Twitter VS Keemstar & #StopJayStation (Kavos VS JayStation Fight)


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    1. Earthbound FanBoy

      Jay come on fight me you scared also Jay OMG CRAZY SANTA 3 AM CHALLENGE GONE WRONG!!!!

    2. Gaming and Other Stuff Channel

      They're both on the wrong tbh

    3. zechcrow

      I love how jaystation isnt talking about how he fakes his videos instead talking about fighting keem

    4. Mario Gaming 101


    5. Ur Nan420 • 300 b.c ago

      Ngl i think jaystations mom tried the hanger once or twice

    6. Exploding zombie

      yeah I do agree with Keemstar about Jaystation and his content, the Man has done so many terrible things and should be punished, My friends bother me about his content and the fanboys are just getting worse and worse. #Stopjaystation

    7. Sylva

      looking back to this after jaystation was actually cancelled and came up with a bunch of excuses... he looks desperate to hide his fear of being cancelled here while calling out keemstar.

    8. Meg Krish

      Did he just compare himself to eminem 🙄

    9. Meg Krish

      Sadly none of this worked and Jaystation came back :(

    10. HiPerx

      Can we stop his second channel?

      1. HiPerx

        #Stop 666

    11. SPACEMAN900


    12. PÆrbÆÆz gooomÆn

      ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄྄྄྄྄྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄྄྄྄྄྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄྄྄྄྄྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄྄྄྄྄྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄྄྄྄྄྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄྄྄྄྄྄྄྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄ ྄

    13. DummieThicccPhil

      "I'm not even close to my computer it's over there" is literally 2 feet away

    14. Strong Bone

      I'm not a bug fan of cancel culture but for jaystation I'll look the other way.

    15. ckisamazing

      20:29 just reminding you: the quartering supported h*tler so his opinion doesnt count

    16. The Foolish Jester

      People(or at least me) don’t always seem to agree with keemstars opinions because sometimes he does say some rude things. Although, when everyone is pretty much joining him... you know you messed up

    17. Flame

      Lol why would keem be scared of him he would literally get clapped like how hulk smashed loki

    18. I stubed my toe pls help

      Oooohhh boi I'm gonna say it What is the ADpocalypse

      1. zackinator show

        The attention Kjellberg brought to HUfast kickstarted the first “adpocalypse,” a term popularized within the creator community that refers to HUfast aggressively demonetizing videos that might be problematic, in an effort to prevent companies from halting their ad spending.

      2. Puppet person

        Replying so I can learn the answer

    19. 501st Stormtrooper

      29:31 The unstoppable union of all people against one thing... Jaystation....

    20. Ebad Rehman

      Will jaystation will make a 3am video on his dead channel

    21. fintoe

      "Ima end this mans whole career"

    22. TheTrooper

      I just won fortnite while waiting this

    23. Israel Empire

      12:57 can't stop laughing at this part when this video first came out jaystation polluted their minds so much that he can't even spell the word stop anymore

    24. Whitekidwithwifi WiFi

      Keemstar= chaotic good

    25. allmyself666

      It takes a big man(read: sad pathetic little boy) to respond to verbal allegations and criticism with a mocking call for physical confrontation.

    26. EpicSkaterRobloxKalen EpicMonsterGoose

      JaySatation is going to pussy out like Logan Paul.

    27. Sodiumitis

      "heyyy, ever heard of this little thing called........ boxing?"

    28. J C

      Its so hard to like keemstar, everytime theres a reason to he does something stupid

    29. Infinite Chaos

      Yo he shouldn’t be allowed to say Eminem’s name

    30. George Marr

      He looking smug all of the time

    31. George Marr

      Which HUfast deserve more hate? Logan Paul IamJay station

      1. Puppet person

        Logan has redeemed himself somewhat so jay

    32. HonieFlakes

      To the people who think this is not wrong and he isn't doing anything wrong then ur saying that a random n use ur loved ones death from the obituary and make vids on them saying they alive I talked to them at 3am how would u feel

    33. EV

      We're not rid of him. He's doing the same thing on a channel called 666 now.

