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    Today me and Ethan take on a TikTok Try Not To Laugh Challenge!
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    Jme: JmeBBK
    Double S : doubleSmusician
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    1. daddy shrek

      ethans laugh is so contagious

    2. daddy shrek

      0:02 behzerka confirmed

    3. paxel

      the wrestling one

    4. Joel Golightly

      Swear ethans stoned

    5. Jessica Palmer

      The quality of this camera is good but why does it look so muted, the tones kinda lack definition..

    6. Adam Groves

      ethan is blazed

    7. Ann Cockcroft

      Ethan should make a channel called behzbakez

    8. Liam Waterman

      4:37 “welcome to the gulag”

    9. Xavier Shipton

      yo ethan bro what u been smoking cuz jheez i want some

    10. Boris Johnson

      Bez is high as a kite

    11. TheDiamondDemon YT

      If JJ is a boomer for not knowing who Olly ball is I would hate to know what I am I don't know any tik tok people

    12. Wtukk Wetyyuk

      I've been trying to read Josh's shirt for a while now.

    13. pratyush jena

      the million

    14. 2JiNX3

      The fuckin laugh at 1:47🤣🤣🤣

    15. CW Gamer

      Sure bud whatever you say I always have the same excuse lol 😂

    16. No Name

      Ethan has pink eye

    17. Chantelle W

      Josh’s jumper made me look twice, making me think my vision went 😭

    18. Flamez

      In the first tik tok he did not miss carp is a very invasive species and that is what you do when you catch one so that they dont run out the other types of fish

    19. Dead Inside

      That kid from 10.59 used to go to my school lol

    20. Nicklaus Mikaelson

      Hows called that first tiktok ethan showed Josh? Xd i need it in my life

    21. Joe Cooke

      Where’s the bit of pieface23 saying I win cuz I’m still breathing

    22. PRIZZM

      ethans drunk...

    23. Joshua Myler

      "With a baker, continue to bake, I've baked with Elz The Witch multiple times and I'm also baked right now" - Behzinga 2021

    24. darren lowe

      Ethan looks like he's been on the 7th day of a 3 day bender with Harry

    25. Ruthlessly Efficient

      Rip 🐟

    26. PUFFY BOI

      Who is the girl in thumbnail

      1. Demon King AK17

        It's Sofia vergara

    27. Aaden Clarke

      Ethan looks high bruh

    28. Dova

      7:38 I can relate with Behz 😂 my mum always turns off the internet when I don’t turn my console off or pc

    29. niduoe stre

      God, this was SO FUNNY! I really need Josh and Ethan to do more collabs, honestly.

    30. Melmeister -

      Mad how this gets 1.4mil views whereas class content like the mukbang with Freya can't reach a Million. Algorithm just pushes trends and not quality content.

    31. Milky Pims

      He did more than bake with Elz the witch

    32. Jacob York

      Bro u def high asf

    33. SMIZ

      Ethan stoned af

      1. niduoe stre

        Why does ethan look stoned , bruv ?

    34. QuantumRice

      Dam, these tiktok try not to laughs never disappoint... I never laugh

      1. bodoti qwiu

        How normal people do gun sounds: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ethan: GAGaKaGaKaGa

    35. Alex Heaton

      Ethans took something out of Harry’s bag

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Why does ethan look stoned , bruv ?

    36. Liam Chard

      Bez not gonna lie son need to slow down on the cali

    37. minij hooi

      Ethans eyes look like he’s just came back from a fight with Connor mcgregor😂

    38. RTzeexy

      I like how Josh says this is a shit housery week but this video bangs 2x as the other videos this is a meta do one with freya

    39. Jarrod Jacobs

      Still sad I missed the Television killed your vision hoodie

    40. Bash Gumel

      @Behzinga what wrong with your eyes

    41. Alex O'Donoghue

      The Xbox clip got cut out

      1. minij hooi

        I implore you to not give Boris your sympathy.

    42. rio matthews angling

      as a carp angler i cringed at that first part please if you fish treat all fish with care

    43. Cassie

      Ethan is in another atmosphere with the way his eyes are looking. My g is high

    44. Ella Farron

      I bake! Would love to see the Sidemen doing a proper baking video😅

    45. SUI-mohd

      The color correction on this edit damn my eyes

    46. Danial Eshtiaq

      Why does ethan look stoned , bruv ?

