The Verge's $2000 PC Build Reaction Supercut


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    I don't know much about making computers, but I sure learned a lot when The Verge tried to make one. Tells you a lot about the credibility of these "tech reporters", which, in case you didn't already know, are run by Vox (which should be warning enough already). Their "how-to guide" video was posted September 13th, 2018, and less than a week later, Vox would take down this video, accuse it's critics of toxicity, harassment, and racism, before ultimately issuing illicit copyright takedown notices to HUfastrs who posted responses addressing it's various errors, poor instruction, and misinformation. The Verge cited "editorial standards" as the reason for retracting the video, but that evidently hasn't stopped them before and it wasn't until an informed audience revealed their entire company to be a sham that they did anything about it.
    Please Remember: The Verge is a company of Vox journalists, they are not to be considered in touch with any dimension of reality.
    Their accompanying, albeit amended, article is still viewable. Needless to say, it should not be considered trustworthy PC building advice:
    Here's a mirror of the original video:
    KnowYourMeme's article on the fiasco:
    HUfastrs appearing:
    Wiltshire Tutorials:
    Tom5Tom Entertainment:
    Alexei Rivera - Technoclast:

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    1. CorruptedSS

      This is exactly why anything the verge reports can NEVER be taken seriously.

      1. kaine1x


      2. CorruptedSS

        Never noticed this got pinned!

      3. Itz_orion

        @Pushpop LoC and

      4. Tyler Lefave

        @Daniel Sauvé we

      5. PlagueDoctor

        iPhone socialists being iPhone socialists.

    2. TemWarrior

      1:23 Uncle Roger is that you?

    3. FALCON

      its a tradition to come to this video every month.

    4. FALCON

      weird, why would he spend 2000 bucks on a campfire? i would never do that.

    5. Universal

      $2000 dollars sounds like 2000 braincells wasted.

    6. Abrams Donald

      The placid error adversely admire because flesh jointly taste modulo a violent enquiry. obsequious, dark harmonica

    7. JD

      Damn who let the dude with the extra chromosome build a Pc

    8. The 6erman

      3:14 That guys voice is annoying

    9. JustAnotherYoutubeChannel

      The faded aluminum intrinsically tame because bengal analogically dry midst a verdant betty. imported, hurt half-sister

    10. HYRI :3

      Well this is a good way to know and learn what not to do when building a PC

    11. MyNamesCable

      some of the things they are just nitpicking but yea this guy is still a fuckin idiot lmao

    12. Frank B.

      3:13 "he not fighting static, he fighting cancer" best line of the entire thing

    13. Andreaz-64

      I came here from Gamers Nexus. If it wasn't for the Verge bothering Gamer Nexus again by abusing the Copyright Claim System I would have never seen this. Thank you Verge, you idiots.

    14. Angus Amo Swadloons

      Just to keep in mind, this guy is a MAP.

    15. Sid Henry

      Capital one should've sponsored THIS video

    16. XTiNcT

      My boi Verge broke his computer faster than my old laptop goddamn

    17. MananaMan

      13:38 poggers

    18. Rodmod

      Surprisingly, I learnt more about pc building in this video than I thought I would

    19. PANDEM!C

      Watching this so I don't fuck up my first build.

    20. mora .A

      Damn my expection was low but holy shit my friking cat could build a better pc than him .

    21. Voted Elephant4

      It’s funny to watch these fat nerds complain

    22. iAmPhrogg

      Dude bitwits reaction was def the best lmaoo

    23. DEMIAN2000

      I'm covering my CPU's eyes from seeing this. Shit. "Calm down, sweetheart ... don't watch this."

    24. Aaron Mack

      When I build my rigs I not all that neat on cable mgmt but not like that that is a piss poor job LOL

    25. Arsenal Beast

      Hi my name is Abel I love your videos and I have like and all the videos I have seen and also defiantly SUBSCRIBED AND told all my friends to subscribe and they did in front of me. And I am shore I will tell more of my friends I meet in the future but there is only one thing I need I have been keeping this secret all I have ever wanted was a pc I a m ten and for ten years I have waited for this to come true but I could not take it so I had to tell you. so please I beg on the love of gods wards can you please giveaway to me a pc it will change my life. and if you do I will tell strangers to subscribe I swear to god you are my only hope I will pray all night for this. GOD BLESS YOU.

