Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse - Body and Soul (from Duets II: The Great Performances)


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    Tony Bennett performing Body and Soul with Amy Winehouse from Duets II: The Great Performances
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    I tell you I mean it
    I'm all for you body and soul
    I can't believe it
    It's hard to conceive it
    That you turn away romance
    Are you pretending
    It looks like the ending
    And less I could have one more chance to prove, dear
    #TonyBennett #AmyWinhouse #Body&Soul #DuetsII

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    1. Hareka Tysiri

      you can kill me guys, but this is the first time i've ever heard amy sing. and my oh my so jazz

    2. 2MB Studios

      So sad - When her Mum learned that she was gone she said that she was surprised but not shocked.

    3. Jayden Cole

      the fact that , he uploaded the video on her birthday . just shows how much respect a person had for her !!!

    4. Nick Leon

      two legends 💗✨

      1. Bar Cat

        @Nick Leon - BS, such drama. she was a heroin more or less “torment” than any other addict.

      2. Nick Leon

        @Bar Cat you can not understand what the other person may be feeling. Amy was going through a torment, she tried to be saved!!

      3. Bar Cat legend & one tragic drug addict.

    5. Osvaldo H. Casal


    6. Igor Lisitsyn


    7. gabriel esparza

      Lady Gaga should do an Amy Winehouse Tribute

    8. martin melief

      Als ik dit weer zie dan denk ik , O wat is dit zonde,zo’n mooie vrouw zo naar de knoppen zien gaan.

    9. Alex Franco

      She is unforgattable

    10. shihlin1

      Here's the link of Tony meeting Amy for first time: Tony talks Amy's passing: ABC Interviews Bennett on Winehouse:

    11. g hough


    12. Road Runner

      And that’s how it’s done folks 👍

    13. P Quezada

      She looks so skinny...

    14. Jayne EFC

      Superb! 💪. I think I said the same thing years ago 💪

    15. Solexx X

      Too bad she destroyed herself with drugs. Tony was great.

    16. Luka Novak

      rest in power my queen.

    17. Lydie Benchetrit

      Tout simplement sublime..merveilleux!!!!

    18. susan kim

      Damn what a VOICE amy had. She was only 27 and had the voice of a legend old soul. What a waste of

    19. Renato Wagner Wagner

      Tony Bennett, poderoso chefão..rssss

    20. Tucked Away

      Beautiful simplicity

    21. Chic Fillet

      May she Rest In Peace

    22. Vincent J. Rigney Music

      So good! Tony a real influence on my music

    23. sofija s

      can someone tell me, why dislike for this....

      1. Bar Cat

        ...because not everyone shares your opinions. Anything else?

    24. Luz helena Valdelamar




    26. V Valle

      God that 1:55 minute she don't rise her voice and still roars awsome thar got me

    27. inaj27

      RIP to Amy who didn’t get to experience more beauty that life can offer

    28. Joe

      Gaga so much better, Winehouse has that scratchy, teen girl voice

    29. maya Hubara

      So pure , rip dear Amy!❤💐🕯

    30. Mariella Yanccoli

      Maravilloso, pero no dejo de imaginar la dupla WINEHOUSE-SINATRA; habría sido demasiada perfección....🎧🎤🎵🎼🎺🎷🎹🎼🎸🎇🎆🎉🎊💫

    31. Sonya Jackson

      OMG!! MISS HER rest in heaven!❤❤ does anyone else hear BILLIE HOLIDAY?🤔🤔

    32. shihlin1

      She really was one of the very few of her generation to have an appreciation and grasp of classics like this song. Had Amy survived, I've no doubt she would eventually release an album of jazz standards. The possibilities ! The satiny orchestral settings here complement well with her robust vocals, def brings to mind Billie Holiday and her tour de force album "Lady In Satin". The comparison is not entirely outrageous if you listen closely. Billie Holiday was also Tony's idol.

    33. Steven W

      Much ado about nothing.

    34. shihlin1

      At 1:06, when Amy crosses her heart and kisses her necklace, she KNEW they nailed this take !

    35. E C

      Oh what could have been.....what could have been....

