This Anime Voice Actress GOES HARD on Suzy Lu


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    1. Tipster

      Voice Actress Rachael Messer just released her followup video to the Suzy Lu situation. Be sure to check it out!!!

      1. Night quality Squidward

        @Moonbeam 87 oh okay

      2. Moonbeam 87

        @Night quality Squidward No I was Telling him I Understand that issue, Because I suffered with it Myself, And Since I Cut Most Sugar out of My diet Like Sweets, and have an Ocasional 1, here and there, Maybe it Might work for him. And I Offered Some that He Might like.

      3. Night quality Squidward

        Moonbeam 87 ok, i thought it was because you said something about his weight

      4. Moonbeam 87

        @Night quality Squidward No That Was NOT an Insult, I Noticed the Cross around his Neck. And that's how I figured He's A Christian, And I Myself have Gained Weight do to Depression. So I thought I'd Offer a Tip. and Follow it up with an Honest God Bless You. Trust Me If I Meant to Insult Tipster You'd Know it was an Insult, That was just some Friendly Advice.

      5. Night quality Squidward

        Moonbeam 87 ugh was that an Insult lol

    2. MrJentu

      Suzy lu sounds like the cousin of the little girl who redeemed the Grinch.

    3. link fan 21 ALVITO9

      Suzy Lu is a bitch

    4. Violent Wolfen

      For all those anti-copyright retards, this is how your argument dies horribly.

    5. eyeoftheshydragon shine

      I know everyone is talking about the copyright infringement that Suzy lu has done BUT The AMERICAN anime companies can get on privacy laws(I think that's how u spell it) that she stole the anime and ILLEGALLY download it somewhere else which goes against US laws I didn't know if anyone knew about this law because it was used when people would illegally download movies that wasn't out on DVD yet and have a "watch party" and they would get this movies from the dark web and watch it before it came out in theaters etc.

    6. James TWDG

      Behind that large forehead of suzy's is.... Nothing. Nothing but air.

    7. E Granger

      I burst out laughing as soon as Rachel was put on screen. I love her. By looking at her, I thought she was gonna be soft spoken and super restrained and the first thing I hear is, “This goddamn bitch thinks it’s aiight!!!” Rachel is now my favorite person in the world.

    8. Em Goodall

      Knew to these commentary type pages on HUfastrs, so much so I literally know noone they are talking about so have to go back and research the subjects they talk about myself. I also know nothing about anime so thanks to some of my younger family members I now know who Messer is, as my 8year old niece said 'Suzy Who, not Lu' lol

    9. Rejected ideas

      Now I will always call it shippendue . It's way cooler than shippuden

    10. masshole

      Well I know this is old shit...Just found this lovely dumpster fire of a situation. Well the anime teams must be takin their time... Her page is still active with over 300k followers an still doing reaction vids.

    11. Moonbeam 87

      And in the Weather it Looks like A Storm is Brewing over Funimation Studios, and heading in the Direction of Suzy Lu.

    12. Moonbeam 87

      Feel a bit like Kirk Douglas's Spartacus, When he Squeezed that Egg to Hard. It got All over his Face, It's Okay Tipster. Nobody's Purrfect.

    13. Moonbeam 87

      Fair Use isn't That You have the Rights, Fair Use is that The Copyright Holder still has the Rights. But You can use the Material for Teaching, and Criticism. And HUfast tends to Favor the Holder over the Reviewer.

    14. Moonbeam 87


    15. Moonbeam 87

      Okay Rachael Messer was in One Piece, And Attack On Titan. Yea Uh, Suzy Lu. DON'T TOUCH THE ONE PIECE CREW!

    16. Evan Caapary

      I don't mean to sound rude but you were pronouncing naruto shippuden wrong I know you probs don't care but just in case the shippuden part is pronounced shi-pu-den sorry if I sounded rude but I like to correct peoples pronunciation

    17. brostenen

      Dont worry. Suzy is one of them Trump wannabe's. Always crashing in on the behalf of other, but as soon as the bill comes, they suddenly have a sick grandmum.

