The Suite Life on Deck was such a weird show...

Alex Meyers

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    1. Lukhanyo Solo

      Speaking of Disney shows can you please do a video on Lab Rats

    2. Arlette Parker

      Miraculous ladybug

    3. Ricardo Masvidal

      The suite life on deck was the start of the death of Disney Channel putting out good stuff

    4. Seismic Star

      The movie was not the actual finale there was a graduation episode that was the real finale the same day ant farm started

    5. Ffion Lewis

      "Everyone's least favourite, London Tipton". Sir, you did not just go there. She was a queen! After all these years, "Why is there a hot tub in the middle of the ocean?" still cracks me up! 😂

    6. Tommy Jackman

      I love Suite Life on Deck! It’s pretty much my favorite spin-off

    7. souayeh nadia

      Take a look at dark

    8. Team Free Will

      I feel like a lot of y'all don't understand sarcasm

    9. Starr Maddox

      Hunger games 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please

    10. phanfinger

      In the original show, Zack and Cody were like polar opposites when it comes to their personality. But in this show, their personalities are sort of closer to each other which I found refreshing. I never finished the show but I thought it was pretty entertaining.

    11. Ivan Montero

      Do the movie!!!!

    12. Pary Cartoons

      This show low key aged like milk as far as jokes you could get away with without Twitter losing it, not gonna lie. Also I kinda feel bad for the Sprouse brothers they were trapped in time as Zack and Cody for the longest time even after leaving Disney. Can you imagine? You're trying to get work as an adult as everyone just remembers you as the kids from the Disney Channel show back in the early 2000s.

    13. Riyah World

      Never watched this, I was older by then, the original one was what I watched..... anyway, Zack always reminded me of Charlie Sheen, especially in Two and A Half Men..

    14. Candace Moore

      Don’t feel bad I was also watching suit life as a high school senior...

    15. Shubham Verma

      We had an Indian version of it made by Disney with Indian actors. The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir.

    16. HollywoodsFinest

      The show didn’t actually end with the movie. It ended a couple episodes later

    17. Govind Manoj

      The title should be why you hate suite Life on Deck. & You also proved why snowflakes hate everything..🤦🏻‍♂️

    18. Unlucky_ Karp

      Dang I think I was to young for this show when I was watching it

    19. Krizanne Dcunha

      I used to love sweet life on deck I still do

    20. Koala From Tomorrow

      I totally watched Wendy Wu

    21. Ell Jayy

      I loved this show.

    22. Jordyn Hayes

      Dude her name is pronounced Zen-day-a 😂😂😂

    23. Isabella Saenz

      "i know girls in highschool dont care about personality. And i know this cause most guys dont have one" 😂😂

    24. Athithan

      0:15 Jessie and Bunk’d...

    25. Conor Lee

      Pretty sure you missed every joke in this

    26. Smee

      I live in the Midwest and I have chickens

    27. JP - 07HC 788575 Tomken Road MS

      look at the number of dislikes

    28. Ryan Co

      Idk if it’s an unpopular opinion, but I loved this show :((

    29. Lydia Pearson

      They did a spin off with the same cast with Liv and Maddie actually with Liv and Maddie in Cali I think, after Parker accidentally destroyed this house.

    30. Mason McFarland

      Iowa Gang🤙

    31. annabeth chase

      imagine growing up in iowa...

    32. Anie Francis

      You're so horrible you don't even know what to say about the show it is so good

    33. Madi Valentin

      please do miraculous ladybug but you will have to do the origin episodes or puppeteer 2 😂 i think you will make it hilarious 😂

    34. Brice Cordova


    35. amazingkid98

      did you hate high school or something my friend ? loool

    36. Kyle Angeles

      Nah what was really weird is London was still in high school when the boys made it to hs 😂

    37. Ajanay Johnson

      Can you do the movie now

    38. Praneel Mallik


    39. Mila Drawing

      Why are you so grumpy about this??

    40. LeBron Jericho

      You really from Iowa?? Let’s gooo

    41. moth's boy

      i wonder if they could've just put bailey's male persona as a long-haired kid with a baby face , that could've worked if she also had a mask on and said " it's for medical purposes" and just not take it off .

    42. PROchief

      yeah well you're weird

    43. Georgia D

      How dare you call london everybody’s least favourite?

    44. Billy Gordon

      You talk about your highschool relationship status sooooo much

    45. Neil P

      6:32 I laughed so hard when that unreal Indian accent came out of nowhere

    46. sedarice covington

      I liked Wendy Wu

    47. Vinay Nair

      Jessie made a spinnoff with the sane cast

    48. Tsuyu Asui


    49. The Kids

      I was looking at the comments while there was an ad playing and after the first ad I got a Tampax ad and it was some girl screaming "I GOT MY PERIOD" into a megaphone and I was reading comments so I thought it was the actual video for a second. (Side note Tampax advertisements are so weird)

    50. Kukucaca

      Oh i just realize the roommate that London kick out is Vicky from The Good Place ( ╹▽╹ )

    51. Sammy1265opcubs

      Aw I like this show. Granted the Cody and Bailey situation makes me sick.

