Twitter VS Alinity


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    1. Bowblax

      Part 2 is out now! Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

      1. Caden McCord

        maybe she's giving the owners of twitch bj's so she doesn't get banned

      2. Failed To Load Username

        11:05 he's saying that's shes married to one of them. I think

      3. The Guy

        There should not be 5 parts! That's how bad this got!?

      4. Mr_ Frostie

        Twitch is a SIMP

      5. Elec 50

        yo is this avatar but youtube

    2. Juju C-S

      a random kid

    3. Dio Brando IV


    4. ShivsterNinja

      I like how the CEO can't do anything even though he literally owns Twitch.

    5. Axel Twelve

      Good Money

    6. Ayakuuu

      this be old asf. buttt games are important to me but you never will catch me throwing my cat behind my head. ive pushed him off the chair and set him on the bed or ground. jeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz

    7. Angelo Paculob

      Ok her song is cringy

    8. Dis

      This is not equality

    9. Zoe

      I love cats (as u can see bc i have keqing as an pfp) so that first one hurt me

    10. Zexroz _

      Alinity: I gave my cat vodka a year ago thats like saying i killed someone a year ago and im not guilty

    11. nathan park

      Dr Disrespect: *exists* Twitch: no

    12. Ooga Booga

      Men’s rights movements are on the the horizon

    13. Dœgo

      *yeet the kitty and pop that kitty*

    14. Alicia Bual

      Lol this I quite funny except a cat getting oofed

    15. Aisukyubu

      Pewdiepie calling her a "stupid twitch thot" yeah he is absolutely 100% accurate

    16. Salty Man

      Some people don't deserve the air they breathe

    17. Remo Zhang

      bruh im more interested to the twitch streamer with the catfish and wth is this video recommended to me after 2 years?

    18. SpartanKing

      Yeeted her cat like her mother yeeted her at birth

    19. XxexoticbuttersxX


    20. Daniel Quijada


    21. Elijus Karvelis


    22. EatMyPoopyGamer

      The start of a saga

    23. Gray Wam

      The cat is probably good, unless it hit a wall

    24. Magnus Reeves

      I mean peta is wrong but there not incorrect

    25. Lacqs

      now we know why they ban "simp" and "virgin" lol

    26. Virexium

      Jesus christ this thing shouldnt be allowed to own pets.

    27. bla0005551

      this is an old video but looking back its like amber heard I'm not strong I didn't hit you you are fine also. like she got no punishment still if I murdered someone a year ago it would still matter.

    28. Shortie

      I know this was a year ago but I'm gonna comment on this about the sexism thing. As a feminist and a person who speaks about sexism TWITCH IS BEING SEXIST, it is not fair that Alinity isn't getting banned even tho she's broken the rules multiple times, yet a guy's catfish jumped out of his hand. So yes Twitch is very much sexist.

    29. brodinoHQ 2.0

      Simple twitch is a simp

    30. Dr Beyonder

      She’s hot so I’ll allow it

    31. Chezzyluizy

      Twitch staff is simp Twitch staff is simp Twitch staff is simp Twitch staff is simp Twitch staff is simp Twitch staff is simp idk what am i doing with my life

    32. 247IsᴜᴄᴋAᴛMC

      The guy with the catfish, I feel bad for if, he enjoyed doing twitch his passion would of just been ripped away from him because of something uncontrollable, even though the catfish would of been fine, but someone throwing and poisoning their cat doesn't get banned all because they are a female is fucked up. #BanAlinity

      1. CSD Arbiter

        Reason why they don’t ban her yes because of the Simps

    33. Amyaa Fetko

      For once I actually agree with Twitter 💀

    34. Slapshot AJ

      A caring home for a cat is definitely a place where they get Vodka, and get thrown!

    35. NeeNeeMonkey

      The only time I agree with peta...

    36. Rowan Lee

      Yo F*ck Alinity that animal should be subject to torment

    37. Liu Tjin Siu

      I have a plan

      1. Liu Tjin Siu

        Don't use twitch its hard but just use HUfast for streaming until alimity is banned for life

    38. Cum Doctor

      The world would be a better place if twitch wasn't a simp

    39. Sher K

      Twitch staff are simping

    40. SpiderJC

      The clip where she throws her cat isn't that bad in my opinion as cats always land in their feet

      1. Zachion yes

        still bad

    41. freddy Frost bear


    42. Mark520

      she should be canceled

    43. Ian al AbAjar

      Twitch fwicking simp

    44. cojil

      1:40 the only time i will ever agree with peta

    45. vivid

      The dislikes are from Alinty Twitch thots

    46. krista barton

      F#ck @Twich

    47. Black Yoshi Da Boi

      This is why Twitch are total simps

    48. Whitekidwithwifi WiFi

      Alinty Yeet a spiked cat my favorite quote

    49. Whitekidwithwifi WiFi

      Shit I agree with peta for once

    50. ArcShip

      I need to go back to a simpler time after the Carson situation

    51. Nikolaj Lazarević

      A cat cen lend on its legs vodika is alkohol ITS F**** DEDLI So. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aAaaa. F***** B*** ALINATI NeDS To F*****. DIiiii

    52. Ajka Fetahovic

      Fu#cking hoooooooo

    53. MJayyS

      Twitch favors booby streamers. which is streamers with big breasts. honestly it's horrible support staff, but honestly people harassing her need to be Banned either way, because those harassing her and herself should be banned. the only reason she didn't get banned is because they favor her tits. she literally took a pic of herself and sent it to the Twitch staff member she talked to.