    18. Dane Perry

      It might be good idea to never use what's her name ever again, she hates being criticize so much why make it harder for other you tubers shame she has so much pull with someone at you tube to get people's videos taken down for some dumb reason. She loves to make others suffer because she loves attention. End it now dudes and gals on you tube.

    19. pamela nunes

      I don't even care for anima and want to support this chick! Lu should probably just lawyer up and plead the 5th over continuing to tweet!!!

    20. Sreekesh K

      Suzy Lu still has a channel, so did all this have any effect??

    21. Airflyer Flyvids

      I just gotta ask... what the fuck is up with this video clipping I see all the time. What I mean is, when watching a video of someone talking, there is always obvious edit clipping. It seems to be done deliberate. If it is, why is that a thing. I find it just makes a video even more difficult to watch, and frankly it adds a sense of deceptiveness to the video.

      1. Airflyer Flyvids

        @Tipster I don't think that is the reason. It seems to be a trend.

      2. Tipster

        This is done to make the video fair use and remove anything that is unrelated to the topic at hand. It's not done to be malicious or hide anything in most cases. But for some cases it can be.

    22. Captain RJS

      Dude you a full of knowledge, but listening to you makes me nauseous. Get to the point!

    23. CreamnCheese

      Dang... Ms. Messer is a BOSS... Couldn't have said this all any better. Ms. Messer, you have my respect.

    24. Crazy Reptilian

      Suzy lu? More like Suezy lu

    25. A F

      troye sivan

    26. majin legend

      Would love to see her try to do this with Berserk. Muira would have her ass put away, along with the brand brand of sacrifice for ever burned into her flesh.

    27. Rawk Hawk

      I'm not into youtube content like this no disrespect. But man was you commenting on a clip of you commenting on a clip, with a picture of your own face in the corner satire? xD lolol

    28. Yvette Wolf

      Could not resist sharing this video with my anime loving friends. Who the hell is dumb enough to attack the voice actress (that gets paid peanuts), that knows the big wigs of the anime industry?

    29. Chris J

      1, 2, Funimation's coming for Lu!

    30. Joanna Kowalik

      truth hurts

    31. Mischievous Something

      [This comment has been removed by Suzy Lu for not following the HUfast community Guidelines]

    32. b k

      One thing a like about tipster he is a calm and he is very smart about podcast.

    33. EmotionGamingRO

      she's great :))

    34. ARC_ Board Games N Trading Cards

      Politcial HUfastr Jericho Green has a saying, I try to be done with the left, but they just wont let me. Tipster, you try to be done with Suzy, but she just won't let you.. lol Great video as always bud...

    35. ARC_ Board Games N Trading Cards

      Fun Note Steego's Logo kinda looks like the Sideshow Logo off of their Site. Just thought id add that in lol Great video btw

    36. ARC_ Board Games N Trading Cards

      Racheal isn't out of line for being upset about all this. I'll give an example, Wrestling Tag Team Legends The Young Bucks have gone on record to say they dispise Pireats and Pireting.. They have said they'll do everything in their power to put a stop to it, cuz Wrestling is their way of live as the same goes here. Suzy just needs to stop....

    37. ARC_ Board Games N Trading Cards

      Stupidity and Igorence knows no bounds lol

    38. cat boy

      I'm sorry but if you're a voice actor you should charge WAY more.

    39. Remember USS Liberty

      And she is still uploading reaction videos as of today

    40. Grim Slayer

      At first I thought he misspoke shippuden and said shippendu then I realized its maybe cuz of copyright

    41. Solgaleo

      What brand? She has no brand i didnt o ow who the fuck suzy was until now

    42. ziginkillu

      How can someones ego be so high when they LITERALLY look like a crak head lol n dat big azz forehead hahahahah

    43. noo noo

      I love you man, but please say SHIP-OO-DUNN

    44. Young Spoopy

      She looks like a female version of grandpoo bear.

    45. TheUnarmedMan CanoArtist

      Wrong Tipster, it doesn't take big Balls, to DM someone You're stealing from, it just takes stupidity. They Seem like they have affluenza. They must have High ranking family members, or they would have been stopped and lost everything they own.