    52. PD13 I

      Bro this guy thinks every show is weird 😂

    53. Kevon Owen

      when Alex said (anyone....hello?) it killed me😂😂😂💀

    54. Trail Shredder

      Why copie odd1out

    55. Riiina Rosé

      ZEN- DAY- UH is how you say Zendaya 💀💀

    56. Hello

      Hey surfshark vpn also work's on bananas

    57. Tree Talkative


    58. Geeky_ Jazzi

      Not gonna lie, Suite Life on Deck and Suite life of Zack and Cody were my most favorite Disney shows- Specifically on Deck-

    59. A Billion Bears and me

      This show was a little weird but also is my childhood.

    60. Bryeet Sonny

      Mr.Mosbey was depicted as normal even the most normal and formal on the show I feel that was a stretch to fit his “woke” moment in the video 8:53

    61. Bahibbin66

      The only time I'm pretty when people disliked london was when she found Hannah montanas anklet and threw it away other than that she's a favorite.

    62. vikas gupta

      That's like the worst Indian accent I would know cause I'm indian

      1. Bryeet Sonny

        It’s odd why Indians themselves continue to use the accent on American tv even though it’s not how it actually is

    63. Selene Thanatos

      The joke where the rich girl who has her own room accidently volunteers to share with the girl without a room was totally ripped off from Wicked.

    64. AdeniyiBaller123

      2:59 what show is that on Netflix that she's in?

    65. Colby Garrow

      You should do good luck Charlie

    66. jx

      lmaoo its not cus hes fat is cus hes gross... thus video kinda sucksk

    67. Xavier Stamp


    68. Atharva

      FYI , there exists a spin off version of suite life of Zack and Cody as Suite life of karan and Kabir on indian Disney channel . Both r pretty average I guess 🤔

    69. Slack Key Traditions

      It's still wholesome kids entertainment if you aren't a sensitive snowflake

    70. Hzz !

      You should try watching the first episode of Project Mc².

    71. Ryan Donegan

      Yeah the show was weird. But kind of fun at the same time.

    72. Lynn Gatrell

      Do The Naked Brothers Band.

    73. ALuna

      Are you really from Iowa? Because if you are that's awesome! I'm from Iowa too!

    74. David19338

      The disrespect to London...

    75. Elizabeth Spohn

      You should finish The Vampire Diaries

    76. Finest Gentlemen

      How have you not made videos of the spy kids series? Yes all 4 movies! They just get more “what even is this” with every movie

    77. Erin McPhee

      Can you do a up to date version of chilling adventures of Sabrina

    78. Lord Louis

      Great show ❤️

    79. Lacey Fisher

      The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was 👍

    80. eve the weeb

      is it weird that I kinda wanted that whole “bailey is a guy” plot for a few more episodes, have zach and bailey get together, break up, then for bailey to end up with cody instead of those like three ridiculous break up episodes they had

    81. James Hunter

      Secrets Of Sulfur Springs Plz

    82. UNOW3N SKilla

      Now Dylan Sprouse is a G in Kingdon Hearts let’s go Yozora

    83. dylan helsing

      this episode was cringe and bluepilled, unlike Suit life on deck. Which is based and Redpilled

    84. Alyais Yazzie

      You are old n I’m 22 .

    85. The amazing spider-fan

      “Turns out they didn’t like anything else about me either “ 😁 as a fellow former fat person I can relate

    86. Andre smith • 13 years ago

      Fun fact Lunden is now the voice actress for anne in amphibia

    87. QueenBee Buzz

      just a side note i loved wendy woo 😂

    88. Kim Domenc

      PLEASE do jessie PLEASEEEE

    89. Jenny M. Caceres

      alex ur hillarous but when u said fat kid u crossed the line btw congrats u lost a subscriber

    90. Trents Reviews

      I’m not even gonna watch this video I’m just gonna say that you’re wrong and leave

    91. Theboysgang Shdh

      Tell me why this went 5 directly overhead and I had to piece it together by watching it 20 times and reading 50 comment

    92. JOE LOUISE

      Ay man Wendy wu was my shit

    93. TigeruSpear

      Dam I miss this show, just rewatched this series I love how relatable and fun this show was

    94. Beatriz Ribeiro

      I get it’s a joke but what Cody was mad about was his untidiness, not him being fat.... Cody is kinda germaphobic and very tidy

    95. insomnia

      2:06 excuse me, did you say least favorite? she's an icon

    96. Luna rose Artz

      Could you do liv and Maddie please. I really love that show!

    97. HugALamma

      Kinda cringe

    98. sarah eccleston

      can u pls do gravity falls

    99. Sterling Gallivan

      Do the movie

    100. Kenneth Plays Games

      Only OGs remember the original title