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    1. HypeMyke

      PART 2 OUT NOW: hufast.info/plan/vide/aX_Ri8SJqGSzmps

      1. Amalia Cano


      2. kelly baray


      3. Douglas Winans

        I love all your vids

      4. Fortnite Let's go

        Heaven Hensley CAN be better

    2. Star_ Love


    3. kitty's world

      You said you were going to ask him if you could film the whole thing but on the email it clearly says film the thing to prove that guys friends wrong

    4. Auksė Gaubytė

      hello mike this haunted house so creppy is a noise but that creppy girl do that but she hiding somewhere

    5. Charlie

      Imagine doing a haunted train series🙊 spooky

    6. Mrz Reaperzz

      YEs comments are now at 2021

    7. Jae'Lonte Chatman

      yes imjastasan

    8. Sneak Attack

      The fast turnip problematically memorise because map recurrently regret plus a different alligator. disillusioned, berserk hyacinth

    9. M Tube

      dude this video was made on my brithday!

    10. diana valenzuela

      But can you see the pottergist shadow

    11. Isabella Diaz

      i sub at 1 min

    12. Drake Keesling

      I laphed so hard when when it said "* the phone call *"

    13. Maja Kosinska

      Well I'm watching this at 3am

    14. Charlotte Allison

      we should be called hype house! like if you agree

    15. Amalia Cano

      Morgan’s pet mouse is so cute i want to pet it I love it 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 like if true

    16. elisabeth maguay

      omg its so kieer pie debil namber si 666 idon laiket

    17. Miriam Hussain

      Your are best

    18. Miriam Hussain

      An my brother is 55

    19. 1K-85 Jordan Grey

      when you're PC keeps buffering Devil: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA You Have No Power Here

    20. Abdirahman Yusuf

      this is what that guy looks like from the call 🌝🌚

    21. Abdirahman Yusuf

      That’s such a cute mouse 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁

    22. Evan Roldan

      love all your series Myke loves from the Philipppines

    23. John Turner

      I'm.watching the full series. All 3 videos when I watch the last one. It was so scary. And terrifying. And. Insane my heart got. Jump scraed I never seen. This before

    24. Shaleen Ryan

      What there going to be sile that is ok

    25. Danielle

      I aways whated to go in house 666

    26. Danielle

      Am a huge fan this is crazy

    27. Jayla Hamilton

      i think u lost subs bc last the u had 29 mil now u have 3 min

    28. Adriel Pupo

      So basically poltergeist are god ghosts or a stronger type of ghost

    29. Zachary Loring

      i got you

    30. Josh Sims

      i hope god blesses me

    31. Cassandra Hayes

      If I were you I’d get food before 666 house :3

    32. Liz Nolan

      hypemyke i will see you soon...:)

    33. Scout Boi

      I think the devils hour should be 6am because a lot of devils stuff is 666 so yeah 6am should be the devils hour


      Why do I like this series so much- I s w e a r I'm n o t a p s y c o p a t h

    35. lil ice

      Nicks brother in the haunted barn the code is 666 the delves number and u said to Nicks brother what’s 666

    36. Juceila Silva


    37. zouhir karadaniz

      part 2

    38. hannah hauser

      well blank this blank i'm out like if you know this meme

    39. Destiny Horrall

      Who still rewatching this in 2020 | | | | 👇

    40. elizabeth Castle


    41. Crazy Trucker


    42. Carol Jean

      Kinda sound like my house

    43. Da best YouTuber penny

      heeeellllllllllllllloooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyykkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Tos Sta

      Can you call Chester from Halloweentown high

    45. Calix Rafael Tolentino

      And part 4

    46. Calix Rafael Tolentino

      Please part 3

    47. Ninja Boy

      The 666 is the demons but hype myke is a good idea

    48. sumalatha Nch

      Are you all re searching on ghosts or spirits

    49. Your local tiktok News

      What was the sound in the background It sounded like mouning


      Cause 666 is the devils number

    51. Kyle Smith


      1. Kyle Smith


      2. Kyle Smith


    52. Patricia Swisher

      You. Just. Mr. Sean. My. Teacher. Love. Dream. About you. Marry. You. Hipmike. Watch

    53. Kacie Breedon

      I've subscribed

    54. Vicky Vargas


    55. • C o t t o n T a i l •

      00:24 😆

    56. Jesus Gamez


    57. Jacksyn Young

      maybe the dude who sent you the email commented on this very video...

