To Scale: The Solar System

To Scale:

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    On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe.
    A film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh
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    1. Toño G. A.

      Guys, this video seriously touched me. Automatically on my HUfast´s Top 3 ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (from this perspective, my problems look ridiculously pathetic)

      1. SavageArfad

        Man it’s good but c’mon.


        @To Scale: Hey, what's the music you used in this video?

      3. Katanamast Sim Racing

        @To Scale:. I really loved this video. I wish you guys would done Pluto as well even though its considered a dwarf planet.

      4. Jayashree Bose

        @To Scale: I think this is the most true video about the distance between celestial bodies in the Solar System ever...

      5. Bubster 1969

        Ive never gotten the whole everything is so big therefore I feel small thing. Things go a lot farther down the other way. You could feel big if you wanted in comparison. Either way, things matter. It's called life.

    2. Stephen Jackson

      Aliens who find us infinitely impressive and fascinating? Flying saucers? More likely to be the local mosquitoes after a dose of Jack Daniels or the wacky backy. Contemplate your infinite insignificance: live for each new day: make the most and the best of every moment. 😌

    3. asian mipa

      5:30 Flat-earthers triggered.


      imagine,how far Pluto orbit is

    5. F L

      Enjoy stuff like this? then download Universe^2 its free and it lets yo see more than the solar system to scale. and then Blow it up!! LOL!

    6. Chicken_Nugget_Chelsea

      My teacher assigned this to my class and little does she know that I subscribed to you ](☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

    7. Andi Murifaldi

      Well done.. Well done..

    8. randompandora.scarbear

      In reality: based on what?

    9. Daniele Rozzoni

      Grandissima idea che lascia a bocca aperta. Incredibile, finalmente ho capito quali sono le reali proporzioni e le distanze tra i pianeti del sistema solare.

    10. Brock The rock

      Whose here from mrs powered science class

    11. Harishankar Tk



      Wow, I could watch this video forever, keep up the great work To Scale.

    13. Donovan Alderman

      Lets video

    14. VVindovvZ

      5:58 looks so fake.. it must be real..

    15. Jannat Hoque

      Good job

    16. Ben Hall

      Complete bs

    17. syd barrett

      "we are on a marble floating in the middle of nothing" ... pulls out Dark Side of the Moon, and fires up some Blonde Lebanese hashish, just like 1973 in 10th grade.

    18. Magma Wolf

      5:36 Hah! Got you, I knew the earth is circle not sphere!

    19. joseph basile

      Do people really think that pictures of the solar system is actually the distance between the planets? "How The Universe works" series has done this example many, many times.

    20. Mr. Mr

      Are the planets for scale?

      1. Zeen Daniels


    21. Douglas Smyth

      To think that there's actually people out there that deny that the earth is a sphere and that space is "Fake"???? This video never gets boring. It's incredible to think that just one lightyear is nothing... Nothing in the grand scheme of things. The universe is BEAUTIFUL! ❤️🌍🪐🌌

    22. John Bowkett

      And I thought I was really important ! ☺

    23. Brian Grullon

      Awesome video

    24. ShivooShimo

      To scale: The Universe...

    25. Muskoka Mike

      I think the most profound statement/line ever spoken was the line from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" where Klaatu says in response to someone "your planet"? In the cosmic sense we will only be around in a nanosecond and I think the worst thing that could happen to this planet was mankind evolving to the point we're at now. As a species we're so consumed with baubles and trinkets and gaining power we don't realize how infinitesimal we are in the big scheme of things. If we don't get our act together soon, our legacy will be the squandering of the great gift we were given.

    26. iltifat yousuf

      Narrated by prophet Muhammad saw: He said their are exactly seven dimensions or universes layered upon each other & everything we see up above stars,moon, planets all the observable universe is just the first one & the size of each universe is like ring in the sahara desert, He said this 1400 yrs ago, I request everyone reading this, to listen quran it's the truth!!!

      1. Zeen Daniels

        I wouldn't trust a pedophile who claims to have split the moon in half... But it's up to you

    27. Tsetsi

      Dude, do you even science?

      1. Shivansh Tripathi

        @Tsetsi yes, he has scienced before

      2. Tsetsi

        @HueHanaejistla! Inc. Have you scienced before?

