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    1. Repzion

      Hi guys! I'd like to ask please do not harass this individual or say threatening things to her. That type of response isn't okay and does in fact violate the rules HUfast has in place. I never want anyone I speak about to be harassed, but I realize I also cannot control what people say or do. Just realize I don't condone actual harassment -- also 2 new videos coming this week :) Thanks for watching this all the way through. Best regards, ~Daniel

      1. David Aston

        Technically, anyone can get a 'hand out'. But as with any support or opportunity to grow it depends how you use it. Same with working at McD or anywhere. Unless the employer is a moron you'd have to and be expected to work to a higher standard if you're paid more. And as someone who has worked in the food industry I know it's stressful. A real argument against 10 or 15 dollars an hour is that employers will see it as more reasons to cut staff and use machines. Which they do all the time and have for a long time with lower paid staff. There is a double standard: You don't hear this outrage when someone says the same about rich people when they're accused of getting legal tax breaks. Both are bashing people the other doesn't know anything about. And of course they'll NEVER admit it's due their own personal reasons like envy? People should FOCUS on their own lives. Otherwise we never get anywhere.

      2. foreversocal

        @777Dubliner does she just not understand copyright infringement?

      3. McClarenDesign's Car of the Week Reviews

        Has anyone approached Leonard French, aka Lawful Masses?

      4. patrick blake

        Going and harassing an asshole gets them off. They obviously love this type of attention. Its weird we have to be reminded of that, but sometimes we get angry and think that's the only outlet. I got REALLY angry about that guy who abuses his girlfriend online and it took everything I had to not do something, but I kept telling myself thats what he wants.

      5. Server Akin


    2. Man Of Magic

      MY content is bad, not this bad. But still bad,

    3. Cheddar Goldfish Crakers

      As of Jan 2021, she's still doing the same thing.....

    4. Piece Of shit

      I love you for defending fast food workers ♥️ we really don’t get paid enough to put up with what we put up with!!!

    5. Donut does Art

      AS an artist and animator this is extremely angering. Each frame of those animes are drawn and it takes time and hard work to make.

    6. GoddammitHoward

      8 months later she's still uploading this bs

    7. Mr London Go

      Who's here after watching The Suzy Lu Experiment?

    8. Bowen Pickett-Becker

      is there anything written in that book you show at the beginning of your videos

    9. MariaThePotterNut

      Must be nice to be pretty... Like, you see it in the cosplay world a lot, some people get attention just for being hot, while their "cosplay" is a 10$ party city unstyled from the bag, and a bra that is a related color. Meanwhile you have people who do these amazing armor builds, or incredible wig styling, or intricate detailed props, or elaborate and accurate sewing, and get nothing for it. But like at least they have to wear it, do makeup, and pose for a photo. She literally just sits and slightly reacts while watching a show. It blows my mind. Like at least some react channels come from an interesting point of view, like musicians or dancers reviewing music videos, visual effects artists talking about effects in shows and movies, where they can give input from someone who knows what's going on. She just goes wow.

    10. Autumn Michelle

      I have worked at Pizza Hut for almost two years now and I still get minimum wage (7.25) and have never had the option of a raise. If anyone gets a raise it is managers who btw are guaranteed hours. I haven't been able to get past 12 hours a week for two months now and I am currently paying for college, including a dorm which is 268 a month. I would be so grateful for a raise or a change in the minimum wage.

    11. Rebecca Brownson

      not to be that guy but soundcore pro 2 are better for the same price, i use them ever day

    12. Rafael Only

      The tested craftsman whitely fax because grandmother tentatively twist around a vast quill. wrong, whole cart

    13. Amsure Animations

      I like this guy

    14. Narnia Lives

      Someone should just blur her face and just not talk about it.

    15. deathpearl360

      Her website doesn't even have a cancel payment option. U literally have to email her and wait for days or so to cancel ur monthly payment.

    16. Noah Blunt

      And if you're a delivery driver, you're also putting a ton of miles on your car

    17. DongoBot

      She didn't even do the rdr2 epilogue. Pfft.

    18. Mona Megistus

      suzy lu? is she from whoville???

    19. Sasha Smokes

      She's still making shitty content

    20. Violet Violence

      so she's basically sssniperwolf but anime version

    21. Calisto Yew Is Callous to you

      That is a pound sign though...

