Universe Size Comparison 3D

Harry Evett

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    Planets in our Universe can get extremely large, but stars get even bigger. In this video we explore the sizes of moons, planets, stars, and even beyond, including black holes and even galaxies.
    Basically a comparison of the entire Universe.
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    All measurements represent diameter.
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    Made with Blender 2.79

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    1. wosToyneoz

      Allah are the greatest

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      Huge respect for the cameraman who traveled around the universe to record this maybe I can get 100K likes by this Comment soon!

    3. Jett

      But this is the biggest question, what is outside the universe ?

    4. Santino Rizzo

      Jaja es falso y Plutón acordate la tecnología avansa

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      mujhe aaj pta chla hai ki Sun 🌞 se bada koi tara hota hai

    8. Angel Alvarez

      Eyes never stop dreaming

      1. Angel Alvarez

        And if you got scared when the bootes void came


      Wow I am really surprised to see this video


        And thanks to the videomaker for making this beautiful and amazing

    10. elio_ pez

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    11. Silver

      How is it possible to know these things

    12. Cp Singh

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      This made me feel so small now

    14. Ethan G

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    16. armin b

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    17. The Hindutva Facts

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    18. joni maisema

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    19. Corinne Anklin

      This is scary!!

      1. Bľøød ġuy

        What is the scary thing? If u dont know who made this world its the god

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    21. Dias Gomes DG

      The universe it's beautiful!

    22. Chloe leigh

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    23. pınar gözel

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    24. Christian Job P. Dela Fuente

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    25. Christian Job P. Dela Fuente

      Evoulution of the universe be like:

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    27. 4XTRØ ._.

      Wow! Fantastic!

    28. ceyhun ve tan

      where is the big D

    29. DiabLo

      We are Nothing 🙂

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    30. George Saga

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    31. George Saga

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    32. LEO_ Rage

      So basically, I'm very smol

    33. James Medrano

      You forgot to show us the black hole

    34. GSA -X-

      سبحان الله الخالق العظيم

    35. Jean-Luc Picard

      and this is only what we think we know

    36. Karan Joshi

      So theres a black hole with an even bigger black hole behind it just our luck

    37. Abdul Kadir

      Do you think this magnificent universe is a coincidence? No, this art is undoubtedly the work of a great artist. That is also ALLAH.

    38. Heckingh

      Remember Black hole is bigger than the sun.

    39. YA

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    40. Amr ibrahim

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      Bootes Void, you have my respect

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    44. Pallavi Singh

      It's the Hubble Space Telescope's deep field which took the images of these stars,galaxies and black of our Universe

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      Cool the universe is so big

    50. Flower Bear

      we watched this in science and we all SCREAMED every time another came up

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      Shotout camera man he had to almost die for this

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      The largest thing in the video is us because we are watching the video

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    55. rafael torres

      like si te gustaria visitar el universo y tambien oir los planetas

    56. Diana

      Just... magnificent. It's just that it's impossible to find him a qualifier who fills out what you want to convey. 👏🏽

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    58. Juan Reyes

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    59. Tia Paulinha

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    66. Da BUNNY

      Jesus Christ how many years does it take the humans to discovered this?!?!?!

    67. Prateek srivastava

      When will I become biggest ...... forget kuipers belt , I haven't crossed even asteroid belt

    68. LightMila

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    71. Oskaras Balsys

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    72. Sean Sa-Sa

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    73. Sripathi G

      Now I understand what people mean when they say we are nothing in the Universe. My brain can't process this 😂🤣🤣🤣!!!

    74. DalGalaNiyoReee

      Imagine you're watching this video in another planet

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      Salute to the cameraman who shoot this 😂😂

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      wow....just wow

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      Glory be to God the great Creator

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      The black hole made me scared for some reason

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      Bu uzunluk mu yoksa uzaklık ölçüsü mü

    82. Legit

      bro can u tell me how do u know how large is the universe ? like even to assume 150 bil light years..that's still a big "void" in what we know even though this is going for the idea that the universe isn't constantly expanding..

    83. Beatrice Potter

      so we’re ants

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      I want to see all these place after death ❤️❤️

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      we see them becoming experienced after the next 10000 years

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      amazing created allah swt

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