The Story of NICKMERCS

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    Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff is Twitch’s everyman.
    He’s about lifting weights, shooting heads, givin’ it 110 in-game and having a good time.
    It takes just one click and you’re transported to Michigan, Nick’s hometown. To the land of the blue and gold Michigan Wolverines Nick loves so much. There you’ll be exposed to that hyper-masculine attitude, that winner takes all mentality, and that “I’ll hunt you down and land the kill competitive spirit.
    This is his story.
    Written By: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick)
    Edited By: Daniel Cole (@RandomTens)
    Narration By: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin )
    Additional Graphics: Diego Bernal Gomez
    Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).
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    1. Bye Jinx


    2. Viizzrr

      Next: The story of ZLaner XD

    3. chris Lovett

      He didn’t join them he made them. Lol straight L

    4. Alex Patton

      WTF was on tims head at 12:30 lol was he still in denial about going bald.

    5. PI3MAN25

      Michiganders are usually really cool people we live for the thrill I can say that much just wish we had a better governor atm.

    6. Pj Nuccio

      When he starts yelling he sounds like shadows from avenged sevenfold

    7. Kris Rob

      Just now realising nick looks like Jon bernthall

    8. William Penrod

      Yo ik that trophy that shit came Frome tulsa OK cliff king nationals for wrestling. I got like 4 of em

    9. Stewie


    10. edgotu1st3000

      Who cares.

    11. TaT2 FaCE

      Bro talk shit get hit .. !!

    12. dat_Cats

      Anyone else think that Nick with no facial hair looks like he belongs in the Outsiders movie?

    13. Jeffery Burney

      Nickmercs is on a level like Dr disrespect regardless of numbers with the awesome attitude,the confidence, realness, maturity and humbleness just a great human being with great entertainment.

    14. Darryn Lackey

      Ninja is one of those guys that forgets men are men away from the computer. Talk sh*t, get hit, you fairy.

    15. Alan Ho

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    16. Tylor M. Collins

      Nicks a god. MFAM til the end

    17. cgan csl

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    18. LvL99 Studioz

      Ninja is a beanpole. Nick would have floored him. It's funny how when he was confronted it suddenly was "just a joke". Ninja now acts all positive and shit like he's some sort of role model. Yet you look at his old shit and he's toxic as fuck.

    19. MrBobby7194

      And now people let him away with using hacks because he uses ‘controller’ and gets ‘aim assist’ LOL wish I could use those excuses.

    20. Pervy3age

      THE BEST

    21. Dark gamer Shadow

      hmm if he is pure american, then why his family names is ''Kolcheff'', sounds some strange, from where it comes that family name, I'm curious!

    22. Gage Fleury

      6:54 thought it was gonna say n word record

    23. Drew Davis

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    24. Tim Brown

      Michigan is a town? Who knew?....stay in school kids.

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    26. ellis small

      anyone else see destroy at 1:53

    27. B A

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    28. Performance & Health Specialist

      lol makes me wish i took those offers to play for a pro team back in cod 4

    29. Brandon Gross

      14:18 "I want a porch, I want a yard, I want snow...I want it" I have never related more to nick than this statement.

    30. Benz Truck

      It was so much better with Dr D with him, Tim & cloakzy on warzone quads. We didn't know what we had. Was amazing chemistry for entertainment.

    31. UndyingVoices

      From Gears if War to Warzone. This man is a techno soldier

    32. Harry Butts

      Is everyone from faze a Muslim?

    33. David McGwynne

      The mans is legendary. Ninja pooped it😂

    34. Ace

      Never knew Michigan was a town

    35. brandon leblanc

      God that ninja dude is so lame it’s crazy sad

    36. Luis Ventura Jr

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    37. Corey____________ ____

      The man is a beast

    38. Aaron Chadee

      Great fortnite video

    39. Uk Hawk

      Nadeshot legend lol

    40. EzK Streams

      i need help nick had a black and red baseball T on does anyone know where to get it? it was near the start where he was with fans @ me Plz

    41. Paul Manno

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    42. Drew Sears

      This is so well done. Love these videos man

    43. David Richardson

      My respect for Nick: 📈📈📈📈

    44. Ballistic GamerMan

      11:30 Nick looks so jealous lol

    45. Ryan Graham

      Didn’t he join the military?

    46. The Caravan GAMΞR

      Feel free to head over to my channel and check out my almost complete RAZER set up over $5000 spent so far and more to come... @ Would be muchly Appreciated

    47. Tony Martinez

      He’s like the coolest nerd.


