This Guy Wants To Sell His WHAT? For $35 000! - TLC #6


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    man wants to sell his left bing bong, not epic tlc reaction
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    1. Gotan Plays

      Cheapskates have no shame

    2. JustHorseGirlThings

      “There’s good people out there. And it ain’t me. And it ain’t you either so stop pretending.” Cold hard facts.

    3. Flxckie

      35k for a bollock, fucking right 😂😂

    4. lilith's beloved sekai&chanbaek


    5. Nathaniel Ockenden

      f for that 39%

    6. YoUr WoRsT nIgHtMaRe

      i mean for 100 billion sure i would sell my left bing bong

    7. Adhiraj Saha

      or a son who wants a ps5

    8. Adhiraj Saha

      imagine if he had a bratty daughter who does her makeup and shit for almost a million dollars

    9. John Martin

      so mark are you a millionaire now?

    10. Bummer Dude

      K the testicles exam Ill leave that but pewds you don't know what 25k is for some ppl.. that's what 1months of work for you,(that's alot of hours work I know +merch it won't take you long). but that's like 6months for lots of ppl. Now this guy is beyond cheap but ppl woul do almost anything for 80k a year.

    11. Soopa Poopa

      Are u sure that whire stuff on your shirt is chocolate HUHhhh

    12. faith sanchez

      tell this man to get some shoe goo its like 5 bucks or sum

    13. Holly Stirling

      Pewds: How many shoes do you have, tell me honestly.” Me: *Do you have 90 minutes?*

    14. likaboss7654

      They pay you to get on gear?? Bruh that sounds incredible

    15. xXShadowRavenXx

      mans could’ve gotten a normal job..... 💀

    16. Cj Martorillas

      I recommend thi guy to join participate in a Mr.Beast video....wth😐😐

    17. Haris Isanovic

      I Got 7 shoos but plus football shoes 12

    18. Mircea Gansac

      He's the kind of person that would get mad if he didn't get the change for his .99$ ice cream

    19. Bontia Joseph Kyle

      I'm part of the 39% 😥

    20. TranquilLyric


    21. I make good things bad

      I’ll be truthful with you pewds I got 13 pairs in my closet

    22. Chris Ordaz


    23. Canada2201

      This is Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates, it’s gotta be cause they’re saving hella cash

    24. by72


    25. Mohamed Ahras


    26. XMarksTheSpot

      Pewds is probably one of the cheapest richest people if seen

    27. Alpha Gamer_Ten Games

      What a prick

    28. Resu kun

      Imagine the amount of money he made during corona virus.

    29. Slump Rez Iiii

      35k here I come

    30. Aseel

      Bro it’s not abt niceness, i am not letting someone wash their dirty clothes with my clothes EW.

    31. cheerful long

      Me gets a robot testicle Cyberpunk 2077

    32. MickyDs_ YT

      Mark: “I wanna save lives and wanna be a hero” Also Mark: *removes testicle for the MONEYyy*

    33. Bradyn Wiedemeier

      When he said stop your heart for a min I reminded it like 3 times in disbelief

    34. The BrawlGuy

      Imagine if this guy encountered MrBeast.

    35. Tshim Jarvis


    36. Bhaskar Shet

      He is not a cheapskate he knows the value of money

    37. Michael Catterall

      £35k for a testicul, deal!

    38. Dobbs

      Most people: Extreme Cheapskates PewDiePie: Extreme Cheesecakes

      1. Chippy


    39. Max Belov


    40. João Vidal

      Just like my dad

    41. ronald mcdonald

      damn I got a nikkie tutorials ad and she has gone through some shit I feel so bad. Also mans is talking to another mans about his testicles lol. I’lL cHeCk YoUr GiBlEtS aNd DrOp YoUr DrAwErS

    42. Skeffin Lol

      5:04 is someone in there??

    43. Skeffin Lol

      My father is a cheapskate

    44. shivalowr

      Wait why are his shoes so small°_°

    45. Angelos

      So narrowminded. Trying to save money on quality food will costs him way more in long-term since he gonna get serious health issues living like that.