      1. Cassie

        Whats the name of the dude that had the funny comeback

    47. Kaden Rajah

      How normal people do gun sounds: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ethan: GAGaKaGaKaGa

    48. faze muppit

      well im breathing so i win :o

    49. A quiet girl called Soph

      Behz looks so sleep deprived. Poor soul

    50. oscar dear

      what happend to bezes eye

      1. bodoti qwiu

        He wasn't trying to get it in a river because carp are an evasive species in the U S

    51. Sienna-hope West

      Ethans laugh is everything

      1. bodoti qwiu

        he’s baked

    52. NR

      bez looks fucked

    53. Tilly Louise


    54. CJ Millar

      I implore you to not give Boris your sympathy.

    55. Akshat Gupta

      That vision is looking blurry on Josh's hoodie

    56. P4RlS

      Harry takes Great British BAKE Off maybe a little too seriously

    57. bodoti qwiu

      Behz developed a new laugh 😂

    58. gregor

      Yeah you're supposed to kill carps because they tent to destroy the ecosystem

    59. Legit Pairv2

      The dashing radiator emotionally wriggle because step-grandfather predictably listen astride a moldy warm. polite, vacuous letter

    60. Theo Mukuria

      Whats the name of the dude that had the funny comeback

    61. Abbie malone

      Behzingas hittin the giggles

      1. bodoti qwiu

        sound like Larry King or something. Ethan just sitting there flexing..lol

    62. Michael Robertson

      Baked some kids with the witch Ethan dont lie😆

    63. jayden maybank

      I got the ball ref

    64. Hff Hhff

      he’s baked

    65. Gman8241

      He wasn't trying to get it in a river because carp are an evasive species in the U S

    66. T Matharu

      I laughed before the vid started 😂😅😅😅😅

    67. dhiresh Patel

      haven't laughed this much in ages

    68. hen ko

      ethan was so happy with himself at the start and it makes me so happy omg 😭

    69. Bobby Leckey

      How does he have diamond 10 mil play button

    70. Michael Sink

      Is it me or does Ethan look blasted in this😂

    71. InotBen

      He looks high 😂

    72. UTM

      Behz on the bong just before they started filming

      1. hen ko

        its just an inconvenience to correct every box cause we need to pack like 100/hr

    73. Kennu

      Ethan is high asf

    74. Jack Worsfold

      Does bez have pink eye

    75. Chase Elmore

      I always hate when Josh is the first one to speak, Hello Hello Hello Blah Blah Blah in a nasally annoying voice. Sounds like theirs an empty can in his mouth, or he wants to sound like Larry King or something. Ethan just sitting there flexing..lol

    76. Louis Brown

      What's wrong with Ethan?! Jeeeez that boy looks like hes just done a 72 hour bender

    77. Harry Halmshaw

      Ethan and Harry being the best at baking ain’t surprising tbf...

    78. Bruce Vanstory

      Ethan looks baked. The whole video he looked high as mess

    79. Scsomeb S

      look it’s the covid twins relax it’s a joke

    80. Rachel Elizabeth

      Ethan’s eyes look like when a kid takes their goggles off after 4 hours in the pool

      1. Random Commenter

        True lol

    81. Geoff Burgers

      You are laughing a lot in a try not to laugh challenge 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    82. Flynnff 123

      I’m having pasta bake for dinner tonight. That’s all I have to say

    83. Black Adam

      Ethan looks like van Gogh.

    84. Tristan Breki Guðmundsson

      Do In sidemen reacts reacting to pie funny moment

    85. Tanner Kydd

      Covid 19 Bros

    86. Lewis Gilbertson

      the amazon workers one is because the computer tells us what box size to use and we really only change it if the item ordered doesn’t fit in the box recommended besides that its just an inconvenience to correct every box cause we need to pack like 100/hr

    87. Nicc Carr

      Btw in the first vid, carp are an invasive species here in the us and they are very destructive to the environment. So he meant to throw it on the rocks😂

    88. My name Josh

      Zerk and Behz are the best 🤘🏼

    89. Joe Leslie

      Pie face is elite

    90. Cloud S

      I Wonder what crack Bezhinga smoked

    91. Kane Blake

      ethan: ive baked with elz elz: the cream pie

    92. Japdeep Gill

      i think the sidemen should do a presentation night for more sidemen

    93. Luca Barrass-Robson

      Wow adison looking fit thumbnail

    94. Marcus Borg

      Ayo Ethan looks D E A D is ok?😭

    95. D-Max

      remember, these are the lads that cleaned jj’s room in the ild sidemen house

    96. D-Max


    97. Juliana Lawand

      Ethan looks high asf

    98. Jake Sanders

      Balance the comments and likes to this comment

    99. Biohazard NightWolf

      Why is bazinga Look like he's baked Keep up the good work by the way

    100. Tiasunep Yaden

      Ethan looks stoned🤣