Tony Bennett and Diana Krall - They Can't Take That Away From Me


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    with the Bill Charlap Trio - Great Performances - 2018

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    1. Nils Montan

      Brilliant. Tony is 92 years old here.

    2. Thomas Ohagan

      I love the way she looks at him with that smile ! With love and admiration !

    3. Steve S.

      I wish somebody would kiss me like that. I'm a monster apparently.

    4. Vincent J. Rigney Music

      Cool, love this!

    5. William Carson

      Many beautiful affairs time is a cheat music is forever.

    6. Snuddy Craig

      The Scotch of all songs that make you call for a double for reflection.

    7. R.C.E. 55

      Tony B is getting olde.

      1. Thomas Ohagan

        @John Blue 94 !

      2. John Blue

        Like a fine bottle of wine

    8. Bonnie Speeg

      Just don't know how I could sing alongside Mr. Bennett. I've sung this tune many a time, but not next to him.

    9. Robert Boney

      One great performer Krall with another one, Bennett!

    10. Henry McClure

      good for my soul - thanks

    11. Belinda Rawlings

      So natural and beautiful

    12. Robert Cecil Morgan-Wilde

      Two masters of the genre! Love it.

    13. Meredith Foster

      A brilliantly cool rendition of this evergreen from Tony and the supremely sophisticated Diana Krall.

    14. Mike's Organic Videos

      Diana is one of my favorite performers; the complete package. And Tony is such a class act; still sounds great after all these years. Such a pleasure to see and hear them together.

    15. Andre Gaudreault

      Beautiful, just a pleasure to listen to.

    16. J. Cesar.

      Great band

    17. J. Cesar.

      She has such great sensitivity with her vocals.

    18. Steve Hinnenkamp

      I think Fred and Ginger felt it. These two are playing with it. You decide.

      1. Madam Zajj

        I'm with you ❤

    19. Peter Rahill

      What a cool story; great to have this documented/recorded.

    20. Fernando Miller

      I understand we can't really know someone just by watching videos and interviews, but Mr. Bennett always seamed a very humble person for me as long as I can tell.

    21. vitalyziggy1982

      I adore Diana Krall. She just oozes class.

      1. Peter Rahill

        Indeed - her LIVE IN PARIS DVD, and her role with Paul McCartney's Live KISSES (from Capitol Studios, Hollywood) are super-star stuff. WOW!!

    22. Scott Carter

      He is so amazing. What great a video. Diana sounds like every Iconic Jazz singer one would expect in all the best clubs.

      1. gramour

        So cool

    23. Rick C

      truly classical......

    24. P. A. Williams

      SPLENDID ❤️

    25. Bryan Rendleman

      Tony is such a gentleman. Met him in 94' and he is a very special soul and amazingly humble and kind of shy.

    26. Cush

      Well, he is no Sinatra and she is no Cole.

      1. Chip Dayton

        You are correct, he is much better than Sinatra could have hoped to be.

      2. Shooshie Roberts

        He’s not Sinatra? She’s not a Cole? How observant! Tony is probably the only singer Sinatra ever would have deferred to. Sinatra had the style, but let’s face it, Tony had the style AND the pipes. Krall needs no point of reference other than herself. She’s the professional’s professional. Geez... why am I even responding to this? Some folks just got no taste.

      3. IAm Observing

        Cush He wasn’t talking about your abilities to sing dingleberry. He was making reference to how well he sings in that most people lose their voices well before Mr. Bennet. With two accomplished singer/musician, I can’t believe anyone would even bother to make a statement such as that. but then again, there are whiners in every corner in the spaces of this planet, just didn’t expect one to pop up here. Go listen to your choice of music and keep your nose out of our preferences.

      4. guitarstrunged

        And you're no Leonard Feather, but here we are.

      5. michael oles

        She is just fine....and by the way he is 92 years young here... so as a You Tube nobody who cares what you think

    27. Annie Gorchakof

      I love this...❤❤

    28. Ana Maria Canales Perez

      Impresionante,y ella en directo es buenísima,el mejor concierto que asistí en Barcelona hace 5 años.

