What was going on in the OfflineTV house? - xQc breaks down the harassment allegations | xQcOW


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    xQc goes through the allegations from the OfflineTV house. Including Yvonne's harassment claim against Fedmyster and LilyPichu's allegation against Chris Chan.
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    What was going on in the OfflineTV house? - xQc breaks down the harassment allegations | xQcOW

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    1. BockWurstler


    2. Aditi M R

      why is chat the way it is

    3. SquidwardSenpai

      25:34 *Rate of Sexual Assault cases drops significantly after famous streamer xQc tells off every guy out there*

    4. A.hundred Proof

      Even if it was fake, hope the mods banned those cringe weirdos fucks who were saying “my man”

    5. Hamilton Arraou

      The long-term vacuum unequivocally collect because period unprecedentedly share notwithstanding a helpless james. mute, hollow fired

    6. Sarah Castillo

      Honestly I respect you a lot more after watching this.

    7. John Daile

      if you are autistic ask for consent, if you can read social ques you shouldnt need to

    8. CheeseBread

      Absolute 0 heads in chat but I’m glad Cow persevered.

    9. Mystical Beast

      I feel so bad for lilly, first her ex, then chris, and then albert, then fed. Im so glad she got someone like michael

    10. Brandon Lord

      so this girl and a guy slept in the same bed for weeks and never expected this to happen

      1. 9ine9ine1ne stoopid

        No he was a "friend". And he was told not to do so

    11. Aidan Morris


      1. diet drew

        thank you

    12. Glizzy

      I'm convinced that xQc's chat is literally filled with Cringe 12 year olds, and if theres a possibility that they are not 12. It's still pretty sad, taking a serious topic and turning it into a joke, your an adult, grow the fuck up.

    13. Molten_

      xqc is actually a very smart guy ... I think he just plays up stupidity for views sometimes.

    14. ugh ugh

      Chat is very immature its gross

    15. Carneus

      i like how xqc goes on about how fed keeps putting himself in a spot where he's drunk and doesnt remember, obviously fed was never that drunk and knew exactly what he was doing lol

    16. Gvnady

      Lily had been tanking her emotions, she admits shes not strong enough. WUTTT????

    17. J Man

      The only girl xQc will get is a thot or someone he paid to be his GF.

      1. Jack

        how about Adept?

    18. 93alekss

      wow het boyfriend is soy af.

    19. Daniel Rosheuvel

      yoh wtf

    20. Kozo Sudo

      Those offline tv aint no friends if they talk about him like that

    21. Voidz Pray

      I understand xqc's point of view but you can't trust any accuser on their word. You have to let the other side defend themselves. Sexual predator is a bit strong for what chris did. He didn't rape her. Maybe say that he had a bad behavior and is really questionnable. Lily was new to the house so understandable that it took so long to come out but she should've told Pecca and maybe it would have been good, they probably could've decided to leave the house sooner for exemple or idk but she wouldn't have to live with it everyday. This story makes me sad. I love Offlinetv and I feel sorry for what Yvonne & Lily (poki too I guess) had to go through. Never bottle up if something bad happens and you have to deal with it everyday. Make the thing stop cause you won't be able to take it forever anyway or if u do it'll fck you up.

    22. 20 InchTv

      Shes butters tho

    23. Lilli Kaye

      this video and him talking about how important consent is literally made my admiration of him go from 100% to like 1000%

    24. Mr Nobody

      Why the f your door is locked? LoL. Yvonne 2 slow to see that Red Alert btw a house full of Asians girls LoL Ayaya Clap.

    25. Multus Sanguis Fluit

      he's right about all this stuff. Surprisingly mature 5Head takes here

    26. NeedyDawg

      lily probably led him on im guessing, (by accident?) and he didnt take it further than cuddling her in bed. so hes a predator? nah. hes a creep, and unfaithful. but not exactly what you call sexual harrassement

      1. Jack

        cuddling nonconsensually is sexual harasement, its just not rape.

