What is the best asdfmovie joke?


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    AKA Tom breaks down asdfmovie while asdfmovie breaks down Tom.
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    CONTENT WARNING: Where to begin? Discussion and depictions of guns, death, suicide, violence, vore, kinks. This one’s got it all.
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    1. TomSka

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      1. Regina Anderson

        You are dead to me

      2. Isaiahthebendyfan !

        Oh no the RSL virus has infected the one who created asdfmovie!

      3. Dr. Eggz

        Tom your awesome and I love your content, but no.

      4. Kiên 2 Nguyễn

        Meme of the year

      5. Cate_Roses_


    2. James Fletcher

      Hello and welcome to standing up school, annnnddddd you fail!

    3. CrossYT Gaming

      I like trains and PIE FLAVOR are my favorites.

    4. alla fine moriremo tutti


    5. Zombie King

      Hey I noticed that shirt! Dark sigil from dark souls 3

    6. jack is meme-ish

      23:29 funniest

    7. That Other Guy

      Doesn't Tomska kind of look like a young George Lucas? I can't be the only one seeing this right?

    8. Hamgurber Hamgurber

      I saw ds1 shirt

    9. Aurora Bassani

      Actually was really good XD

    10. Luca LAMA

      best joke indeed XD

    11. Koori Ookami

      You know. The perfect joke didn’t dissapoint

    12. Portal Master

      12:12 I laughed so much at this

    13. Chip2

      I always wonderd if the man with the camera was spoke in by jacksepticeye

    14. incoghos t

      Yeah no it doesnt end

    15. Anchialem Abebe

      Is that a real gun?

    16. Berkay Kalaycıoğlu

      is that darksign?

    17. Snoofles

      Geneva convention more like Geneva suggestion

    18. Pink Dolphin

      The one who plays as the muffin plays as Rolly in Bingo and Rolly

    19. Luke Burton

      "Anticlimaxes and awkward pauses" If I had a sex tape...

    20. possibly Janus

      Death is funny when me and the boys were playing warzone we landed and the party leader one of my friends they got shot then died when he was gonna give a speech he didn't even start

    21. Mr. Mayhem

      The HUfast algorithm? 🤔🤭 Say nothing more Tom🤫

    22. Bleach

      i love how he actually used the perfect joke (kinda) in asdf 13

    23. matiEN57

      asdfg movie

    24. Christof Apolinario

      What asdf? Is that really a joke for nothing?

    25. Samantha Laurier

      Why am I doing this? I dunno... something to do I guess... Tom has never been so relatable.

    26. nege poo

      Murder is great -Tom I died

    27. Dr. Bach

      I'm kinda in peace that the farting butt jokes were ranked as the lowest ones. Those are my least favourites as well. My favourite ones are the trumpet license and the Everybody do the flop.

    28. Geralt Ofrivia

      Are you ready to die? No.. Then I come back later.

    29. Øddly Øshy

      My brain: you’ve wasted your life. Me: you’re not wrong.

    30. Kirbyfan64

      "The perfect asdfmovie joke" didn't make me laugh so it wasn't perfect

    31. Echocxie


    32. Zenki GMG

      Haha I can't read

    33. Penny Deavin

      9:14 jack!!!!

    34. Penny Deavin

      2020 dose end!! >:)

      1. Skewer Scribbles

        R u s u r e a b o u t t h a t ?

    35. Wyatt Petelle

      Tom has taught me so much about comedy that I can actually be funny now

    36. Lord Conor

      23:35 funny how this came in asdf movie 13. But tbh still a bad joke. U need to think less of what according to an algorithm and statistics is the best joke but just be creative and random and make the jokes filled with relatable, but unrelatable occurrences at the same time and death. 💀

    37. mdjajf ksnfms

      Ok James A Jeneese

    38. Luna Dragon

      19:12 or most of the people who watch asdfmovie are from Japan

    39. superbomb929 RBLX


    40. TerraForce Gaming634


    41. CloudX Le pro

      2:21 XDDDD

    42. Julia Harris

      Fun fact (maybe): the guy who sets up the camera when the guy is anout to jump might be voiced by Sean (or more likley known as Jacksepticeye). Please tell me if i am wrong.

    43. Knilolas lynn

      Hey (x48)

    44. Knilolas lynn

      Was that actually BDG in the beginning who said it was three?

    45. christopher guilfoyle

      The stegosaurus one has a special place in my heart

    46. christopher hemingway

      What is the best asdfmovie joke?: *thomas ridgewell's slow descent into insanity.*

    47. Mr.Can'tDecide

      Stop! im nobody from the future! 2020 did end!!!!

    48. Henry Vll

      This was boring, poopoo video tom.

