What is Jake Paul up to?


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    The financial freedom movement is here thanks Jake Paul
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    1. Abdu

      well... He's gonna fight Connor McGregor now so...

    2. Ashley Estrada

      Update the website is still up some how 😂

    3. Radu MC

      This didn't age well.

    4. Levi Tollefson

      Jake is sure inspiring me to make a movement, a bowel movement.

    5. Kwang Seok

      Why jake Paul dogs are throwing money


      8:08 i like how Pew says "Bend Over"

    7. Jed Cabello

      Fun fact:jake paul is actually dumb

      1. caped baldy

        You don’t say...

    8. cursed kaito

      This got recomended

    9. Ida Norland

      Damn was it really 10 months ago when pewdiepie took his first break.

    10. Jeanne Keita

      Pewds should react to jp being disrespectful with conor

    11. Monster _ Lock

      Jake is the embodiment of the r/IAmVerySmart Subreddit. Change my mind.

    12. Sydney Marshall

      I can’t stand jake and Logan. Ugh. Two entitled jerks who make $$ off being idiots.

    13. Giorgi Khechinashvili

      Jake Paul is a new Joseph Stalin what a story mark

    14. maan ahmed

      11 million people care "what is jake paul up to" god where are we going...

    15. Reveal Productions

      Money laundering scheme possibly?

    16. Prasanna Dhoni

      Expecting a Jake paul roast when he comes back from this break

    17. Andreas Meersman

      mad sus

    18. lil nugget

      JP is actually looking at a script.

    19. JIMMY ROSS

      2:44 my mom walked in

    20. ThePersonOfRadicalness

      but i love the quadratic formula..... actually jake paul is right, screw rockets and space, lets learn about taxes.

    21. Keeper Like A Boss

      fuck student loans

    22. joe mama

      bruh these comments are fking gold 😂

    23. filluppp

      He's up to chicks

    24. Adam the boi Peckhamo

      Don't bully people we helped u get 100 mill lol

    25. n013ody's channel

      "I thought it said ideas are shit without education" BURRRNNN

    26. Greeen Turtle

      2:40 👨🏼👅😂😂😂

    27. Hanid Ivan Billones

      We need more jake paul roasts

    28. Benjamin Holcombe

      Did anyone notice that the guy asking to stop all the hate was “Ben Dover”?

    29. Galaxy Eater

      Jake financial freedom *3 second later* F*CK KSI

    30. Weeaboo Simp

      Ben Dover’s account must have been a troll because, Ben-Dover? come on.

    31. Zackariiiya


    32. QuickPaw

      Why are we even in the Physical Ed class when the teacher isn't himself fat ?

    33. Aridam

      Did anyone else notice his username? 8:41

    34. TC Legend

      1:16 Ur parents made two mistakes

    35. Bontia Joseph Kyle

      To all americans out there?? How does the student loan work?? Educate me please.. ✌️

      1. glitter在你

        the government pays for ur education, u pay them back after getting a job

    36. Asmo Deus

      4:35 Ofcourse Jake Paul has rituals to summon Cthulhu. How else would you explain how he still has a following? XD

    37. ClumsyChu

      FFW Is basically be taught the right way from someone who dropped out of high school

    38. NotTheF

      "I was the smartest guy in class" -A guy who dropped out of school

    39. Warda

      you see i am learning so if my mum is asking me why u watching pewdiepie and not studying someone come and tell her that now i know that 9 is not a dozen

      1. Muhammad Jhanzeb

        Go to jake Paul’s Channel and watch the mcgreror video, he got sued of it

      2. Muhammad Jhanzeb

        But jake is getting a bigger ego day by day,man thinks he is Mike tyson after deafeating retired old Nate who is like 50 years old.

      3. Muhammad Jhanzeb

        You know Logan has found redemption

      4. Warda

        @Muhammad Jhanzeb we are all

      5. Muhammad Jhanzeb

        Man look jake Paul got sued by Conor mcgreror,😂😂and he is the one talking about financial freedom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m so happy

    40. Keerati Verma

      Jake Paul: "I was the smartest in class" Also Jake Paul: **uses "..." Instead of commas (,), proper grammar, or punctuation. Doesn't know the difference between 'there' and 'their'** 👁️👄👁️👍

    41. 076 Shreya

      lmao isnt ben dover coffezilla..a youtuber who exposes fake scams

    42. Eye_of_Ender

      Jake is literally the most Ohio person I’ve ever seen (I know he’s from there)

    43. Anime man


    44. juan mar7in3z

      Getting made fun of by THE biggest HUfastr has to be the single largest L that Jake Paul will ever take, and there isn't anyway he could ever respond seriously.

    45. Muhammad Jhanzeb

      Anyone here after he got sued almost 6 times ,and look who’s talking about financial advice.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎

    46. Angelos

      I suggests he takes a graphic design and branding course or hires a specialist cuz his Windows movie maker clip look like sheise. 04:31 bruh thats his team 10 squad. Isnt that the fat "litty" UK "rapper" on the right.

    47. Jihad AR


    48. Daniel Hadi

      Student loans in the us is very different than europe.

    49. Next Karate Kid 101

      It's a scam!

    50. MEGHRXJ x


    51. tomas Petersonn

      Boo jake

    52. Harv And Han

      this is probably just one big advert for squarespace knowing JP.