    27. Matt D

      the emote Pepega is just 5Head in disguise That’s my favourite gaming warlord right there

    28. I want your Neko neko knees

      His accent get thick af when he is angry

    29. timdog


    30. ben creighton

      He's definitely a predator but idk why no one confronts him instead they just try to minimize it. Not saying this to justify what he did in anyway, but if anyone in the house told him to fucking stop some of this coulda been avoided

    31. Tony Salami

      This video shows another reason why I respect xQc.

    32. Lucas Andres Costa

      Chat wanting to hear Brian and when he uses Brian instantly start saying WTF WeirdChamp DONO lmao this fucking chat

    33. Kishimoto Uchiha

      some people really do lose memory bad, but like you said, it is a 50/50 thing

    34. Lukas maraula

      Man we're gonna have the next etika

    35. sara

      chats reaction WeirdChamp

    36. caleb43180

      Sounds like bro is just lonely af

    37. Gabriel

      "I used to forget about it because it's such a little thing, but then I saw all these people post shitty stories so I needed some attention as well and had to post it." She felt guilt for years because they cuddled? what the fuck am I reading?

    38. D R

      Lily just let this dude rub up on her for the whole night? What happened to “girl power” omegalul

    39. D R

      Asking Andy KEKW beta barry PepeLaugh

    40. D R

      He held my hand PepeHands

    41. D R

      She had a boyfriend yet was getting all close to this guy and even willingly sleeping with him in the same bed? Seriously why is every “sexual assault” story like this?

    42. dysti

      outro ruined

    43. marcin hoffman


    44. Solaire04

      can somebody tell me the song's name at 26:44

    45. ko ami

      chat is full of incels and edgy teens

    46. Must Asks Yu-Gi

      for money look at bill Cosby

    47. Stegotops7

      I swear xQc is actually just a decent guy who is forced to play it up by his stupid chat. Jeez, some of the people in his chat are just astoundingly stupid with their takes and xQc had to repeatedly call them out.

    48. Junliang Ho

      I came for the “who’s Fred”

    49. Tropical Beat

      Felix is so nice and tries to be wholesome but his chat is just so fucking retarded

    50. L.O.G Fauzan

      His chat is so insensitive

    51. Berke

      23:00 to all the youngfrogs, his theory is 100% right.

    52. puphyin

      wow, xqc actually gave good advice in asking before doing :,) so proud

    53. Syblbyb

      Turns out people in victorian times who seperated men and women from casually living together were right. Shit like this happens way too often.

    54. Amy Crummie

      Really great fucking video xqc, fr, sometimes there's been questionable shit but this video has the juice

    55. Zak LOL

      Xqc: "im not gonna say the guy is cucked" *proceeds to say it*

    56. gogoflame Cast

      idk why people say they cant really understand xqc i mean i dont have any problems

    57. Gamingat 60fps

      Look I know what Fed did was wrong but when Yvonne stated that he came in drunk again and apologized even when he recited he didn't remember when he was sober there might be an explanation to that . Look he could be a lair or straight up honest. I say that because when your drunk and you go through something or trigger some emotion in your head your mind will trigger "state dependent memory" when your drunk or have a memory going through certain events either through being sad, happy, angry, ect you will only remember certain memory's through being drunk. But the end of the day he still did something wrong.

      1. NonFictionStory

        he only apologized when they had the intervention, when yvonne asked him if he remembered what happened he was more worried about if she told anyone

    58. Shinu

      And this my friends is why I don't fucking drink, god damn drunkards! KEKW

    59. Dylan Price

      Felix saying massage my balls is gonna get taken outta context I already know

    60. flat_foot

      is it a thing in America where you relay private information to the public before calling the cops

    61. Borre Goat


    62. JoeJoe 29

      a guy does this to my gf, friend or not, drunk or not, im gonna punch the shit out of him for doing that what's even more fucked up is the fact that her boyfriend lets a guy get in her room and lay on her bed like it's completely normal

      1. I'm back

        yeah, that part is like wtf? I would absolutely not be okay with my girlfriend having another guy in her room and lying on her bed like that. And why would a girl who's my gf allow things like that in the first place as if it's okay?

    63. henry

      imagine if fed joins misfits

    64. HK Normann

      Asking is a really great way of going about it. Most girls think it's cute as well.