    46. Ant1 Soc1al

      I love how pewds can simply donate over 100k but his shoes hella sus. Love this guy

    47. Devansh Chauhan

      This man is the literal embodiment of the dollar store

    48. Soul_King3764

      f for the 39percent

    49. Beanos


    50. fareed ory

      I like thet you kan se his screen the holl video 😂

    51. Joris


    52. Komrad Kermit


    53. Insert Name

      Felix really do look like a viking

    54. Nayif Nubani

      8:23 NEW MR.BEAST!?!?!!?

    55. 駅nameless駅

      Wait is this the same guy who was in a relationship with the 19 year old Nikki?

    56. Idiot on youtube

      Dude i got like 2 shoes

    57. Dark Drazy



      man balls worth 300k USD in IRAQ yes iraqqqqqq how the fk he wanna do it for 35k

    59. Bradly Haywood


    60. Matthew Shackelford

      I’d do that study just cause I can actually say I have balls of steel

    61. ivan yes

      Very nice


      for some reason my head is saying this dude looks like The prime minister of sweden in 8:11

    63. Doge St James

      Bruh the doctor touching his balls tho

      1. Doge St James


    64. Wolvves

      Its illegal to sell your organs for money so I think someone may be a bit misinformed xD

    65. Gray

      I know a cheap skate he sold my best friends soul for 62 cents

    66. Kasperi Lehtonen

      If he is willing to spend that much time saving a few pennies youd think he could justget a second job

    67. Marcus Leas

      id do the testicle one just to test women if they can tell a real testicle from a fake one

    68. youssef

      I have one shoe.

    69. Joi G

      That intro still gets me

    70. Matthew Hockla

      I’m a boy and my lower parts are starting to hurt just to imagine mind is just like fuck

    71. Sonic Exe


    72. Amber Lee


    73. Rar Norsk humor


    74. Incredible

      pewdiepie is probably the most humble youtuber even tho he is the biggest but felix is next level flex zone

    75. dksk nk

      "He's saving money just to gamble" Me, looking at my genshin account purchases: I mean, I kinda get hi

    76. John Brazell

      Sure I don't mind you mixing in your dirty underwear with my clothes no problem! Not!

    77. Death Saint

      Me, a trans man, with a testosterone level of wamon: F

    78. nedvia

      Don't tell him this but you get more money if you sell your testicle rather than doing a medical study with it.

    79. Philip Reid

      Concerned about saving money, but then goes buying cocktails at casino prices

    80. Philip Reid

      Asks people to share their washing machine to save $1.50, but then goes out gambling at casinos. Makes sense. Edit: just saw about the toilet money. Never mind

    81. Frodo Freeman

      hehe pewdo popo

    82. Zero Ex

      Real life Mr krabs!!!!!!

    83. David N

      This is 5 years old and he didn’t do it because the study fell through.

    84. darren the gamer

      Piewdei pie my babay brother look at me cause he love cocomelon an he look at me an just scream

    85. Baffle

      3:45 *Tortillas?* 50 cent *Power bars?* 50 cent *50 Cent?* 50 cent

    86. Charlie Textor


    87. David Griffin

      I saw dr. Doofenshmirtz

    88. kayla zamarripa

      No on sharing a laundry machine, if anything I’d just pay for their laundry.

    89. Hunter Micheal

      i will not allow anyone to empty my balss

    90. GamerIsAwesome1

      this dude grinding money irl unlike us gamers grinding money in a game

    91. Emerson Blanchard

      heck your but if you have to, thats all I have to say gamers¨

    92. Butterme Pancake

      As a trans guy who takes testrostrone the last trial didn't sound so bad. I mean I don't shove it up my butt but I do stab myself in the ass with a needle. Regardless being paid for it doesn't seem so bad.

    93. Rosa Kuhn

      Ah yes, extreme cheapsteaks my favourite 0:34

    94. Qwertzer

      bruh id honestly do many things for money, pg of course but like im broke as heck

    95. Psyso - Clean Edits

      Imagine going to a restaurant with your family and some guy just comes over and starts looking under your table, picking up chairs, moving around your plates, checking under the salt and pepper

    96. tehj15

      🎶 This is crazy And I just met you But can I wash some laundry with you? Before you came into my life My hamper was so full... So full...🎶

    97. Dio Brando

      This was the perfect chance for a honey sponsorship

    98. inci selen ileri

      i think throwing in laundry with other people is really weird and i wouldnt let that guy do that what if he has some germs or disease idk if i would assume that he is poor i would pay for his machine lmao