Why ALINITY Has So Much Power Over Twitch

Andrei Terbea

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    1. Deyan Kolev

      Everybody gangsta till Alinity hurts her cats. Screw her.

    2. Hehe depression time

      7:19 “I never thought I’d be fighting side by side with PETA”

    3. George

      Video starts here: 1:35

    4. lane _positive_vibesbodybuilding

      Like you dont wanna be a doctor in colombia im almost certain you werent without even having to look it up😂if im wrong one of her paying boyfriends will get mad and set me straight alright

    5. lane _positive_vibesbodybuilding

      Its weird how nobody is actually mad at these

    6. Ai REI

      I kinda agree with peta, wait no I a 100% do

    7. Dona Somerville

      I don't like pewds that much and you can ask me later but this is the only time I agree with him.

    8. OWO dozer

      If peta is in the right, you fucked up BAD

    9. TheCoolLEGO64 2.0

      When peta it’s saying the truth. you know you’re doing something wrong

    10. Maulik Jadav

      "Alinity is a raccoon" ..... How dare you insult the raccoon

    11. SHR_3d

      i saw this comment on a pegasus video but haha its funny go brrrrrrrrrrrr Peta: *asks twitch to ban alinity Me: Thanks Satan!

    12. Void 528

      0:31 I'm just asking not being rude but isn't that basically paid youtube

    13. Christopher Jennings

      Maybe alinity is one of the people who can bann

    14. Ayaz Coban

      who would give a cat vodka and i have a cat and ALINITY should go to jail

    15. Maham

      Dude your content isn't YOU. I get that youre tying to make videos on topics people are interested in but do me a favor and add a personal flair on your content and make videos on some of your opinions and topics of your interest...

    16. Maxi Orchuela

      I think that she blackmailed them. Or maybe she seduced them (?). (Sorry if I don't speak English very good but I speak Spanish )Hola gente :)

    17. Arthur Jurionas


    18. mr. poopy butthole

      "twitch claims to be a platform for gamers" - are u serious? do you even realize what you are saying in this vid?

    19. Mamma Mia.

      We ask that you cover your **BASS**-pples

    20. F̶r̶u̶i̶t̶y̶ F̶r̶e̶s̶h̶l̶y̶

      Everything else I’m like ok it’s not good but whatever yk? But then I heard about her cats at I was so angry bc those cats can’t do anything. Like why would u even abuse ur cats for money??? Also, wouldn’t the shelter be like, uh no we have to take ur cats away, that’s illegal. Like?-

    21. Babita Khan

      Literally Peterson and his tool the police and the with band the entire platform

    22. Babita Khan

      Can we ban twitch

    23. AIM721

      She's making money, so twitch is making money. this is wrong. this is why youtube has such strict rules to stop this stuff from happening.

    24. didi

      she's such a skaymi, it's practically disgusting

    25. RandyFz

      Dislikes are from simps

    26. Wander Filho

      Ravioli ravioli , alinity is a f*cking AAAAAH

    27. BeamFn

      My friend got banned in two chats . one was for absolutely no reason and other reason was bc the streamer was stretching and he said what kind of noise is that with the laughing emoji . Is it me or is streaming just going down hill.

    28. Sylveomilk

      Which twitch staff member is she sleeping with to still not be banned.

    29. DaGrimReaper001 Idk


    30. Nia Malone

      I'm gonna make she will never wanna come back on twitch

    31. Canelo Cruz

      Me searched it but sees a video of mc dungeons:alright let the ban begin

    32. sleepier hollow

      Twitch is a....... What the word hmmmm? Oh yeah SIMP!

    33. Max Paris

      alinity: *commits genocide on twitch* twitch: its ok somebody else: *accidentally says something that sounds like something that will violate twitches rules* twitch: BEGONE RULE BREAKER

    34. SarPl4yzEXE _


    35. brunon lekki

      bruh 5k dislikes

    36. Noopz

      I need to apoligize to Anita for thinking thats who he was talking about my brain was off Shit

    37. Anime Lover

      Yo pog

    38. lear voca

      maby she works at twitch

    39. Temo - M8

      Love them or hate them peta spitting straight facts

    40. Ethan Brown

      I think alinity is blackmailing. Sadly enough the mods don't control internet so that means she can use HUfast or Facebook to tell people about this if twitch kept banning. So if she really does have something to blackmail them with (which probably isn't because how would she get info?) then they cant do much except get social media to agree with her even though that might be impossible. So they might just be lots of simp I have no idea.

    41. BeefyBoi

      Is Twitch a Simp?

    42. JAX Britt

      Twitch needs to know that this is not ok. If you give someone a platform to do marriage fraud, abuse cats, and falsely accuse people of being sexist and PAY them to do it, you are just encouraging them. You need to stop. She will just continue to do this if you keep giving them attention and money. I am a dog person and I can agree that this is wrong. You should not abuse animals in any way. Also, if you have to agree with P. E. T. A then you are obviously doing some ... .... .. - / wrong. We know that a lot of people dislike P. E. T. A and do not agree with them, but if you agree with them against you, you are doing some / ..-. ..- -.-. -.- . ..- / up stuff

    43. R2F /RACE2FACE

      i love your dance in the end

    44. pimpdaddee28 - Pyro Fanatics

      Women like Alinity have set women back 10,000 years in the pursuit of equal rights. She's gotta get banned and removed from the internet altogether before she sets them back 100,000 years.

