Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy (Director’s Cut)


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    The Director’s Cut of a Troye Sivan trilogy featuring “WILD,” “FOOLS,” and “TALK ME DOWN”! Check out the continuous storyline as well as never before seen footage!
    Breakthrough Long-Form Video Nominee at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards
    Directed by Tim Mattia & Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio at London Alley

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    1. Esmeralda Herrera

      Esta cancion me trae malos recuerdos

    2. heather


    3. heather

      esto me dan ganas de llorar como una semana

    4. Alejandro V. Jimenez

      Noviembre 2020. Mi nuevo himno!!

    5. Tasneem Q

      4 years later and I'm still simping over this trilogy

    6. DarknessYFS

      ¿Quién sigue aquí en 2020?

    7. leslee Lopez


    8. ellie

      still sobbing and it has been 4 years 🤪🤪

    9. charlie hiew

      Getting more and more gay & lesbian music video nowadays . It scary...

      1. Maria Mendoza

        Hahahaha! But you probably watched the entire video. It ok to like the video you can always clear your history.

    10. Sarah Turcat

      Hello 🌸 🍭FRENCHPOP

    11. OffGun Slayyy

      This is too beautiful, but sad.

    12. pedrovsena

      okay but this is art and needs more recognition

    13. Boris Utan

      Amazing song. I felt .

    14. Elizabeth Navarrete

      Hello Lgbtq community

    15. Estephan Menut

      This speaks to you in such a special way, it hurts to know this is the reality and pain of so many people, but hopeful because it's also the strength of many more. Stay confident because better days are yet to come

    16. Akanksha pal Singh

      I am Pansexual and still haven't come out to my parents because I know once I do everything will change for bad as they never supported Lgbtq+ but its suffocating to live a life you know is a lie. It feels to much sometimes, I even tried self harm and it makes me hate myself more but it helps me, it helps me cope up with my parents unrealistic expectations, it helps me kill my dreams without feeling much pain and it helps me go through one day at a time.

    17. mccnbinnie

      The transition of the songs so freaking good. The film trilogy is beyond perfection.

    18. penelopeseks hot

      MY SЕХ LOVE--->> I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,,

    19. Christopher Diaz

      this is so depressing... 𝒾 𝓁𝓸𝓋𝓮 𝒾𝓉 😍💕

    20. huxin100

      what movie is it?

      1. Natalka Myk

        this whole clip is basically the movie. There is no actual movie this is just a 12 minute short "movie" ig you could say

    21. jessica ahnassay

      Crona virus

    22. jack h

      i need a movie

    23. Caro Selin

      Amazing And Sad Story Big fan From Germany Troye

    24. Saúl Smith

      Porfavor, que alguien me diga en donde fue grabado, quisiera ir a ese lugar en el cementerio antes de que me muera.

    25. Paula Belisela

      troye was ahead of his time, truly

    26. CamCam Sep

      2020 n im still crying evertime that i saw this video:(

    27. periyat pooh

      it’s time to cry again

    28. positions byAG

      I've never cried for a MV There's a first time for everything

    29. Sophanit Kong

      Who's still listening to this absolutely wonderful song? In 2021

    30. I DON'T KNOW

      This was a cultural reset

    31. Yusuf As

      this kind of sht is still happening until now.. and there's a lot of people still think that it's okay to hate each other. why human...

      1. ronsn

        That's so true Joe 😐

    32. Amrit lal Legha

      Troye Sivan is my addiction 🥰

    33. Monte Hall

      I dream of the day we don't make videos and music about gender intolerance because it's not an issue anymore. . . .

      1. Yusuf As

        I'm kinda pessimistic about that.. it still need more 1000 years to make people used to it. ironically. :(

    34. Avash Bhattarai


    35. jennelynfrias

      I will not let the day pass without listening to this! I will support you forever Troye!

    36. Animeweeb

      I swear, I felt like crying once a funeral was happening, I thought it was Troye, or the other boy. But if I ain't wrong it was for the old hag that was homophobic.... which I'm still deciding whether he deserved it or not...

    37. Charles Truman

      Love your voice !!

    38. Sofia Leszczynski

      2020 y sigo llorando con esto. :)

    39. Maria T. Waniek


    40. RosH Cupcake

      Zayn and harry.,😭😭😭😭😭😭

    41. andreiemiliano yahdiaz

      beautiful music

    42. Megumi Gray


    43. Rikellme Oliveira

      Oquê aconteceu com as padrão?

    44. Chariyah Bowens

      I like yours music videos

    45. Emma Millar

      The most beautiful love story EVER ❤️❤️❤️

    46. Karthik Bhat

      I watched this is in 2020 and I love it

    47. IAdoreU

      Its election time in the US. So much crazy stuff has happened this year but I still believe in a better tomorrow. Who feels the same?

    48. Marina Diamandis


    49. •_•

      Sooooo anyone can tell me who died

      1. Maria Mendoza

        @Deena Sidix Wow! I have seen this video several times and I always thought it was the other young man. He is killing sexual identity/orientation. When the father confronted him about this, he denies it. He denies that part again as he's walking with his 'girlfriend' and again at the funeral after he's caught by the wife/girlfriend. So wow I never thought it was Troye's death.

