The Trumps Are Throwing a Tantrum

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    After Reggie Watts catches James Corden up on the big Apple processing chip update and everyone wishes Tim Young, the band's guitarist, a happy 50th birthday, James recaps the big news of the day, including President Donald Trump, his cabinet wife, and children all refusing to accept the result of the election. And Mike Pence, head of the COVID-19 task force, is heading on vacation. And a debate breaks out about the pronunciation of "puma" which takes a drastic turn towards a conversation about pubic hair.
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    1. tecianicole

      But puma is a Spanish word

    2. pa m

      Cordon liked his first chin so much ...he got another chin.

    3. Claudia McHone

      I do not think it’s very nice for any talk shows to make fun of Donald Trump or any one else in office

    4. Renee DaSinger

      oh HOW rich of YOU people saying they are throwing a tantrum when you threw one for 4 FREAKING YEARS... Shut your pie hole. Satan worshipping self righteous vipers.

    5. Eileen Arnold

      That’s because Good People of God avoid evil.

    6. H. Boyle

      Puma is from the Spanish pronunciation of the Quechua, a Native population, word for the animal.

    7. Anthony Johnson

      Canned laughter GIVE UP!!!!

    8. Anthony Johnson

      Twas stolen

    9. Patricia Thompson

      She was never a 1st Lady,Just as her husband was never a President he had the title , but never fully grasped the job of what a President is, or what a President does. She should have done some homework on being a 1 st Lady by studying former First Lady’s in 4 years, she learned absolutely nothing . We want to forget who these people are unfortunately, history will remind us of the terrible mistake America made by electing this man and bring his family to the White House she will be remembered for destroying the Rose Garden and he will be remembered as the worst President in US history

    10. Saira

      Did you know Trump rhymes with dumb?

    11. Maja D

      I'm sorry, NO EVIDENCE?? People just don't want to face the truth

    12. Bobbi Kresnik

      Says the crybabies from the past 4yrs

    13. Sabine Schuessler

      Dr. Jill Biden will be just fine without meeting me Melania! Melania has nothing to offer to Dr. Biden!

    14. Bridget Darby

      Why are they all going to Florida

    15. B Thompson

      Dr Biden is very familiar with the White House she's been there before and there is really nothing Melanie can tell her.

    16. Phil Hachey

      How about important

    17. Monica Barbosa

      Let's change this to a TANTRUMP!!

    18. Niall Ebhann

      It's not too surprising. I doubt Trump wants to meet on that so I wouldn't think he would want her to. A good wife listens to her husband and respects his wishes, as a good husband should do for his wife.

    19. Lelele Anna

      No evidence there has been videos of people throwing out ballots how exactly is that not evidence 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    20. Monze Galindo

      Lol I’m amazed of how dumb people are or brainwashed, America people just got screwed and went socialist and communism and they think it’s funny. No Trump no freedom

    21. juan Gonzalez

      Losser talks out his ass while real people are hurting

    22. Sniper 1s2k

      Daddy Trump has taught her well she'll be filing for divorce once he gets thrown in prison those officers deaths and the few civilians that died are on him and he should be charged period!!

    23. Belle B


    24. Yoda I am

      Trump's handler refuses to meet Mrs. Biden.

    25. Mies

      Tantrum like liberals in 2016? 😂😂

    26. Barrie Barrett

      Happy Birthday Tim. I agree, 50 is quite freeing. Have a lovely day

    27. Derick Johnson

      I seen that on tv.

    28. Andrew kim

      The chief cut willy copy because fan fifthly examine beside a hurried shampoo. vague, legal rate

    29. Tennessee wiskey

      Hahahaha.... boo hoo....

    30. Mackenzie Waymer

      Who cares it works out better for Dr Biden now she doesn’t have to waste her time speaking to that low class woman I don’t care how much money they have they are truly beneath all of us

    31. Al Leonidovich

      Thats because Biden will never be a president!

    32. Paul Harvill

      What a hoot.

    33. MsZeus49

      Best laugh I have had in long long time! Thank you !

    34. Marilee Sexton

      Melania has nothing of benefit to pass on.

    35. Richard Pierpoint

      On the subject of Adidas, they are named after the founder of the company, Adi Dassler who was the younger brother of Rudolf Dassler, who founded Puma...

      1. Richard Pierpoint

        Which, considering "Adi Dassler" is two words, kinda makes the British English pronunciation more like his native German...

    36. clark loeffler

      The smart court embryologically harass because transport unusually judge given a workable van. delicate, hapless gong

    37. Booger Momma

      This is the absolute worse of the late night programming. Please replace with anything else.


      The British pronounce the word "Schedule" like (shed-yool) but they don't pronounce the word "School" like (shoe-yool) why not?

    39. June Ko-Dial

      Happy birthday Tim❣️❣️🎂

    40. liv Hemingway

      Thank goodness Jill Biden doesn't have to spend time listening to a middle-aged ex hooker demolish the English language. After years of living in our beautiful United States, Melania still can't speak coherent English.

