Unforeseen Consequences: A Half-Life Documentary

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    What happens when one of the most revolutionary series in video games suddenly goes dark? To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Noclip hits the road to investigate the legacy of Half-Life and the incredible community working to keep the dream alive.
    Featuring Geoff Keighley (The Game Awards), Cory Barlog (God of War), Vince Zampella (Titanfall / Call of Duty), Randy Pitchford (Borderlands), Laura Michet, Scott Smith, Robert Yang and more.
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    Half-Life Tracks Used:
    HL2 CP Violation - hufast.info/plan/vide/iqKzh96qr4XXd5c
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    HL1: Drums & Riffs - hufast.info/plan/vide/p5fTga1i1pOyp6s
    HL2: Nova Prospekt - hufast.info/plan/vide/qqzbpbSW3oKZZYk
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    HL2: Particle Ghost - hufast.info/plan/vide/hqnWo86vxmS9YaM
    HL2 - Ep2: Nectarium - hufast.info/plan/vide/aozOaM95vX6mgWg
    HL2: Highway 17 - hufast.info/plan/vide/epnQqKZ7qIWodWw
    HL2: Shadows Fore And Aft - hufast.info/plan/vide/q4uXmbaorXzHip8
    HL2: Lab Practicum - hufast.info/plan/vide/d52aoa-Cu3TGlX0
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    1. Noclip - Video Game Documentaries

      Thanks for watching our documentary on the legacy of Half-Life! Before you ask, yes we have a number of break-out videos coming from this. We'll have a longer chat with Scott Smith about the history of Counter-Strike, a chat with Geoff about The Game Awards, Cory about God of War and a few more. Look out for those over the coming weeks. We also have a 40-minute behind-the-scenes feature available for Patrons and Channel Subscribers so if you want to watch that and help fund more docs like these, check out our Patreon: patreon.com/noclip - Thanks again for watching. Make sure to hit that like button, subscribe, spam your friends and tell your gran! (Caption inbound. We ordered them a week ago, still waiting. I guess this video was long.)

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        Thank you for making this.

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        What's the frame between 33:32 and 33:33 ? Edit: oh CD Keys xDD Screenshot: prntscr.com/w6idil

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      Ì don't get it. I disliked the video. I clicked never recommend videos from this channel again. And still i keep getting it in autoplay. I don't want to watch it another 67 times. one time is enough. What do i have to do?

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      Gonna be real you probably weren't hallucinating you may just have been to stoned to notice him going on stage.

    6. Jacson C

      Would have loved any form of narrative at all from anyone (dev or gamer) who isn't a white guy over 35. Raving about how universally accepted the game was and it's all salt n pepper-haired white guys. yawn

    7. Sava Solarov

      love the documentary! thanks. 2021 crew!

    8. Geovana SB

      Nobody is going to talk about this? 33:33

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      Why is this constantly fed to me in autoplay. Im building a 1930 ford coupe. This shit is not helpful

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      i’d love to see one on halo combat evolved or gears of war

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      My game was Minecraft. Stupid I know, but a world with only restriction being my imagination. It blew my mind.

    15. Stammtischbruder

      Good ol' Randy Pitchstick, babbling about himself and how he did what and what not. Classic turd.

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      1:10:25 oh god that mesh gave me an aneurysm

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    18. Michael Zachar

      I’ve never played Half-Life ever. But damn this is a good documentary. Now I gotta try it at least once.

    19. I Pity Da Foo

      i like this documentary but ngl that old man talking about "nobody knows what mods are these days" is the definition of a ignorant boomer lmfao

    20. Lavamar

      That ending was great. I never thought of that voice line like that before.

    21. A.N_93

      Up the boys 🇮🇪

    22. flaming kitsune

      Mine was ape escape

    23. filip_boucek

      half-life was the first pc game i ever played... deamn, i feel old AWESOME documentary btw, i was getting chills the whole video

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      Butt now with hla wixh reset the ending they can restart the produktion without spoilerw

    26. Zalgradis

      Fantastic documentary, particularly given the lack of involvement of Valve personnel. The production quality and extent of effort was far beyond my expectations! I had no idea of the impact that Half-Life 1 had on the industry as a whole, particularly on projects in development at the time! Certainly takes me back to when a certain PC game was bundled with a Voodoo 1 graphics card :D

    27. Kingcover Gaming

      Today's generation of mobile games, multiplayer everything and micro transactions are what's directly killing the goodness of what gaming used to be. What a shame.

    28. Print is Dead

      Ah yes randy pitchford the guy who keeps tricking ppl into buying the same game over amd over(borderlands)....."billions of gun combinations" lmao if you believe that i got a bridge in new york i want to sell you lol. Just a razz....BUT BORDERLANDS 3 IS LITERALLY THE SAME GAME HES SOLD YOU THREE TIMES ALREADY

    29. Nihilism

      I have to say I was disappointed with Half-Life cuz of all the hype and it being actually not that exciting to play (it's less atmospheric and slower paced than say Unreal and the gameplay is straight out worse than Duke3d/Doom/Heretic/Hexen. But the recent remake Black Mesa is insanely good.