      1. EV

        @Puppet person it really is

      2. Puppet person

        And it is terrible

    34. Arabella Hayward

      The funny part he literally cried about his own ads afterwards

    35. Epic haxxer

      I agree with the gnome

    36. Hhh TV

      Atleast Keemstar does something good

    37. Ketsu

      You ok? You sound different than normal

    38. Aysar Hazidy

      i forgot the now we know

    39. Aysar Hazidy

      well why jay never resons to the hater

    40. Necro

      God damn i didn't even know jaystation had the mentality of a cod kid

    41. Sasuke Uchiha

      I don’t really care because I like jaystation more than keem star. And my parents are like *just don’t watch naked girls*

    42. plompy

      JayStation is also a fucking homophobic bitch.

    43. Imperial Spy

      Jaystation looks like he could get beat up by a kid, but still tries to show muscle

    44. McSpankies

      Take a shot every time bowblax said #StopJayStation don’t you will die

    45. HaydxnTV

      Jaystation is probably a disgusting disgusting iPhone user.

    46. Harrison Wiggins

      Me when I see the youtubers in army helmets: pretty cool Me when I see Quackity on the left of that photo: YEAHYAH

    47. Bismark Sarpey

      I was a fan of him since 2018 when I found out that he was doing this I stopped watching him😡😡😡

    48. Mr. Centipede

      Jaystation: trying to act strong Also jaystation: looks like a stick figure

    49. Foxyoner 367

      Yo his channel is dead which means 3am challenge lol

    50. Foxyoner 367

      Remember when jaystation had a channel technically it's still there but it's not alive

    51. bonker guy

      He is a total scumbag

    52. ً

      Kavos jaystation yes

    53. Andrea Fiero

      better hashtag: #stopgaystation

      1. Puppet person

        Nah because that's homophobic

    54. the Fluffy council

      the reason i hate jaystation and when he pushed me over the edge (i have always hated him) is his furry 3am video because that just pissed me off

    55. Mardusflame

      I don't like the whole canceling people thing but i'm not gonna lie, it was kinda cool to see people of all walks of life come together just to try and get rid of this prick.

    56. DA WAE

      Damnnnnnn he's really rude in real life

    57. iibbgxwiixxy

      I can back that Jay is manipulative coz when I was younger his videos made me like him but as I've grew ive seen how bad those videos are I wish I'd never seen the video as a child

    58. Nyck

      Keem never gave two shits about Etika, mourning his death my ass, the one thing jaystation was ever right about was that Keem got my boy etika killed, well not directly but had a hand in his death, Idgaf what anyone says it’s just the truth but keems also child fanbase will believe anything he says

      1. ruby

        @Nyck you pulled that out of thin fucking air

      2. Nyck

        @ruby denying it doesn’t make it any less true lad

      3. ruby

        no just no

    59. Chill Oof

      "Bro you cause etika to die, you dummy" Jaystation is fucking horrible and i hope he rots in hell

    60. isaac M

      Kavos might actually kill jaystation in a boxing match

    61. Gecko Succs

      I love how Jstation says u wanna fight even though his arms look like fucking twigs lmao

    62. SH4DOWB0UND

      "I'm out of jail" proceeds to vape

      1. EV

        You do realize vaping is legal right?

    63. Alikai Hawkins

      0:34 I can actually agree with him my little brother watches them

    64. medly man

      jaystation showing his toothpick arms: you fucking scared trash?

    65. sertac kartal

      8:47 that would explain a lot about his look and the way ha acts like

    66. TheUnsualAsian

      Why don’t Jaystation box Keem and if he loses he deletes his channel

    67. Senji The gamer

      Everytime Jay station talks, I can feel my braincells die one by one

    68. Shitass

      This is wrong. (Sort of) the actual reason jaystation hasn’t been canceled is because of HUfast. The fans, the people, and the kids he brings to himself gives HUfast more people on it. HUfast is pulling a really bad move by letting this continue just for the sake of their own attention. THATS why.

