shocked you didn't fact check "he was the cutest little boy" with a childhood video of you looking cuter

    97. Brian Barajas

      Damn that's crazy

    98. Dafydd Roff

      4:44 Chris Hansen about to drop a hot slam poem.

    99. joana

      if anyone is struggling with an eating disorder, or gets triggered easily on grooming,sexual assault(etc..) please do not watch the video!!

    100. Vee Tangri

      Ok I’m really sorry this is a v serious topic but his father looks like jack black