Top 10 Best Lady Gaga Music Videos


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    Top 10 Lady Gaga Music Videos
    Influenced by artists like Madonna and David Bowie, Lady Gaga or Mother Monster is a name you’ll never forget! Since her breakout album, The Fame in 2008 she has since taken over the pop world with various hits. Moreover, her music videos such as Poker Face, Applause, Born This Way, Alejandro, Bad Romance Judas, and paparazzi make quite the statement.
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    1. Shahzad Mohsin

      Bad romance

    2. Shahzad Mohsin

      Ek teer se das shekaar.

    3. Cursed Veronica

      Omg justice for poker face 😭😭

    4. katarina krnjevic

      The edge of glory should be here.

    5. justin

      I disagree with your list. Your list is messed up, and it shows that you aren't a little monster. - A Little Monster

    6. justin

      I hate it here. This video literally put Poker Face at the end...fuck you ms mohoe

    7. Neelam Mishra

      I think this way should be at no . 1

    8. Kaszel

      Alejandro and Paparazzi are my favourites!!!

    9. Greysmas . 56 years ago

      Alejandro mv >>>

    10. Ty Davis

      If this list could be updated, 911 would surely be top 3.

    11. Laura Cuomo

      The 911 video is wonderful❤️

    12. Alone, Not Lonely

      Gaga wears the PYRO bra in Bad Romance, not the gun bra.

    13. Kaitlynn Childers


    14. fireflame2

      You and I is my fav!

    15. Vannie Gama

      All them... plus 1, 911.

    16. noah pereira


    17. Gxvinx

      Bruh I watched born this way when I was so little and I had no idea she was gettin it on until now 3:31

    18. adam clarkson

      G.U.Y. is her best music video!!

    19. theamirah1410

      I still remember back when I was a kid I was so confused why gaga constantly look so different in Bad Romance mv 😂 now I learned makeup, I'm obsessed with her looks

    20. W U

      Correction : bad romance has 1,3B views 🏳️‍🌈

    21. gothgirlfilth m

      Aleandro should have been number one wtf

    22. ImASavage Mouse

      Gaga is a QUEEN 👑periodt.

    23. The Bachelor Says

      right now bad romance is reaching more than 1 billion

    24. Nicolás rgp

      do what u want is the bes....oh.

    25. Beyhive Culture

      My all time favorite Gaga songs: 1- Telephone 2- Judas 3- Alejandro

    26. Matheus Menezes Cordeiro

      How Judas is just in the 6th position?!!!!

    27. Matheus Menezes Cordeiro

      My opinion: 1. Judas ✝️ 2. Bad Romance 💘 3. Telephone feat. Beyonce 📱 4. Born this way 🤰 5. Rain on me feat. Ariana Grande ⛈ 6. Alejandro 🙅‍♂️ 7. Shallow feat. Bradley Cooper 🎸 8. Poker Face ♠️ 9. Mary the night 💍 10. APPLAUSE 👏

    28. Jenna Miles

      If only she would not wear fur.

    29. Joznne Randle

      I am heterosexual but by god she is so sexy! I so would!

    30. Febrianto

      She deliberately points out illuminations for the gimmick her so much

    31. Keith Brodman

      I personally think that Lady Gaga is a role model for everyone like literally all she is about is follow your dreams and like so talented yet so nice

    32. Leah MacDonald

      I would in 2020 but since I live in the year of Chromatica, I have to say no because both Stupid Love and Rain on Me exist.

    33. the receipts

      The only reason why gaga doesn’t have as many views is because back then there weren’t as many people on the internet

    34. Trish

      She’s my favorite artist. She owns any place she walks into. Mother monster :)

    35. Marcus Anthony simpson

      I thought the thumbnail was farrah mona 😂 😂 😂 😂

    36. Mateusz Piszczatowski

      My top 10: 1. Marry The Night 2. Paparazzi 3. Telephone 4. Bad Romance 5. G.U.Y. 6. Alejandro 7. You And I 8. Judas 9. Born This Way 10. Applause

    37. Speed Demon

      I love her Christmas Music together with Tony Bennett! 👌😍

    38. Island Rebel Makeup

      Marry the night only coming in at 4? Now THAT’S blasphemy.

    39. Kanta Kanta

      Where is the VENUS? Oh, God... that's right..(

    40. brian murphy

      Poker face was my fav song since it came out and I was 1 year old lol lady Gaga is an icon and won’t ever stop being one

    41. Broken Angel

      Yeah number one is my most favrt one,yahooooooooo

    42. Helena Ewen

      Judas Bad Romance

    43. Francis Rienzo

      fame monster is gaga’s thriller

    44. Francis Rienzo

      praying that paparazzi is #2

    45. Karen Rominski

      I start everyday with mother monster...not only her music and amazing talent...but her incredible be grateful and spread kindness...💖💖💖💖

    46. Alain Kurniawan

      I'm officially following the new -ism.... Ga-gaism....

    47. Cassidy Yermal

      I cannot be the only one who thought ARTPOP and the fame monster were great in Gaga land.

    48. Giulietta2612

      There is so much to discover and analyse in these videos: symbols, cultural references!,

      1. Giulietta2612

        For example the judas video: you say she's Maria magdalena - but she wears blue that is all over art history the color which is exclusively reserved for Mary, mother of God...

