this playlist will make you feel like a 19th century villain


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    You will always be fond of me.
    Listen the full playlist on Spotify:
    1 - 00:00 Swan Lake, Op.20, Act II - Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    2 - 02:45 Danse Macabre - Camille Saint-Saës
    3 - 09:55 Lacrimosa - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    4 - 13:03 Carnival of the Animals, Aquarium - Camille Saint-Saës
    5 - 15:45 Valse Sentimentale - Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    6 - 20:07 Dance of the Knights - Sergei Prokofiev
    7 - 25:51 Coriolan Overture, Op. 62 - Ludwig van Beethoven
    8 - 33:56 Devil's Trill Sonata - Giuseppe Tartini
    9 - 50:25 Symphony No. 9, Mvmt 4 - Antonin Dvorak
    10 - 01:01:35 Symphony No.7, Allegretto - Ludwig van Beethoven
    11 - 01:10:21 The Nutcracker: Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy - Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    12 - 01:13:00 Dies Irae - Giuseppe Verdi

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    1. ultravclet

      The painting on the thumbnail is "Fallen Angel" by Alexandre Cabanel. The painting was created in 1868 and it's a Academicism Style.

      1. CptToro08

        Lucifer is a ginger apparently

      2. Don Reed

        It can also be viewed on the back of the rookie O.J. Simpson "bubble gum" card (I bet you didn't know that).

      3. Hirak Hirak

        It's a painting!!

      4. Fernando E. Franco Sanchez

        I absolutely supported, I've been trying to get into classical forba while, this is definitely helping.

      5. Lux Ferre

        Thats ridiculous! I look way better than the picture

    2. Lucero Belen Dejesús


    3. patoteto2

      Non of these songs speak villain to me......... I need my Scorpio ♏️ classical music vibes rn

    4. Dana Parodi

      thinking about how to destroy capitalism while I hear this and caress my cat

    5. Puro Camote

      Damm yes

    6. 》 Arrivederci 《

      20:07 Glory to Arstotzka!

    7. Patrick Ostermann-Healey

      excuse me, Tchaikovsky's middle name is not in fact f*cking but rather "ilyich" his full name being Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and in his native russian Петр Ильич Чайковский (i think i russian not speak) edit this is a joke it's not meant as hate and danse macabre is really fun to play cuz you get to untune your e sting and it's always fun

    8. Shaw

      thank you very accurate

    9. Sour Cream

      Makes me feel so opulent, like I belong to an elite family.

    10. machinka

      Carmina burana would have fitted in (vibe-wise), eventhough it is not 19th century

    11. Prod. Costanzo

      "You will always be fond of me" ahhhhh yes, yes i will be champ. Will always be proud of the finesse i unleashed on you. Goodbye.

    12. Chaosgamer 64

      And now fellow villains: Listen to "warriors of the world"

    13. Vanessa Bagnoli

      0:00 is literally the best one

    14. Matyniov

      are you trying to make listening to classical music edgy

    15. Just A Dog

      Dio thumbnail

    16. #maxim #Max

      😁 Pyotr "Fricking"Tchaikosky

    17. Swetang Sharma

      Me: Listening to this My Friends: Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look: He thinks too much: such men are dangerous

    18. Pedrim412

      Uma pena este tipo de música estar morrendo, amo estudar ouvindo música clássica

    19. Jane Doe

      is this where all the bipolar kids go when they're in their manic high?

    20. wimpy whomper

      13:08 i feel like ive heard this in a gumball episode somewhere

    21. WarmLavender

      Very motivating for my homework

    22. The homeless cannoli Swanson

      I am a 19th century villain now

    23. WeirdlyGoodSalsa

      Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens is my favorite piece by my favorite composer! Absolutely love the selection on this playlist!

    24. Sokato Kozume

      The 3rd is the fantom group 🛐

    25. Why r u here

      I looked ip devils trill sonata for meditation and now im geeting it again for cleansing!!

    26. SillierCrayon

      Swan Lake Op. 20 , Act II kinda sounds like fancy Empire music.

    27. Miss Tulips

      I'm in love 😩✨ made me feel like a whole queen

    28. Brian G.

      "My little toastboy."

    29. GiperbolLover

      I don't feel like Eugene Onegin :(

    30. Hentai Protagonist

      I guess Im the Hentai Antagonist now

    31. Savannah Pellot

      As a kid I though classical music was horrifying but now it’s just straight up beauty

    32. Stal

      I searched, "Songs like Lacrimosa" and got what I wanted

    33. Pori

      No Night On Bald Mountain? Not evil enough

    34. Tony Latin

      This music makes me try to conquer land

    35. Olympia Zeus

      Classmates : so, who is your favourite singr ? Ariana Grande ? Taylor Swift ? Bruno Mars ? Me& my bestie , listening to this : well , it's complicated ... you wouldn't understand ...

    36. 쭈나쭈나


    37. asma ali


    38. claire


    39. Noah Coronado

      How did typing buttercup remix take me here lol

    40. _sammy_the_weird_kid_

      Dang my mind feels much more peaceful if I didn’t hear this I would still have the urge to stab my sister 20 times thank you.

    41. Dale Trevors

      Elegant collection of beautiful pieces. Good execution of the video, too. However, I see no point in, nor do I understand the reasoning of, putting a vulgarism in the very beginning and near the ending, even if it's "censored". In my judgement that was a poor decision. The motif of a villain does not have to be associated with rudeness.