    22. Homeowner with a Comb over

      Some people have no shame. Yikers!

    23. Kate Amos

      Man she would make such a killing out of watching One Piece 😂

    24. Metro Galaxy

      Suzy Lu is the worst you tuber I ever see

    25. Brendan Fung

      Dude my netflix party chats are more exciting than this girl

    26. Daniel Teberian

      I cannot wait for her to get sued.

    27. Anne Frank

      Your hair sucks and earbuds suck

    28. Lisa Casey

      Just found you today! Very amusing! Its great to see someone showing decent videos instead of just outright crap! Just hearing you talk gives me hope that not everyone in the US has lost their friggin minds!! Hahah! I have hope in humanity once again! 😁💜

    29. Da BlueZebruh42

      This is a step away from piracy

    30. Rebecca Martin

      Courage ..... lol

    31. Kiwi Hours

      She plays Kingdom Hearts 3 on Standard Mode with Kupo coin

    32. Jenee Robert

      Too many losers paying to see a halfway good looking girl enjoy anime like their loser asses!!! Idk why any adult with money or any child would watch that garbage!!!! It's too kiddie for adults and it has too much sexuality for children. Cant change my mind on that!!!!!

    33. Red Dahlia

      Thank you, Daniel. I used to work at McDonalds years ago, and later Walmart, and I was a hard worker, too. It was stressful and rough. Most customers were ok, but you'd get plenty of Karens and Kevins, too. And some of your coworkers and managers were just trash. The owners were cheap jerks, too. The harder and more efficient you are, the more they expect out of you and the more you get punished for being a good worker. And trust me, it is very hard to bite back a comment, to not snark back at these rude, entitled people. It is mentally, emotionally, and physically draining to work these kinds of jobs. I've seen people break down. Hell, I've even had times where I had to walk to the crew room or bathroom to cry, or scream, or hit something because it was just holy hell I can't even describe it. Even before I worked these jobs, I was kind and respectful to food/retail and other service workers. After having these jobs, my respect and understanding for them has increased. When someone waits on me in restaurants, I treat them with respect. I will actually look at them and talk to them as the human beings they are, and I give them a good tip. They don't have to be perfect. As long as they're actively trying their best, it's good enough for me.

    34. littlecasino 5

      She ugly

    35. rudolf sanchez

      she is not a classic beauty like belle delphine suzzy is promoted for unk reasons she leeches off anime which gets youmg peoples attention she is not a good infleuence on people

    36. Count-Abra

      Ik you mean pounds when u say euros lol

    37. mycollegeshirt

      That's so fucked up man, you know terribly paid animators are?

    38. j spain Greene

      Honest work should not be criticized by someone that makes money robbing other creator's work. Are we having a party when she's finally removed???

    39. Cerberus

      Just a little advice put some sound proofing on your walls so the audio quality dosnt have the spikes when you yell PS. Love your content keep up the good work Edit: hears a link to son cheep ones

    40. heavyarms150

      Caliing suzy lu a reactor is an insult to reactors who actually perform transformative content. She basically just sits there with an uncut anime video and occasionally says a few words or makes a small sound.

    41. Marc Luca

      Lol sorry but that's a pound sign not the euro 😂

    42. Dan G

      Suzy liu has a massive forehead even jacksfilms would be like wtf thats big. Shes stolen jacks gimmick of a massive forehead

    43. Not Sorry Love Lori

      You’re the only person I’m willing to watch two ads in a row for ❤️

    44. Emily Sanders

      Him repeatedly referring to pounds as euros (£ vs €) was very upsetting lol

    45. Harry Blue

      Gotta love how weebs pronounce, "Naruto," "Nadito"

      1. Grace Reiffenstein

        Honestly what is suzy’s accent. She’s English right? I haven’t heard whichever regional accent here’s is before...

    46. Harry Blue

      Let's be real, it is a livable wage... if you manage your money intelligently. I lived off of just above minimum wage by splitting rent with a roommate and not buying luxuries I can't afford. Best part? I was still able to afford a game or two after each months' bills.

    47. Derry

      That's a pound sign, not euro

    48. Elizabeth Smith

      I'm curious, how would you actually do this legally if you actually wanted to support the Anime and,or manga industry.

    49. Nick Gillotti

      They are gonna go after this chick in the courts. They can collect damages on EVERY time the videos were watched, plus the legal fees, plus the possibility of MASSIVE pecuniary damages if it can be shown that literally anyone downloaded her videos from any platform. It could get up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damahes quite easily.