    49. maxwell

      Hola yo habló español

    50. Anggi Maulidia

      Paparazzi isn't just a music video, it's also a work of art👏👏👏

    51. Abril Juajack

      Lady Gaga muy guapa 😍🤗 La canción de ALEJANDRO fue lanzada y escuchada en el año 2010.

    52. Landiana love

      The Real List: 10: Poker Face 9: Applause 8: Artpop 7: You and I 6: Born this way 5: Paparazzi 4: Judas 3: Marry The Night (Film) 2: Telephone 1: Bad Romance

    53. raf Raf

      Rain on me

    54. jess moonshadow

      I have to many lady Gaga favourites 😊

    55. urrica burnah

      Love Game was ROBBED

    56. Иван Акимов

      I love Marry the Night


      Mother Monster to Pop God

    58. Robbie B.

      this vid is gonna need an update soon

    59. Inigo Villaruel

      I knew it Bad romance is the number 1 😮

    60. LZTgachavids Xxx

      I think that G.U.Y artpop film should have been first

    61. Manoj Kumar Barnawal

      Really gags have quality performance.

    62. Braulio Coronado

      Came here just to confirm Bad Romance was #1

    63. Ken Tahud

      i have that ultra instinct that "bad romance" will be the no. one. personally i love that. and also, everything on the list is in my music gallery.

    64. merry amin Bass

      I love all 😍

    65. Meme Kelly


    66. Kusum Das

      I am a very big of lady gaga and I do anything meet her

    67. Crazy J Productions

      Poker face .makes me sick for some reason

    68. Ighor Kids

      Lavyah Gaga

    69. Roman Glomb

      Michael Jackson would probably have loved Lady Gaga's Music Videos

    70. Gurl Okurr

      the comment section are the number 1 *spoiler* for a video

    71. Sean Redmen

      Saw the video, instantly thought Bad Romance is number one

    72. Luke C

      Eh eh is so cute though

    73. Andres Martinez

      Yo amo toda su discografia. Lloro, bailo, sonrió gracias a sus canciones y sin duda Gaga fue una gran ayuda para mí Pase por momentos difíciles ♥️😄

    74. Wow wow Lulu

      What’s the top ten list

    75. Ryo Hazuki

      I think best lady gaga sings is poker face just dance love game Judes and so happy I could die monster stupid love and bad romance and done

    76. M.C Blue Apple

      Bad Romance Was One Of The Very First Music I Liked When I Was Like 4 years old But I don't rememver anything until I saw it again when I was 12.

    77. Christina Johnson

      Bad romance and just 💃

    78. Chloe Louise

      Applause and guy are my favorite music videos

    79. Chloe Louise

      Honestly G.U.Y should have been like no.3 or 2

    80. Daniel Avila Sánchez

      Like if you love Gaga too 😍😍😍😍

    81. Rafael Rayoan

      I agree with your list

    82. Gul e Amber Khattak

      Bad romance is best in art direction

    83. Icia Mccartor

      katy perry is lowkey a wanna be lady gaga

    84. alyssa addison

      My favorite songs from her are all of them lol but one that I really vibe to is you and i

    85. Rinn

      Alejandro, paparazzi and bad romance are my favorites

    86. Graham Da Yam

      Applause should have been higher

    87. ALICE

      She invented and discovered the unconquerable fashion of all times. No one can deny it.

    88. Sanjay Bishwokarma

      Bad romance now has 1.1 billion views on HUfast

    89. First born unicorn

      Mrs mojo: Aleehandroh -_-

    90. Gertrudis Burgos Parra

      --- paparazi --- judas --- just dance --- poker face --- love gome --- alejandro --- bad romance --- aplausse --- perfec ilusions --- teleplone

    91. Yun A

      I’m still mad that “Applause” didn’t got the right fame that it deserved.


        it totally deserved to peak no 1 but was blocked by roar by katy perry for so long

      2. adam clarkson

        ARTPOP should’ve had way more music videos

      3. Ana Cecília

        The whole artpop

      4. 21_050 Md Jakir Hossain

        Duh! That single is 4xPlatinum. But agree with you it deserved more.

    92. Maiu Coronado

      Yass! Bad Romance!🙌🏽

    93. ProtoGlenn

      I don't get it. Mary Magdalene wasn't in a relationship with Jesus. Her brother Lazarus was, as he was the disciple whom Jesus loved.

      1. ProtoGlenn

        @james _chk Magdalene. Auto-correct.

      2. james _chk

        Mary mandolin? SJGJJSHHDJFJSJSJJD

    94. CosaGuardi

      1 bad romanceee

    95. JewelTears

      My favorites were (excepting bad romance) were in the honorable mentions. Not a big fan of Artpop

    96. THE geop

      I would rate Poker Face among the top 5!!!

    97. My Internal Eye

      Judas Million Reason and Shallow will forever be my forever my favorite songs

    98. Джейк Янг

      can you shut up and give me listen the music?

    99. Iqbal Adhany

      Alejandro always be number one

    100. My Sweet Beautiful Life

      Real artists will be criticized because they are the ones that think outside the box.