    41. queta fierrro

      Trumpers no class with money

    42. Maud Wildeboer

      Why do i like this segment way more without an audience

    43. Dragon fire Experiment on YouTube

      They can have tantrums or fume it makes no difference Donald Trump lost

    44. Jamie Adams

      Oops can’t spell my own name malaniaaaaa!

    45. Jamie Adams

      My ass is sunk maimal

    46. Jamie Adams

      I’m am not meeting First Lady Jill! As I’m busy finding trying to move back to the Ukrainian

    47. Terry Lemal

      Who cares. She was the most inactive absent First Lady ever. No great loss. Finally we will have the White House occupied again.

    48. Linda Greene

      Love your show

    49. Alex De la Luna

      I'll be able to laugh again when the security carries the orange bunker dictatorwannbe out after a tranquilizer shot.

    50. Raymond Robbins

      I am making a t shirt for that "Relax because you arent getting out of all this!!!"

    51. Adriana Khodayari


    52. Maria Brown

      Melania is not even a legal first lady so first lady elect dr jill Biden Dont need any fake help. What can trump tell Biden or Melania tell jill.

    53. Rose Huber

      Such a classless family.

    54. Catherine Cavaciuti

      Trump and his wife are as bad as each other. They belong together

    55. denny mand

      Dear parents, this is the end result when you give your child everything they want and never say no.

    56. Todd Coates

      No loss

    57. Laughter Talks

      You are correct James. American's know nothing about how to speak properly.

    58. Perla Takehana

      Dr. Biden does not need to be toured by Melania since she was at the white house for 8 years. Maybe mental illness is also contagious. Melania is infected by Donald

    59. Michael .Hainsworth

      I like 👍

    60. Frank Arthur

      Bunch of losers trying to force funny...laugh along even if it's forced 😲

    61. Carli Maia

      Ummm the word "Puma" isn't English or's Quechan/Spanish. You wouldn't pronouce it with a British accent. The word "jaguar" is also mispronounced by English speakers since it is a South American Tupi/Guarani word. I'm AmerIndian and often find the discussion annoying.

    62. Littlebit31

      Ya know, Donald isn’t an actual functioning adult... this chick is supposed to be an adult and she’s as spoiled and irrelevant as her pussbag husband! #BeBest

    63. Gerard Woody

      Corden how did u ever get famous..god above.talentless

    64. Bill McBillFace

      The many appendix hemodynamically call because sandwich neurologically fit above a tiny wine. aloof, polite beast

    65. Romona Flamer


    66. Ju St

      LOOOOOOOVED the part about Puma and Adidas. As a german this just made my heart melt😍

    67. Joe Weis

      Biden will fumigate the White House !!!

    68. Buttons F

      hahaha "the legacy train left the station a looong time ago"

    69. Fifteen People 15

      Lol when I turned on closed captioning when James said puma it said: pew-ma

    70. Nick Wolf

      star wars theme

    71. HighCard! 1

      Can't WAIT to See you Late Night Repeaters CRY,,,LITERALLY AFTER TRUMP IS SWORN IN LOL. Just Like Last Time. Remember????Dinasours,,,Spaceships,,,Where IS TOM ??? Hope he is OK and helping socks a nd codes beside the Road. Nobody looking for Socks in HIS BACKYARD,,,,,ARE THEY????

    72. Diane Mcdonnell

      Meliania is starting to pack her bags.

    73. popcorn bowl

      I don't think James knows how the E effect the vowel say thier example pubes has the yoo sound because the E is after the next letter so Puma wouldn't have that rule. And also American the language is stoopid

    74. rlee crossett

      Screw this guy, I thought you were suppose to be funny on late nite. He’s just fat

    75. Floyd Gould

      Melania is just like TRUMP. They are both money driven.

    76. Latchmin Rampersad

      Melania doesn't want to meet Dr Jill Biden because she can't speak English

    77. keaton family


    78. John Vanderlinde

      I wonder when the cops show up and drag them out of the White House cuz the deer in denial they lost their race when Joe Biden shows up with the military in the police and locked them up for a long time even pull out his family and the pardons will not go into effect because you know why he will be out of office on January 20th thank God for the people who are standing up to Trump and these thieves in the White House. They are the swamp matter fact you had a part in all the people work for him I wonder how come if they didn't break any laws they said they did and they admitted it but he they got to get out of jail free card you see any poor people getting out of jail or middle income people I don't think so.

    79. David Renzetti

      I just thought of this; we will be getting rid of kooky Betsy Davos. Sing hallelujah throw up your hands, betsy is gone, thank you Lord on behalf of American public school teachers and children every where!!! The king of glory comes, the nation Lastly, thank you and thank you for getting out and voting. Kate wrote this

    80. Robbie Lane

      Melinda is not a victim she’s involved helping him

    81. Christopher McDaniel

      So, I could only DREAM of being where that guy TIM, says he is “trapped”... what a sad...sad... life. Lol! I could only wish!!!

