Travis Scott - YOSEMITE


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    Directed by Nabil
    Produced by Ivan Herrera and Kathleen Heffernan for Operator Media
    Travis Scott online:
    Epic / Cactus Jack
    (c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.

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    1. ylala lala

      What I would give to go back in these times (2017-2018) every thing was going well

    2. Little Supreme

      I’m tripping acid rn so SAFE TRAVELS to anyone who reads this

    3. Dante Sanches

      otima musica !

    4. Caribbean Jack

      Travis is a musical genius, just listening to the song and watching the video super high, you see things you don’t see sober. This guy is operating on a level of awareness way beyond the average human.

    5. maisonjahid

      Hi everyone, my name’s Jah, 21, I’m french and I’m challenging myself to post a song by day on my HUfast Channel and my Instagram too. It’d be cool if you could subscribe or even just like and leave a comment ❤️❤️🥺

    6. since 1997


    7. website abuser

      who is listening to this in 2021???

    8. Javii

      Gunna brings a whole lotta to Any song he hops on

    9. Beary Wilkins

      Wait gunna was fat two years ago

    10. David Chntyl

      Damm it’s been 2 years still bumpin it 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

    11. Kufanga Mulala

      I knew Travis Scott, Gunna & Nav, especially Gunna wouldn't let my ears down.😎🎧

    12. Leo Vaz


    13. Yeehaw

      Still on repeat till this day 🤧

    14. Greatjoy mlambo


    15. Just Die

      why its not ft. Gunna??

    16. Sydney Ashiona

      probably used to those racks by now

    17. ibzö pouzzi

      I am very happy for you

    18. ibzö pouzzi

      I very happy for you

    19. Pius LP


    20. Nathan

      All I could think about at the beginning was "BRO WATCH YO JET"

    21. Christian Azanedo

      I hope Utopia will be as legendary as AstroWorld was

    22. Christian Azanedo

      This song makes me enter a whole mother dimension

    23. 9Tales Beatz

      4rm the guitar to that mad flute, the delivery, DAMN! ♧ This beautiful music is a Drug ♡

    24. 9Tales Beatz

      Still my Number 1 sound... GUNNA A VIBE ♧

    25. Lucas Ramirez Vakratsas

      1:40 😩 🤩

    26. Philip Mikalsen

      The fact that nav’s verse was recorded in a hallway🤯

    27. Neji Yamamoto

      with this breaks i coud smack travis in his face its not entertainend its annoying

    28. musicbytps

    29. Kimmi Kissez

      Travis videos be so damn creative. Puts me in another element.

    30. Kimmi Kissez

      I absolutely love this man 😍😍😍 #2021

    31. JULIÃO 777

      Cadê os br em 2021?

      1. Ricardo Porto


    32. Jazzy

      This music video is about spirituality, manifestation, higher self, and y'all don't know. Ughh wake up people. 🙏🏼😩

    33. leah

      best song of the album with no bystanders.

    34. Just Jxju

      Bro Nav got the shortest but the best part of the song

    35. PradaJeen

      this looks like a whole new movie

    36. bambi

      idk why that ending got to me

    37. Velson The Gamer

      I thought this was gunna song when I saw travis I was like wowwwwwwww

    38. Phone Gamer

      IM CALLING IT this is one of the MOST underrated travis songs and we all know it

    39. Vitor izid

      daq q o igu roubou o flow?

    40. Rico . Dior

      who else is here in 2022

    41. xxunknownj e

      Anyone here in 2021 ?☄️

    42. Lil bong

      I could have make a better video with dis song ..

    43. Nicolas Cage

      Why does his shirt just say ”butthole”?

    44. Zane Manrriquez

      Scott always acting too drugged out. We not on your level dude

    45. Da Da Da


    46. simar Aujla

      Bro astroworld probably the best album on earth..

    47. Der _Alman

      Jordany make a good Kopie of your song in the Chanel hertha TV #no ad

    48. Jack Lyman

      The skillful paul additionaly bounce because soil italy heat inside a questionable sponge. stormy, heady pike

    49. Tumelo Muller

      Who here 2021

    50. Tjarkson

      Gunna Part 1: 1:24 Travis Part 1: 1:54 Gunna Part 2: 3:10 Travis Part 2: 3:25 NAV Part 1: 3:40

    51. KTizy2000

      Crazy that this has just 53 Mio. views. It's a classic !

