Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"

Tom MacDonald

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    FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
    INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
    TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
    SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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    1. Eric Coleman

      Wow... what a positive good vibe this song has... #TomMacDonald you realized visualized and materialized... the secret the art of attraction... I'm on to it.... love this shit right here so MOTIVATING thank you. Hit me up...hahahah

    2. Madena Mora

      This is true 😰😥😢😭🤕

    3. King Awesome Toad

      tom just keep doing what you are doing bro you the best person ive ever seen

    4. King Awesome Toad

      tom is honestly the best person though just stop being mean to him he is just living his life to the fullest

    5. Ronald Mitchell

      TOM bro i love your songs but my favorite one of your songs is no lives matter and trying to kill me

    6. Harrison Freeman

      From one sellout to another... congrats my brother.

    7. Rick Cain

      Congrats bro. You have showed us a lot of yourself. Thank you for sharing your creative tone with us all. Nothing wrong with winning. Keep winning.

    8. Nilo G

      im 53 and my wife is 54 and we both love your music Don't worry about the haters....Keep standing up and tell your story thew your music

    9. Bobby Faraday

      Tom is good shit!!!! As a person. Good Dude. He is Genuine. He is himself. Not Fake. Much more than we can say for your average Democrat voter, who is essentially a degenerate with a Diploma and little more.

    10. Brian Eisenman Jr.

      Never understood why as a person grows people will say that they "changed." I mean...did you think I was working this hard to stay the exact same? Haha keep doing you, Tom!

    11. The Siamese

      This guy is way far better than those "lil" pump

    12. Draconuz

      Teared up during this. You're amazing Tom. This was the 2nd video after no lives matter and you're my new fav artist. I wish you the very best in life. And as somebody else said, you seem like the best friend everyone wish they had haha

    13. TheReapingDeath

      Tom is the Man!! keep it up my dude!!

    14. EvilBunnie

      Tom MacDonald keeps it real I'm proud of him keep doing your thing bro.

    15. A.I. Howard

      I agree with Anthony Fantano: you're corny as fuck.

    16. Elizabeth Buttler

      this sounds like some real hip hop music. So tired of the mumble rap. Glad some people are still speaking up.

    17. Fox Saint

      says he hardly wears Gucci and should light it on fire ... while wearing a Gucci hat...

    18. Scott Simpsons and I love it and it

      Well you created a non sellout image then when the pace picked up you go do sellout things as per your admittance, note I have no idea what you do. I came from poor and got some money money but it aint change me. Give me 10mill and I still ain't walking by no Gucci. Lost your image credibility now you trying do a bill Clinton. I bought Gucci but didn't wear em. Peace and love hope you find yourself. Dont fall for money bro it's not worth it.

    19. The Morose Pittbull

      Growth is a natural human process

    20. DiscnWhiskey

      Politically incorrect is one of my favorite songs ever.

    21. SabheeZ

      Hell yea. Gg man

    22. Durakken

      Calling you a sell out is just a manipulation tactic that works on children. They assume everyone is a child and thus that it will work on you. I don't see how following your dreams, making cash, changing how you live or what you wear, is selling out, unless it goes against your stated principles. I don't see how buying a "brand name" is selling out v.v So stupid. Just a curious question. The cash, it's fake, right? As someone that is at a point where I'm getting on my feet from having 0 and starting to make cash, having a lot on hand like that (well not that much obviously, but relative lot) just kinda freaks me out in the back of my mind. Dunno how I'd feel about just having that sitting there like that or the relative equivalent.

    23. Lil Topp Kidd


    24. brenda okuda

      I've never been a fan of rap music, but yesterday I discovered you. You are awesome! Congratulations on your success and I pray you keep telling it like it is. It does my heart good to see young people like yourself who are aware of what's really happening in this world and not being afraid to speak out about it. You definitely won me over to bring a fan. God bless you

    25. Jason Mclemore

      I love this 1 Tom hell yeah!!

    26. Michele Vela

      tom is that real money? not sayin your broke

    27. Aubrey Janean

      I KNOW YOU

    28. Michael Wowdzia

      Really enjoyed ☺



    30. Anthony A Perkins

      I grew up poor, homeless on multiple occasions, poor like literally didn't eat every day poor. I robbed a bank at 21 years old, got out of prison at 35. I'm 39 now. I have a fairly nice truck, a mortgage, a young (hot) wife, a one-year old, and a good job. I stress every single day about my financial situation and I work incessantly to keep what I have and hopefully retire in comfort one day. Everything I have was hard earned and still I have haters and I'm a nobody. Brother, relish in your accomplishments, stay humble in your approach and shrug off the haters.

    31. Bailee Goodman

      Still on my playlist. Those who dont grow hate on the ones that do and always will 💯

    32. Jason Thomas

      You are the man Bro!!!!!