    30. Ricky Byrd

      This game started my gaming addiction, I loved this!!!!!!!!

    31. BEJuice

      Wow i've never played half life before, always been curious but this gives me the same feel i attatch to many old games like jak and daxter and ratchet and clank, also reminds me a lot of "Mace Griffin Bounty hunter"

    32. Chris Newbury

      Half Life DM was my first online experience. I got totally owned....and loved it. I had never been handled that way in a video game before. Of course I didn't know anything about ping or frames per second at the time, and was playing on a potato, but I didn't care. I was hooked on online PVP from that point on. No ai ever comes close to facing a real, thinking, breathing opponent. Then I discovered an obscure mod that hardly anybody played yet, named Counterstrike. It was my roommates PC, so I always had to wait for him to get off before I could start playing. Many days I went to work on no sleep, from playing Counterstrike all night.

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      lost me at randy

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      wtf is this shit how i got here no idea.

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      31:40 fuck what map is that i remember hiding in the vents

      1. SNN

        @slluks yah it was siege fuck that map ruled

      2. slluks

        looks like cs_siege, the one that had a working apc at some point.

    36. SNN

      the mod community around halflife was the best thing in gaming. wish it could happen again :( so many memories playing existence, action halflife, specialists

    37. 39,90

      The Creator Guys from Activision who Created the T. O. T. Weapon in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies just had a Gameplay in Half-Life 😉

    38. Leonard Winchester

      everybody worked on half life or something related to half life back in the day holy mother of xxxx

      1. Leonard Winchester

        1:00:00 vr project in hl universe holy shit.

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      ugh I know you had to, but did you really have to talk to Randy Pitchford

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      14:18 *hl: source laughing in the distance*

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      All I can think of while watching this is “not to imply you would be sleeping on the job” god damnit g-man!

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      Thx for this gift.


      Although it wasn’t half life garrys mod was my entire childhood

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      Mine was Skyrim

    48. Connor Orr

      That outro is SO GOOD

    49. ProstoSpecial

      I love the easter egg at 33:33 (and I presume 33 milliseconds)

    50. Cory Carroll

      I remember requiem! I used to love that game. I got it from my aunt in Canada. I never put 2 and 2 together. Requiem was so great.

    51. SecretTyrant

      Sees Geoff Keighley right aways pause the video and leave.

    52. Mathew Hex

      So if I have a first press half life disc, dude at the bening says him and his wife (gabe) hand packed so e of the boxes. I may have items gabe Newell touched with his own fingers!! Omg going ok on the wall framed. Might as well be a piece of the true cross.

    53. Ivan Pavao Lažeta

      33:33 Already taken, rip

    54. Avocado Goop

      I remember being born into the world playing HL1 on my dads old work computer.

    55. TheRealVahnLegaia

      I honestly think the idea of a single player focused FPS not working in today's gaming market is bullshit. The new Doom games are great and as far as I know people ate them up. It just feels shitty to me for a company to abandon what made them popular because they seem to be afraid of the hype.

    56. Bob Johnson

      Anyone catch the thing that flashes on the screen at 33:33?

    57. Hat3 Th3 Hat3r

      Absolutely hilarious that all the reasons people say they love counter strike are literally all the reasons I hated it. Yet I loved Tf2 well until microtransactions tainted EVERYTHING.

    58. MarioFinale

      1:25:35 Foreshadowing

    59. Frank x

      Its me...Gorden Freeman

      1. Frank x

        I will try depends on the level.

    60. Michael Wills

      This game generates its own atmospheric containment in the continuum of human experience.

    61. george hart

      How do you get off the tram? Great doc. Please help with my question, if not a secret. ''''''Newby'''''' Thanks Danny.

    62. jkeboy

      HL3 Needs A go Fund Me Page, but also it doesn't (Hint Hint)

    63. brandon whitson

      I fully disagree with these guys, there are still many like me who love 1st person shooter campaigns, i am not a fan of multiplayer, no set pieces or story, just trolls and cheaters fighting on a small map, its like asking me if i like nascar better than motorcross. I can watch cars going in a circle for 4 hours, or see motorcycles and jeeps hitting huge jumps and slinging mud everywhere, i choose motorcross. I buy call of duty only for the campaigns. In fact i am so sad that we never got a part 2 of say singularity, bulletstorm, or even another killzone. Shadowfall had a killer campaign, what if bioshok was only multiplayer? That would suck. Half life 2 is one of the best at least top 3 all time 1st person shooters out there. I play through at least once every year, when i got that game on original xbox i was blown away at the visuals and game play, nothing else back then even compared, to this day it still looks great and is still fun to play, the graphics are out dated but not bad enough that it makes a huge difference. If you never played Half life 2 or episode 1 and 2 then dust off your xbox 360 and buy a cheap copy of the big red box and play it, you will love it, it even has the 1st portal and team fortress, cant play team fortress but its fine, it was only multiplayer and was fun back then, goofy and gory kinda like loadout for ps3 and ps4 which is also no longer playable, still the big red box was a monster of a deal , all that greatness on one disc. Keep playing campaigns people, without awesome single player campaigns gaming would suck. We are seeing less and less single player campaigns and more and more fortnights and its sad, games like assassins creed and god of war are in no danger thank god but 1st person shooters are becoming a thing of the past and it sucks, i know not all of you agree but if you do agree and are still reading my misspelled mess of a comment then do me a favor and give me a thumbs up. Show me im not alone

