Van Halen - Jump (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Ben Eller)

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    I forgot to shout out Frank Shortt in the end credits. He filmed this video!
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    Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
    For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

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    1. boofaloo aloo

      do you do weddings?

    2. Dave B1

      Thanks for the tribute, especially the end, very well done!!! Your vocals are awesome, I actually like them over dlr's.

    3. Lucy Coe

      WOOW! No compromise, just JUMP you f@cker!!! Absolute version!

    4. Nzanthung Tsanglao

      La Bamba... Please on ur next cover

    5. M Snyder

      Leo, This would have brought Eddy back. This is amazing. You do pretty awesome work!

    6. MartyMcNug

      Rest in peace eddie.

    7. Oroberus

      RILODBAGS - Rest In Lots Of Drum, Bass And Guitar Sound

    8. Loreto Siabo

      Leo Idol your a new born Copy Rockstar

    9. Floofy Leopard

      Leo is unbelievably talented. Plays mult instruments, great singer, screamer and always an outstanding entertainer/performer!

    10. Mad Mike Bradley

      Omg .75 speed guys!

    11. J Ad

      Excellent! I love the metalization of pop songs... so much talent... But why the rabbit? Whats with the rabbit? Is that a Norwegian thing?

    12. Mitchanator099

      So glad the frankenstrat was used in this video.

    13. Cullen Freeman

      RIP Van Halen

    14. Maik Klein

      Signed Ben ! But love your cover too . Keep on moving and stop covering! Nice work!

    15. Sachin Mesta

      Very nice version of JUMP, RIP Eddie nah,, hope that even in Heaven you would be guitaring around...

    16. Hans Termaat

      Respect.....the end is good...respect too Edie....thank you frogleap, greetings from Holland

    17. XDCMouseUK

      When is this AMAZING TUNE going to be available on Amazon Music? I keep downloading Criss Cross Jump from there by mistake.:)

    18. Philip Every

      I think Van Halen did a cover of this

    19. Solikin Eko Sulistiyono

      weird genius LATHI .. COVER PLEASE

    20. mike anglada

      So Great to see Ben Eller here!!! \,,/ Eddie Van Halen extraordinaire!

    21. Dante Alighieri

      Who the f#ck got bird leather at the very end. Fffff#ck me. GREAT solo, Benobi. Great entertainment overall. Thanks guys.

    22. john jacobs

      Awesome Leo and Ben! I saw Van Halen back in the late 70s . They opened for Black Sabbath in Norfolk Va. VH was great! Then Black Sabbath blew our minds!! JJ

    23. Glenn Castiel Copacio

      Requesting for a song Don't Stop Believin.

    24. Vavindra Rajkumar

      Thank u so much for each song u cover, u're a legend dude🙏🤘

    25. Johnny_Bassplayer

      Parabéns por essa linda homenagem !!!!!

    26. KBoege

      Killer solo by Ben Eller. Hope he returns to Frog Leap Studios more often! How about adding him to your touring group?

    27. Colby Wood

      I want to see a super heavy cover of Cat’s in the Cradle

    28. Julio Santos

      Great Eddie! We miss you!!

    29. Jabbar Muhammad

      A dedication to do Eddie Van Halen I like it

    30. Evil Fingers

      How about another Tribute to Eddie, Leo? Like say....Ain't Talkin About Love?

    31. Renzo Pinto

      A legend

    32. Shutter Noise

      Sooooooooooo fuckin hot... love it... kepp on rockin... that´s great.

    33. Pounder Polizzo

      Funny cause it still sounds like a pop song! Rip Edward van halen

    34. THAC0'S Cave

      Nice Tribute to Eddie Van Halen. He's the reason Tab was created.

    35. William Spell

      Did your wig come off 4:00

    36. Metal Fire Game Time

      I remember when 5150 was a new album. I played the hell out of that tape :)

    37. ColorMeWithYou

      the effort you put into these videos is amazing. You're literally the best

    38. John Karnaghon

      Btw, you killed that solo Ben

    39. John Karnaghon

      I can't believe how awesome you make even butt rock like this sound incredible!! Good job leo

    40. Christopher Owens


    41. Steven Birt

      I Love all these covers you are doing and it looks like you and your daughter are having a blast doing them!! Sorry I am unable to contribute. I was in an accident last year. My fund raiser. Help get it out there and share my link Thank you Steve

    42. michael Federoff

      Leo's guitar work is improving!

    43. Michele Clapham

      That solo is truly amazing such a hard piece of music to play

    44. Michele Clapham

      I think you may have just outdone van halen that was fucking amazing lol loved it 🇦🇺

    45. Drew Miller


    46. Dennis Snelling

      Best tribute ever from a heavy metal perspective of a band that heavily influenced my formative years! Thank you.