    49. Renée Vandenbosch

      Hahaha that’s was such a funny asdf 😂😂😂

    50. the pink Deadpool lll

      I knew it....... That was jack/sean

    51. Natalie Taylor

      ive wached all of them LOTS OF BOOD!!

    52. Bluesugar

      Whaaaat, the farting butt sketcches were some of my personal sketches! :O

    53. Hyhena-Gaming

      i did not expect a legal eagle cameo

    54. TheLofren

      the "perfect" sketch was pretty good

    55. Creative Name

      Aeroplanes? Weapon Cough Cough 9/11 Cough


      Don’t worry, your not the only one who laughs at death.... heh heh car with people go BOOM!

    57. Lex Bellorum

      Where is the skateboarding cow that's not a cow

    58. Rafe TV Gaming

      me in math class 19:42

    59. Dr.Shaggo

      I love it

    60. Pi'illo Cooper

      Gun? NO! Cake? NOM.

    61. Nock Troller

      You know, I was expecting a cluster fuck of a short but hey this one works too.

    62. Tim Woods

      Don't touch that Cactus is one of my favorites. I both do and don't want to see that list of kinks. 'Scuse me I need to see my (nonexistent) therapist.

    63. Soul_Chibi

      I like trains and Turtles and I wanna die

    64. Ohkay

      Dark sign shirt dark sign shirt

    65. Hollie Mansfield-Smith

      I feel like what makes people chose those ones because they're quotable.

    66. Hollie Mansfield-Smith

      I literally didn't know about any of the cameos

    67. bigmad64


    68. Micaela

      Somehow I thought this video happened waaay longer than 3 months ago

    69. ZankyDoo

      Raid shadow legends is my personal favorite asdfmovie joke.

    70. DragHo92

      Personally, my favourite is the "man, there's something on your face" joke. I don't know why, may be the voice, may be the expression or the.... "Emotion" he put in the "IT WAS PAIN!" or maybe I'm just an idiot 😂

    71. Bran.dude!

      11:52 What my brother describes what happened to my parents.

    72. maige f

      thanks for the tutorial on how to funny

    73. helloyellow

      i fucking love the farting butt ones, just the power it has to strip the flesh of people

    74. bacon revenge channel

      3 ads at the same time and then its sponsored by raid shadow legends :(

    75. Papa Beefalo

      My favorite came out in top and that makes me happy

    76. sanane 01

      Als erstes wusste ich nicht das du deutsch sprichst aber jetzt lache ich über meine dummheit😂

    77. Tim Kinney

      My favorite was the girl who got kicked to the moon

      1. Tim Kinney

        And I also like the alphabet gun song

    78. schleichdi

      Pls. make a scientific paper about asdf movie, and i will cite it in my master thesis!

    79. Big Brain Gamez

      Oh No Mien Butt -Tomska 2020

    80. Meowie Gamer

      Reply to the pinned comment: You killed the cleanliness of this channel By promoting this cheap trash cash grab “game” that the developers made solely to get money they don’t care about their players they only care about the players wallet

      1. kao kao

        He gotta pay the bills

    81. Jude Plus production

      2020 done not end huh?

    82. marxinator shztarvweqovlijxt

      lies. the future would be way better if he DIDN'T sponsor raid shadow legends

    83. Zombie Chicken

      I've always assumed spreadsheets are just a cry for help..i mean otherwise ..why???

    84. Creeper

      *future tomska:* slaps past tomska *past tomska:* oah

    85. Creeper

      Can there be a 14th?

    86. itsjustjava

      "How does 2020 end?" "It doesn't" He... he was... right.

    87. ꧁ Fluffytemmieowo ꧂

      12:14 we didn’t have to quote him. He quoted himself

    88. Katarina Babic

      Id buy the card game butdont have the money i also planned to make a joke about it but no

    89. Zac Santos

      When I saw the raid promotion I was like “pffh. Cod Warzone is better!”

    90. Zero Gaming

      A b c d e d GUN

    91. Matthew Frydendall

      my mouth tastes like teeth 🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇

    92. Kennede Mosley

      “Aww what type of dog is he” “He’s French” *WEUF*

    93. StoneTheGamer

      ngl this is the first time i ever sat through a entire raid shadow legends promo and didnt skip which means this is a great content maker as i skip through every promo

    94. Ian Moura

      i like the dark souls reference

    95. Damián Blanco

      First time that i watch an entire sponsorship. Love it.

    96. Cookie time 456

      You got a gun

    97. Furious Thunder

      I didn't know he made the asdf movie

    98. Michael Cantor

      my fave is mine terrtal

    99. Dylan Casas

      My favorite asdfmovie is WHO PARKED THERE CAR ON MY SANDWISH!