Top 10 Most Dangerous Water Slides


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    Top 10 Most Dangerous Water Slides

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    1. Humza Taj

      ethan and harry went to atlantis aquaventure in dubai

    2. Jack Cummings

      i went down #5 and havent gone on another waterslide sense holy shit

    3. Mary-Jane Cottee

      Harry, Tobi and Ethan: YO THAT'S SIIIIIICK Vikk: WHERE IS THE SAFTEY!????

    4. GetSchwifty 647

      I’ve been to Noah’s Ark and went on the Scorpion’s Tail, was actually really fun, but the person after me got stuck halfway through so I didn’t go on it again

    5. Godylh

      I’m proud to say that I have conquered and rode the leap of faith and the other ride in the shark tank next to it. The leap of faith is my favorite slide in the world.

    6. Tanya Mark

      ive been to the "leap of faith"!! infact ive done it before!

    7. Jaiden Brisley

      I’ve been on summit plummet

    8. GEIMZz

      Getting stuck in an enclosed water slide sounds like a nightmare

    9. Cozmetik

      Look up everything about action park they have so many deaths

    10. Cap

      I did the summit plummet

    11. Jacob Farmer

      I went on summit plummet and I’m only nine

    12. Joe Dorben

      I've been on an Aqua Loop before, basically it was a vertical drop, there was a trapdoor underneath you and it just opens for you to fall through. The one I was at had like a slippery thing you had to wrap around you so you wouldn't get stuck, but it wasn't really uncomfortable at all

    13. Jason Douchet

      7:38 The designer of The Verrückt wasn't actually a designer, just a random guy, with the help of the co-owner of the Schlitterbahn Park (where the water slide was constructed), who wanted to build it in only NINE MONTHS. Which is impossible because normally it takes over a year. And not only that, despite being responsable for the death of a 10-year-old kid, they were ultimately found NOT GUILTY, cleared of all charges ! Why ? Simply because in the state of Kansas, the laws regarding the dangerousness and safety of the waterslides were too lax, thus they escape any kind of punishment. Two bastards getting away after killing a kid who was just here to have fun.

    14. OddKicks

      The snotty climb macroscopically launch because recess predominantly scorch at a fixed bra. doubtful, four frail gym

    15. Fauzan Aziz

      Number two seems kinda pointless. You're expecting to look at the sharks but in most cases you're probably going to be heads down closing your eyes the whole way through.

    16. 69

      I’ve been on number 2 and it’s not that bad tbh

    17. Challenge Master

      The black hole is not dangerous I went on it and it is just black the hole way through

    18. daemon

      i got stuck in a tornado ride

    19. The JAXKing904

      4:14 me after seeing something brutal online.

    20. dbfor3

      Ive been to number 9, it aint awful


      Number 2 my sister went down

    22. Sunflower Vol. 28

      Bro I went on that disney one and oml the wedgie it gives you is MAD

    23. Amman Jordan

      I won't risk my life for those slides i will rather get slap by hundreds of girls.

    24. LifeOfNayNay

      look at ethan from 2:24 to 2:28 what is he doing lol

    25. LifeOfNayNay

      ok so from 0:08 to 0:12 harry says (water the most dangerous slides ever created) tell me how does that even make any sense at all surely he knew that was wrong...

    26. Mark Riley


    27. Claire&Scarlett Comrie

      Have you guys ever been to aqua Park in faro Portugal and been on kamikaze

    28. The fortunate son

      Fun story for number 6 if anyone is interested. I work at a waterpark, and we have one there which is similar but the bowl inside is much bigger. We were closing up and I was told I can go down on the spair double ring just chilling at the top save walking down the huge sets of stairs. Well my adventurous self decided to lie down face first on it and let one of the lifeguards sling me down. I went into the bowl (just exiting the slide part) sort of turned on my side in a position I can only describe as lying sideways on a sofa, and got slung out of the ring almost hitting the top of the roof and coming pretty close to breaking my arm if I didnt save myself, for the way I was gonna land. But long story short those things can be lethal if you come out of them, although pretty fun. Random story, you didnt have to read it, but here we are :)

    29. t min

      Tobi always looks like he’s crying when he laughs/smiles

    30. T.Davis

      I went on the vurrückt two weeks before the kid died on it can't believe it happend

    31. Jake Monnox

      I had went to the summit plummit before

    32. Joao Rocha

      insano is in a water park in fortaleza. i actually rlly wanna go there

    33. matzuuyi

      Funny not so funny story, I'm scared of waters slides, I was in a water park with a group of friends but did no slides just pools, When we were about to Leave they asked me to do one, and my dumbass said, what could go wrong? Yeah the donut i was on to turned upside down and i almost fell out the slide falling around 10 feet, but lucky me i did the slide upside down having some burns and the staff got angry at me for walking in the slide cause i stood up instead of sliding down that hell hole

    34. SoaringFalcon

      Imagine a woman going down a slide and literally loosing their virginity

    35. Madison Sophiee

      no.10 slide was so fun im telling you.... until my friend got stuck half way in the loop

    36. Molly Louise

      So I am never going on a water slide again 😂

    37. Naman Shah

      My brother was 6 and did the summit plummet

    38. T.K Gaming

      The size of viks headset lmao

    39. sean mangan

      I’ve been down the summit plummet

    40. DJslayer 995

      $100 easy cash

    41. Harrison Dyehouse

      Vik: “where is the safety?” 😂😂

    42. Gina Sheridan

      No joke, I was in thailand and went on this. I was too light and got stuck in the middle. One of the scariest moments of my life 😂

    43. HyPeR Charm

      How is the leap of faith dangerous, I'm 10 and I've done it like 5 times. It fun AS

    44. Retard Sage

      I watched this while diarrhea

    45. Freddy Jackson Monkes

      Me getting on number one: Ahhh sh*t man here we go again.