      3. HueHanaejistla! Inc.

        @Rayyan Rafat a

      4. Rayyan Rafat


      5. HueHanaejistla! Inc.

        do you even science

    28. Dimora

      سبحان الله ❤️

    29. Scot Hebert

      Flintstones Families nonviolence no intoxicants. :)

    30. Pillco Vlog

      The bad jokes aside, this is very interesting

    31. Dağlar Altınsoy

      0:56 welcome back reality

    32. Dağlar Altınsoy

      0:55 Welcomo

    33. Katrina Angeleri

      Very impressive! The work of these young men is admirable. Thank you for making that model.

    34. Peter

      The universe is full of emptiness.

    35. Jonathan Lindley

      Hol up.. if the moon is that far how does it control the waves?

    36. Jonathan P

      makes you really appreciate just how powerful the force of gravity is

    37. Groovy Grape Gramma!!

      WoW Dude....Impressive. Thanks 💪❤✌🙏


      GE : *cry FE : *laugh

    39. spitzfire1107

      Flatties: Still Earth is flat!

    40. Pozioma Pozioma

      potrafisz wytłumaczyc jeden mały ale konkretny szczegół a wiec skoro ziemia sie kreci 1666.6 km/h przy równiku to dlaczego gwiazdy na niebie nie nachodza na siebie nigdy . Jestes w stanie to wytłumaczyc czy unikniesz odpowiedzi?


      Wow our planet is beautiful than the other planets wow i never seen earth on the outside wow

    42. Tylen Shanahan

      anyone have to watch this for a school assiment

    43. Forallofus Plenty

      land on the moon; call the president LIVE on television and ride a golf cart around...seems plausible enough (for idiots)

    44. Forallofus Plenty

      too bad they lost ALL the records of original moon landing...sounds realistic that that could happen to man's greatest achievement

    45. Forallofus Plenty

      anybody buying this SATANIC b.s.?

    46. Forallofus Plenty

      the stars would not be predictable each year/night with the speeds and motions ascribed to our "solar system" model spinning and careening through universe

    47. Forallofus Plenty

      does it really feel like you are standing on a giant BALL of WATER spinning 999 mph?

    48. Forallofus Plenty

      p-900 and p-1000 IR cameras prove curvature NOT there

    49. Forallofus Plenty

      NASA means "a DECEPTION held up high" in Hebrew

      1. Keanu Threeves

        @Forallofus Plenty LMAO, like google earth? Try to use your map to get across the pacific ocean.

      2. Forallofus Plenty

        @Keanu Threeves enjoy yer sterilizing/androgynizing VAX... use yer "map" to find out where to line up to get it

      3. Keanu Threeves

        Just make a actually map that works, then we can begin to talk

    50. Forallofus Plenty

      GENESIS in old testament describes bio-dome model

    51. Forallofus Plenty

      the van allen radiation "belt" is a reference to the DOME: they cant get through it

      1. Zeen Daniels

        Lol no

    52. Forallofus Plenty

      Von Braun, top NAZI scientist for NASA, his epitaph reads: the glory of GOD is in ALL things and his MAJESTY is revealed in the FIRMAMENT

    53. Forallofus Plenty

      jack parsons (jet propulsion labs) NASA founder was protege of ALISTAIR CROWLEY (wrote Satanic bible), friend of numerous cult starters (dianetics/scientology), and hung w them flying model rockets in LAUREL CANYON (!!!)

    54. Forallofus Plenty

      einstein was an actor and words were "never stop questioning"

    55. Forallofus Plenty

      gravity is just buoyancy...lite goes up and heavy goes down

      1. Zeen Daniels

        Define up, down and heavy without gravity.

      2. Keanu Threeves

        Why does it do this?

    56. Forallofus Plenty

      EVERYBODY before us thought it was a bio-dome model (shell, firmament, covering)...EVERYBODY

      1. Zeen Daniels

        My grandma used to tell me "and if everybody wants to fall down a hole... Will you follow them?"