    50. Elegant_Projects

      Somehow you come across the worst people on the internet.shes going to go to jail for this. She deliberately steals content and re-post it and she’s making $8 grand a month. I’m a musician the most I’ve made $30. This is terrible.shes is a narcissist!

    51. Algrenion

      also maybe i just have an overly creative mind but the pink chair in the background kind of looks like Orville Peck during climax

    52. Algrenion

      i feel really bad for the animators of these shows she's watching in MANY cases these folks already work long hours only to be paid - get this - less than a liveable wage and she has the audacity to claim McDonalds workers are lazy [eyeroll emoji] edit: oh tell me she's not from Scotland... tell me she isn't a gonna be another disgrace to my country-

    53. blueribenaberry

      Dude that's a Pound sign (GBP = £) not the Euro (€).

    54. leomartin666

      346 dislikes are from Suzy Lu fans who don’t know JS about copyright,

    55. Sutherlandisapussy Robber

      found this guys channel recently, legend!!

    56. Dumber than 2 coconuts

      Love the Harry Potter like glasses in the beginning

    57. Square Up

      My job doesn’t determine my worth, she needs to shut up 🤐

    58. Jeremy Staples

      What's funny is fast food workers contribute more to society than she does.

    59. Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys

      6:27 two-thousand teen 🤣

    60. uwu

      you're the best repzion

    61. Joao Cruz

      its 10 pounds not 10Euros!

    62. JaggedBird

      Using a website to avoid copyright? No mate it's not going to work. You're no YMS least he's under fair use Also for fuck sake Daniel...get some fucking sleep, you looked wrecked boio!

    63. Laci Maughan

      She needs to take the money she makes on Patreon and buy herself a personality.

    64. gram z

      I kept thinking that that chair was an abducted person In a costume. A very informative video ty!

    65. Lil Sprout

      Love your hair lick

    66. Charlene

      Seriously who would want to watch her just sit there and go oh my God oh my God watch anime videos an pay for it maybe I should go put something sexy on and try to find something to watch I mean what the hell 8k a month for that what you do is way more important and better you should be making double that then what kind of losers would actually pay for that I am sorry but I just don't get it I don't get it

    67. Charlene

      You tell her babe what she did to Augie N others is just pissing me off especially Augie cuz he's just such a sweet dude he really is but he calls people out for their b******* much like you do ain't nothing wrong with that don't be a HUfastr if you can't take the Heat people need to bring her down because what she's doing is illegal and then going after that chick that does the voice for one of the anime characters was really reaching but that chick's got a spine man she handled her quickly and efficiently loved it! Good for you sweetie love your content

    68. Enzo James

      Who's worse... the content creator, or those who watch it?

    69. ploof96

      i work at a restaurant as a server and food runner, and ive worked at 4 different fast food places before that. i have a lot of patience for people, being that patience is required to work around people constantly. i cant say any fast food/restaurant is easy, seeing that so many people need so much experience and patience to do it.

    70. Ryan Toledo

      why do ppl pay her for her patreon instead of buying a crunchyroll membership or something

    71. Tra O

      But repzion, i love uzumaki khan 😔his rxns are enjoyable to watch

    72. AhsokaRey Tano

      The fact you don't like to use the word privilege is your white privilege. If you were a black person who was scared every single day of going outside you would feel very differently. I'm glad you have grown from the days of using the nword but clearly you have some more growing and learning about how the world works because you still don't believe white privilege exists.

    73. IxKILLxZ0MBIES

      just thought i would say i have watched a couple reaction videos that had substance they where a history teacher reacting to history videos and adding a lot of context and additional information

    74. Greeneyez10961

      Lemme just say I work in a retail pharmacy in a grocery store and deal with some weird shit and some not so nice people but let me tell you! I could NEVER work at McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant. And not because I’m above that shit. Simply because like you said I would get fired real quick. I give fast food workers many many props for that shit!!! People are stupid ridiculous when it comes to fast food places. High five to y’all! Get that money!

