Travis Scott’s new PS5 video


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    Today, we’re excited to announce Travis Scott has joined the PlayStation family as a strategic creative partner. We heard Travis is a huge PlayStation fan, so we started a conversation with him that led to this unique partnership. Through our mutual passion for gaming and creativity, we plan on collaborating with Travis and his Cactus Jack brand to produce innovative projects that we hope will delight our collective fans. Read more here:

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    1. Enzo Eyere

      me : turn on my ps4 my ps4 :



    3. ChristopherCC casimir

      Have been wanting the PS5 since I saw 👀 the trailer for it but it’s just not my luck so I was asking if you can maybe lower the price to 350

    4. ChristopherCC casimir

      Hi PlayStation I’m one of your fans I

    5. ShreddR

      ”Im batman..”

    6. Bruh

      Me when.....

    7. Timothy Walsh

      It’s lit

    8. Majercris

      Mcdonals fornite playstation

    9. hristijan Nurev

      whos still on ps2


      i guess sony gonna collab with mcdonalds next

    11. Aaron Yeah2

      I was waiting for that travis scott say when he start the Ps5 lets go

    12. Trxpzz

      bro that guy is from fortite

    13. Lum Julien

      That’s how loud the pa4 was

    14. y.kh2017aled

      العربي يصف معي

    15. Random Random

      Ohhhhhh the guy from fortnite is here

    16. Red NotSus

      8 Year Olds Be Like “Hey they stole this from fortnite”

    17. Jadolive Muhammet PRO156

      nice PlayStation 5

    18. Peelyz

      It’s lit 🔥

    19. Joancenalopez

      Travis collabing with everyone

    20. nYukae

      hűvös ez a trevisz káccs ps5

    21. きゆう

      Etape 1:The Travis Scott's Fortnite Etape 2:The Mc'Travis Scott's Etape 3:THE PS5 TRAVIS SCOTT'S Etape 4:4

    22. RyVap

      Travis Scott:I’m on earth McDonald:In Fortnite:In PlayStation:In Batman:Yes YES SIR

    23. Billist Camacho


    24. TAP TeZ

      Wait guys that’s the guy from Fortnite they stole him from Fortnite

      1. Josepay123

        Are you serious?

    25. MDYTZ _

      Use the cockroach costume again 😀

    26. Abhinav Rajesh

      we can clearly know HE IS BLOWN AWAY

    27. Yuzzy

      0:17 that hurts to watch like everyone presses the ps button with their thumb right?

    28. firzy noor

      *its lit*

    29. Taurus

      when you are an influencer, you have money to buy, but you get ps5 as a gift 0:31

    30. Juan Gongora

      jactus cack

    31. Yellow Boy

      Ppl asking who's still on ps4 ? Dude the only ps i got is ps2 and my brother sold it a long time ago

    32. David Padovani

      Playstaiton not have utro::((((((((((

    33. NotFFMortal

      0:31 i feel like this part will be part of a meme and blow up

    34. Endgame MW


    35. BrandNewBoss


    36. XD

      *Travis Scott existe* Fortnite:CONTRATADO 😎👌🏻 McDonalds: CONTRATADO 😎🤙🏻 PS5: CONTRATADO 😎🤝

      1. rodrigo

        Br e nois 😜😜

    37. Vadász C


    38. jenny manriquez

      Isnt this the guy from fortnite (As a joke)

    39. hgfgh gfhfffh


    40. Alejandro Borjas

      oh look the ps5 I'm never gonna get

    41. 猫Desoled

      Thank you xbox

    42. Pedro Perez

      isnt that the playstation mcdonalds fortnite guy?

    43. destrox_013

      BATMAN IS Travis Scott’s

    44. Haja Fatima

      Ps3 intro v2 the baby is travis Ps3 I Ps5

    45. Ethan Ephrem

      Imagine me having a ps5, get that outta here

    46. БИшкин

      × Fortnite

    47. Heyimstoopido BaconNoob


    48. kamcov19


    49. I only comment on Idiotic videos

      PS Travis burger

    50. Rohan Kantharaj

      CJ!!!!!! MY DOG!!!