    45. Kian C. Galera

      I have cats and I gently carry them and allinity just does YEEET

    46. Sebastian Rodas

      As a fellow Colombian myself, we don’t claim her

    47. Mohammed Khaldi

      I’m eating a Nutella Sandwich and it’s amazing 🤩.

    48. Daddy Niel

      She might hurt your birdiee 😭

    49. ERRORcode 12

      Oh no twich is full of sjws

    50. Demian spiller

      Twitch needs more gay mods so this can't happen

    51. clover

      Can anyone DDoS twitch? Pls?

    52. kumori

      I hate this woman, mostly because I love cats.

    53. It's Bud

      Sall ce faci?

    54. Hoping Star E

      am girl

    55. TS FATE

      me: whatches this video and sees the title of chapter 5 also me: NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    56. PUNMPKIN

      Alinity makes female twitch streamers look bad.

    57. IwozaurusYT

      twich is a simp

    58. Ink!sans Squid

      i HATE Animal Abusers I Have two Dogs Sadie And Lola.

    59. CJ

      A cult

    60. Amyaa Fetko

      I’m confused as to why I see that so many people hate her yet she’s still thriving on social media

      1. Somnium

        because they only watch her for her body, really, which is also pretty fucking ugly ngl

    61. faru khan

      I think twitch shoed band hear

    62. Coconut Head

      is it weird that i actually kinda like PETA now for them wanted Alinity down

    63. Cats And rice

      Kitties before titties

    64. Gerty LV

      That's why i never will download twitch.

    65. Caramell•coøkieUwU

      Remember when Facebook was a thing for teenagers instead of middle aged adults that are in their 40s?

    66. Sam The X

      Don’t compare Alinity to racoons, at least racoons aren’t just trash.

    67. pxlspace

      twitch is a huge simp.

    68. Konin Hizoku

      plot twist: alinity is actually part of the twitch mod team

    69. inspector mudkip

      Ok, this is too much. She abuses cats, so I’m calling up my friend incineroar, and see how she handles him. Also, this incineroar has a bold nature and is completely simp free.

    70. MafiaAlCapone 01

      Well if twitch won't do anything, why is it alinity's fault?

    71. Quack Duck

      6:39 THIS CROSSES THE LINE!!!!!! >:OOO

    72. Mr. YetToBeThrownOutLemon formally known as Liam

      3:02 yo is dat Bill Cipher?


        oh yeah

    73. Benson

      I hate to say it, but this actually makes me favor HUfast’s strict regulations over the sloppy, inconsistent moderation of Twitch.

    74. freddy Frost bear

      You know what how about I make my own thing like twitch buy what HUfast is doing that other thing sorry and just focused on a drama about I make my own service like this my own live streaming service Even know I'm 13

    75. MindONick

      POV: This is you 70th time watching this vid

    76. fzfzfzfzfzfzfzfzfzfz

      never once have i agreed with peta

    77. Matt Merced

      Twitch: we are full of gamers Camila Cuevas: am i a joke to you

    78. Kyle Papenfus


    79. Cosman68

      I don’t support cancel culture what so ever but bro she is like the 1 person that’s soooooooooooo close to me wanting to support it but just to her

    80. Fret N


    81. Violet Galaxy


    82. Unknown_Gamer 17

      CAn wII kAwPEE sTRicK pOodEEpY's laYTiST vIDyO?!?!?!

    83. Roksana Ruhe

      Twitter bad tWiTcH bad next thing I know tumbler is bad

    84. DaOfficalWindyBee

      Twitch mods r simps for alinity if she can show a private part and and ASK for a ban

    85. Bijana Todorova

      Alinty suck

    86. G-lad

      You know everything is going down when even PETA is on the right side

    87. G-lad

      Clowns and circuses are better than Alinity

    88. Juan Osuna

      Que esperan es casi colombiana

    89. Mr. J.J Play

      Well, I'm going to people who runs Twitch, and I'm bringing the quiet kid (joke)

    90. Gordon Freeman

      Just because you have a million subscribers dosen't mean you have to brag -iresponsible dad

    91. Huntco 9000

      I like dogs

    92. Doggoperson626

      You know you’re in the wrong when PETA takes action and *people agree*

    93. Braulio Cardenas

      Who else is just gonna grow up to be a Twitch moderator just to ban Alinity

    94. Funtime Cat

      I see cat abuse I start hating on Alinity

    95. Zachary Wedemire

      Trust me, I’m a Canadian and we don’t want alinity

    96. Altered

      Alinity is a pretty much a crime boss

    97. coco

      Man I've watched three videos of yours today and I must say those titles make completely no sense. Where exactly in the video are you explaining WHY Alinity has so much power??????????????????? Good content other than that

    98. candid _botany

      funny story ttv banned me for my dog balls >:( thats rude i cant give him pants

    99. Yesunge Tsogbuyan

      i have a theory ( btw i may or may not have posted this before i dont remember it was a long time ago ) why alinity has so much power over twitch and it is ............ probably fucks the ceo of twitch