    75. Rose Redmayne

      I WORK AT A FAST FOOD PLACE BECAUSE I NEED MONEY FOR COLLEGE AND HOW IS PROVIDING A SERVICE AND SERVING FOOD AND BEING A CASHIER SHAMEFUL? If it isn't a real job, then why do I have to pay taxes on my income?? She doesn't leave the house for her job and I need to trek across town for work and she can watch tv for a living? I don't have a patreon to "keep the McContent coming". Geez I hate her attitude!

    76. Liam Lowenthal

      She started getting on her knees for Trump and I immediately knew what kind of person she was. Don't bother. They're incredibly stupid, stubborn and have an alternate version of logic they like to scream at you with until you either leave (they assume they win), scream back (they think they win) or try to converse with them with *actual* facts (they call you a libtard while thinking they win, without actually knowing your political affiliation). Just.. don't. They're goddamn insane.

    77. Anthony Aquarius montoya

      10 $ an hour for a McDonald's job sounds reasonable

    78. Elvira Ortiz

      Bubs I love you lots but that money sign thingy its actually for pounds. Euro sing its this one €. keep the good work! have a nice daaaay

    79. BloodySymphony

      As a Scot, I am embarrassed that this wee witch is from Scotland. Also, we use Pounds, not Euros :)

    80. rancid

      £ are pounds, repzion

    81. Daddy-0 Long Legs

      Only fools don't treat the people who handle their food with respect.

    82. Lt. Ripley

      Within the first sentence of what you said it made me angry again. Oh and Suzy Lu I reckon some of your patrons are probably people who work in the service industry. Oh and you look like and ugly and much older Madonna. Well she's how old and she looks better than you. Nasty little buffoon. Selling sex through anime. Idiot.

    83. KimKim R

      ffs why does she need to be scottish .... btw we dont claim her.

    84. Adam Gainer

      Bruh...that math is off. She isn't making 8K off Patreon. She's actually making $9,055. Sorry...I had to plug the math. I was curious.

    85. Comfortable Nerd

      Repzion, let me just say that I hope too be half the commentator you are someday great content sir keep it up

    86. Jeannine Terese

      You’ve taught me about youtube.👏

    87. MarsCreations

      Fuck I always appreciate people who work serving food especially since they deal with angry hungry people and that’s tuff on its own.

    88. Yummest

      So happy she had her patreon and most of her reactions we just have to wait till she gets nuked

    89. vagurl84

      I watch doctors react and they are very good and educational. There are exceptions.

    90. Bigsky Pioneer II

      You are right - people that work fast food are amazing. When I was in school, I worked for one of the national chains *for a day* because I couldn't take the super fast pace at dinner rush. Some of that was my immaturity, sure - but *there were kids there that were younger than me* and they were humming around - focused. Also - McD's gets a bad wrap but if I had to choose McD's or Amazon for a place to work.... well McD's actually have respectable benefits, and so. So to any fast food workers out there - thank you - and know that some of us "get it" and appreciate it is NOT an easy job.

    91. bird guy

      You can just watch these shows for free on like kissanime or many other websites without her modifications

    92. Versus 22

      She shouldn't be bad-mouthing them. Because with the way everything's going that maybe the only place they'll hire her

    93. G . i . t . M .

      For a while i avoided reaction channels like the plague because of peole like her. Ive recently started finding videos that are essentially "professional reacts to thing" like singing coaches reacting to different bands, or even just a couple people reacting to music or comedy they've never heard. I like them and I wish people like her hadn't soured me to the idea of these videos.

    94. samfanhellyeah

      Never heard of her before but wow what a lazy thief and I just checked her channel is still up and she is still posting

    95. k

      Me loving every video Repzion makes but also ripping my hair out over him calling pounds euros.

    96. Mark Harris

      Harold Wilson famously said "A week is a long time in politics", it’s a lifetime on HUfast, channel content all gone, Patreon gone, Steejo's law degree claims gone, Suzy Lu all but gone.

    97. nicigames96

      um that is the pound symbol not euros , but shes a bitch

    98. Dot 2375

      if she just kept her mouth shut and her head down, she could have done this reaction gig for years and earn shitloads of cash. Honestly thats genius, its stealing but genius, No effort whatsoever and have a stable flow of income just watching anime and whatnot. Her massive ego pretty much fucked her up good, riperoni

    99. Trice M

      I kinda think of this as a reaction channel... it’s nothing but half facts and uncensored opinions... but I’m here for it

    100. Disney__Queen

      Lol I thought at first the sweater and chair was somebody hungover in the background 😂😂😂