Twitch Mods and Alinity


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    This is the greatest set of rules of All Time

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    1. MinatoAce

      ' Finger-tits ', I had to recheck the video twice to clarify if I'm hear correctly or not

    2. tabasco

      8 months late but i wouldn't be surprised if that one twitch mod that identifies as a fucking deer is behind this

    3. Slick-O-Nick

      Damn, John Wick Lookin' Kinda Gud.

    4. Mohammad Valdi Ananda Tauhid

      Imagine twitch tech support

    5. Jon W

      Twitch: For Simps, By Simps.

    6. Tom Roberts


    7. jasiah mascarenas

      its the goverment

    8. Ryley Mclean

      I know this video is late but I think alinity did intend to do that nipslip. The clip shows she trying to stuff a pillow up her shirt. I mean for one how would you not expect to actually show cleavage or nips, notice she didn’t have a bra on either. Always notice the consistency off when she’s always in controversy. It’s most of the time Fridays or weekends when she does this. I don’t want to put on the tinfoil condom as Charlie puts it but I think alinity does do this purposely for clout. Cloutchasers doing something showing tits on stream or generally stupid stuff is not uncommon. But it’s really the fact aswell that when she was asking for a ban she wanted to expand on that clout to further grow because she knows full well with that condescending attitude she has power. She dosent play the victim, she openly accepts the hate and is shallow about it. I agree though about accidental nudity. A warning or ‘be careful next time’ is more acceptable than a ban. Charlie makes good points about the favouritism though and clear bias. But I’m confident to say that the alinity nip slip was clout chasing and not accidental

    9. tony gamar

      What is accidental nudity oh sorry my cock whipped out

    10. Boldişor Dorin

      Alinity actually sucks mate. Watch Andrei Terbea's video on Alinity

      1. menace


    11. termt

      next up alinity gets a baby and when its asleep in a cradle she gives the baby a sonic speed cradle and the baby will be crying and will not be easy for the baby to sleep

    12. Canadian gamer Yessir

      Teacher: "No we don't have favourites 😁" Twitch: "yeah we do have favourites 😎"

    13. Canadian gamer Yessir

      Twitch mode: *exists* Alinity: *i SUCC*

    14. Ottoman Empire


    15. priths123

      i am NOT in the od team someone says i am

    16. Carlomaster 1O5

      Plot twist: Charlie is a twitch mod but due to lack of power on the hierarchy, he doesn't have the power

    17. Spamzwantles

      I wanna see Charlie and idubbbz do a collab and call out someone

    18. Shade Baxter Live

      i liked cause of the burp at 6:34. Nice

    19. Sam Gibson

    20. CharismaSTICC

      Imagine if Charlie doesn't swear, he'd be Jesus for reals

    21. The Continuation

      Long story short: Streamer shows booba (Yes this is satire and not the whole story)

    22. Panda Express

      Charlie Looks like a Short Steven adams

    23. Dexagon

      1:02 'fingertits'

    24. Giga Chad

      5:04 Charlie winks at the camera

    25. Jrdryz

      did you cut your hair charlie?

    26. Max Payne


    27. Red was not The Imposter

      This video is the 5th one after I search “twitch simp”

    28. Mr. Demon

      Charlie with his hair back>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    29. Bilbou Bil

      cheese man you always make me laugh

    30. ロッキーディル

      Not gonna lie i used to defend alinity but at this point there has been so much shit that even i cant defend her

    31. Oriond34 Mega

      In a way that comment he made about streamers having contact with the mod team aged poorly

    32. MookMorris2

      That thumbnail had me thinking it was Ricky Rubio running a secret youtube channel lol

    33. Jrechurr

      If you see this comment you're a legend *[Now give me likes]*

    34. The Viewer

      OHH MY gOd hhee cUT his hAiR

    35. Kenneth Wise

      Charlie for Pew news

    36. Plot Twist

      Nice dog

    37. Jd Gunslinger

      when we achieve dimensional travel imma go to the Diminution that anility got banned for throwing her cat and see how far they got.

    38. ToxiCraft


    39. Dylan Miller

      If I ever see alinity gonna follow her for as long as possible and ask her why she threw her can and how her dog feels against her foot and what a drunk cat is like I intend to make the bitch cry idc she’s a trash human that should have been banned from the internet and have her animals taken away Her response to throwing her cat was I didn’t think anyone would notice REALLY?!?!? Fuck her better hope I don’t see her

      1. Cubee

        @Eva Remus I think his comment was in a joking manner.. and If it wasn’t then I’m concerned lmao

      2. Eva Remus

        Alright buddy. This ain’t cool, also with the joker profile. Really? I hate Alinity, she’s an awful person. But the shit you just said is NOT okay bro. I’m a female, and you can’t just say you’re going to “follow someone for as long as possible”. That’s stalking, you’re saying online in full view of the public, that you’d stalk this woman. She’s terrible, I agree. But this type of thinking, you need help.

    40. Yeet Skeet

      Let's make a mascot for twitch and then bully the shit out of it when we feel like twitch is being a piece of shit platform

    41. Aaron Gisclair

      Nah. I deff think alinity is one of the very few who gets special treatment by givin suckey suckey to twitch staff😂😂😂😂

    42. Hyun XP

      Can we get.. like, Moist to be the president of the whole world or a representative of something?

    43. g_. dawg

      Has it really been 7 months?

    44. BrokenFPS___

      I hate that bitch because of her quote.” Men cheat when they are interested in other girls, but if a women does that, its not.”

