Urban Freeride Lives 3 - Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer

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    Urban Freeride is back! Lyon to Paris, Let's Go!
    ► Check out the Behind The Scenes Documentary "To The Limit" here:
    English Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimiten
    Deutsche (german) Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimitde
    Huge thank you to CONTINENTAL for supporting the high speed journey!
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    1. Ethni Pineda

      Me when I'm late to school:

    2. Ender

      No stairs were harmed during the making of this video.

    3. Arifsofea arifsofea

      Really awesome! Great job.. This is secuel 10 of The Fast and Furious - Danger Mafian Bike

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      So heftig 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

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    7. Daffa Rasyid Alghaniy

      Its bad that the moto gp doesn't necessarily tilt that much that cool

    8. Rad•Bau IV

      Hey man love ur stuff, u inspired me to start my own channel, making funny bike tours in Germany :)

    9. Александр ПолумордвИнов

      Зашел в комментарии почитать о том какой он псих , но тут все на английском и французском ,забыл что не только русские такие психопаты. Реально думал ,что русский так летит.

    10. Leo Gosme

      I want this guy as my Uber eats delivery guy.

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    12. Tymon W

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    13. Vijay Katurde

      This riders is world top list very nice

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    16. DAXY MX

      Nice ride man can i join us too plz

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      واصل هاذ فيديو 11مليون لايك

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      Song name? please

    20. Debabrata Biswas

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    21. Gabriel Enes

      Oi Fábio Onde vende essa bike que vc tem me diz por favor 😊

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      Qual preço da bicicletinha ?

    23. LE KILLEUR

      La Croix rousse ❤️

    24. Da5k Panda

      When you discover that the GTA bike is indestructible:

    25. ali media

      How many camera needed?

    26. ali media


    27. ali media

      Wow best rider

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    30. William

      7:27 Men don't ask for permission.

    31. Hexell Brylle

      Every birthday, I always wish to have like that kind of cycle 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭

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      I am your fan

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    34. Mashup remix

      You are so hardworker

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      Name of ur cycle

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      Legends watching this video in 2021 Jan like here😂

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      Mera friend Tumse race Lagane Khoj raha hai To Tum telmocho a sakte ho kya

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      imagine just seeing this guy irl crashing and jumping over everything

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    40. Chany Philly

      Man I wish I could have ridden my bike like that! Even jumping off a kerb is too much these days lol!

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      I am a Korea poeple i like mtb

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      What y the first song???

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    46. Rajdeep Kashyap

      If he works on uber eats he might have earned millions of dollar every day! Imao

    47. Rules of Engagement

      Miami Beach 4 months ago. Jet boat accident 154mph! rouge wave pushes canopy under the water torpedo's down us inside the cabin hit the deck bar I sliced open my head, the steering wheel from bracing for impact I destroyed my hand and wrist I had surgery but it does not feel the same especially twisting the throttle on a motorcycle or certain movements at least I can squeeze a trigger. when it first happened I could not even defend myself and moved from Miami back to my hometown Maryland don't get it twisted you made this video now retire put it away this sport does not pay enough and unless you want something very bad to happen to you I was sent here to save you

    48. Rules of Engagement

      I knew you were young you crave fame but you have not had a serious surgery yet bro im here to stop you before you regret it later and its to late

    49. Rules of Engagement

      so illegal so reckless ,.....its epic I did this on a street bike the surgeries aint worth it when I say him jump those steps that's death if he messed up

    50. Rules of Engagement

      that honey commercial were he saves $220 is fake now sick bike is that a ebike downhill

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      4:15 I thought he needs a lift lol

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      Dies ist bei weitem eine sehr gute Produktion, ein gutes und sehr professionelles Extrem des Motorrads, sie haben die Produktion geliebt.

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