    69. BugsnaxFan34

      Jaystation is dodging accusations like a 600 pound man trying to dodge a bullet

    70. iM a Pigeon

      I HATE jay

    71. Bingus22

      have we forgotten that kavos wants to set up a fight against jaystation?

    72. gabby kun

      There is no probably in jaystation doin drug😂

    73. WÆSPメ l Sushi

      i bet a weak chubby kid can beat jaystation

    74. Bluey

      ok wtf? shouldn't that 11 year old be matured enough to know the better? I meant like just in terms of identifying whats appropriate to watch and whats not. When I was 11 i damn well knows not to watch people like jaystation, and im not saying im fully mature yet, but maybe i have just watched enough youtube to know this stuff or maybe because i watch a lot of commentary channels? I don't know, but enough said its good that people are taking action for the better of others.

    75. Spidge

      Jaystation: bro, when I was a kid, I was drinking alcohol and stuff Me: well that explains a lot though

    76. Artic

      i stopped watching jay when he got exposed by aiko

    77. Dylan Vicente

      Hes a shame to us Canadian

    78. xbox Gamer

      The reason why we need to ban Jay station is because we need to make America great again Biden 2020

    79. TheIbis

      The funny thing is that I have a cousin called Alexa Moreno

    80. UnitedSimon

      Alright first I'm a kid 10 years old and I hate how people think that kids under 12 are dumb I mean what the hell man I mean come on man but I don't have twitter but I watch this and it's great but besides that I knew the full situation and how wrong my gen is smart and watch people who are smart like @Andrie Terbea and more

      1. Lil Misfortune

        If youre 10 and on youtube then yes you are dumb

    81. PokeCookie Pokémon

      Lol I’m 11 and I feel lucky to have grown up in an environment of sophisticated people…

    82. Bob Kimberly


    83. Matthew J

      7:26 Jaystation literally just blamed Keem for etika's death?!?!?!?

    84. Matthew J

      im pretty sure 2 million considering he is a youtuber that thinks he is some big person.

    85. ReacT Firery

      Jaystation: *Fakes his girlfriends death* KEEMSTAR: So you’ve chosen death

    86. Scott Adkins

      #StopJayStation #StopJayStation

    87. Rafael AZL Granja

      9:23 damn for a nigga that used to hit a girlfriend you are really fucking mouthy, you liked getting that ass pumped in the prison showers?

    88. myeak 69


    89. mushy cider

      I love this vid

    90. Freddie Hughes

      Yo never like him but rice gum cood help

    91. Chad the Lad

      Never in my life have i ever wanted to punch someone in their smug face more than jaystation rn

      1. cloudtamer Gaming

        Chad the Lad ikr

    92. AI Dusty

      I can’t remember if I commented this on this video or on another video but jay does know that kids can fake their age for their profile right? I don’t think theres a a age requirement for this site but it still happens

    93. Shadow Master

      JayStation has to much self confidence

    94. Ren

      This went nowhere. lmao. Oof.

    95. Time Zone III Chicken is a vegetable

      This man has the intellect of the inside of a wet sponge This man has the processing power of an etch a sketch This man is as interesting as a wet carrot He looks like an 80 year old in a 15 year olds body Fuck you jaystation

    96. Time Zone III Chicken is a vegetable

      7:04 fuck you jaystation

    97. automatic '-'

      He drank alcohol bc his parents told him to not????? *what*

    98. Black Rose

      As soon as I heard jaystation me and my friends started calling him gaystation

    99. Lavos Dream

      that jaystation guy has the most punchable face ive ever seen.

    100. burningmarshmellow yt

      i feel like keemstar is impostor in among us but he convinces crewmates to vote innocent ppl