    46. Hassn Gashi

      How dare she use suicide as a tool, god won’t forgive her and get this all over Twitter


      I take you people to caught

    48. Smoggy

      why is he pronouncing shippuden like that?

    49. David Wilhite

      This whole situation seems like the Einsteinian definition of insanity. Am stunned.

    50. BlueCrush

      Suzu Lu is the definition of Problem and cant take criticism

    51. Blake

      I never liked Suzy much. But you guys are trying to make Rachael out to be way bigger voice actress than she is. If it was like... Linda Young maybe I could understand.

    52. Leroy Green

      Suzy is just a narcissists with a no F*'s givens attitude! Its sad that people can be like this!

    53. Rebekah Ort

      Suzy's really over here saying that Rachael is using her name for clicks but she wouldn't have her "content" if it weren't for Rachael and the other people in that industry. In stealing that content she's basically spitting on the work done by the voice actors, artists, writers, and everyone else that it takes to make these shows that she's reacting to. It's honestly sickening to me that people can do this and get away with it and it sucks that this is probably gonna backfire on the entire HUfast community because I girl can't keep her mouth shut.

    54. Mekon Headed Freak

      Lucy told TV Tokyo that "She's coming for them". Delusional doesn't even BEGIN to describe this idiot.

    55. Joshia Mosby

      Dude your my OG man. You make journalism look interesting, and entertaining.

    56. Cross 41790

      Rachael Messer is very beautiful, and blew my mind she is Vic in Borderlands 3.

    57. Annemarie Zammit

      This Suzy Lu person has some nerve!!

    58. Jokez PvZ

      They have 469 subscribers.

    59. Jokez PvZ

      Hey tipster! I reckon you should cover the issue between me and this person named Dakota Dosher, tbh, its a long story which i'm not gonna get into but you should indeed cover this.

    60. Carmac Cronicles

      Someone needs to tag the anime man Aki dearest and noble senpai because they Are big and would definitely call her out.

    61. Elizabeth Shaw

      I know for a fact that Naruto is setting up a suit against Suzy Lu.

    62. Elizabeth Shaw

      I still want to know what gives her the right to run complete anime films without permission.

    63. Raul Rosas

      ohohoho i gotta hear this

    64. Marco Papula

      Isn't the HUfast API something every developer that creates an account can simply access? :S

    65. Lady Scarlett

      For a second, while I was listening to Rachael, I thought I was listening to Harley Quinn, and then I looked up, confused, because I wasn't listening to anything Batman related. You go Rachael!

    66. horus falcon

      A Grasshopper is always wrong in an argument with a chicken!

    67. Pauli M

      167 simps disliked.

    68. Irrelevant Noob

      Daaamn, at 40:15 that's pretty unbelievable though... Does she really mean to tell me that i couldn't GIVE HER MONEY if my intentions weren't pure?! o.O Was there any such rule or warning on that patreon about who would be _eligible_ to purchase her pay-walled content???

    69. Loch Ness Monster

      You mess with voice actor, you get my friend’s slasher.

    70. Mr HeinzCo

      You know, I love anime reacts when you've already seen the show. I don't like the attacks on that community right now. It's her hypocrisy at this point of doing the exact thing shes going after others that makes it an issue.

    71. RiFT _207

      "Shipendoo" lmao

    72. John Perez

      Boy this anime actress its as ugly as you but thinner

    73. Fatima___sh

      Honestly at this point she deserves anything that comes her way.

    74. Blub

      Wtf is shippundoo (●__●)

    75. Technovorg

      well tipster I hope she gets whats coming to her and whilst I do not have enough money to pledge to Patreon each month I hope subscribing will do something for you :)

    76. stop asking

      Thanks tipster really like your videos keep them coming brother did not know who you were until I saw the whole Suzy Lu beef definitely on your side your class. Keep them coming

    77. Majestic Director

      You can’t teach stupid people anything until they are backed up into a corner and it won’t stick. This girl will go her whole life thinking how she’s been wronged by the world even though she is the one who is doing the wrong thing. There is a special place in hell for people like her.