    33. TIMMi.d.

      Not bad if you want a big fake phallus. Some people find extra large funny. It's not really nice to make fun of lonely people. Even laughable problems still hurt.

    34. Taylor Ferrell

      You’re awesome Tom, I agree your songs started to turn me away there for a minute. Considering after all the time listening to you and telling everyone I know about your music. I thought about if I should watch this or not, but I liked it 👍

    35. Enchanted Ice

      People want you change but when you do they want say they wish you were your old you

    36. TimOT Patrick

      Mad respect, much love! You deserve the fruits of your labour. Keep it up!

    37. Capleb 2000

      I'm sick of all this bullshit me and my wife keep getting fucked by every job we get AMERICA IS THE GREATEST ILLUSION EVER FUCKIN MADE

      1. Capleb 2000

        We need a reset button

      2. Capleb 2000

        I wish it would all burn

    38. Shepherd Bear

      Tom is so dope. Plus he seems like a really good guy. Keep up the great work man.

    39. Blossom Luna

      Every song you and nova release are beautiful! Y'all are still the only ones I listen to instead of the others

    40. Roy D.

      Do a Christmas song!

    41. Tyler Reed

      Hey bro I love your music I don't know if you see this but keep up the good work and telling the truth I appreciate the truth

    42. Kim Rose

      McDonald's we love you💙💙💜🥰😀💜😝🤩🤩

    43. Samuel Hardy

      Alright I'm gonna be honest Tom you have saved my life. I was in the Marine corps when I broke my back and I got out in 2019 and man it was tough on me I was diagnosed with depression anxiety and PTSD. with my back broken I couldn't do anything I used to be able to do I was drowning in my depression, my marriage was failing, I was loosing my battle. then about 2 months ago was on HUfast and I found you man your songs are the only ones that express how I feel. I put down the blades and the gun to my head and your music was the one that did that. You deserve so much more attention. You have never ceased to amaze me with your music. Thank you Tom.

    44. Mateo Cortez

      Guys lets spam Toms songs so he will have a collab with NF.

    45. Dorian Montano


    46. Tarn Coleman

      Tom you were raised in Canada we never forget where we came from and if people really listened to what your saying they would know you haven’t changed and that your just proud and you are right you need to be careful if anything you have more to worry about You and Nova are works of art and your future children will be masterpieces lm a Canadian Grandmother and you both have restored my faith in the next generation Thank you 🙏

    47. chouin13

      I love this! In order to grow as a person change has to happen. This was beautiful. I love the video and the more candid shots of you nova and the dogs just being you! Just because some physical things have changed doesn’t mean your heart is not in the right place

    48. mamiilinylhOvee

      Beautiful song thnx man

    49. Interesting Times


    50. Nej Snek

      This dude is actually trash(not because I am offended)

    51. Bit Duck69

      He should do a song with Hopsin

    52. Jessie Bellew

      I'd bet for every fan you lost, you gained 20 more in their place. F*ck um You're about to be the voice behind a movement and a generation. Wake👏 them👏 all👏 up👏🗣🙌

    53. Cody Allen

      Tom you so fuckin real man. I'll be honest man. When I first came across your music I wanted to hate on it. Maybe I'm just unfuckin happy with my situation. But its impossible. Your vibe and energy are undeniable. You're fantastic.

    54. Cherryheart Lover

      I'm glad he was able to move to a safe house with his gf and I'm glad he's happy ^-^

    55. shane johnson

      Its just us against the world and that's just fine ..Will be hip next year maybe!

    56. Richard Pope

      Love ya Brother... Rock on.

    57. kyle hoggard

      Keep it real , and you deserve what your getting , screw the haters .

    58. Jesse Hatch

      U did sell out u and nova tryin to make the kids alcaholics and devil worshipers on some gay lyrics now u tryin to earn redemption by half assing the truth save it

      1. james hill

        wtf you mean

    59. Tim Jaekel

      Congratulations on your amazing success! Keep making music with a message and keep feeding the minds!

    60. Bruce Morell

      sta tru blu

    61. Bruce Morell

      naaawww man fuck those haters

    62. Jain Freeman

      Hangover Gang...genius, healing, great message. Fuck the haters, right? Just let them drink their 'haterade'. 💕😊

    63. Izzy Gean

      why does Tom MacDonald always spit strait truth

    64. Dan Dore

      Hate is jealousy

    65. Travis Gianelli

      God i fucking love you Tom ❤❤❤

    66. Ryan Downing

      His music is just so shit

    67. Sage

      Found out on Spotify that I'm in the top 3% of listen to your music. Love ya man. Your music is amazing.

    68. Parmas Maximas

      Tom please please pleaseeeee do the K Koke - KokeSpiracy theory challange!! Your the realist rapper in the world, i couldn't think of a better person to do it!!!??