    51. jacky wacky

      \ | / Cactus Jack / | \

    52. CK_ F4ACUNDO

      esta clave el ozuna

    53. Michele Prado

      X-Box is better

    54. Adam Rodriguez

      Is this the guy from fortnite!!!!!:!:!$:?:7:):

    55. Fabio Liuni

      It’s lit

    56. sagar malhotra

      Is this real

    57. shrimpdude

      Y'all pay Maxell for this?

    58. frmn

      its lit

    59. Kayden King

      No imagine when Travis turned it on franchise started playing that would be lit

    60. Kingnosh

      Me: how’s your ps5? Travis: ITS LIT

    61. Arya Narendra

      Travis scott next song: PLAY STATION

    62. Counterskeis

      Fortnite guy -->Batman Guy --> Now ps5 guy

    63. Zaflo YT

      covid made travis scott go sicko mode me 2020

    64. Brani

      Who’s still on PS4

      1. KingM3llo

        WAIT THERE'S A PS4??? I've been on the ps3, got the latest and greatest technology.

      2. mike neels

        This islike the 4th video u commented this on

      3. Laranja Boa

        Me lol

      4. Bowser Jr.

        1 hour gang

      5. Roko XD

        1 min gang

    65. Fliqzyzz

      Is this the guy from batman?

    66. Deirius Smith

      The Batman theme!!!!

    67. Frotix

      Wait is that the guy from fortnite

    68. daveycapps

      yo i bet hes playing fortnite

    69. NnFals

      Nobody: Me: seen batman

    70. xzl.4k

      Hey look its batman😍

    71. Tyrone Canterbury


    72. Smackyz

      Your launch day was a disaster.

    73. X-Voltage-X

      Here we go the Travis Scott PlayStation

    74. Manzana

      Qe no entendi mucho supongo que travis escott ahora iso una propaganda para la la ps5 pero asta ahi entendi (use the translator if you didn't understand)

    75. Panda Dude

      It’s lit

    76. Fortnite Trailers

      ITS LIT 🔥

    77. علي سالم علي سالم

      هههه كلو كذب

    78. Fatal1ty.

      Highest in the lobby

    79. Sum

      It’s lit

    80. Juan Daroy

      Pick Drake next

    81. ITS JASSY


    82. ImAstralLolz

      Its McDonald man

    83. Khalid Mohamed

      Boy stick with you're burger

    84. Justin Montalvo

      Yo tho it's batman

    85. MythicalZayyy

      iTs ThE gUy FrOm FoRtNiTe

    86. oscar galindo

      Travis regálame una play ❤️❤️

    87. Alfredo Pos

      Antes de entrar a la tienda de Mario.

    88. Marcelo Peres

      Xbox es mejor 😎✌🏻

    89. YDR Bankz

      Who else disappointed when they waited 4 hours on the site to find out there’s only 5 pairs

    90. TheBoi Nuggets

      That’s the place near my target lol

    91. TRAVIS SCOTT cottyt


    92. Marie Therese appi N CHO

      Svp je veux la ps5!!!!!!!! En côte d'ivoire ala rivera 3 svp derier cap Nord vila 101 de la cité da cotee

    93. ice age

      PS5: no CPU socket, no video signal re-soldering under big integralted processor ...am4 socket+amd ryzen desktop cpu in laptop ,pc,consol!1000years no problem, 32GB DDR4/ GDDR6 ram,playstation motherboard+ am4 socket+ amd zen2 desktop cpu+navi2 GPU chip +extra cooling+custom 1TB SSD

    94. OGSanHolo

      wow aspa rocky u did very well here

    95. Riner Viner


    96. 76p7 ER

      Бан за пропоганду полёнки и негров.

    97. Rull CRAN'z

      Mending rakit PC