    82. wake up

      Your turn next biden But lets make it look like a scam That way all the wage slaves will have no clue Where all working together

    83. Sheri Evans

      The whole administration has been & is a joke....

    84. Sheri Evans

      Delusional family ....

    85. Sheri Evans

      Fox is sneaky... cunning

    86. Greg Orchard

      I dont think jill would be too concerned about not meeting with an old out of work porn actress.......

    87. Sharon Lofton

      let me explain what's going on for you. Because it's obvious you drank the Jim Jones (Trump) kool-aid. Trump is like the kid in the neighborhood who has to win or nobody can play. The kind of kid who throws the ball on top of the house because no one chose him for the baseball game. The kid that knocked over the blocks because he didn't build the biggest tower. Trump knows that he lost fairly. But he's causing chaos because he hates losing. The voter fraud accusations started as a rumor. And it got into the media and he decided to use it as a defense mechanism. And he's firing everyone who's not playing the game with him. Trump knows that nothing like this has ever happened before. You know he likes to say, "this has never been done before". His aim is to be the most talked about president. And he will be. But not for what you guys think. He's going down in history as the most IGNORANT, ILL WILLED, DIVISIVE, RACIST, CONTROVERSIAL, LYING, EMBARRASSING, AND MILITANT presidents we've ever had. OH DID I MENTION HES THE BIGGEST LIAR. Other countries know that we are weaker right now than we've ever been. They're laughing at us. This country is in chaos! Trump knows that he's facing possible jail time. (My opinion he won't serve a day) The republican party was known as a party that didn't allow politicians to bring embarrassment and shame to the party. They dropped the ball with Trump. They wanted him, and they're to ashamed to say they made a big mistake. Lol! He has ruined the republican party. And they will also lose control of the house because of this (pay close to attention) Trump is about to call out many who stood by him in his lies (Mitch Mcconnell) lol! Keep watching, the saga continues!

    88. markman manmark

      Once Trump gets back in office shows like this will be gone and you'll be able to see your favorite late night host in GITMO

    89. S.L. S.L.

      The Trump's are posers with zero class

    90. Chuck-Mary D

      MELANIA is CRYING BECAUSE VOGUE CHOSE wanted STORMY DANIELS NOT HER. Melania thinks she’s the most beautiful woman here on earth when she’s all plastic and have so many miles that it’s probably rotting away with a rotten odor.

    91. Chuck-Mary D

      1ST Lady Ms.Biden is natural. The entire Trump family are all plastic. President Biden is NOT a LIAR, a CROOK, or ATTACKS MEDIA. Geez, I cannot wait for January 20, 2021. President Biden have to SANITIZED and CHANGE EVERYTHING IN THE WHITE HOUSE it’s CONTAMINATED. Thank our Heavenly Father that we have a president who believes in God and Jesus Christ. You folks who says your Christian your all a bunch of HYPOCRITES and you all will burn in the lakes of fire. We are not to Judge, God and Jesus Christ are the ONLY ones who can Judge us. It’s between God, Jesus Christ and the person.

    92. Chuck-Mary D

      First Lady Ms.Biden shouldn’t waste her time meeting with Melania. Thank God we have a classy true American 1st lady on Jan 20, 2021. I was watching this video on HUfast a man that knows whether a person can speak that different language fluent and he said Melania’s Fluent on Hello, how are you and what’s your name. That’s not fluent!!!! When a person is fluent on speaking different languages they will be proud to speak their language in that country. When she went to Germany as she entered the classroom she says “HOLA.” Thats Spanish not German, so she as much of a LIAR like her husband Trump. They DESERVE EACH OTHER!!!!

    93. Haoxu Wang

      By the way SoC stands for system on chip

    94. Bonnie Hundley

      What? Try not to struggle trapped in the fly paper. OMG!!!! Yeah, that for 2020.

    95. Ava & Lewis

      James can you be 1D’s manager on December 30th

      1. eioshen boboi

        Jill can get this info from her friend, Michelle. To hell with Melania.

    96. Matthew Rodgers

      The deep circle byerly drip because wallaby relatedly strengthen towards a lean crocus. tight, unnatural ray

    97. Patrick Grace

      Fat much Corden!

    98. Valérie Baptista

      Melania honey, you've ONLY been through the white house ONCE, Jill's been there before, she knows her way around. So your ' welcome tea' ISN'T really necessary.

      1. eioshen boboi

        System-on-Chip, which is a form of silicon fab.

    99. Toy Dubz

      Well Pew-ma sounds like someone's shoes smell. As for Adidas, it's short for the creator's name, Adi Dassler. I learned about Adidas from run dmc in the eighties, lol, the pronunciation just got to me a few years ago, lol!! But we wear them, believe it!

      1. eioshen boboi

        Michelle will be there for jill. She was a million times the first lady anyway. What do you want to bet jills breathing a sigh of relief?

    100. Rock girl

      Dr. Biden should just meet with Michelle Obama at this point