Twomads video about Jameskii [REUPLOAD]


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    1. Pandanai Anoir

      I am russian. I remember him because he was making content on russian. And then i fond his chanel years after when he was eng only. I swear to god man now at least i know whats going on

    2. perish 13

      ongod this is why twomad is just naturally a bad person

    3. Stabby UwU

      Twomad? 2bad!

    4. heck

      i remember this

    5. Stealtho

      Twomad won here, no doubt, jameskii absolutely and abhorrently collapses.

    6. Shadesshots

      wow i thought jameskii was a nice guy but...

    7. Ya boi Randall

      still a banger video, best youtube response of all time PERIOD

    8. Sharper onion

      Im confused as a long time jameskii fan i came to revisit the beef that twomad and jameskii had and i still to this day have no idea if jameskii is danish or Russian

      1. Sharper onion

        @Jude Peppers ok, thanks

      2. Jude Peppers

        Born danish raised russia

    9. Naterthot

      Jameskii would probably be really good at Among Us with all this lying

    10. bum_fungus420

      Remember when jameskii was kisiily

    11. The Honkers

      Man I'm so upset, I liked jameskii until I found out about this.

      1. Lamar Davis

        People don’t change

      2. Chum Bum

        This was a year ago, they moved on

      3. Phineas but he's actually Zach

        Bro this was a year ago wtf

    12. SfootersForWin :3

      О, я наткнулся на годноту

      1. SfootersForWin :3

        @Jess I do not know whether you are Russian or not, but I will answer the question. in fact, there is an accent but not Russian. because in the Russian accent, absolutely every letter of the English alphabet is heard better and loudly.

      2. Jess

        Ты русский , поэтому надо знаешь если Джеймс русский или нет? У него есть реально русский акцент? Спс чувак, из Англии )

    13. Z E K E

      He do be sounding like idubbz doe

    14. TH0MiSh

      Wait his sister called the cops on twomad? context please

      1. xSky_ Bonsaii

        I dont Remember something like that, but he got Doxxed once so maybe a "Viewer" Send the Police to him

    15. Charles Garon

      I predicted this video, 7years ago

    16. Chuckmoney

      There is 1 imposter among us

    17. Teal Deal

      Serious Twomad is the scariest creature ever

    18. FAG Sporco

      FUCK! I knew it! I just knew it!

    19. Corbin Aspenlieder

      what the fuck i knew about none of this now i cant see jameskii as a respectable comedian

    20. Tolietpaperboi539TM E

      Damn twomad.

    21. Z E K E

      he said that this video was a stain on his youtube career so I feel kinda conflicted watching it

    22. Muk

      On what channel was this uploaded?

      1. HansYN

        twomad (without 360)

    23. Laxer Gregg

      14:27 doesn't sound like James.

      1. xSky_ Bonsaii

        Because Twomad was talking

      2. Car Crash

        Ye that’s twomad

    24. blank

      When this video first came out i thought it was the funniest shit ever And I still think it is

    25. Hamburger

      You Dutch?

      1. jongetje


    26. Cloth And leather

      his sister ate cheasy bread, and the cops came????

    27. bruh

      For people going through the comments in a nutshell this is just jamkeskii not taking a joke and being a very sketchy person about who he is out of HUfast.

      1. Mista


      2. Stealtho

        @Matheus_TS ok

      3. Matheus_TS

        @Stealtho don't say army, looks like we're Kpop fans, more like Twomad allies or Twomad Teammates

      4. Stealtho

        The Twomad Special Forces immobilized majority of the Jameskii terrorist organization and won in both strategical and tactical victory

    28. ctrl _

      This makes so much sense, one time I met jameskii on a gmod server and asked where he was from acting oblivious to who he was stating that I was Russian (I'm American), he then said "oh really, same!' and started speaking fluent Russian...

      1. Harrisan san

        @RetroJim probably not

      2. RetroJim

        U got proof?

    29. cloudtamer Gaming

      Song at 4:56?