    65. Walking Encyclopedia

      Guys i think fed should be put on suicide watch. His alcohol problem and other stuff can be fatal for his sanity/health.

    66. Epic Tactical Glizzy 2000

      Now where is the story of Michael reeves getting drunk and tasing test subjects

    67. Hazalski

      right when fed was topping michael in "god i hope i see clips of him"

    68. Hjalmar

      xQc seemed extra based in this video

    69. Nerdy Geek

      Fed having an Asian fetish as a joke ... Its actually true wtf

    70. Hjalmar

      xQcs chat scares me ngl, like they seem to not care about all of this, but then again, i can't read to much into it because they only type twitch emotes.

    71. xdNOTKING


    72. Wxngster

      serious xqc is another level

    73. badlydrawnjolteon

      Holy shit xQc’s chat are sheeps in this stream. They just reply “trueee” when he says fucking anything, spam ??? when hes confused, even if its a language barrier thing and literally everyone else understands it and theres no reason to say ???. They literally just repeat what he says with pepe emotes. So fucking cringe

      1. Jack

        Thats twitch in general?

    74. MidnightShout

      The fact that it took them this long to come out with this shows how loved Fed was as a friend and it really sucks that he managed to fuck all of it up.

    75. Tavin Sorg

      I know I’m not pecca but I’ve been through something similar to that situation, and it seems like pecca is having blind faith in her husband while looking at a huge red flag. However, she is so in love with Chris that you could say she looks at him through rose colored glasses, which make all the red flags look like normal flags.

    76. Sonny

      I kinda feel bad for Felix his chat is so fucking retarded it needs to get a system reset

    77. jesus zamora

      *Juice* 😂

    78. LitCheck

      Ludwig part made me lmao

    79. JA'mhar Comena

      XQC was speaking big facts during this video.

    80. unown

      Wouldn't surprise me if Fed is caught by the feds soon. Grooming people so he can touch them and make them feel like their friends is disgusting.

    81. Raymond Reviews

      What is he coping and pasting into?

    82. KingZ

      destiny allegation analysis

    83. Schlith

      I’m watching this through a thunderstorm and every time there’s thunder I see a wave of monkaW

    84. Paolo Lopez

      XQCL only speaks slang

    85. Jeremy Rivera

      10:04 "CMON TARS" I felt that

    86. PyroTheManiac

      Man this situation got me fucked up man... This year is just the worst year of all of ours lives unless your a saggy ball boomer or sum shit lmao

    87. Jeremy Rivera

      classic xqc "I dont wanna sway your opinions BUTT ..."

    88. Sam

      "1 beer andy black out juice" lmao i lost it.

    89. yenmeng

      bestest take

    90. Pope Francis

      That’s malicious yo -xqc 2020

    91. T Alex

      If you think asking to kiss someone or to make physical contact is a cringe mood killer you're literally just insecure that you'll get rejected for being socially inept. You don't have to be like that forever but when you're just starting a physical relationship girls think that shit is actually really attractive. All Chads ask, and all Chads receive.

    92. Mr Cool Monkey

      Did poki release a statement?

    93. nipple

      chris and lily were both drunk and she willingly got in his bed, he hugged her, they slept, he apologized. how is that a predator or rape... he didn't do anything to her he shot his shot and apologized when she wasn't interested.

    94. DemeGoD

      jade really dodged a bullet thoe

    95. nipple

      a man messaging a girl in their bed isn't the same as a back massage with 2 male teamates...

    96. tyler cartwright

      damn i honestly think you have the best takes on feds actions, i agree with you 100%

    97. Brendan Soucy

      16:50 we did it boys, we have officially min/maxed sexual harassment

    98. ceku 1881

      42:59 OMEGALUL

    99. Blubableful

      To all the dudes out there: Asking "is this okay?" is NOT weird, xqc is totally right, most girls think it is sweet because it shows that you care about their feelings. If a girl ever tells you it is weird or goes the "what kind of man asks that?" road, get out of there.

      1. Ghostwolf

        Thanks lol i wasn’t sure if it was weird or like a bitch move to say that 😆

    100. Bcc

      I wonder how long will Otv will be irrelevant