Trick or Treat: Halloween Fails | FailArmy


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    BOO! Halloween is almost here! Enjoy our spookiest collection yet!
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      @5:26 best one

    2. RedFox

      Oh no it's Jerry 6:58

    3. RedFox

      Hahaha look at that mom dancing 4:59

    4. RedFox

      That funny and the kid coming out is the ice on the cake 3:57

    5. myuzhak

      does anybody know the opening punk tune???

    6. pink

      Girls locker room: OMG ryan is so cute. Boys locker room: 3:00

    7. Michael C

      2:43 That's not fucking funny dude.......hhahaha. His reaction was funny af.

    8. Brinkley Lavagnino

      The last one just got me in LOL

    9. Mrs Rivaille

      Americans are so over the top with Haloween 😅

    10. Ivan Kirilov

      I told you not to do it I told you not to do it I told you not to do it . . . Back from the past...

    11. Royce Kuma

      Well at least people are putting their masks on

    12. Jacob Seitz

      Lol at least ten of these are recycled from the Halloween fails 2019 video

    13. ENVY ME

      Texas chainsaw massacre guy was great. They guy ran.🤣

    14. Niclas W.

      4:55 ahaha funny for the car driver ahahaha😐

    15. Cascade

      I literally just watched the video from 2019 and its basically the same damned video with a different order... this is a FaIL ,,, fAil aRmYY!!!!!!

    16. Mid-Ohio Guardian

      thumbs down …. stolen videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. pam daniels

      I hate clowns. Even when I was small at the Ringling bro and barnium Bailey circus.... clowns suck

    18. the woofy Show

      7:37 pour puppy 1 like=1 day of not getting jump scared.

    19. Sade' Edwards

      Man! The bathroom candy one was the best!!!! So awesome

    20. Zhaoyu Zhao


    21. lila frame

      I love the jumping spiders looooool lmaoooooo

    22. can't think of anything

      Watching this at 12:30 at night

    23. War Chief

      People getting Scary is funny 💯😄

    24. Eskimos 69

      There should be a death penalty for recording vertically

    25. Montie Luckett

      I'm still waiting for the video of someone knocking the begeezuz out of someone or someone one getting shot or a bat run across their forehead.

    26. Fish Lover

      The guy in the bathroom is cool the rest is so stupid how can people be scared of it 🙄

    27. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

      3:00 that one was golden on the toilet

    28. Connor Lee

      7:44 I literally pooped like fr💩😭😭

    29. JustHellooo

      How are you getting away with recycling half of these from your last video?

    30. Mason J

      I'm dieing 🇦🇺🐐🎃🎄🤣

    31. Paulius Time

      0:45 is the best one :D Just holly shet :D

    32. elijah haskins

      “OH! JERRY!”

    33. elijah haskins

      that halloween candy in the stalls y’all left out the ending where he says “you’re welcome guys😁😁” which was the best part!!

    34. John Monroe

      My stomach hurts from laughing and I thank you for that! The easiest and most enjoyable way to do stomach crunches! "KEEP ON KEEPIN ON"!!

    35. Paulo Renato

      LOVED this episode!!!

    36. Leroy Jenkins

      why are these fails?

    37. amy chambers

      jim and sam

    38. Luis Medina

      the scariest part of this video is the clown saying reeeeceeees😱

    39. Daniel Selk

      THESE are my favorite kind of fails, the scaring people XD ...but the guy giving candy in the bathroom is such a good one XD


      Last Scare was Damn Awsome , the box one

    41. GalaxyGirl BlackHeart

      6:03 Poor dog.

    42. Rhodex470

      4:23 my mans tranformed into a seagul

    43. DD Dietriech

      That last one was perfect 👌

    44. Douglass Hammond

      2:18 FIRE ALARM!!!!!!!!!

    45. John Henry Luna

      Whats the song on 6:09 clip? Thanks in advance

    46. Mauricio Peña

      Ok that last one was great! 😁

    47. ToadLegend

      POV: You are watching how long humanity has come until you see yourself

    48. Arctic Gamer

      Hey can I react to your video for a video I need your permission or I'll get copy right I would like to react to your video for a Halloween themed video if you could give me a response it will be greatly appreciated.