    57. Forallofus Plenty

      too many 666's in "globe" model; curvature .666 ft/m, tilt 66.6° (90-23.4), travelling 66,600 mph around SUN, spinning 999 m/h, arctic circles are BOTH 66.6° from poles, etc

      1. Zeen Daniels

        So cute how you mix up units arbitrarily just to get your beloved 666 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

    58. Bumblebee Boots

      im here for school lol

    59. Luigi Abias

      I so happy and cry a little when i watch the full video thanks for lunching this

    60. Mike Legare

      So very, very, cool. Well done.

    61. Tanveer Bhat Watch my new videos related to space here

    62. eps

      And this is is only the perception of the denser 3rd dimension!

    63. A big bucket of chicken nuggies

      My teacher gave us this video :)

    64. MM crazy


    65. Ghastan Gautama


    66. Tu jardín de Flores

      wonderful video really incredible congratulations 🤟

    67. Roger Wilco


    68. Cody Heisinger

      Give me Pluto!!

    69. FatimaPlayz Gacha

      Cool this educated me a lot cause I’m studying space in my class I’m in year 5

    70. Amijeet Kumar

      Thanks for this video. ❤️

    71. Avinash Sharma

      Some chimps applying their tiny brain and saying - "This is the end of solar system" all that school book gathered so called education . desperation of declaring that "we know everything "

      1. David Michael

        Poor old you and your tiny, tiny brain.

    72. C Rutherford

      I hashed together something like this but you guys were way more motivated.

    73. Martijn vd Bent

      The earth is flat!

    74. Live Stream

      nice job for a man without a job

    75. Geek To Me

      I was listening to this and recognized Jim Lovell’s voice.

    76. Pretty Good man

      Uranus Hey vsauce Michael here

    77. Swift s

      inspiring work... love it

    78. gnuj126

      7:02 한국어 자막 작업자분 멋있네요!

    79. Bogdan Yanovich

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    80. sanjay Rout

      Hats off to ur hardwork bro...I have been watching about all the space related videos in I can't imagine about that this video is practically shown 💙💙...just bt one lack is the view from top..

    81. hudson

      OMG I have been arguing this issue with friends since I was at school at the age of 13, I'm now 31 and finally someone else understands that all the images of the solar system aren't to scale. Finally get to see it! XD

    82. Gökhan Tekeli

      nice work guys thank you

    83. Fedor kr

      I watched this video for school on canvas and opened HUfast to like it

    84. RVK Bot

      What’s up nerds

    85. MoonInSun108

      "We are on a marble the middle of [everything]."

    86. JPlaysPE

      you just gave me a whole new perspective on the galaxy, thank you so much!

    87. hyperspaced77

      So, we're still not counting Pluto then?

    88. Rob's Agent

      mvemjsun mercury venus earth mars...

    89. vasari corridor

      would be neat to scale up a hydrogen atom

    90. Laura Tempestini

      How did you get the original measurements and what instruments that were used?

    91. Xav

      It's amazing!

    92. dm mayfield

      Bravo to You gentleman!! THIS, gives lie, to the 'fact', that the so-called, insignificant Eath and it's-inhabitants(Ourselves), are in anyway, anything less than AMAZING, as is Our location & 'status'!! WE, each and everyone of Us, on this gem, in 'space', COUNT, and, Our situation & location, is TRULY-Awesome! Your work, is Meritorious!! Thank You Sirs!!

    93. Targa Instalaciones


    94. SimM

      Brilliantly helpful to understand ourselves in the Solar System and the Universe! Appreciate your great contribution to the Space knowledge, dear teams of the "To Scale" - Thank you so much, on behalf of Humanity on our mother Earth!

    95. CANAL SOL UFO Maria Purcina


    96. Jeremiah P

      6300 Trump supporters don't believe in Science

    97. Little Knight

      I remember playing the game Elite Dangerous VR and being endlessly impressed by the scale of things. How easy it is to miss something as big as a planet. You could easily pass several and never know. Granted youll know where things are because the game provides orbital lines and points for easier navigation.... but without those you can see how truly vast things are. Sometimes Id go into space and turn off the navigation stuff to just look around at the sheer volume of it.

    98. ja v

      Except, probably not.

      1. David Michael

        Except, you literally have no idea what you're on about.

    99. Sam Munster

      Thank you. Loved this. Have you ever been to Gainesville, Florida? Pluto is included.

    100. Trinh Ngô

      Thank you