    42. Vrinda Sharma

      as someone who truly hates classical music, you must be using black magic because I actually really like this 👏 also I'm a piano player who has been playing for nine years but I never liked it. And now I really wanna jump on it and learn how to play all of these songs so thank you very much for the inspiration

    43. Safari Joe

      If all hero’s slowly descend into villainy that means everyone gets a cool theme eventually

    44. Julzzz

      I played 50:25 for a orchestra once and it was amazing

    45. isii

      if you listen to this playlist while running it feels like you are going late to a ball at a royal palace in which u have a main character role.

    46. Kiara Carbajal

      I love this!!! omg!!!

    47. CleanChamp

      I used to have no purpose what so ever after carefully listen to that masterpiece Now I’m selling dreams

    48. G - U - T - Z

      before i wasnt able to complete math homework without checking the answers, now i am soon going to time travel and bring back the roman empire, forcibly make them all bow at my very feet to conquer the whole of italy and more.

    49. Julian Paige

      Definitely should have added "Dancing Mad " from Final Fantasy 6. The organ in the symphony versions is killer.

    50. Daniel B

      sorry but how is the nutcracker villain music, that is Christmas music

    51. lola is tired

      There’s nothing like seeing people talking about it a piece you played once. People finally appreciating it, I could tear up.

    52. lola is tired

      Classical Music has always been a part of me, something that has kept me going, many of these pieces on here have such a deep connection with me since I was young. That might make me nerdy, but it’s my life, something that allows me to be free.

    53. Ignacio Palma

      fuck me, now i wanna rob a bank! BLOODY HUfast RECOM

    54. Asking Why is Free

      this is one of the most beautiful thing I heard in my life. Thank God for music.

    55. 寺達めい

      It's amazing how many views a good title will get you...

    56. BasicallyNothing

      Il listen to this in my sleep so i can commit genocide

    57. Kìllua Zoldyck

      20:10 Zoldyck theme: ''Can i copy your homework?'' Dance of knights: ''yeah, just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied''

    58. GhostCell06 -_-

      Am I the only one who just hears the phantom troupe from hxh Yes I know the 3rd song is literally the same thing

    59. Flavio Carvalho

      27:18 sounds like smash bros

    60. Olivier Toublanc

      Is it me or Lacrimosa is the spider theme in HunterxHunter 2011?

    61. 오예슬


    62. MindofMellow

      9:55 when Phantom Troop kicks in lmao

    63. Jeresano

      *Just not a villain that's a so called hero at 1899*

    64. Miguel Sanchez

      when you claim the entire congo as your house

    65. Katherine Mercado

      don't touch me, i'm a villain from the 19th century

    66. Juri g

      Rome and Juliet of Prokofies is from 20cetury 1938. XIX centuri is 1801-1901.

    67. Ana Célia Silvestre Ribeiro

      I will pour the cereal after the milk MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    68. Gauthier Ruberti

      this is exactly what I've been waiting for all these years!

    69. Muriel Valdez

      This stars to play: *Dio vibing in the background*

    70. Kim Chu

      idk how Swan Lake would make anyone feel like a villain from any century

    71. Forrest Rous

      Russian music is the epitome of classical music... Haunting yet beautiful

    72. yepTv

      star wars theme 20:07

    73. MonkeysMustDie777

      Danse Macabre was the sountrack used for the Faust sequence in the movie _Tombstone_

    74. MonkeysMustDie777

      Swan Lake was THE music track to remember in the 1931 Dracula with Bela Lugosi

    75. Alice

      Might take over the entire tri-state area, idk

    76. Hey -lip bites-

      Can someone tell me dark academia movies cause I’m bored

    77. Micheal Zykes Indeed

      While listening I drank milk straight from the bottle, without looking if it was expired. I felt like a badass 😌

    78. William Matney II

      Yes this segment composure does may me state upon greeting someone with - My condolences for forever having to meet mine acquaintance - as "Hello".

    79. alex ramirez

      Wat anime is this ost from?

    80. Conndor

      The first time I heard of Dies Irae, it was from the Quidditch video game.

    81. Anakin Skywalker Ghost

      This remember me the dark side, oh boy, that was great.

    82. A random Person

      "by Pyotr F*CKING Tchaikosky" both my classical heart and my learning piano at age 7 feels this

    83. J Levandofsky

      I was ready to throw hands if it didn't include Lacrimosa hahaha my mind instantly played that song when I saw the title. Maybe that's my villainy soundtrack

    84. Roberta Licia Aniello

      I feel like Hannibal.

    85. Nicola Valente

      What the fuck WHY

    86. ceyhun kısa


    87. Straight Up Menace

      Don Vito vibes

    88. Soft waves kissing your toes

      Well the power of classical music is something astonishing... It always takes me to those 90's

    89. _

      This playlist immediately reminds me of "Silence of the Lambs". Hannibal Lector i Simp for you~

    90. I got the horses in the back

      The playlist found me, is this a sign?

    91. shnvaleu

      ok but, WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT Dance of the Knights (20:10) starts just like the Zoldyck´s Theme???

    92. Lizzie. Cleofas

      as a person who likes both k-pop/k-drama and classical music,,, everytime i hear lacrimosa by mozart or symphony no.9 4th movement by dvorak i instantly remember joo dantae from penthouse and vice versa ajglkdsjgfh

    93. 2st

      my apartment just turned into a huge, dark, empty mansion.

    94. Clara Martinez

      so... Harry Potter is actually a villain? sheet

    95. Aly


    96. Xtra Rice

      I completely wasn't expecting 0:54

    97. King Of The Sandbox


    98. Muhammad Fathurridlo

      51:00 what? avengers?

    99. LiLCan01 Xboxone

      Isnt the Swan lake off of Disney's the Haunted Masion ?

    100. Marcel Chagnon

      Honestly this makes me feel more like a 16th century villain. Not wild west enough for the 19th century...