    29. charles cooley

      How cool is this

    30. Thomas Oreilly

      fair play to the man

    31. Gary Hart

      Love, pure love for their music and each other.

    32. Roman Clay

      Fred Astaire

    33. sprunzloffio

      Despite I'm italian, if I close my eyes and I had to imagine America, this song would be the soundtrack.

    34. Jose Torres


    35. anthonynewsome

      He has such a beautiful soul love Tony an amazing and unique person

    36. Ethan Fanshel

      Drums and bass?

    37. goinxnginx

      Bill Charlap is amazing...understated, elegant, expressive, etc...provided, with his trio, the quintessential accompaniment and solo for these exemplary stars. What a great performance.

    38. Mariano Peñalver

      Qué categoría, calidad superior.

    39. abrogard

      its perfect when they're in unison

    40. Lastoria Nostra

      the Tony's best song ever still remains "If I ruled the World". The perfect version is the one he made for the movie "Bruce Almighty" ♥ BTW she has got the Elvis Presley's somatic traits!

    41. Daina M.

      Wow. So effortless and perfect. They are such class acts. Moved me to the core because I love them both so much.

    42. Anderson Machado


    43. carolyn thompson

      Diana Krall never ages! This is a spectacular duet!! Two class acts. 🤍🤍

    44. nick chow

      Is a beautiful song

    45. Зоя Гольдштаб

      Певец всех времён! Обожаю!!!!!

    46. Monique v. Jaarsveld

      Good music

    47. Ronald Stoner

      Diana Krall is nothing short of amazing, Tony Bennett is what Sinatra wished he could be, and fell painfully short of.

      1. Bryan Rendleman

        Sinatra agreed as he said Tony was the best saloon singer of our time.

      2. D Casper

        Sinatra is better, sorry..

      3. Jack Shilvock


      4. Daina M.

        Hahaha! I always think that too.

    48. Ilene Terry

      A beautiful duet!

    49. Cathy Bober


    50. Pierce Ryan


    51. Toni The Artist

      he is still sharp as a tack, God bless him! Diana is one of the best!

    52. Yara Imbaud

      Isso é boa música! Que saudades!!!!!

      1. Dulcinea Martins

        Sim concordo que boa música e cantores inigualáveis.

    53. Kenneth Terrell

      The pianist is obviously Bill Evans inspired. Sounds like Autumn Leaves, simple and understanding.

      1. Yara Imbaud

        Do love👏❤️

    54. Robert Boney

      Both among the best of all time!

    55. Robert Boney

      Great singers,players

    56. debbie capps

      A number of years ago, a good friend took me to see Diana Krall at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio and I've been hooked ever since. She's awesome and I can't wait to get her new CD "This Dream of You" coming in September. That was one memorable night! My friend Bob still comes to mind when I listen to Diana's music.

    57. David Burns

      he will always be one of the very best of all time

    58. vivandav67


    59. Irishcolleen110253

      Such a perfect match! WAY more than Tony and Gaga!

      1. Michael A. Velasquez

        Different, but Lady Gaga with Tony was to me, surprisingly great! I was blown away by how naturally great she sang with Tony. Loved it

      2. D Casper

        Two different women...

    60. Judy Balangue

      Im in awe!

    61. Joanna Rios

      YEP!!--That's MY Tony Bennett and Diana Krall....!

    62. Mary Hall

      Tony you and Diana wonderful. The music is great also. Love Jazz. 🌺🐦Mary

    63. Gangnam Style Grandpa

      Oh Man !I am in heaven ! Love it !!

    64. mick camaño


    65. David Court

      We gave her first paid gigs, Tally Ho lounge. Had to leave lounge between sets as being underage. Would not sing those days.

    66. Ju Pacheco

      This song. make me hapy. I love these two song

    67. Lawrence MacIntyre

      Absolutely sublime! I am in awe.