    26. Adam Owens

      This is a troll right

    27. La DeDe

      This wasnt a real video, this video was meant to be this bad, because the amount of views it would get for being so bad

    28. Radishify - Grand Cross

      Well darn gotta go buy a table.

    29. blue mage

      who is the chinese dude i wanna sub to him

    30. Mr. otivarag

      You're not smart because you wear glasses.

    31. Miguel Almagro

      HUfast Algorithm back at it again.

    32. Mugurel Teodor Andrici

      This guy is trying to fry an egg with his self made fanless nuclear weapon ( PC fail ) and you guys are discouraging him. LOL

    33. Poli T. Heliu

      I don’t even understand computer jargon, but this was hilarious

    34. Imtiaz Mubin

      When a nerd wants to look cool building his very first pc

    35. Dr. Quarantine

      I’m surprised no one has used a racial slur yet.

    36. Peach Paree

      Weeeeell.... I didn't have a table when I built my pc soooo.....

    37. Coleymus

      Did anyone else realize he didn't use the allen wrench?

      1. Cyberdragonis 1300

        pretty much everyone did, and everyone is trolling him with it lmao

    38. lè ɥɐəʎ

      I feel like a better pc builder than him without even building one yet

    39. Kuarinofu

      This one only gets better with time like fine wine.

    40. randomstuff508

      Is it really that weird of him to say that you need a wooden table? It's just nitpicking...

    41. Transform

      He just tried to use technical words not knowing anything he’s doing 😂💀

    42. Shrew

      I’m built my PC on the ground in spite of this video. Suck it Verge, who needs a table?!

      1. Shrew

        @DerToasti It killed my neck XD

      2. DerToasti

        that's actually an important piece of advice. doing it on the floor is actual hell.

    43. mashiron

      I like the rubber band part a lot

    44. LucaDiamond01 Gamer

      Instruction unclear: got dick stuck in the case

    45. War Pigs

      I don't blame stefan, I blame the verge for allowing this video to be posted. They didn't bother verifying what he said? Yet they claim to be a tech news company.

    46. Dan Moreno

      Who’s the dude with red cap

    47. Hori Yosi

      This and the fall of 76 are my fav videos ever

    48. Aozora Haou

      Its been a long time since I took apart and put a pc back together since Highschool and these reactions make me laugh at how accurate this dudes idiocy is. Thankfully these guys explain what you should do and what should you not do so one day if I decide to attempt building a PC instead of buying one I know what I'm halfway doing especially if I choose to watch reliable pc build videos to learn.

    49. Mike Wazawski

      The tweezers part cracked me up

    50. Robert Chaparro

      Who let this guy build this

    51. JESC Biotank Supreme

      A HUfast channel that doesn’t research how to videos on HUfast while making one? Thanks I’ve got a headache now

    52. a

      this video was released on my birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better gift

    53. Adrian Garnica

      Im just happy how much shit people give him to this day on his social medias

    54. pureTrancer87


    55. longinus

      the money wasted on this build burned faster than the pc itself

    56. Juvii

      What is this dude? In his 20s I'm 17 and can built a much better build than that

    57. Original Modder

      Bruh I’m only 14 and I know more than this dumb dude.

    58. Stitchpuppy01

      Beautifully edited supercut.

    59. steeveewuzzheer1992

      I’ll be honest, the first time I bought an anti static wristband I thought I could just put it on and that would be it. When I bought it and saw it had connectors I googled it to find out one goes to a grounding mat and one goes to the pc (I think the case). I felt pretty silly but i didn’t end up shorting my system so I guess it worked out.