    49. Barbara Crawford

      How come men scream like girls, and i scream like some demon ready to rip out your soul ?

    50. Joshua Maher

      When he screamed at 0:57 does he say "im a virgin!"? hahaha

    51. Anny Lockard

      The bathroom candy bowl.....laughing my butt off!

    52. Am.

      Wow the last one is dope af !

    53. Ruby Olivo

      The bathroom one 😂😂

    54. Кузнецов Георгий

      Однако, и в РФ стали также болеть...

    55. Aaron Mathews


    56. North Pole

      Somebody, anyone can tell me what song is that at 6:12 ? Ty That guy at the car got mad lucky

    57. Fun and Cute

      LOL my heart almost jumped out

      1. Irma Navarrete


    58. Unknown_88 Unknown

      1:51 good luck getting that out of your blades

    59. Holly Conley

      Omggg!!!! The one where the guy was giving out candy under the stall!!!!😂😂😂

    60. Артем Безручкин

      0:03 / 6:34 Happy Halloween: Spooky Fails (October 2019) | FailArmy ??????

    61. Sophie Derby

      2:15 its not nice to scare your grandmother

    62. Casey Christensen

      Fail Army FAIL! Some of these were in the 2019 video. You guys still put out great stuff though.

    63. The Real MFWIC

      Most of these aren’t fails. But I enjoyed it anyways

    64. Captain Learjet

      Good way to get shot...

    65. kristian kalle

      I think my grandma would get a heart attack if I did something like that to her.

    66. arod9393

      2:20 so staged

    67. DezManHue


    68. Avacado Films

      "that's the closest encounter to an angel I've ever had" omg

    69. Ruthie Harrison

      I miss the days when me and my two sisters would have Scar battles🤣

    70. Manuel BST

      🤣🤣🤣Best minute 7:42

    71. ThePablonator

      6:20 was such a beautiful scream🎶

    72. Eb

      Stay safe everyone. My dream was to have 100 subscribers by end of this year.

    73. vicknap

      Sooooo funny!!!!! lmao!!!

    74. BILLYD YEH

      All these people are choosing the flight, of the fight or flight. Where's the video where the mask wearer gets the punch in the face. I wish I could have gotten mine on camera.

    75. rennie rad

    76. God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body

      God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. holy ghost baptism. God attacks me. rips my face, shoots into mouth gum disease. JEsus appears and laughs. online. online. God is like fred kruger

    77. BaitBook101

      handing out snickers while taking a dump had me rollinngg

    78. psympson

      RECORDAD: Cuando os den un susto >>> PATADA EN LOS COJONES. Es infalible.

    79. Scottie Scott


    80. Oneida wolf

      The clown guy doing the trick was my favorite

    81. Tron M

      4:15 😂😂😂😂😂

    82. Christmas Oh

      I am dressing up as Zombie Joe Biden and sniffing lots of hair today ... mmmmmmmm Happy uh er unmmmm Halloween 🎃 👻 🎃 👻

    83. Logan Mendivil

      The box thing at the end is freaking awesome.

    84. recreation music

      “Some people are born for Halloween, and some are just counting the days until Christmas.” btw i have a halloween music on my channel

    85. Funny Asian

      Fantastic funny new friend! Thanks for sharing this video!

    86. XXnotXavailableXX

      0:50 What has this guy done to deserve this public humiliation?

    87. 7 years and

      4:57 everyone is laughing .he could have died

    88. 7 years and

      0:30 how did failarmy got their competitor junkin media video

    89. Naruto

      The man with the candy on the toilette was the best

    90. Alex Savage

      7:18 she got even more scared when she knew who it was lol.

    91. Kevin B

      Too many of my friends carry, or would at least punch you in the face lol

    92. diluteduk

      I think this had more adverts than clips

    93. marvin martin

      1 minute in. This is why I hate clowns.

    94. Navis Preston

      Yo. The guy offering candy in the toilets just felt special. Amazing guy.

    95. Xx_BLo0DLuST -

      Where can I buy one of those things at the end of the video?

    96. QuantumRebel 69

      2:13 I felt really bad for laughing

    97. Gabriel

      0:08 😂 That was such a fail for the guy trying to scare him!

    98. Colleen Hathaway

      It's not funny dude!