    52. Menna Mmduh


    53. Wiz Khalifa

      This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.......

      1. joe

        stop promoting ur shit music no one cares

    54. Khutxo Machete

      Yeah tht little boy in tht video it's me.. 666

    55. Aymen dz

      WOOOOOOOOW GOOD tvravis scott legnd

    56. Moreri Koolopile

      That flute💥💥💥💥💥💯💯💯

    57. x1Viren

      Imagine the music new generations will miss by passing it off as "old music"

      1. Shreyas S

        This fire

    58. Chwepheshe Dladla

      travis smoking too much this music video dont make no sense but its still lit🔥🔥

    59. Christian Azanedo

      Cant believe that this album with 17 hits out of 17 lost to cardi bs album with 0 hits out of 13

    60. Savage Gamer

      Jordan torunarighas fav song

    61. RiceGum

      How does this have 15k dislikes yo?

    62. Isaac Judy

      Ok I have seen like 1 comment saying this, why is nobody talking about travis's shirt. 😳😏

    63. MrJohnja04

      This video is absolutely beautiful

    64. Lasse L

      who is still listening in 2021?

    65. Hunter Biden

      When your not 100% sober, have something in you either medications, drugs or whatever, this song is HEAVEN

    66. -_-

      Hey does anybody know where the beat at the start comes from

    67. Lias T

      Mies cool

    68. Nana Frimpong

      how the audio got more youtube views than the video?? this video should have like 500m views

    69. Jerome Biscuits

      Yosemite needs more recognition man!!! The most underrated song on the album, most definitely

    70. FadedHD

      Life was too good when this came out

    71. ZYhnee MIller

      rd but like can he really make a themed park lol.

    72. Okorie Kester

      I always dream about this when I was younger, seeing myself falling from somewhere to somewhere like a hole🤦🏽‍♂️

    73. jakob

      Wer ist hier wegen Jordan ?

    74. Amelliyah Tirado

      This is lowkey giving me avatar vibes

    75. Agwale Khing


    76. Super Duper

      Yosemite: The Native Americans came upon another tribe while guiding the white man west. They spoke in a common but unfamilur tongue. Saying who are these men you guide. The Native’s replied, Be careful, These men are Killers! That’s what the word Yosemite means= these men are killers. (Look it up) ;-)

    77. cleber lopes

      kkkkk nada a ver o comeco

    78. Humairah Samia


    79. TT

      Ist hier noch jemand nach dem Hertha interview mit Jordan hergekommen hahahah

    80. Alins Israel

      Your past can't hurt your future because you the best of your kind and inner soul Travis

    81. Kamil Kostek

      King Von RIP🌧❄️☃☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️

    82. jairo Martinez

      1:20 that’s where the song starts

    83. Eileen Raccuglia


    84. Paolo Previtali

      anyone know what j has the kid thx

    85. BH12


    86. Salva

      FT.Jordan Torunarihga

    87. Rafa club

      Wer ist hier vom jordan vid ?


      Tik tok Ruins this song 😪

      1. dezii


    89. Nick West

      I am glad Travis and Kendrick are in this World

    90. Champion Football

      Jesus, please bless travis Scott

    91. matthew ramirez

      The imaginary cut classically confess because test antenatally shade lest a amusing break. flat, simple pest

    92. sqer

      Bin wegen jordan nochmal hier

      1. Mark


    93. mimo gy

      Bin wegen eligella viedeo hier

      1. ωokeメ

        Hahahaha ich auch

    94. Luien

      yosemita Remix : :O

    95. Taylor Spears

      I feel like Gunna makes any album a success along with Travis Scott. Gifted artists!

    96. MKX420

      Another Year, Same G.O.A.T 🐐🌵

    97. Stephen Silver

      who is watching in 2021

    98. Abhiram Kadiyala

      Falls like a million feet gets back up in 2 seconds unharmed.Welp it is what it is

    99. Blazin Gamez*

      Never gets old

    100. Blazin Gamez*