      Nick is an inspiration

    49. Red szn

      1:54 that’s destroy lmao was he poppin?or was he just a random fan at the time?

    50. 艾AYO Rad

      I’m in micagan too

    51. Solomon Page

      @NICKMERCS the 🐐

    52. Shepherd99

      Follow shepherd99 on twitch 🙋🏼‍♂️ Or 10 years bad luck 😱🤯☠️ Subscribe on YT 🤗 OR 20 YEARS BAD LUCK🧐💩

    53. brian arnoldy

      What’s the name of the song that plays at 1:54?

    54. Dirtbike FreaX

      Awesome 👏 love MFAM🖤❤️🖤

    55. Deion Witcher

      Hate it when pc players say “AiM aSsIsT iS bRoKeN” bro the game is more than just shooting. Your skill in games like Warzone and Fortnite are also dependent on how you can move and maneuver around the map. And pc players have a staggering advantage against controller players in that regard.

    56. Kyle Bone


    57. Paul Manno

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    58. Nate Rich

      Who else thinks nickmercs looks a tad bit like Tony stark?

    59. Josh Contreras

      We Need A Part 2 Shit !! MFAM

    60. Rockyz_Fn

      Nick is such a good person

    61. PR3DATOR392_


    62. bruh on warzone

      *que pasa*

    63. John Kenneth Yee

      I prefer watching him than some other brands.

    64. TheEsssayGaming

      14:54 no, there’s none of that in FaZe clan. Exhibit A; 14:50. East coast grit, huh? More like money, fame, materialism. Joining FaZe was definitely one of the cringiest things he coulda done, for sure. Is he still even in faze? I’d be surprised

    65. Josh Whitley

      What ninja meant was. Oh ur in person. Ahhhh we was just playing man

    66. aron sanchez

      The 🐐

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      I’m not in tears. You are

    70. hola 1234


    71. P1PEDoWN

      Lol act like aim assist isn't op

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    74. Protein

      When I think of America, I think of this guy through the through.

    75. Johnathan Zuniga

      I wonder if he still plays with swag 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    76. tombom5767 !

      Nick is facts about 100 percent of the internet trolls lol don't talk shit online if you can't learn how to back it up!

    77. Bow Nhur

      East coast? He’s from Michigan tho lol ...

    78. PainlessTV_

      GO BLUE!!

    79. dfelicetty

      Michigan is a state, can’t be someone’s home town

    80. Brendon Patrick

      Fuck...this just made me really miss the gears 2 days 😭

    81. Paul Adamson


    82. Paul Adamson


    83. SmokeyOG

      When tf did Brendan Schaub pick up streaming?

    84. Daniel Unknown

      Only know this dude cause of WARZONE he’s like that speros dude big brother like no hate he’s like that one big dude that is actually a fucking idiot And ninja can’t say shit tho he reports people for stream sniping when he dies and calls his own fans idiots

    85. David Proctor

      crazy he grew up by me lol

      1. Jess

        Like my comment if you reply or i won't see the notification

      2. Jess

        Where at in Michigan? I'm downriver. (Lincoln Park Wyandotte) Detroit river area

    86. Veri Tas

      Fortnite is a game for little braindead children

      1. Joozeey

        He plays warzone now and I much prefer him now

    87. Walkabout BASE

      Wow he's short

    88. Tony Garcia

      Message of this vid. Never do business with a business with thieves in the name

    89. Evan griffith

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    91. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!

      I love Nick but this video talks about him like he was everywhere, I game everyday, I'm on youtube everyday and I only just found out who he was like a month ago. There was zero chat about him at all from my side

    92. BDTV Drew

      Follow me on twitch Suger_Nuts

    93. Arash

      Alpha mentality its all about that

    94. XXX Saiyan

      I hate how it didn't mention that nickmercs is known for his camera angle

    95. Reyan Ahmed

      Qui passa gang where ya at

    96. lt_ non_toxic

      I swear when I played Halo: Reach back when I was younger, I ran into NICKMERCS and thought he was a hacker.

    97. Leo Garcia

      So damn glad he left Fortnite for modern warfare 💯💯

    98. Levi Slagter

      I cried when they said Blue and Gold. ITS FUCKING MAIZE AND BLUE! NOT BLUE AND FUCKING GOLD

    99. sleepwell

      "Take care of yourself, and Take care of each other. Peace and Love baby" that just hits different on your down days.

    100. Daniel Ong

      7:05 "Gaege Gibson" juicyfruitsnacks?