    47. Allen W

      How about some twisted sister?

    48. dcrabbit

      Ahahahahaha... ohhh fookin wow! This is aweeeeeSOME!!! Heehee! C'mon everybody.. allllll praise LEEEEOOOO!

    49. Lothar Renz

      what a fun tribute to Eddie... love it!

    50. Taro Misaki

      Allez l'OM! It's THE MYTHIC HYMN of the French soccer team Olympique de Marseille. RIP Eddie, we love You for ever !

    51. gabrielle dormuth

      Eddie would be proud of this cover

      1. avraham vidal

        He Sure Would

    52. Jerry Burnett

      Rock on EVH!

    53. Mark Eichler

      RIP EVH

    54. MrWakeboarder540

      No! I didn't see you playing the drums on this one!!! It is a tough drum part to get 100% perfect, especially during the start of the guitar solo.


      Thank you for that riff with the guitar, I always wonder why they decided to play on keyboard

    56. Miriam Diggler

      OK, I'm going to give in; How do I make a request and give you my moonies? (Hint: You know about Stihl chainsaws?)

    57. Cape

      Good video ... great pick me up. Music brings us together.

    58. lexzbuddy

      Be good if you just dumped the keyboard

    59. D Wilz

      Leo, you continue to impress me. You are a joy to watch!

    60. Tim Hadley

      Leo + Ben = Instant win.

    61. Jay Morrison

      New life goal: to be so good at something that I can make the face @ 2:28 and back it the fuck up.

    62. Duane Petersen

      It would be awesome if you did an "ain't tailkin bout love" cover

    63. Kaeda Sonata

      It's like you're trying not to open up your vocal cords, though we know you can do it. Go head and jump, to the next octave!

    64. toobasaurus23

      Long live Eddie VH! Great tribute brother!

    65. Mac Kumpas


    66. mike pennington

      Loved the tribute... really enjoyed Ben's beautiful solo work!

    67. Andrew Ouellette

      Leo, you metaled it up and kept it classic Van Halen. This my friend was in my opinion you very best cover. We all needed this right now. Thank you.

    68. hairul logic

      the intro got me an impression of a back of a stage. but after I watch the Behind-the-scenes video, it was just the same warehouse.. haha

    69. André Borges

      Very nice. But it,s sad too. Thanks Leo for performance

    70. John Jay

      Uncle Ben's the shit. Badass.

    71. Dennis Curwick

      You sing Under pressure

    72. Jon Clegg

      Beautiful tribute, Leo.

    73. Jay Redding


    74. Just Some Gamer - Gaming And Stuff

      Rest in peace Eddie

    75. Josef Mechacek

      zdarec,,hodne dobrej val.,,nazpivej fantoma opery s nakou dobrou stikou,,toby byla pecka

    76. Blake robby

      Should do metal cover of die very rough

    77. scott clarke

      An excellent, fitting tribute to the great man by a great man!! Special shout out to you too, @Ben Eller, that solo was epic!!!!

    78. Daniel Wagner

      Vielen Dank und Gesundheit für Euch alle

    79. Aj Vasquez

      Play Jaja Ding Dong!!!

    80. Hamletaco

      The unofficial song of Airborne across the Globe!!!

    81. Brandon Miner

      I guess If I'd looked up "Cool" in the dictionary I'd have already known who Ben Eller was...

    82. Peacekeeper

      Metal cover of Van Halen is like a prog cover of Dream Theater lol!

    83. Rob Gould

      Well done! Thanks! It’s still hard to believe, Eternal EVH!

    84. simon tee

      loved that solo and keys version awesome

    85. LANPartyAnimal

      Great addition to the line up Ben!

    86. therealpicklerick 1

      I would love to hear you cover "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte. Great lyrics wasted on a crappy band

    87. metalhead86deadhead92

      Awesome. U know I think I'm still scarred from House of a Thousand Corpses. After we left the theater that day, on the ride home there were two Italian ice joints that had a dude outside in a Freaking Bunny Costume. lol

    88. kirsten kobrin

      Freakin awesome as always 👏 😎

    89. Skwern

      Ееее, побольше олдухи!

    90. Buton Newbie

      Everybody - Backstreet Boy.. make it metal

    91. Erin Nemeth

      RIP Eddie but Leo you nailed it I love it great job

    92. ronin667

      Marvelous tribute!

    93. biffo1960


    94. mickey barber

      Has the "heart of rock and roll" been done yet? I'm way behind, if it hasn't please do :) Incredible, incredible job. I love it!

    95. Swe FPV



      eddie van halen.....

    97. Mesatallic

      Awesome! Perfect choice of collaboration with Ben! 🤘😀🤘

    98. Felipe Fonseca

      Melhor canal de todos !!! Best Channel ever!!

    99. DanAka Pharao

      So on point, love it!