    54. Space Shard

      Can someone swat her already?

    55. Armina Beltran

      White knight virgin is a rare but great insult change my mind.

    56. darknes

      twitch staf must be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯ alinatyᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    57. xNapho the X-Naut

      This is ironic considering twitch banned the word simp

    58. amel amel

      Twich is a simp company they dont want do say they are so they band word"SIMP"

    59. ilikepenguinsYT

      bro this has nothing to do with her abusing cats but... shes tone deaf and it physically hurts when she sings

    60. zesty orange

      Idc that she throws the cat or not, the cat is fine, I’m mad that twitch is sexist

    61. Mr Penumbra

      3:10 You can see that the cat is pulling away from her. This indicates the cat does not like Alinity.

    62. Mr Penumbra

      I like how he said “even PETA” because he knows PETA has done some messed up things.

    63. Mr Penumbra

      Man you are an OG

    64. Ban Dodoy

      Is she banned? Hope so, coz if not then twitch should not be operating right now

    65. CheQy

      “Lapse in judgement”

    66. Your Average Bad Gamer

      She literally wants to kill her cat That's absolutely awful

    67. MessiMania

      The reason why Twitch only bans men is maybe because the COO of twitch is a Femi-Nazi called Sara Clemens.

    68. Jetski

      Vodka is poisonous for your pet. Too much could lead to death. Yet twitch bans a male for swearing.

    69. Amarelows

      The single thing PETA did that was actually morally right was this one single tweet saying that alinity should be banned for throwing her cat Other than that PETA has just been a detriment to society

    70. Kenn Nuclear

      The answer is simple twitch thots make more money than normal streamer

    71. New Yardley Sinclair

      No, he meant divorce attorneys. Men cheating on their wives. Makes perfect sense

    72. New Yardley Sinclair

      Yeah how is it okay for her to drink booze. That's allowed?

    73. New Yardley Sinclair

      Twitch is similar to bartending. Women are much more desirable

    74. edd the dog

      Noooooo cat rest in pieces you adorable cat

    75. Ꮹσѕѕєиχ Ꮹαмιиg

      Can we copystrike BowBlax

    76. Amanda McDaniel

      im not one to bw in drama (or a year late in it) but this is horrible cats are supposed to be treated like you like them not as a object

    77. Levi ackerman

      Bruh simps

    78. Alyzchia

      what she drinking?

    79. MarioSonic4life

      I thought this was gonna be another free speech violation video, but it is *so much worse...*

    80. Purpy Ace

      So twitch is a big simp

    81. Sasuke Uchiha

      Keem chill out they just perverts

    82. Sasuke Uchiha


    83. Mike the Knight

      The only exceptional thing we can do it this point is Raid twitch

    84. the official spongeman ice cone

      I agree with keem on this but the new video made me not like keemstar

    85. I'm a god At being a noob

      Cool song ngl

    86. Akari Ran

      Twitch the fucking simp

    87. Mossmann 590

      The one time we almost agreed with peta

    88. Lemonade. Chr

      twitch: * alinity doesn’t get banned for giving her cat a deadly toxic * also twitch: *bans minx for saying simp*

    89. scazab

      Twitch are running some 12-year old boys

    90. Zacky Rin

      Sad twitch moderation team

    91. Wedsel Towndrow

      Derma Alimony



    93. game boy video game adventures

      3:14 Hahaha I'm laughing so hard that, that comment end point like twitch got the wrong person banned yet he was swearing they only ban men. 3:32 DA suspect also 3:54. Twitch is sexism witch is wrong yet yo gots to admit its super Dooper funny

      1. game boy video game adventures

        That's why Twitch *SUCKS* cuz its sexism why I use Twitter much better

    94. xDress

      Nani the fuck?!? I live in the same city as Alinity and didn’t even know?

    95. Lach Peterson

      Can we just ban twitch

    96. Noah

      I dont find the fact that she threw her cat over herself so bad because arent cats able to always land on their feet?

      1. Noah

        @SUCC THE THOTS what do you mean?


        That is not how it works

      3. idk ngl

        Don't excuse her actions, she's an abuser

    97. Taseen Rahman

      Only the FBI can save us.

    98. Khin Mar Aye Khin Mar Aye

      If her cat died the cat would be happy

    99. Jaken TDM

      Things are about to go Down when you agree with PETA for the first time

    100. RoseyFire Queen