    30. Angsty Goblin Entertainment

      Shame it got taken down, it's a great video

    31. S

      0:55 - 1:03 Jameskii be like:

    32. O D D S O N

      Товарищ Джеймский был обнаружен

      1. Jess

        Ну, у него есть русский акцент товарищ? Я из Англии поэтому не знаю. Спс

    33. Weebs

      toemad didnt have to move to LA for clout, he lives in fuckin winnipeg and has over a mil subs

    34. a black bunny

      honestly man, jameskii used to be such a fun channel to watch back when he had more than just roblox and vr chat videos. I really hated the fact he privated most of his old videos. Especially the milk fantasy. I really wished I archived some of those videos, I should've seen it coming. Also, he had better taste in music back then. WTF happened to that list of music >:(?

    35. _Atom Cat_

      jameskii is like the type of dude to tell the teacher that you are eating in class if you didn't give him some food

      1. Fergus

        @Wormboy Maybe :P

      2. Wormboy

        @Fergus roach dogg jr is that you

      3. Fergus

        Nice profile pic

      4. Moss Man

        Bro I’m telling

    36. i want yum

      Jameskii is literally a spy

      1. Cool


    37. Top Tier Content

      RIP Solidshibe

    38. Luckdeshot

      whats the name of the song?

    39. Big Boy

      God damn take a breath

    40. The scratcher

      Jameski seams like the guy who gets mad at you cause your having fun and he is not

    41. SuccMunkey

      jameskii just seems like a clingy af girlfriend.

      1. :emojiwithfingerguns:

        Twomad is the mad boyfriend ngl. Jameskii was born in Denmark and raised in Russia.

    42. SomeNewGuy

      the wholesome big chungus youtube guy is actually a secretive manipulator I'm honestly not too surprised

    43. Cretty

      my meme is in there lol

    44. Boosted Music

      can you stop?

    45. FriendlyDawg

      Is toemad muslim?

      1. Weebs

        Mebenshi there was no joke in that sentence

      2. Mebenshi

        @Weebs damn people this day cannot take dark humor

      3. Weebs

        Mebenshi black people can be muslim smh

      4. FriendlyDawg


      5. Mebenshi

        @FriendlyDawg nah you stupid kid

    46. Masks

      Bedankt jongeman

      1. jongetje

        np makker

    47. AyySol

      anyone know the song at the start if u do u are jesus please tell me

      1. Lavah

        BoJack's Theme (Full Length)


      What is wrong with being russian anyways? Did he evade conscription or something is that why?

      1. Maxy Snaxy

        DANIEL BIN OMAR - this better be a jojo reference not a stupid mlp reference

      2. DANIEL BIN OMAR -

        @Maxy Snaxy its up to you to decide

      3. Maxy Snaxy

        DANIEL BIN OMAR - what the fuck is a little bug boy

      4. DANIEL BIN OMAR -

        @Genocide is fun my little bug boys genocide is fun

      5. Maxy Snaxy

        DANIEL BIN OMAR - cring

    49. CapCreamy

      Big respect to my boy twomad and also jameskii yo resolve those in private

    50. Moonly

      As someone who knew jameskii when he was called "kiisliy". He is someone who has chased clout all of his career. He even told me at one point, "I can't wait till my channel blows up". He took youtube and twitch very seriously.

      1. Scullex

        Solid shine knew too my dude, he got tsar bombaed

      2. Scullex

      3. Moss Man


      4. Kraft.mp3

        His content is all other people being funny. Like look at most viewed videos, it's jameskii saying 4 things and everyone else carrying the shit out of it cause he has a following.

    51. DlSHSOAP

      this is like going on the dark web and finding the coke plug that ur homies been talkin about

    52. fat bitch connoisseur

      two mad let’s go bowling

      1. Maxy Snaxy

        No he doesn’t like juuling

    53. Dennis Arterburn

      wow jamskii cringe

    54. The Stan Man

      Both are wrong. I don't like Jameskii basically calling for Twomad's head. No one who has that big of an audience should send them to end another youtuber's career. **Cough** keem **Cough**

    55. John Kander

      Who is this Jame and why does he ski

    56. Aboleth

      The cheesy bread was the biggest loss

    57. Aatolviina Järvi

      What an insecure beta male lmao

      1. PencilStuckInUrethra


      2. Maxy Snaxy


    58. Steven Heath

      at about 2:30 it shows screenshots of "jameskii" typing in russian in a discord chat, but jameskii didn't even go by jameskii until 2017, before that he was kiisly and those messages were from 2016 before he was jameskii