      2. •_•

        @Deena Sidix i love that theory Is that what most people agree with?

      3. Deena Sidix

        It was actually Troy who died

    50. Zidimic

      Not my type of thing. But I can tell you this was a touching video. Like a movie

      1. Maria Mendoza

        It's not a thing. This video can also be applied across cultural boundaries. Prejudice and hate are not gender-specific.

    51. 好奇大象 DAX Channel

      Hearing numbness all over the body, feeling down and distressed.

    52. Rachel Preston

      It so sad made me mad that you give up real love for other to be happy knowing you not gay and you doing what they want . Fuck up . No wonder their little love here.

    53. Florence Chasseur

      Merveilleuse chanson, je ne m'en lasse pas !! Belle histoire (trop peu racontée) force à vous tous les garçons...

    54. Fatih ORTAK

      Love you troyeeeee...!!!

    55. Emilly

      até agr esperando isso virar um filme

    56. Whoopsydaisy3 Beyond Domestic

      Back and forth....up and down....running in circles...I hope it all comes together soon....

    57. N K

      This is by far my ult fav era

    58. Mind Sheep

      Watching from year 2077

    59. Gilbert Flores

      Every gay boys story told so beautifully. 😊🙏🏻❤️

    60. Yudá ff

      ❤❤❤🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪 Perú

    61. Jomell Bandong

      i thought thier just bestfriend ,but i freaked out when they kissed

    62. Miguel Romero

      2020 ANYONE?

    63. Dan Rivera

      this is still painful, even if it's 2020.

    64. T. V.

      столько лет прошло, но до сих пор смотрится шикарно!

    65. João Vitor Gonçalves

      não dá tropinha não dá... é só vapo...

    66. Acoustic Songs Collection

      Very nice song

    67. Lee Văn Sang

      Help me! I wanna know name the song @8:00

      1. Ioana - Roxana Bandila

        Talk me down. Wild and Fools are the first 2 songs

    68. krabby patty


    69. Don McDonalds

      I come here when I’m in need of a good cry.

    70. Shawnie ßoy

      Everytime i watch this trilogy , I cry 💔

    71. Kaka Gamers

      anying gai kimoch warui geleh pisan

    72. jennelynfrias

      And it makes me so sad =(

    73. Viola Sama

      WOW... i'm a fujoshi, so, thank you...

    74. OffGun Slayyy

      I’m freaking out coz I can’t take it. This 12 minute, made me feel a lot of things.❤️

    75. Sergioe N

      guacala es musica de gays

    76. BADbaby L7

      The 1st time I saw this trilogy I was in tears thr the whole thing and it still makes me teary eyed and it's been a min since. Waiting for the big screen Troye!!!

    77. Mariana Torres


    78. Malec Forever

      Where is the second part??????? Urghhhhhhhhhhhhh😣😣😣😣

    79. mehnaz


    80. Puja Sarkar

      Am I the only one who thinks it's just like the book "Finding North" except for the ending? I read the book recently and can't help but think of it as the same and that helps knowing that they get sort of happy ending in a parallel world. I love it so much ❤️! Can never forget the trilogy!!!

    81. Itati Vera Quinancela

      2020 y no supero esto

    82. пика мика

      О щет, есть русские из 2020????

    83. Pooh Jaihow

      As soon as I got the ending, I got goosebumps...

    84. Pooh Jaihow

      This is my favorite song from him.

    85. Reece

      Spot on

    86. Mako Mochi

      This video was and still is a cinematic beauty.

    87. Leilani Santos

      i cant a magin this im blest that my home isint a dethtrap.

    88. Groovy Milkshake

      Growing up with a toxic nd homophobic parent can cost you ur whole life.

      1. Groovy Milkshake

        @Yusuf As I am so sorry for u Joe. Ik its hard nd no one deserves this just remember there r people who cares for u nd i am proud of you for staying strong after facing all those shit :) 💞

      2. Yusuf As

        i have to deal with PTSD for the rest of my life because of that

    89. black YT

      this gayyyyy

    90. Sonja Bengoli

      I'm currently crying like hell

    91. Damian Michalski

      Mój chłopak umarł na nowotwór ale zawsze jak słucham piosenek Twoich to miło go wspominam.

    92. Damian Michalski

      Ale on jest ładny ten Troye chciałbym mieć takiego chłopaka.

    93. sef man

      Piss off adtube and vevo. Especially vevo.

    94. Liam Urrutia

      me being g a y be like ;w;

    95. TidePod Musical

      The music lyrics do not fit the video

    96. Faysel Djelti

      Still watching❤❤💜💚😉

    97. An Nguyen

      What I'm about to say gonna sound selfish and stupid but... Why are handsome boys usually gay? :(

      1. Yusuf As

        I'm not handsome. but why I'm gay?

      2. loveโดเรเอหมอน หมอนเบเบเบเบ


    98. Francis Mangalindan

      I'm just here because i saw my girlfriend's recent history is this one. Tho i don't regret watching this one.

    99. Rock Hard Ride Free

      That's where you poop. Lol