    78. Culvea Solvere

      "I thought this whole Suzy Lu situation was coming to an end" NOPE she's still sticking her foot in her mouth, and she lost a shoe!

    79. Sad Pepe

      Ok she did it this women disrespect my favorite wafiu

    80. nathabot12

      Suzy has a huge space in her head. But she doesn't even use it.

    81. Tifany Ardana

      You know what is the worst part of this whole suzy and stejoo things? That they will reproduce together and the child will be the combination of them. RIP human's brain.

    82. FoxGaming76 YT

      No wonder after this video was powered, there was no Anime Videos until like a few days ago.

    83. Giana DD

      She has gone too far, Suzy's parents never taught her well

    84. Edwin Smits

      Great vid but one odd thing bugged me. You kept pronouncing Shippuden as Shippendo. Now I have no idea what a shippuden even is as I do not watch anime but for some reason it got to me lol. Keep up the good work exposing this fraud, she seems like a very toxic person who deserves every bit of what she gets.

    85. Lori Estrada

      Tipster always keep us updated on youtubes biggest nubes. You kno wen their bank account goes low low low they will shutup n be begging for scribes. Seen it before. That rabbit hole just keeps getn bigger.

    86. Lori Estrada


    87. Lori Estrada

      Go Racheal

    88. Lori Estrada

      I love this woman !! Putting Red in check !! You go girl. Dumb a.. Picked a fight with the wrong girl. 😁

    89. HandGrenades 4Balls

      My God, this year is AWFUL!!!

    90. C. Michelle

      Suzy Lu and Steejo has stepped into a hole that's going to get deeper and deeper by picking a fight with a badass voice actress who can literally destroy her/their social media pages with just a text or phone call to anime companies. Those two have been spoiled children who need their pages shut down. Tipster, you sir are chill. I like you! I am subbed!

    91. The Masked Man

      Hey I finally found you tipster

    92. Joel Smith

      Hey Mr Harassment did you know that Luzy Lu has been Sponsored by big Companies like Konami !!! You are just going down to the pits and Karma its taking care of you !!! Ouuch that must be HURT to you !!!! Luzy Lu its Sponsored by KONAMI !!! Thank you to Konami for sponsoring this video. Today I am playing the brand new Skelattack. You are Skully, an enchanted skeleton, living in the deepest part of the dungeon. You awaken to the terrible sound of the Alarm Bell, letting you know that intruders have been seen within the dungeon. You are just loser !!! Shame on you for life !!!

    93. Joel Smith

      Hey Mr Harassment did you know that Luzy Lu has been Sponsored by big Companies like Konami !!! Thank you to Konami for sponsoring this video. Today I am playing the brand new Skelattack. You are Skully, an enchanted skeleton, living in the deepest part of the dungeon. You awaken to the terrible sound of the Alarm Bell, letting you know that intruders have been seen within the dungeon. You are just loser !!! Shame on you for life !!!

    94. rbird23

      Does anyone else start unintentionally start watching the pac man game going on in the backround?

      1. morisinnowherebro ابراهيم البيجوري

        I see im not the only one

    95. DEATH111183

      you know... suzy likes to pretend to be a smart and sassy young lady..... but it's not smart picking fights with people in the business that could end her whole career with a phone call..... especially when the one woman, not only did the VA work for all the stuff suzy's channel is built on...ESPECIALLY when the woman in question is named after a damned sword!!!!..... brilliant move suzy. genius stuff

    96. Jude Niles

      So what happens when she watches a full Marvel movie with little reactions

    97. junglist hive

      thank you youtube for suggesting john swan's video about suzy which opened me up to fucking gold mine.

    98. Goat 429

      Not to be rude but Suzy Lu is going to get herself in a position that even her boyfriend can't save her from. Yet all of this could go away if she would just stop acting like the victim.

    99. E. Mposter

      I actually got an ad from funimation lol

    100. E. Mposter

      Suzy's lying is 100% stupid, its like saying you didn't steal anything when the thing that you "aren't stealing" is clearly in your hand