Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You LIVE 1999 Best Quality


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    Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You LIVE 1999 Best Quality

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    1. Eduardo MB

      Después de los jubilado awards del chombo 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    2. ꧁ Yakamoz Işığı ꧂

      Ordaki seyirciler ne kadar şanlı ki

    3. Guido G

      in January 2021 still here

    4. anton oudenhoven

      Wtf sorry raped her own song

    5. Gaurav Amberkar

      Whitney was the combination of western and eastern music. I never really think I wud ever see such an artist in my remaining life. Lucky to saw her in her prime.

    6. Anabelle D

      Dios mio, Lord masterful voice it not will be another ONE like herrrrrrr JAMAS the only QUEEN!

    7. IG a ?can tell a 1K lies渣只瞎说謊

      *Good* , +Cest Bon+

    8. Vilbert Yap

      Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

    9. I Love You

      Is coke brilliant

    10. alicia hinojosa

      Que pena en lo que termino esta Exelente cantante 😔😔😔mas tarde su hija le siguió los MISMOS PASOS LA DROGA GANO 😔😔😔😔😔👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    11. Karen Hammond

      Damn girl,,, I miss you so much WHITNEY 😢

      1. Karen Hammond

        Rip whitney houston

    12. Good Fella

      I miss you...seen you in 87 with my girlfriend. A day I'll always remember...you were the BEST

    13. Daniel Dkhar

      Awesome speach ever and let your words live forever.forever true.. great mind ...returnifpossible💪💪💪


      I miss you so much queen,,,rest on queen Whitney,,,

    15. Julio Roca

      Beautiful. ángel. Fantástica. Vamos. Mundos. Planeta. Tierra. Vale

    16. Imre Kármán

      Awesome forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Eu fernando

      Sobre natural a voz dessa mulher

    18. Freya_ Frey_


    19. CashFlow Academy

      Time is your precious commodity.... USE it WISELY !

    20. Keira Watterson

      The aspiring letter complementarily tire because slime pertinently buzz aside a male walrus. mixed, poor wool

    21. Tony Vardamaskos

      Amazing we do miss you may you be in peace left us too early.

    22. Bernardo Hernán Rodriguez

      2021 still whitniefy

    23. John CV

      The one and only. Miss you. RIP.

    24. Sudaphon Art

      ตามมาจาก people you may know❤

    25. Linda Saunders

      Best performance ever, I will always love you darling..rest in peace baby. You are greatest of all time . I love you

    26. Barbara Esteves


    27. Martha Lucía Martínez González

      Oigan esa potencia... Q voz...😏😔 Ufff...✨💗

    28. aline carvalho

      2021 😭😭😭amuuuu essa mulher

    29. soloshan23

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    30. Pili Nuñez sayago

      Ke lastima ke desaparezcan ,estas voces..

    31. The Peaceful, Happy, and Bountiful Life

      Whitney's and Charice's version is the best for me. Sadly both of them are gone.

    32. LoL Moscow

      знаете я русский, но я рад что я жил в эпоху великих музыкантов и спрортсменов!!!! мЫ САМОЕ ЛУЧШЕЕ ПОКАЛЕНИЕ КОТОРЫМ ДОВЕЛОСЬ ВИДИТЬ И СЛЫШАТЬ ЭТИ ШЕДЕВРЫ!!!!

      1. Рома Дорожкин

        К чему это беспонтовое я русский? И как это относится к видео? Уитни не имеет ничего общего с рашей.

    33. Allen Arakelian

      She is living the moment

    34. Елена Хлынова

      Зачем всегда любить того кто недостоин? Надо себя ценить!

      1. Ludmila Kiakk

        Бывает и так- любовь слепа- полюбишь и козла и с этим ничего не возможно сделать!!!

    35. Norizan Datu Ali

      Whitney Houston., I really missed you. I always cry when you are singing its so Beautiful, do lovely.really touching my heart ,my feelings to wards you.. I always love you..Rest In Peace my Beautiful.

    36. Айя Нуржанова


    37. Elias da Cruz Cruz


    38. Connie Jones

      Literally in Awe of her Audaciousness!!! How dare she!!!#NationalTreasure!!

    39. Deafmusicwoman

      You can tell something Is wrong with her here. Sweating bad and yes she is singing amazing but she sounds a bit different than her usual self. Very sad to watch to be honest. 🙄

    40. Die Wahrheit

      I Love You 😘

    41. Pete70

      Saw her in concert at the very beginning of her career and love her just as much today. You are missed Whitney.