    46. Halo Boom

      My dad went on summit plumit it was scary to Evan wach him

    47. Angie Cunningham

      i live by number 3 they tour it down the billdrs had never built a slide before and meany meany other stuff happen be for. the kid was not to young for it to short and to light for it


      I have been stuck once

    49. Mia Gray

      Would you go on a dangerous ride for 100$? Everyone: No hell no Me: Yes hell yes lmao

    50. Clark Henderson

      I have done sumet plummet

    51. PinEMup

      Okay but I have actually had it clear me out like an enema not a fun time

    52. Chlybn707

      Fun fact I went on the one wear the kid died like a week before

    53. Captain Flounder

      Sidemen should visit us Wisconsinites and hold a meet and greet at Noah’s ark

    54. Joey Astorino

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    55. Ollie Trolly

      i did a double looping slide in Germany

      1. Ollie Trolly

        and i also went on number 8 while in Germany

    56. Titan Black

      Hey guys I’ve literally ridden on summit Plummit. It’s so awesome !!!

    57. Galaxygmr !

      That was insane

    58. General Smarty

      who else forgot about this video?

    59. Scott Baker

      There is this water slide in Dubai where you get thrown up at a nearly 90 degrees

    60. Matheo Krug

      Number 10 is nothing there is a waterslide just an hour from me with a double loop it's in the "palm beach" in Nürnberg and it's called Pegasus II

    61. David Stockwell

      It’s not unexpected waves but it’s water related.

    62. Evie Mitchell

      I went on the summit Plummer when I was only 8 because my dad wanted to show the girl infront of us not to be scared

    63. Julie Julie

      The rich budget dentsply rely because neck secondly practise towards a special can. typical, adventurous kettledrum

    64. Aaron Kissel

      I went down the second slide

    65. Wandamian Crucifixplate

      I’ve been in the aqua loop it was littttttttttttt

    66. Rya Vydelingum

      There’s a difference between the last one. They r both in Atlantis Water Park, but the rides are different depending if you go to the one in the Bahamas or Dubai. The Dubai Leap of Faith doesn’t have sharks at the end, it’s open top, but they still have a shark ride (I’ve been on it, and it’s amazing!). The Bahamas one combines it (as shown in the vid). Hopefully this helps anyone who’s confused!

    67. Levi Blum

      4:20: Ethan is the next Isaac newton

    68. Ahmed

      who else has been on one these slides, I went on summit plummet its so lit haha

    69. Brycen Wassner

      Bruh I did the summet plummet it’s rlly fun

    70. Monet Irritate

      I love how harry is the waterslide guru 😂

    71. Aki

      There is a scary ride in wild wadi in dubai which may defeat top 2 , Its so fking tall

    72. Eric Guest

      10000 pounds vs 100 pounds waterpark edition

    73. Allen Joseph

      No offence but Toby, you gotta react a bit more at sidemen reacts 😂

    74. SkullREIZX

      Ya should react to the Weeknd after hours short film

    75. SpeedReader26

      I liked this video for Harry’s pun and his pun alone.

    76. jamie l

      Black goaly

    77. Alucard99

      I was literally looking forward to hearing from the Black Hole (number 4) as I've been down it few times and it can get rowdy and flashy as hell but lot of fun. To cut away like that just mugged my day. Can be found at Wet n Wild, Newcastle.

    78. Kevin Kunkel

      They would have to pay my medical bills plus give me a hundred dollars.

    79. Daniel Murray

      I don’t think Harry knows what he says half of time

    80. Ditsy Pixie

      I'm surprised on Harry's knowledge of waterslides!

    81. Dalolo Roblox

      I went on the leap of faith(it’s not dangerous)

    82. Eva Ellen

      Went on Summit Plummet when I was 9 was real fun but only last 4 seconds, you couldn't see anything either with the water in your eyes

    83. Brenda Killeen

      I sub to your channel w2s

    84. Claire Dowdican

      Went on summer plummet when I was 10 bruh

    85. Claire Dowdican

      True story I got stuck in a slide because there wasn’t enough water and cried for a solid 5 minutes before someone came to save me

    86. Alexa Lovo

      Ayyyy shoutout Wisconsin 😤

    87. Return of uncle Bob :;:

      I went on the black hole and u can’t tell how annoyed I was when that was skipped 😂😭

    88. Dav Plays

    89. Dav Plays

      Dav Plays - HUfast

    90. Breanna Pittman

      This give me anxiety🥲

    91. Liam Hullock


    92. XzPur3zX

      Ethan carries this channel

    93. Harry Hill

      lest go harry and JJ

    94. Blake_Ward

      I’ve been on that aqua sphere ride it was sick

    95. Johan Seger

      I got stuck but it was a slide where many peapole went at the same time and i got stuck under a fat guy

    96. Maarya Hussain

      Where’s ksi?

    97. Uiikk

      Jesus is the only way to be saved. Can you pray this with me Lord Jesus I believe I am a sinner and I believe you have paid for my sins. I accept you as my lord and savior please come into my life and change me amen``

    98. Leo Onioms

      I went on 5

    99. Tegsy R6

      I’ve been on summit plummet not even that bad tbh

    100. Jade Fortin