    64. Pooper dooperPatrick Raftery

      I appreciate your addiction, I'm a gamer too, I appreciate your Irish brogue. The other day I was thinking how the whole story of metal gear solid 2 was amazing. Plus why most game stories today have irritating boring parts. Had a five minute go of half life years ago I don't know how you can compare the two.

      1. Pooper dooperPatrick Raftery

        @smama well said.

    65. BeoJack

      59:58, Rumors of a virtual reality project huh? It was that one.

    66. Lightning McHick

      I wish the people who made Black Mesa were also remaking System Shock.

    67. Kwad Damage

      where my CS 1.6 playas at

    68. Michael Wagner

      CS, Half Life 2 and Battlefield 2 multiplayer on PC was the happiest gaming years for me

    69. The Devil In The Circuit

      Listening to Keighley speak, apparently one of the unforeseen consequences is it can make you sound like you're impersonating a 5th grader,. Good lord.

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    71. Thunder

      It is ironic when you are talking about Half-life VR game because there is a VR game now and it is great

    72. Pemandangan Tube

      Why this game looks 60fps here

    73. Nate Ryan

      Loved that game growing up thanks for the time you put into this very cool!🇦🇺👋

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    75. Glenn Fletcher

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    77. Rem

      Half Life is over rated trash.

    78. Chuck Kelly

      Why does the algorithm keep making this next? I've never even herd of this game but this is at least the third time I've walked in the room and its playing

    79. Catst i love cuddles

      Community: never going to make a new half life game *One decade later* Valve: makes half life: Alex Me: wat

    80. Sven K

      this is one of those documentaries that I wish I could completely forget to watch over and over again in a nostalgic gratification loop. fuck randy though

    81. Hypno Brain

      33:33 A creepy face and some numbers flash on the screen for less than a second. What's that all mean?

      1. Frank Lang

        its a bunch of cd keys?

      2. Frank Lang

        bro help me figure it out i cant seem to get a still image of it

    82. Cullen Freeman


    83. Cullen Freeman

      They should of paid attention to how the alien ai had literal smell actions and like the bull squid will eat a head crab after it kills it n such.

    84. DéJi Vu

      I too don't need Half Life 3. But, like, Portal, plz?

    85. Volgotha

      Don't you mean... FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES??

    86. Uriel Mendivil

      Trump lost get over it

    87. Z. Zauxst

      HUfast keeps recommending me this, and I've already seen it. What's worse is that I really miss this game a lot.

    88. Matthew Chavez

      I can confirm since I played this series as a child, that I also heard those auditory hallucinations completely sober. The game has a weird magic to it man.

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    90. Sam Gatana

      Hey... They did "Half-Life Alyx" in VR eventually. It's alright now, it looks like they're not hanging the towel anytime soon

    91. Pete Lorenzo

      youtube: please stop forcing this video on me. I walk away from keyboard, the video I'm watching finishes, the next thing to play is this. how many times must I come to this video.

      1. miiklaa

        Same thing with “H(c)unt down the freeman” for me.. wtf? Did they update their algorithm wrong?

    92. Paul Blue

      Don't you mean... "full life consequences?"

    93. Ayush Dhar

      I had played Half-Life in 2001, and loved it. Years later when internet was widely available in India and I got into gaming I realised how huge a deal Half-Life really was. I then played Half-Life 2 in 2016. Thanks.

    94. Dan B

      It's fascinating that games like this one can change perspectives by pushing boundaries and have such a strong link to great memories, yet the games themselves (looking back at the footage) age horribly because of constant advancements.

    95. realitynowassigned

      Its weird this dude thinks kids don't know what mods are.

    96. OB1-Computers

      Watching this after Alyx, knowing Jeff new so much about Alyx is like.... bro you played us hard 😂

    97. Daniel George

      You saw the VR coming...but did you see the dumpster fire that is black mesa coming ?

    98. HC Art

      I wonder what are the cd keys on a frame at 33:33

    99. HazardShocker

      And that VR project was Half-Life: Alyx

    100. Q7B

      Before this video released I didn’t finish half life 2 yet, when I heard the intro track just now again I checked, and to see that it’s actually from the same game just proves more half life is timeless and you can actually play it for an entire life.