      1. Eva Remus

        As a woman, what the fuck. I mean I already hated her but this type of shit is despicable

    45. Crazy_clay78YT

      am i the only guy that doesnt like massive gazongas

    46. DeepFried Oreo

      I'm surprised it's taking this long for people to connect that the twitch mod staff is probably an algorithm similar to the algorithm HUfast uses to monitor their videos.

      1. Eva Remus

        Not exactly, the twitch mods are simps. They’ll let attractive females get away with a lot, and unfortunately a lot of them aren’t pushing for equality. This is coming from a girl, those girls should be speaking out against it. But they just care about the money. Charlie is right about how the girls aren’t choosing it. But they’re content with it, and that’s the problem. They never asked for it, but they’re also not speaking out against it.

    47. Jeremy Davis

      Women on recruit difficulty

    48. Mama's lil Boy

      Can we get charlie to run twitch?

    49. That MTF Guy

      “All it took was one pencil”

    50. Ammon Teasdale

      5:32 whenever my dad talks about me

    51. Ammon Teasdale

      Plot twist: the twitch mod’s are recruited from discord mod’s

    52. Yusuf Hussein

      0:55 *Gasps in holy oxygen*

    53. It’s me Alex the me

      Yea but the cat the cat tho thhhheeee ccccaaaatttttt

    54. robert dean

      i actually searched for the clip and saw it on alinity's reddit. its so sad to see those simps trying to defend the nip slip as an accident like jesus christ its just so pathetic and sad how they would waste their time trying to defend their queen through flawed logic

    55. Kaden Wilson

      Twitch Mods now know if they got revealed they would get absolutely fucked by people

    56. Efe Uzun

      I'm not a simp but Charlie somehow always makes sense.

    57. NotVerifiedlol

      His voice is not synced with his mouth.

    58. Koryptid

      poor wumpus

    59. PaThePenguin

      Twitch mods are extremely scummy

    60. IVI R Cheese

      That hair style is sexier than the dog in my basement

    61. Man on the Moon

      Wait nudity in a game you're playing is not allowed, even if it's not a straight up porn game? That's fucked

    62. Vigilant Villain

      Even @pornhub said they would ban Alinity

      1. Takeo

        She would deserve it

    63. Smotheryaxe 1414

      Watch her say she has a bf and not even 10 minutes later, she gets banned

    64. ボトムレフト

      Charlie looks like neil druckmann. I would add something but being compared to druckmann is insulting enough, I think.

    65. Andres Olivares

      1:02 he said finger tits (not shitting on him just thought it was funny)

    66. Enrique Rodriguez


    67. Mical

      Why does Charlie look bald

    68. Peaky Mickey

      Not wearing a cap in your thumbnail, but you still look like Keanu Reeves.

    69. dont spill

      im bouta pull an alinity *stands in chair and hold camera under butt* am i doing it right

    70. Esky ManGeese

      In the title you look like the head game maker from the hunger games.

      1. Eva Remus

        I got some news for ya about his role in the hunger games 👀

    71. MeIIow

      You know something is wrong when jesus himself makes a video about it .

    72. Lakendle Cage

      dopeasyola florida paulolondra cbs khalid hallelujah

    73. Sara Popovich


    74. Krs


    75. lumpsome ONE

      Christ has 6.66 subs????

    76. Coxy Normous

      Bullshit! It wasn’t an accident for certain! Like feeding a cat vodka isn’t an accident! She knew what she was doing, like why was she even trying to stuff a pillow into her stomach anyway. I call sus

    77. Im stupid So i comment on whatever i think is right

      Goddamn since when did John wick do HUfast?

    78. Literally Pigeon

      My way of telling how long ago a critikal video is is by looking at how much hair he has

    79. STAYHIGH993

      He looks like Keanu reeves after a month long bender

    80. William Zhao

      Penguinz0: fingertits HUfast: MoistCr1tikal: fingertits Twitch: PERMA BANNED

    81. Shin Chad

      1:02 "right at ur fingertits' did I hear that wrong?

    82. Thanos Giovanna

      their in kahoots with the tribe of community guidelines

    83. ForeverTS2

      I found this channel less than 1hr ago and this is the 3rd video I found where you are talking about her. If you were a mod you wouldn't ban her either. You can't even STFU about her.

    84. Miles Berthiaume

      What made you change you opinion to you streaming now

    85. Ravikul Rao

      i get asked about for 1 week atelast damn

    86. Red_x70

      He looks like pothead david tenant in the thumbnail

    87. Brodie D.

      "Wumpus tripped over the power cord and shit his pants, discords down for an hour." xD

    88. Pink Dango

      Tell us charlie did u killed someone with pencil?

    89. Dylan Finch

      Is Charlie going to talk about the person they made a mod on Twitch that identifies as a transsexual deer?

    90. CummyFcker L

      :o it's Officer Greg from the soon to be movie hit Last Of The Grads

    91. Mustard0981

      accidental nudity is easy to prevent just keep your damn clothes on

    92. Kachra Seth

      There's always a thin frail guy with long pony in any action film pitted against the protagonist or hired for killing him. Charlie exudes that big d*ck aura. And man those thick eyebrows🔥

    93. SpartiuS94

      It's quite silly to suggest that "accidental nudity" should not be bannable. You put that rule, and the number of accidental slips will skyrocket. Then you need a jury to decide whether or not it was accidental and ban accordingly? Yeah, more room for bias.

    94. tuananh than

      chungha repzion supernatural filmtheory

    95. seans4n


    96. Dantés Inferno


    97. Anonymous Potato

      You know the mods are bad when someone has to tell you to punish them for violating a rule for you to actually do it.

    98. ryan lambert

      joycemeyer offlinetv jokertrailer