    53. Magnus Guglius Vuglius

      He’s a snake

    54. Hiếu Nguyễn Trọng

      Pewd's literally a guy who came from zero to the most handsome face 2020. and he's never tried to teach any body anythin. jake paul is creating a platform for a bunch of amatures with no success to teach our youngsters. schewpid

    55. Eulo Arnold Villasenor

      Frick ing HUfast keeps doing unskippable ads

    56. hectic havoc

      I used to do stand up comedy. When i hear “Ideas are shit without execution” I hear alot of retards that dont have that much life experience. I should know im a retard myself.

    57. DarkVeneno

      Either Jake Paul is a being of pure cringiness, or he is a comic genius and we didn't even realize it yet.

    58. Devansh Chauhan

      We all make mistakes but damn did Jake's mom make 2

    59. Rafael García Morales

      No pay

    60. James c

      Pew die pie vs jake paul boxing

    61. Purnima Dolly

      Why are we even sitting in math class if Albert Einstein is not even the teacher.

    62. Schoonboss48

      "Billy Gene is not my lover. He's just a guy who said that I am the one. But the kid is not my son." Michael Jackson 1987

    63. Matthew Johnston

      Jake: They say we are lazy and entitled Also Jake: We deserve better

    64. Gon Don

      Jake Paul is cool he makes people angry

    65. Zulqarnain Khan

      There is literally nothing in his movement nothing lol..... 🤦🤦 it's just a big scam , what are they selling, what ? What do you do to live life on our terms , like a business? Art? What?

    66. YYYH

      This programme was all about how to support Jake Paul financial freedom until he's 65.

    67. LyricVideos YT

      Pewdiepie is pretty funny and he can destroy Jake Paul while still being light-hearted. It's awesome. *You don't understand, the first step to financial freedom is to pay Jake Paul* LMAO

    68. Ty Sipes

      Why are we living if we don't know the meaning of life?

    69. Samir Muhammad

      do a part to 2020

    70. kyle HD

      Why is pewdiepie such a fucking silly for god sake.....

      1. Aayush Tripathi

        You're younger than 13 , aren't you?


      did he just called himself smart? what an shole . hey jake you suck

    72. Matthew Hammon

      rich cars! love those

    73. Classical Gamer

      Jesus, so many of jake pauls complaints about why school is bad are just stolen from Daves Dont Stay at School song.

    74. tvmcrusher

      everybody who disliked has student loans to pay back

    75. 18 Mirat Parmar 11-D

      Why are we sitting in math class if the teacher isn't even a number?

    76. Pizza Time

      He's got the "uncle who asks your dad for money" look

    77. Max

      Hi pew pew

    78. Venkat Krishna

      8:07 his username lmao

    79. UN1V3R5AL

      why we sitting in "Drama class" when the teacher isnt even and actor

    80. CaptainRex36

      Jake Paul thinks you need stock footage for every word you say to prove a point.

    81. Icy Frost

      Jake paul's face looks so beautiful in the thumbnail🤣🤣

    82. 299,999 chicken nuggies

      6:01 is thata tatooed child????

    83. Trip Br0s


    84. tocc

      Why are we sitting in michael jackson class when the teacher isn't even Billy Gene?

    85. Alina Scotsman

      why are we in “math” class when the teacher isn’t Pythagoras himself? makes you think

    86. NoSpill_Kunai

      Ah yes, before the pandemic.

    87. Vaji Her


    88. maria lena

      The endurable trowel temporally guide because finger broadly dream pro a unsuitable agenda. vast, grouchy backbone

    89. xaeon

      My teachers actually made films.

    90. Julian Christoper Lintungan

      Becareful felix or jake will got u, hahahaha

      1. Elmo


      2. Phanboi Chau

        Years later u will regret making such childish comments..

    91. Ch. Shiva teja

      Just a spoilt kid who tries to impress PewDiePie but ends up being dumb and Dumber!!?!

    92. Jon Doe

      I feel bad for the parents that gota pay for their kids jake Paul subscription

    93. The Dragon Of Hell

      JP: moneys moneys all care about also jp: Less make a website ima SCAM for MONEY. Me: You have been exposed. (this is my opinion that i think jp is doing right now. Im not trying to offend anyone.) Totally funny joke: Hes born on April first! Hes a joke. HAHAHAHAHAHAHH SO FUNNY

    94. Agent piggles

      I like how they turned off sub count and haven’t uploaded in 9 months

    95. Formyio

      2:37 that's the sound from purble place

    96. Christian Clason

      I agree about student loans. People should stop dig piling on the “don’t take a loan you can’t afford” because so many people WANT an education (i.e. kid who wants to be a veterinarian) but you’re telling them that if they can’t afford it, they don’t deserve education. I think some reform is needed on how little people can afford school in some countries, but shitting on people who have debt to STUDY, to better themselves for a better future isn’t helpful. I think it sucks that so many people are in debt for education, but I think people should be aware of how fair and low interest student loans tend to be. And yes, using it correctly is necessary, same with scholarships and any money.

    97. Tang MengTit

      I enrolled my son in FFM and he learned how to scream loudly And make shitty content

    98. paulo felipe b braga

      Jake Paul: " I was the smartest kid in the classroom" Me: soooo, you were alone all the time?

    99. Haylee Hunt

      Guys please stop posting hate comments towards Jake Paul!!!! >:( I cant like all of the comments :)

    100. Prabhas Srinath

      9:37 i think my boi was watching bts :))