    68. Robert Simpson

      Saw these two in concert in Boston in about 2001 I think.....outdoor ampitheater on the harbor. My son and I took at trip from Texas to NYC......this side trip to Boston was for me. I've seen them both here in San Antonio a couple of times.

    69. Nicholas Steel


    70. Norbert Rosendahl


    71. Marilyn Wisbey


    72. Julian Parks

      Love it!

    73. Bill K


    74. Fohpono

      Tony has aged like fine wine, just like Sinatra. Maybe the voice isn't as smooth as years past, but the matured styling, phrasing and rhythm is what makes it a classic.

      1. Peivand Ryks

        Agree! That's what jazz is about partly: phrasing, you tell a story (like Frank S did like no one in my opinion). And of course now Tony is 94, his voice is old, but what a timbre he has developed through time in spite of the lost of strength. A good espresso and Tony's music make a wonderful moment.

    75. Soul funktion photo

      Diana Krall is a great pianist but she's no singer

      1. Werner Matrisch

        @Philippe BRUNO Ella ist my favorite from ALL jazzsingers ! Also I like Sarah Vaughan, Anita O'Day and Carmen McRae.

      2. Philippe BRUNO

        @Werner Matrisch Yes... but she's cute.... ;) I prefer Ella , over the top.

      3. Werner Matrisch

        I agree Soul funktion ! She is currently the most popular jazz singer - and at the same time the most mediocre. There are so much better jazz singers .. take René Marie, China Moses, Nnenna Freelon, or Lizz Wright .. not to mention jazz icons like Dianne Reeves or Dee Dee Bridgewater ... they all surpass Ms. Krall with voice, technique and also Interpretaion by far, that's why I don't see how Krall leads the jazz charts with every new album. I am a fetishist for vocal jazz. Sorry, but I find Mrs. Krall boring.

      4. Philippe BRUNO

        She's not that bad , U know... Listen to others of her songs...


      Does it get any better, so smooth, delightful.

    77. GRHCU

      Look at Tony Bennett, still in strong vocal voice.. Diana Krall well, what she doesn't have , she doesn't need!!

    78. Nilton Domingues

      Ótima música fc c Deus

    79. Barry Wyman

      This is great especially with these two to me This was Sarah Vaughns to me but hell someone else has to sing it....hell their great anyway 😊😍😍😍

    80. Jay cos

      She’s a real talent and a beauty, what’s she doing with Elvis Costello who’s the biggest no talent out there?!

      1. IAm Observing

        @don And yet she’s far far more than you’ll ever be.

    81. Monique v. Jaarsveld


    82. Victor Yanez Arancibia

      very classy. Like it!

    83. U4YaMix1


    84. Tabor McGregor

      These two folks worked so smoothly and made it look breezy. One of my most favorite dous.

      1. Norman Carter

        How lucky can you be but Tony has all the adoration every day it must be so normal for him bless him Norman

    85. Bloozegirl Hansen

      Way to go BC girl . Your fabulous self.

    86. Linh Đỗ

      I always enjoy Tony's version of every songs The lady is a tramp, the way you look tonight,...

    87. The Saint

      What a treat!

    88. Alan Witton


    89. John San Juan

      I loved Jazz!

    90. Kim Backus

      I never realized how Great Tony Bennett is! I never really listened to him actually but he is REALLY GREAT! No wonder why he is so famous!

    91. Arden Dorney

      CLASS pure and simple...nuf said.

    92. Robert Masi

      Tony is absolutely incredible. He hasn't lost a step or a beat after all these decades.

    93. Norman Carter

      Tony you are the vertiginous perfection

    94. Lee Hoffman

      Showing a little bit of them working out the parts. Nice touch. Live from Daryl's House does that.

    95. robert broad

      Tony and Diana. I stand in awe

    96. Barry J Barclay

      just charming a gem

    97. Charles Lavers

      His power in delivery was unmatched at his prime in time and place better than Sinatra

    98. Michael Haydn

      real fine!!!

    99. Alberto Videz

      Just cool!!!

    100. Max Cordell

      This is a gem