When You Enter a Dungeon Backwards


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    1. Dani

      What a happy ending :)

      1. FallenDxs

        @YourAverageChroma holy fk the puns

      2. Angel Mersuli

        This comment looking kinds thiCCC

      3. EndyBoy YT

        Noooo You can't just show up in a random video and not working on karlson Haha milk go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      4. Michelle Johnson

        NO NO IT’S NOT

    2. DarkDrai

      Wholesome ending. :P

    3. Eric Wijaya

      Pretty sure this is Bowser when you use the back door in Super Mario World. But few seconds later he says "eh f**k it. I was about to kill them anyway."

    4. Spartan V0

      Ummm child please teach me this skill but also teach me how to put my head back on.

    5. JimFlyMan

      Jesus fucking christ

    6. Nass

      Haha bleak falls barrow back door clip go brrr

    7. missingindy

      Don’t worry guys, his poison dagger has a mechanic where it revives him after the player exits the dungeon

    8. missingindy

      “Do you think paint is a flavor of koolaid” Well with how terribly you hid the exit, I’m pretty sure you can tell the difference between a circle and a line

    9. Fat Cat

      When this happens I usually go back to the entrance so i can slay everything steel there there oragnas loot money wepons and sell everything and buy some useless shit

    10. Aviel Martinez


    11. Velocity

      New anime is really looking good

    12. Wigli Gigly

      It's like the Yiga Clan Hideout, just walk through the back and enter the final boss arena

    13. transammich

      I actually had a issue like this in fallout 76 with gaulley mine I went through the exit first and met Polly then went back through and bumped into sol then found the entrance and went out that way

    14. Ben Gotsch

      1:37 best character. bring him back

    15. Caye

      Last of us sewer

    16. ElishaJJ

      I'm starting to think he records his videos using a iPhone 6

    17. galaxyraider9

      Very cool

    18. crazy chameleon bs


    19. Kiro

      I fucking love this cartoon

    20. insert name

      I hope that boy can put his head back on for another adventurer

    21. Red

      What in the sweet sweet hell

    22. Mohammed Al Islam

      The ending went from 0 to 100 real quick

    23. sir talks a lot

      So amazing that he is slowly running out of o2 and his brain will stop working

    24. DanoneGatone DG

      Não tem Br aq 👌

    25. Boss d

      Nice job kid

    26. 2LT Sheridan

      The balls to kill a kid villain, gg lol. YEAH this is pretty sick.

    27. SlT_AS


    28. Josh Rossacci

      "Do you think paint is a flavor of coolade?"

    29. funny crap


    30. Marshall Grimmett

      I made it at school

    31. Tahaa L


    32. BendApparatus

      This was pretty much my experience with Blight_town... except they just mercilessly beat me to death...

    33. Murad Beybalaev

      At least let him attack once!

    34. Phantom 90

      I made it a skoool

    35. DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon

      That is so not how it works in videogames... Children are invincible.

    36. Link Link

      Can you even DO that?

    37. An Ace

      Turned so dark lmao

    38. Inky Splaters

      Well....at least he was happy on his birthday.

    39. Jhieyan Carl Benedicto

      Cool edits by the way it looks like its drawn in a paper!

    40. Nicola Weston

      I could imagine the sorser to be merlin in desguise

    41. Smite Charanpreet

      Yes i want to get my head chopped off now because it’s fun

    42. DanteEightSix

      "This door is locked from the other side and can't be opened." *Stares at wooden door and useless battleaxe.*

    43. John Snow

      I am going to let my pcs do this next adventure.

    44. Toasty_b1

      Can we get a circle toons rpg please

    45. One Eyed Ember Tetra

      I would love if this happened in a game

    46. Darkwolf of the moon

      Can I make a meme with this video?

    47. IAmADragonHearMeRoar

      I’m sure we can put that kid back together, right? .................. RIGHT???

    48. Desoda Dunham

      That Happy kid is ded wow that's was amazing

    49. Meme_god


    50. hunter clark

      Wtf dani also i like dani vids

    51. the muffin man

      They grow up so fast

    52. Jamie Sally

      I liked it when he just chopped his head off

    53. Juan Valentin Klanjscek

      Nooooo, little Billy made that poison dagger all by himself on his birthday to kill the adventurer... at least let him damage you one time :c

    54. YAHOO

      “Ha wow that was AMAZING!!”