    36. shihlin1

      There's a clip of them meeting for 1st time in the studio. She was obviously very nervous and insecure. Tony, being the reknown gentleman he is, took his time to make her feel at ease. At one point, she wanted to scrap the session and go home. Again, Tony helped Amy take baby steps to feel at ease and record the song "just for the hell of it" in his words. What you see here is the result of prob hours of him getting her to feel at ease. This is why Tony has the reputation of being one of the nicest guys in the biz. He could carry himself like a big prima donna like Sinatra did in his hey day, but he doesn't. Amy's remarkable interpretation of this classic again shows her absence is a huge loss for music.

      1. shihlin1

        @Amii F. Here's the link of them meeting for first time: Tony talks Amy's passing: ABC Interviews Bennett on Winehouse:

      2. Amii F.

        do you have a link to the clip when they met? I would love to see it.

    37. Maria De Lourdes

      Gente ouvir esses dois juntos é um privilégio. Pena que ela nos deixou tão cedo. Os dois são fantásticos!!

    38. VESSIO

      No one can touch her.

    39. TD Riehm

      When you hear someones voice, mom, dad, friend etc...and know it is them...Amy.

    40. Alex Prokouchkine


    41. Deise Pacheco

      Lindo dueto ...como essa cantora faz falta ..Tony amooooo

    42. Giorno'sMusic


    43. Touam Hadjer

      Amy 💔

    44. Janet Tutolo

      Wow and wow amazing voices. Perfect together

    45. George Reid

      I wonder if she was high then too.

    46. Francesca C

      This was so special to her. Always glad this happened.

    47. Rene Rene

      Oh Amy my dear...

    48. Caroline Norman

      She was gorgeous 🌹

    49. sofita piha

      I can't even watch it. I'm so sad she's gone.

    50. Patricia Angela valerio

      Que vozes maravilhosas, alegram a nossa vida,Boa música, faz bem à alma!🥰❤🙏

    51. Hatti fnatt

      I dont believe she understood how great she really was! Lyrics that hits you hard, So humble and pure ❤ she is one of the greats, Aretha, Whitney, Billy and Amy. How I wish she was still here 💔

      1. Hatti fnatt

        @Brian Davis Billie Holyday 🤦‍♀️

    52. Keith Hildreth

      Election night,glass of red wine and jazz. What a night !

    53. caz Luna

      Smooth as can be.just beautiful ❤️

    54. Scott Taylor

      God damn she is such a better singer than him.

    55. Jon Vaughn

      Ohhhhhhhh that voice

    56. Esperanza Alvarez Rodriguez

      Lástima del drama de ésta niña que era una genia, pena

    57. Marie Brown

      Perfection. Thank you.

    58. françoise sentenac

      On s'en lasse jamais idem avec Lady Gaga le Tony Benett !

    59. Marcos Machado de Almeida


    60. Terry Romero

      WOW !!!!!!!

    61. Lu Pat


    62. Jean Argenty

      P. ils foutent des frissons partout ! Merveilleuse Amy !

    63. Stephen H

      Ms WineHouse is Giving It Her Best for Her Bennett Bo

    64. Tancredi d'Er

      it's incredible how she crushes him, the sensual presence she's got in the voice and the body.. wow

      1. fizywig

        On the contrary, if you view the video accurately, she is in such awe of Bennet that she renders a nervous less than perfect performance.

    65. Kena The Psychedelic Queen

      She was soooooo happy :”)

    66. Omarr Koroma

      How you gonna hear when your deaf?

    67. Eric Rodriguez

      I never understood why people hated on her so much.

      1. Eric Rodriguez

        @MrZapparin here’s what I don’t understand. Why does her being a drunk/ junkie give anyone who doesn’t know her personally the right to call her trash and treat her as such. Ever wonder if that is what ultimately lead her to her death as a way of “numbing the pain” of what she may have been feeling? Like it’s so easy for us to look at someone’s flaws and tear them down for it.