    69. Thomas Evans

      The only Cd's And music i purchase now :) Life's been much sweeter!.

    70. 张茴体

      love you from China. Fly to the sky my man.

    71. Christopher Smith

      And trying

    72. Christopher Smith

      I seriously need you to talk something about "My people" homeless.

    73. Keith Hoddy

      Everything you have now is because you have worked bloody hard for it so all i say is ENJOY IT Tom your the man.. Love and respect to you

    74. aj happy

      Love it!! Keep doing what you do you are so good.

    75. Michael IsGOD

      You know I used to respect you alot for your thoughts till I realized the industry has to tell us what they they doing. And for someone who is so against the industry your dating a Rockefeller

    76. madi Rose

      You are an INSPIRATION ❤

    77. mikeGintheplacetobe

      My grandma has the same Jesus painting in her hallway.

    78. Brycen Miller

      i think your personality is the same and not to mancin i love your songs my favrite is people so stupid and i am aoly a 8 years old

    79. Sebastian Sturdivant

      After 8 years together, 6 years of marriage, a lot of bad decisions and one woman that has never given up on me, I can finally say with the upmost confidence that things are looking way up, for the both of us. Much like you, brotha, had it not been for my wife, Brittany, I probably would've became every single thing we BOTH hate, and I wouldn't be here today. Thanks to her, and a little realization, I learned from my mistakes, and I'm never turning back. And now that things are looking up, I can listen to a song like this, with such a video and smile from ear to ear, and think of my wife, and everything we've become. So from the wife and I. Thank you, Tom and Nova. For making yet another masterpiece that not only reminds me of my wife and I, but gives me the confidence needed to carry on, and the reminder that as long as we just take it one step at a time, holding our heads high the whole way, we can become anything we want to be. This one right here hits home the most. 👍💯👫

    80. chrystal Jilek

      You guys are crazy inspiration 🥰 May God bless yall

    81. 叶杲

      You guys are Okay now, good luck.

    82. Lazix VonBerg

      The intellectually lazy hate when people who had nothing achieve because it means they have no excuse for wallowing in self pity instead of doing something about the shit they're in. @Tom: Stay you brother.

    83. blip_blorp

      who trying to get down on the new black ops

    84. zachary bitzer

      Thank you Tom.!

    85. MICDALEY

      AWESOME!!! Soooo happy to find you Tom!!! You are a blessing for us all!!!

    86. thebeerjew

      Though shalt not take the thy neighbors opinion in earnest as they are but the dead awaiting a lordly retribution for the lies n deceit which inhabiteth their house. ../

    87. DJ Krosschell

      Anyone that hates on this song doesn’t represent the better good that cares for a better country!!!

    88. hsuleid27

      Yo TOM! SERIOUSLY, looks like someone else's page is posting this vid... wait that's youtube censoring bad.

    89. Elijah Ortega

      I feel you on a spiritual level

    90. Rebecca Beck

      This is awesome make more

    91. peel outer1991

      Tom is the guy the school teachers, people on the streets who see him, maybe some family members said he will never make it. Said he will be nothing special an now look. He is climbing an climbing an over coming the stress an anxiety of life to make it in life. His music, his vision, his message is what we all need to hear an believe that it can happen to any one of us as well. Keep it up bro, u makin it happen an ur music is just awesome an loving it. 🤙🤙🤘🤘🤘

    92. Lisa Wright

      100% respect for you tom your a true legend your so honest 👍

    93. TheKnob Goblin

      are you ever going to correct that blatant lie you said in mac lethal sucks video where you tried to say youre worth 12 mil when in reality youre only worth just over 100k? he was actually literally worth more than u and u straight up tried to lie about it, all the credibility for your "truth" goes out the window when u straight up lie in your songs. love ya bro but you exposed the hypocrisy of yourself. also youre not fully independent, if it wasnt for nova getting u studio time and having her old connects from def jam help mix and master and produce your tracks, youd still be a soundcloud rapper. just bc you didnt sign a label contract doesnt mean youre fully independent. youre borderline independent at best, with ALOT of help.

    94. Dan Brown

      Screw them we love your music

    95. Valkryiesbane

      Nice tune bro keep it up man. I have been really vibing to your tracks castles recently thanks for being you Tom.

    96. dan mwas

      Lovi'n Tom's bars all the way 4rm Kenya💯

    97. prettyboy SH!T

      😪😪welcome back

    98. keiron jackson

      U r real bro #1000000000000 money comes and goes memories only grow#kalum dockerty

    99. kenan Barrette

      Honestly man, fuck em... as long as u and the wifey happy that's what matters, to many ppl on here with nothing but hate in there hearts. U just do what makes u happy, evolving is what life is about!! Ur awesome

    100. Wazy Ass

      He's a genius rapper always makes a good point