    55. Jacen C

      That kid must truly beheaded for great things

    56. Comic Guy

      Why are this dudes drawings so freaking... S A T I S F Y I N G

    57. eletro

      Top 10 happiest anime endings

    58. Sam just Sam

      Not gonna lie the grandkid is kinda adorable

      1. Boss d

        Yeah I'm hungry

    59. Kuru Kuru

      I hate it when that happens.

    60. Crater Plays

      That was grim

    61. Junior Cudjoe


    62. Eric


    63. Joshua Shumake

      I mean he promised itd be athentic

    64. Mel Ojeda

      He is special like me ;;'

    65. Brandon Haag

      That ending caught me so off guard I love it 🤣

    66. danteelite

      Is this dude making high quality animations and then just filming his damn monitor with a camera? ...? Eh... saves on tender times I guess.

    67. Շгครђ є๔เՇร

      The final boss made me think of Pathologic 2

    68. Jellie Team Leader

      This is me whenever I play a Zelda game and immediately find six different glitches

    69. benchikh Mohamed Taher

      man you can put the best rpg game story with those comedy dialogues

    70. Vaughn XD27

      Circletoons:talks about dis game Me wondering wtf dis game is

      1. Boss d

        Do you think paint is a favor of koolaid

    71. Charles Oliver

      This is probably my favorite skit I would pay to see more like this

    72. zzentertamint

      I guess you could say that that kid lost his head over this

    73. Assimoved

      0:22 ayy! Thats me :D

    74. NIKIL PAUL

      The green guy sounds like trump lol

    75. Gurjaan Dharni

      Wow that ending caught me of guard

    76. Evan Sy

      haha whoa that was amazing!

    77. Jaydyn the best R.

      The head at the end

    78. Roger Parker

      I thought it meant like walking backwards

    79. Anthony Rodriguez

      Yo man, have you tried Blasphemous?

    80. Kiaser Myer


    81. Mr Dictator

      Not accurate. He didn't immediately start lloting everything and skipping dialogue

    82. Tellez

      Is it weird I kind of feel bad for the child?

    83. Tranzmo2992


    84. JoeY


    85. Zarfa- de


    86. Samuel Zuleger

      I'll do you one better. We ignored the secret entra...I mean exit, charmed the initial attackers to sleep, then befriended them so they would tell us about all the traps. Next, we caved-in the roof of the cave on top of the giant spiders. After that, we just snuck around the swarm of dire rats. Finally, we negotiated with the big monster for 45 minutes IRL and convinced him to just leave (our mission was to get him out of the cave). Never once did we roll initiative...man, the DM was doubly pissed: first for ruining his dungeon crawl, and second for the fact that this was the first session and an forecast of things to come. Boy am I glad I played a bard. Our poor barbarian almost never got to smash things.

    87. Ghost_Hat_Beats

      Makes me think if what a Skyrim player would think of aftwr seein' this

    88. Pholiux

      I just have one word for you T E N E T

    89. Phat Swaggot

      When you use a plate to enter the Blackreach elevator

    90. 7Step Tips

      Respawning in 3... 2... 1... error you’re game has crashed well fi see you tomorrow live with he sin knowing you just killed a kid permanently good night

    91. 7Step Tips

      I’ve done that once or twice it was well how do I say it fun going through all of it is boring

    92. Banana King

      Use children to commit your crimes

    93. Banana King

      Best birthday ever

    94. Epic minigaming


    95. Autumnstar

      I legit thought this was gonna be some guy walking backwards in a dungeon for some reason.


      All I can say is greatest grandpa ever

    97. only blank

      It basically the same for when a dude on discord with his dead friend telling him who is the impostor but everyone votes out the discord guy and continues like they don't know who is the impostor

    98. Just Another Viewer

      I totally did this in far cry 5 and thought my game was broken but no I was just being stupid

    99. wolf pup gaming

      Honestly the "secret entrance" is literally me in skyrim XD

    100. WitherWolfGaming

      I was called off guard by the ending I'm not going to lie