      2. MrZapparin

        She was trash. Maybe not landfill trash, since she did possess this amazing talent for singing, incredibly beautiful and soulful voice, but a junkie-drug addict and drunk nevertheless. You can’t deny that it’s true. It is, after all, what killed her

    68. Peter Arzberger

      So much talent. Just wish she would have loved herself more.

    69. Kalynne Dees


    70. Gregory Harper

      She’s so at home with this great material. Had she have made a ‘standards’ album, it would have been a bestseller and rejuvenated interest in the GAS. Tone is, of course, great as always.

    71. Martino PAZIENZA

      Amy sing in Paradise. 🇮🇹

    72. Joa

      Jamás me voy a cansar de escuchar esta hermosa colaboraciones juntos 😻

    73. Анна Карпова

      Как же она поёт.....божественно🥺👏👏👏


      Je vous ai découvert car je suis un fan d'Amy merci Monsieur pour ce délicieux moment 👋👍

    75. loooveismusic8

      What a devastating loss... She was so amazingly talented. Sadly in this song even it's so obvious she's pretty out of it. So heartbreaking.... 😢💔

      1. Eva Sbolci

        She was actually healthy and sober here.

    76. ALLANN IB

      Cantando con su ídolo awww so cute😍

    77. Margaret Gaskell

      So sorry she left us to soulful magic..brilliant

    78. M Latief

      Now thats a combo

    79. Clara Vital


    80. Ava Connolly

      This is so touching

    81. james schultz

      Hard to believe Amy is dead and Tony is still alive in 2020.

    82. Erick Degas

      I always love you Amy !

    83. Asmir Sulejmanagič

      She was so natural she didn't even have to try hard, so sad she died

    84. Wednesday Raven

      She idolised this man. This must of been one of the greatest moments in her life.

      1. Larissa Salvadé

        @Freiya2011 well, when you're really a fan of someone you'll never think they're not as good as you think they are, let alone you're better than them. Seeing them both singing, I don't really see the appeal for him, because his voice is kind of "flat", as you said. But that might be 'cause I grew up listening to Amy, not him.

      2. Freiya2011

        Yes, she 'idolized' him. Was he worth it? She is so much better! And I'm only talking about her voice! His is flat. She's got depth and so many modulations... gorgeous! She sounds black - which is absolutely meant as an honour and compliment!

    85. علي

      A British rising star, Joy Crookes always reminds me of the greatest Amy Winehouse. Y'all need to hype her up

      1. Flying Spagetti

        How about Angelina Jordan?

    86. Robert Martin

      Why do such talented people feel the need to self destruct. I loved Amy the first time I saw her and knew right then she was destined to go places. She is missed, I wish she had not left us.

    87. Kathy Peach

      This amazes me and makes me very sad too. What a great talent Amy was. Addiction is so cruel.

    88. Ale015

      Will never forget when he said she should be remembered like Ella Fitzgerald


      Amy Winehouse... That smile. That incredible voice. Such an amazing talent. You’re so missed.

    90. Rafi Sibony

      also, she looked so genuine in this. how could we have looked at her here and then looked at her drunk and just didn't do anything abt it. i would do anything for her to be here

    91. Rafi Sibony

      she deserves to be here. she's so so so much better than what we have today. i miss her so much

    92. Robertino Georgescu

      She couldn’t finish her journey, such a pity 😘

    93. Luis Huerta

      My favorite duo of hers! We miss you amy!

    94. Fernanda Nolaço

      A amy era toda autêntica desde a voz até a beleza

    95. Gale Miller

      This is a really good performance some of the notes she sings sounds like Billie Holiday she was a great singer rest in peace Amy🙏💕🙏

    96. Joe Rojas


    97. BЯoly LSSJ

      Though she was a falling star, she was a Perfectionist. Hearing that story about the recording process is all I could think about watching this. You can tell by her expressions that she was hard on herself. As are a lot of perfectionists such as myself. What a soul she was! Just wow! Very unique. A Powerhouse!

    98. Mafia Moscoloni

      MEnchanté with thiSong..Pero es un dramatismo innecesario.. Esssque son tan : 🎙🎶bueeenooos¡¡¡¡!!!!☂️🎶🌧

    99. margot m

      The best due for ever

    100. Javier Natiello