    42. Nitta Bell


    43. 2Pac Shakur

      Звезды тоже плачут и страдают

    44. leedstown

      Who else is here in 2021

    45. sush k

      RIP. What a legend.

    46. Barry richman

      Whitney was a gift from God !

    47. KIRK wilson

      The greatest xx

    48. Krit K.


    49. 水野律子


    50. ryan karl

      No one I mean no one will reach you ever. Miss u Whitney from Beirut

    51. Claudio Vandelli

      Grazie, Whitney ..

    52. Helenoftroy

      Love her

    53. Delbra Garrison

      I miss you so very much. RIP my sister

    54. Tinh Minhtinh


    55. ron love

      I'm not saying she's a crackhead, just crackish.

    56. RoofToofToofToofFoofRoofToofToofToof Koof

      I will always love you good anyone ever cares away do fine going oh hurting June knights light reading yellow evening unique welcome a ios quickly or peels away dream for got hurt joke know little what really quarter tank yellow us a ill one point remember yes exit upon winning a in quit of people on

    57. 최요한

      perfect singer, audience, mood and love

    58. Gabriella michaels


    59. A R I A N E

      I miss you so much 😢

    60. alessandro fanella

      Now she is singing for God. Thanks 🇮🇹.

    61. Debra Neilan

      Brill song

    62. Regina Noack

      Whitney war für mich eine großartige Persönlichkeit und Sängerin. Sie hat mit ihrer wunderschönen Musik die Menschen verzaubert und ihre ❤️ erobert und die Erinnerung an Whitney bleibt ,sowie ihre wundervolle Musik I will Always Love you...ist eines meiner Lieblingssongs ❤️❤️❤️ Whitney lebt in uns weiter! I Love you for ever, I muss you! ❤️🙏

    63. Shalom Kandel

      voice like a angel!!!

    64. bobby

      Miss you girl x

    65. Николай Литвинов

      Преклоняюсь перед этим даром и талантом . Светлая память.

    66. Romik Hakobyan

      We will always LOVE YOU❤❤❤

    67. Angel Drop

      this woman is and was my life ever since i was 0, i just wish she was still with us

    68. Galina Aliyeva

      Самая Лучшая ❤

    69. kozzy jay

      2021. Anyone still listening 👂, if yes hit the like button.

    70. esteban poyanco


    71. Padmashree Ramamurthy

      GOAT ❤️

    72. Nathan Roma


    73. Serpil K.

      Bodyguard filmindeki o sahne gözümün önüne geliyor,hala daha çok etkileniyorum.

    74. NaRaKa 879

      Miss you Nippy.

    75. Maria socorro Garcia

      Great singer ever i love u whitney🥰🥰🥰

    76. Andi Rachmansyah

      2021 ?

    77. Aries channel

      i love whitney song

    78. jessica newton

      i miss whitney houston everyday i miss her music so much but she will not be forgotten her music will go on

    79. jessica newton

      i miss you whitney houston so much and i'll miss her daughter

    80. HoboGardenerBen

      Two seltzers deep and I'm crying to Whitney Houston, lol :)

    81. Jan Turek

      The Lord God came down to earth and showed us a miracle ... a song of life ..

    82. 플스냐옹이

      사랑합니다 휘트니. 편히 잠드소서

    83. edison muñoz

      nunca te olvidare ......

    84. Kirara Anri


    85. Sten On


    86. Juan Monardes

      Que hermosa mujer que fue

    87. Marco Oliveira

      A verdadeira VOZ

    88. Kent Alvarado

      Man her voice was like a dance. It's as if the notes danced around her. WOW

    89. putin goaway

      Какая она замечатетельная! Спасибо.... Просто прелесть.... И как грустно осознавать, что этого уже нет и не будет...

    90. HO Taylor

      I would to be you exclusive body guard, always in live with you

    91. jaime sanchez

      Brutal , sweet & powerfull

    92. Adebayo Niyi

      3:16 never heard any singer, not even a male singer sound like that. There can't be anyone greater. I'm sorry!

    93. Adebayo Niyi

      There are 16k people i would never be friends with tho

    94. Yash

      No Spirit can die.. Only They Leave their Body... Whiteny is present within us❤️😊😔

    95. Bon Cunanan

      What a moment to have Whitney Houston perform live!

    96. Jannis Joplin

      I stg.. it's ALWAYS some loud AF black woman in the crowd that won't STFU and just let people sing!

    97. ilir vesho

      Just amazing, the one, the only Whitney Huston.

    98. 스카이

      Finally, she sang life~