wardell banned me?


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    wardell banned me? - valorant with friends
    wardell banned me? - valorant with friends
    wardell banned me? - valorant with friends
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    1. Zack

      p :100:

      1. Jaycob Duray

        Why'd wardell banned u tho?

      2. Nathankazuki

        pinned? That's a W

      3. nalulunod


    2. British



      damn i thought that was tenz lol

    4. Alex

      a pretty girl who is good at the game and also entertaining, with a fun group of friends. Can't stop watching.

    5. Funtatzz

      2:24-2:26 the most struggling i've seen in whole my life

    6. Sa1nt

      That was indeed a sick clip😆🤣

    7. Phantom


    8. EZ HAI KAY ???

      You Are Cute AF

    9. BrainSpillerYT

      Why did I read: *Wardell banged me?*

    10. jeet Vichhi

      can someone tell me what is 'W'..??

    11. ChoCoLaTe Channel


    12. Sharon Shin


    13. Jxsh . EEE

      eeeeeeeeee The talk at 1:30 got me a lil creeped out yk... I totally wasn't thinking abt sum else-

    14. Osoblw Qeilow

      ploo is the simping magnet

    15. Azhar Azmi


    16. 2wice4RICE

      3:36 thats a fuqen big W, ma names gem. im literally the king out here. edit: just finished the clip, i had the crown for a few seconds at least.

    17. LeeRifle

      Never trust a man who defaults to difference instead of diff


      whats W mean?

    19. Arnab Tv

      its pretty easy to wardell

    20. John Patrick Esmilla

      13:50 the ultimate sacrifice by the enemy raze oh my gooood

    21. Beatsby draKe

      she is my god xd

    22. Beatsby draKe

      good entry plloo god

    23. Beatsby draKe

      ploso good

    24. Sometimes Blue

      what a bunch of simps

    25. Lazy Man


    26. Harvey Castro

      i love watching gloria the throatgoat xD

    27. Mehdi Snaiki

      he didn't lie it was a sick clip

    28. 장범준.


    29. Kapalrevolution

      I want gloria to strangle me!

    30. Communist Gohxiong

      When the guys becomes simps and carry a girl gamer but instead she is carrying them to radiant

    31. -Sukicchi -

      So basically Immortal in Valorant is like Gn to Mg in CSGO

    32. Chaitanya Divate

      The Raze didn't Simp Proud of him

    33. Sevani Cretinew

      what is W means anw??

    34. Saika

      Your friends is funny HAHAHA content!

    35. Oblivious

      Road to 100k!!!!

    36. DroitXD

      hi mom

    37. Daniel Tan


    38. ValJack CBEP

      Look where do u find a good team?

    39. Marilyn Francisco

      thank you for very good content god bless ploo

    40. Marilyn Francisco

      i like your content keep safe and god bless ploo

    41. Nicolas Antequera

      HUfast people who don't watch your streams must have known Bernard =^c

    42. kvzpineda

      9:39 thats how she got the title the throat goat. 🙌🏻

    43. Mohaymen-Ul-Islam Chowdhury

      shanks unfriended. wardell banned.. lmaoooo

    44. MB Edits

      Wow! Love this Edit!! Leaved a like

    45. ellaine

      Wait so why did wardell ban the word ploo

    46. 100T

      did you know that i just watch her because im a simp

    47. Jay Weezy

      imagine getting a heart from ploo

      1. Oddette Cruz

        Sad, just imagine

    48. Q we

      here since 20k sub

    49. CachmereBoss


    50. PanPan:3

      Daym that 1st clip was lit:3

    51. Trixter

      How the fuck r people so high up the ladder but can't do the most BASIC TRICKS. ploo n (zack was it?) shaq cant do double satchel. Weeb cant adapt. N ploo sometimes does... Things u shouldnt... But it works out n doesn't for her sometimes

    52. kima

      Shaq forgot to practice his satchels in the range.

    53. DuskLynx

      Just use capital i as a lowercase L

    54. MR.Sparkle Playz

      Flexinja just fall in love with you HAHAHqhqhahahahahahaahahhahaahaH

    55. Vincent Mackey

      Was just watching ur stream when this happened

    56. ninaa

      ur almost at 100k subs :oo

    57. Jade

      lol respect yourself. what do you mean nip slip? 12:21

    58. Chicken Adobo

      forgive me for being a simp.

    59. moon child

      Man i love this trio so much always got me cracked up

    60. Jeremy Liew

      Does shaq stream????

      1. featHarman


    61. NOX STUD

      so that 'phoenix' scene has phoenix song in the background? 0:27

    62. robert13th

      I saw this live stream

    63. Ernie Bryan Reyes

      Whye aren’t u and flexinja dating?

    64. Joaqu1n Manansala

      I mean it was still a HUfast clip

    65. KeokiOnPc

      P capital "i" o o

    66. Odin


    67. ButterBertha

      Isn't this place kes old girlfriend?? Wtf

    68. Storm

      Is it just me or is her crosshair like teleporting around? its so disorienting

    69. zip

      get these simps tf outta here

    70. lexluker.

      I love your smooth face idk if that's weird

    71. ur a bitch and i know it

      Almost at 100k lets go

    72. Felix Samuel

      That last clip lmao, the enemy raze caught that rocket be like "ahh shiet my favourite candy is coming i gotta grab it asap" lmao

    73. Dhruvit Shah

      What's the meaning of 'W' and 'L' ??

    74. Elyyow

      Its so funny when they saw the icebox map🤣🤣

    75. hana

      ploo where'd you get that top with the black ribbon straps? it's so cute

      1. hana

        @ploo ty!! 🥺

      2. ploo

        art n luv

    76. Donald Jardiolin

      You are almost there in reaching 100 K subs congrats ploo 🥰🥰 go for golden play button

    77. iYata

      Loving these videos. Always make me laugh. Good job and keep it up as always!

    78. han nah

      Shaq's: no way right now!

    79. GameTime

      i mean, who said it wasn't a sick youtube clip?

    80. HelloWorld


    81. Adrian / Mitchie Wolf

      wait, 14 minute video QUEEN??? 😳😳😳😳

    82. Mhisty

      the end of the video did the raze just catch the rocket?

    83. Vanderoz


    84. ERA Gaming

      my mind asking why you so cute gloria omay gad

    85. okay. idk

      7:33 squirt sound

    86. Uh Hi

      Sammay probably be like task failed successfully

    87. Renaldi

      1:58 F FOR SHANKS


      i need play with you valorant ploo

    89. Kalvinツ

      Shanks is crying somewhere

    90. Killua

      W's for wedid

    91. Benedict Gamueda

      p: 100

    92. Rhenz team7


    93. Aiden Dough

      wardell just wants to hide his true feelings for u

      1. N.M. T99.2

        Poohbear is way better

      2. green tea


    94. XppaiCyber -


    95. Kayla Paligsa

      been speed watching all of ploo’s videos lmaoo w

    96. SanicVelocity

      That raze said, "get down Mr. President"

    97. Red Atienza

      What time does ploo usually stream?

    98. S a r a h!

      1:57 Flexinja punching the air rn

    99. Brandon H.

      U got me watchin till 1 am and ive got 2 tests tmrw 😂

    100. Nommel Caragay

      help. what is CAP, W , L and others?