      1. dark 闇

        fucking idiot lol

      2. loser.mp5

        Yeah, the name will auto change in older messages

      3. Maxy Snaxy

        It would auto change to jameskii my guy

    59. guillermo herrera

      Damn I have never cared less about a beef

    60. Z E K E

      Their are moments where he sounds like idubbz

      1. Refrigerated Lemons


    61. Kyoto_ Daze

      Bruh I like how jame is now ruined his views are not getting as much as they use too

      1. Doc

        @:emojiwithfingerguns:awww 🍼you want your bottle?

      2. :emojiwithfingerguns:

        Becuase twomad twisted everything.

    62. Eggroll

      What is the thumbnail?

    63. rayn

      what the fuck is a ptsd speech problem

    64. Bobotte

      I'm confused... Russian or not what is the problem...

      1. rayn

        Bobotte weird, stupid, and unnecessary

      2. Bobotte

        @rayn Oh ok I see kinda of a weird situation.

      3. rayn

        jameskii and twomad arranged for twomad to stay with jameskii for a period of time. jameskii got mad at twomad for being a little edgy and ended up telling him he couldn't stay with him randomly. twomad started ghosting jameskii while they were both in australia (jameskii wanted to hang out but twomad didn't) because, reason one: he was a little mad about jameskii randomly telling him he couldn't stay anymore, and reason two: he was being sketchy and a liar. jameskii took the ghosting as twomad betraying jameskii and tried to cause drama by telling all of twomad's friends what happened from his one-sided point of view. jameskii also allegedly got twomad banned of twitter. basically just drama that jameskii caused by overreacting in the first place.

    65. Pepega

      А я только узнаю что он русский, хоть и не похож

      1. loser.mp5

        Makorav come get your boys

      2. The Stan Man

        Shit. I need Jamskii to translate this.

      3. Edvard Brooks

        Да похож вроде

    66. magne sjøberg

      I Dont keep up with jamskii, but what happend? twomad didnt do a good job explaining it. did jamskii lie about his origins? but why? why would he pretend to be danish? i thought he was, soooo whats the deal?

      1. Jimbo

        It’s probably because he’s had a bad time when he used to live in Russia, I remember he said that his house burned down once so it might have something to do with that.

      2. Danwal

        @magne sjøberg how come they have to be honest through and through to a complete stranger? what if he's part danish and claim to be one while disregard the other? asking clarification in situation is fine and a wise decision before getting into an argument or discussion. but you seem to be poking around on someone's home that barely knows you.

      3. magne sjøberg

        @Danwal how? how is your ethnicity a personal thing? he's turning it into a personal thing by throwing shade over it, i'd get it if he was in witness protecting or somthing and had to move, but im pretty sure he's not, considering he's a massive youtuber. is it wrong to be honest? i have no problem speaking from where im from and or what blood i share, sure im not 100% proud of my background, but why would i try to seem like im another? all i did was ask to get clearified on the situation

      4. Danwal

        Getting too personal there buddy

    67. Sophie Strano

      Two mad is grateful he offered his place but it’s not like it was for free... mans was still paying rent lol

    68. chiken

      God, looking back on this, this would've been the most annoying drama situation if it weren't Twomad.

    69. ScrubElite

      I hate how weed is said to be such a bad thing when it literally NATURALLY grows and isn’t a fuckin chemical cancer causing shit stick that is LEGALLY sold or alcohol that you could (very low chances admittedly) die from instantly because of alcohol poisoning.

      1. Maxy Snaxy

        Poison ivy is also grow naturally

    70. hey nicknack.

      The dude who uploaded this is doing hella good 82 subs and 91k veis great job bro

    71. Coyby

      only because two mad can’t host a tournament lol

    72. Кроха

      НАКОНЕЦ-ТО Я нашёл это! Почему же он это удалил?

      1. Vesay

        Кроха у себя на твиче за упоминание его старого канала он банит

      2. Кроха

        Vesay почему же?

