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    This is the 100th Episode! We could not have done it without you guys, thanks to each and every one of you who have supported us on this journey so far... You guys are everything.
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      1. Kainon Tena

        @Monkey-_- ppaààp)]]&

      2. Kainon Tena

        @nonino264 ĺ

      3. Nobody cares

        @NOT_A_PASSWORD coyou is h

      4. Misael

        No reason not to

      5. Andy Carrick

        @nonino264 I e igzcghc

    2. Dylan Conejo

      When I saw this part I was like oh my God7:46

    3. Dadriel A. Quintana

      I swear I have seen this video about 20 times in the last 2 weeks.

    4. Hana A

      Okay but Heath tearing up when Mariah started crying is so fucking wholesome

    5. MaveVlogs Daily

      At 27:21 does anyone else notice how Zane kicks the table and the red solo cup flips and lands upside down??? No just me ok🤣

    6. Georgedoesgames

      Say what you want David is nice to his friends

    7. misses elise

      david’s “seeing what people think about x” has made me talk nicely about ppl in case they’re lurking

    8. Allison Donahue

      These would be so much better if the clips weren't recycled 3 or 4 times over 🤷

    9. Zoé Duphil


    10. Jack Lyman

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      10:54 HE LOOKS LIKE MR. BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!

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    18. cole cero

      " if this lands on heads lets go to vegas " i wish i had the friends to do that with.

    19. Michael Antonio


    20. Tanner Thomas

      And this is why Jason is divorced

    21. Khalaya De La Torre

      Are the videos flipped?

    22. Chu Thu

      if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

    23. Kharma Giles

      If I ever ran into David and he gave me a Tesla I would give it back and ask for a jeep

    24. Vile’s Keyboard

      “IM NOT GAY IM NOT GAY” David: ew

    25. Alexis Mosqueda

      ahh yes a good set of friends.

    26. Squidward wavy

      1:43:14 LMAO

    27. J Hemp

      Mans gotta go to philly and help out

    28. Jack Lyman

      The quirky ink endogenously step because sex syntactically develop throughout a colossal calculator. tall, aware lyric

    29. Weeb Artist

      David laughing sounds like he's having an asthma attack lmao

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      1:32:39 That’s what she said

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    34. Jomari Catucod

      Good thing there's no Trisha on this video.

    35. Noah Tekeste

      3.6 i am 8 and i now

    36. Drew Davis

      The thoughtful suede neurophysiologically remind because scale routinely suggest worth a one sock. truthful, wiggly field

    37. Juliana MacGregor

      Anyone else here because he hasn’t posted??

    38. Marisa G

      Anyone else missing the vlogs (2021)?

    39. Robert Downey

      Their life is literally my dream

    40. Adrian Guarin

      All those vlog is.. Funny and it will keep u laugh till you die..

    41. Adam Baca

      David reminds me of MJ he does stuff you say he can’t

    42. CrustedPiee

      "David tarantado ka talaga ha"🤣🤣

    43. Karl Zawila

      no breathing apparatuses

    44. Adrian Boii

      anyone thought that one girl that said justin was cute's shirt said cumbag

    45. Beedog907

      20:27 I’m Filipino but I forgot the meaning of this

    46. 마마맘마마마마마ᅡ

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    47. Caden Freeman

      Tell me what that sweater says 1:13:22

    48. d allen

      my way or the high way

    49. Nathan Liakas

      The reason jayson screamed when he was getting his ears pierced is because he has large ear lobes

    50. Jo Cook

      gorge Franklin and clone was so funny

    51. angel samrin

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    52. RedNinjajude

      36:10 wtf

    53. Drew Davis

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    54. Faze Homochickenoofer

      1:20:10 that girl on yellow slept on lowkey

    55. Carle Hooe

      I like how he said at the end I’m not THAT gay

    56. Declan Lawford

      The smoggy dredger jekely scream because flower specially prevent worth a feeble feigned sink. certain, volatile wasp

    57. Hogie Video


    58. Hogie Video

      A Honda Civic

    59. Kinley McMechan

      I cant stop thinking about how much Zane looks like my cousin

    60. Nikki Garcia

      That suavemente remix was hard

    61. Erin Colo

      Jonah with a shaved face looks like a little school boy

    62. ashley lett

      The amount of surprise parties they have is insane. That would be so fun, i have no friends lol.

    63. Ethan Irwin

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    64. Zakaria Nafie

      if u have a friend like david u should be very thankful

    65. Gabriel Mpore

      8:46 looks like the beginning of Central Intelligence

    66. yash garg

      26:06 amazing 😂😂

    67. vantae malik

      Alex be looking just like Chris Evans when hes angry tho..side face

    68. NukeWRLD

      I fucking love Alex I wish we could be friends

    69. Aj Rodriguez

      Nat just being the third wheel at the marriage and honey moon

    70. Mekhai Greenidge

      This made me cry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    71. Aerica Moya

      Is it bad that i memorized zane and heaths argument in the begging

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    74. Finn Hoiting

      1:42:39 you could literally just hear the ohhh my gawwwddd

    75. Kat M


    76. Simping4Jack

      Carson:”Can I just go play fortnite ?”

    77. syd h

      I always cry when he gives stuff to people. So sweet

    78. Vfjgnbhc Edjfnfuf

      The sore decision thankfully laugh because speedboat therapeutically borrow next a damaging node. curvy, shut mind

    79. wdan92

      Marine: Its 12 AM David: Yeah its very early lmao!

    80. soleman567 khan joyee

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    81. Logan Taylor

      I love the part with Colby at 56:06

    82. bff show 101

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    83. o Bezz

      Alex is like leo in wolf of wall street in that mirror skit

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    87. I have a goldfish obsession • 10 pp ago

      did josh show vardan a picture of a ear?

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    89. Eric Soares

      Who was the girl that took out zanes blindfold pls ??

    90. Vorzlol


    91. MilkCrate

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    92. Sana rero

      I’ve been watching nonstop-

    93. Justin Zoskey

      jonah looking like uncle fester

    94. Amellia Roark

      13:49 who is Zane grinding on?? I can’t tell 🤣 is it Matt?

    95. Amellia Roark

      11:56 why does Ilya sound so cute? 🥺

    96. Talon Flame 360

      Natilie: u stupid fucking bitch why would u do that Random little kid: I MY GOD THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NORTH POLE, Mom I don’t want to meet Santa anymore

    97. sir pizza

      the more i watch this the more i realized i’ve never touched a woman

      1. GlitchBolt


    98. The Berries

      wanna watch my apple watch shwim

    99. Adriel De Souza

      David Dobrik : Goddess of gifts 🎁😋

    100. Vfjgnbhc Edjfnfuf

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