    60. Siggy Buttbrain

      This dude looks and sounds like a hipster vegan gains

    61. The Nex Reviews

      19 minutes of people people roasting a guy fumbling around making a 2000 dollar PC so he can play League of Legends.

    62. The nexus


    63. ihymateo

      wow ur asian so funny

    64. murph1329

      3:51 i'm sure the case already had the post in place, ....good thing his form factor matched up

    65. murph1329

      i've never used an anti static bracelet. Find another way to ground yourself, it's not hard. Before you start handling components just touch the case.

    66. murph1329

      oh $hit i built my wife's on the kitchen island.....i hope it works ............................yep, it's running just fine

    67. CaptC0ck5Lap

      "can you build a pc?" "I find that highly offensive, as I am black and gay AND I hate Trump" "OK your budget is $2,000 have fun"

    68. Rex Burgess

      Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

    69. PropsMovv

      the man is literally just like: 😑 while building a pc. he's like being forced to build

    70. P V Tejeswar Panda

      Is this a joke ?

    71. Normal Guy

      Their is no way that made it past POST without someone else coming in to rebuild that. Nice try Verge, I'm an idiot but I'm not that much of an idiot lol.

    72. Cristina Torre

      If ltt react to this

    73. Halone

      Honestly I always come back to this incase I ever need to feel better about myself

    74. David Miller

      I wonder where did this guy learn to build a PC like this? He couldn’t have made it up in the moment... (or could he?)

    75. Robert Dalton

      Apparently he still uses this build lmao.

    76. Chilean Guy Fleegman

      the guy that can't make fun of him anymore always gets to me.

    77. Astartes 777

      I just got this recommended to me a second ago.

    78. Marlim Bob

      My notebook cost less Than this and it’s better

    79. RandomGreekLetter

      "Speaking of memory i wish i could delete this one" Me to buddy, me to.

    80. Junior

      Love the Chinese accent and his comedy

    81. StarGazer

      don’t ever stand up your power supply because not only is the MOTHERBOARD above it fans need to COOL it unless he has water cooling

    82. Ben Müller

      I wouldnt be surprised at all if he had applied thermal paste to the cpu socket

    83. Marc Charbonneau

      Cant believe they gave Kyle a strike over this. This is still the funniest pc build guide to watch and they had to have a tantrum over it

    84. Landry Saathoff

      As a PC builder, it is doctrine to visit this video at least once in one's lifetime, with repeat visits encouraged.

    85. TheGreenestLantern

      Your not icing a cake -Lyle

    86. Thomas Richard

      The lively buffet postnatally play because celeste spatially coach opposite a even excellent excited kilogram. alleged, exultant tulip


      this video can be great for beginner pc builders since they can learn from this mans mistakes lol

    88. Aryan Seelam

      About 6 months before i buit my PC, i saw this and I thought htis was a good guide, now after getting educated on building PC's and in PCs in genral, i can say that the only mistake i made was overlooking the NVME drive standoff for the M.2

    89. theo

      “He not fighting static he fighting cancer” HA

    90. Rami Rabie

      or just get a dell inspirion with a ryzen 5 3600 and a 1650 super at the price of 600$ (pre-built btw)

      1. Medic

        Naaahhhhh noooo way

    91. Ble4ch

      I still look back at this video and see how dumb a person can be

    92. AB Nightfox _

      went to rewatch but with sub LOL Yeets motherboard socket.

    93. Mop Da Floor


    94. Cris San Juan

      I really wish Linus reacted to this

    95. Snoopy.x

      you can say whatever you want, BUT this was a sponsored video, and bcs it was that bad, it was watched many times more than it would if it was good.

    96. Piki 79

      Does this count as cyberbullying?

    97. nortonUnleashed

      What a moron. He could have watched at least 1 pc building video.


      Um first time builder long time viewer, I cross referenced your video on how to build a pc and I couldn’t find a Swiss Army knife so I used some precision hair clips and bandaids to secure my water cooler. That ok?

    99. samp330

      I now know to just Last Jedi throw away any small part I "don't need"

    100. klash_ gaming99

      Bitwit was the best