      3. Vesay

        Кроха жалко конечно что он так ненавидит свою русскую аудиторию

    73. Phaint

      Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad Igor mad

      1. Phaint

        @Turbo yes, i'm indeed very clever

    74. yuboko


    75. what

      im glad he deleted this, this is absolutley a stain on his great youtube channel, just a bunch of stupid drama

      1. JAEK

        i wouldn’t say a stain, albeit different...stupidity isn’t exactly lacking all around with his humor lmao so i wouldn’t give a fuck

    76. Supreme Buffalo

      what is up with the gen-Z youtube crowd acting like catty bitches making up shit and calling 3rd parties to sway the opinion on people they hate? this behaviour was solely employed by teenage girls, I thought

    77. J0

      Hey Niko! Let's go bowling!

    78. luc

      Bruh jameskii reminds me of my ex that bitch

    79. Hey You

      I’d be pissed too if someone was threatening to kick me out of my fucking life without me knowing. *For wanting privacy.*

    80. Doginhaler

      Me jameskii me dansk wallah nahui cyka

    81. Daw

      In 2016-2017 I asked him if he was a from a slav country because of his english accent and he responded to the comment saying he was danish lmao

      1. Daw

        @:emojiwithfingerguns: Yeah - My point was he was even lying then

      2. :emojiwithfingerguns:

        He is. He was only raised in Russia.

    82. serge

      yh aight cool

    83. k


    84. SeaFour

      Jameski nice ptsd speech

    85. Xjooker

      twomad salty cuz he lost the tournament lolz

    86. Xjooker

      They're both great youtubers and even if yall are from fucking somalia I don't really give a shit

    87. Person

      wow i had no idea about this shit

    88. Terminal


    89. ZeroBro

      Honestly instead of avengers vs thanos its just the avengers vs the avengers

      1. COTTö

        Nah, it's more like Thanos vs Thanos. Both had a history of bad takes.

    90. Fast Raccoon

      twomad deleted the vid bc he didn't want more beef, that came out from misundestanding. Can you please make the reupload private, cuz by making this video public, you make a statement, that you: 1. Want more beef. 2. Want to destroy Jameskii's life 3. Going against the decision twomad had made.. It's like going to war with everybody. Just stupid and not cool with everyone.

    91. Roo Gamatars

      I actually noticed his russian accent but it resembles a bit of german. Wtf is happening?

      1. Roo Gamatars

        I didn't say he's from anywhere, I just said he has a bit of a russian accent and he sounds german.

      2. Stacy Hyde

        @Crackhead Gnome he's clearly not

    92. poopoo peepee

      Thank u for this reupload

    93. marshmutt

      I'm just confused as to why Jameskii is hiding that he's Russian.

      1. Lilderek7

        I knew he had a strange accent

      2. Syllebob

        @Isthatmattandryanfromsupermega i mean im danish so....

      3. Jimbo


      4. Who

        @Jimbo Holy crap it's the real Araki!!! PogU

      5. k

        @Jimbo Cool so he's russian then

    94. ThaMexican

      very good vid but you had a weak point at when you said my whole family is muslim, im assumimg james meant racist stuff at russian people, altough i dont think you was racist at russians, you can still be racist even if your african or african american

    95. Zeke Yeager

      Arrivede-fuck you

    96. Louke

      dankjewel jongetje voor het reuploaden van deze video, nu weet ik meer van jameskii af en ik kijk nu met een ander gevoel naar jameskii

      1. Cringe Lord

        @Aaauegh BabaBooey lol I don't even speak the language and I understood this

      2. Aaauegh BabaBooey

        Jameskii meer als gayskii

      3. jongetje

        nou nou nou niet zo hard naar jameskii

    97. Javakio

      this is really scary and pretty sad

      1. brother _momentum

        How is it scary

      2. Javakio

        Bro ik

    98. Javakio

      this is really scary and pretty sad

      1. GhostPants

        @Javakio me 2 😬😬😪

      2. Javakio

        Same ik ik

    99. Nicholas McCarthy

      what is that intro song

      1. n muniz

        Bojack Horseman theme song

    100. Damion Boller