    58. Janitya Ray Narazki

      666 Is herobrine number

    59. Nicole Bembry

      You didn't and you have a crazy mind

    60. Delvina Thaqi


    61. Mud Sargent

      What a damm minute on Roblox there is a Guest 666

    62. Ruben Rattik

      I play 3am guuia snd somding brake window and mess evriting is black

    63. Elizabeth Mack


    64. ANAY SINGH

      Hello Biggest fan

    65. Josselyn Penado

      I saw the figure you saw on the video called:We NEVER Thought this was possible house 666 the one at the door on 20:37 at that point if you consetrate you can see a side of it at the door

    66. Jessica Bohm

      I love the animal he has 💗💗💗

    67. Nilofar Fortnite

      I have house is hunting is 999 house in Canada

    68. Karim Rhoufari

      wher jester

    69. Shahrokh Bandeh


    70. ThatOneWeirdKid 67


    71. Sovanney staple

      What about the 777 house

    72. Sovanney staple


    73. Linny Jax

      Omg ur timer go off thing is the same thing as my ringtone

    74. Amy

      Why does the guy on the call sound like itzduhmorgan?

    75. Dom James

      I subscribed in 3sec

    76. Saif kabir

      crazy s*it

    77. Prach Prach

      I know now 666 when Sonic scratch you and when you go to do the 11 thingy right they talking about somebody killing their kids

    78. Paul John Cayden Batikin

      ahh there eye on the glass

    79. Harleigh DeArment

      And my name is Harleigh

    80. Harleigh DeArment

      I wish to be like you

    81. Coco Hernandez

      I love how he locks the doors and say so we are in this together

    82. Vasilis Asimakopoulos

      myke i want to become a member but my parents dont let me

    83. Fatal Cobra

      13:59 this is just so i can come back to where i was

    84. balqis helmi

      Guys that house is guest 666 he is in roblpx

    85. jesse marrs

      lol 666

    86. Thien Ly (tl1277)

      Yo look right there I see white eyes back you

    87. Euphoria Nightmare

      7 months late watching this😀Love ur videos❤️


      Are you dont think about jesse? He Hurt now. i Know😖 and oh JEFF THE KILLER CAME TO THE YOUR NEW HOUSE

    89. Oscar Strojwas

      Please reply and hart it. I know that it is him cuz I edited it and it was a person it was he was dressed in full black.

    90. Oscar Strojwas

      HypeMyke I Know the black figure it is the guy who you were talking to he just wants to scare you that's why he hanged up on you so he can get there quick I know it is him.

    91. Raf

      I want to see Jay and HypeMyke colab and back to the 666 house

    92. Layla Coyle

      I’ve seen lots of houses 🏡 that have the number 666

    93. Aurie and Rain

      He sounds like james charles

    94. Jessica Kuhn

      So scary

    95. Marc Stillhard

      The house 666 the nun

    96. Wolfie 123

      If u guys where talking about his accent being weird he sounds a lil Jamaican and I’m half Jamaican so yea he sounds Jamaican from my perspective

    97. Samir Azizi jalalzai


    98. lydia soliz

      One time I was looking for something to eat and all was I saw where some chicken wings up on the top of my frigerator and then I grabbed it I thought he was still ours I mean like it was but once I was about to put them in the microwave I looked down on it or maybe after when I cooked it I looked down on it and it said 66.6 and I was freaked out! Please send HELP!!!!😱

    99. lydia soliz

      Since you guys are filming a 666 house I just want to tell you a scary scary story that I saw