Why I don't like Pokimane

diesel patches

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    uwu in me hard oohhhhhhhh soooo stickyyyyyy

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    1. diesel patches

      Here’s the transition song: hufast.info/plan/vide/gJm0a6d6uKLIdWg edit: imagine linking the wrong song (also I didn’t include the itsAGundam situation because I already made a video on it)

      1. Tug And Thug Computing


      2. LBeaverMonkey LT

        I agree with you. She’s an attention seeker and hypocrite

      3. Brennen Narron

        @Rylan Evans g

      4. Rachael Cunningham

        Why I don't like diesel patches go make better content

      5. PRINC3 ξ

        I love you

    2. Kenny kohen

      plot twist she called the police to fuck their entire squad but leaves the stream running to monetize her time

    3. Jayden Khai

      i usually never say things like this because I'm not THAT person but if she wasnt entertaining no one would be watching her. LITERALLY as a male with no attraction to her whatso ever I find her just chilling to watch. You had no reason to make this lol. I don't understand why people unnecessarily hate on other creators.

      1. Michael Snyman

        Unnecessary hate? Are you even aware of all the shit she's done?

    4. danish sahin

      Ive missed this game so much

    5. artiomas melnikov

      why dare you disrespect my queen >:((((((((( jk pls don't cancel me on Twitter

    6. 1. 1.1

      *Me Neither*

    7. dedock

      what game is he playing.

      1. dedock

        @Satisfied Warriors Fan thank you.

      2. Satisfied Warriors Fan

        Battlefront 2

    8. you shouldn't add zombot to this deck guy

      That intro was a masterpiece

    9. Cyclops

      This shit is ridiculous. It's well known that women get special treatment on all social media because platform controllers don't want to be labelled as sexist by dumb, overly sensitive woke people. Streaming for women is no different than women hosting TV shows. If you are attractive you will get a larger audience. This effect is amplified because it's the internet and guys spend more time on HUfast and streaming sites like Twitch because they like games. There is nothing wrong with people watching someone because they like their looks but the "content creators" need to be humble about it and accept they are only popular for their looks. There are some female streamers that do actually make good content but they often don't get many viewers or at least grow very slowly because they are then competing with all the guys doing the same thing.

    10. April

      this is so disgusting, hating on her simply because you dont like that she gets attention. so misogynistic.

      1. Ultpeppega

        Maybe watch the video before, you go full neckbeard.

      2. April

        @Satisfied Warriors Fan She has addressed and apologized for all of those legitimate criticisms and yet people still continue to bring it up. Lets be real here, everyone hates her because she's a popular girl streamer, there's really no good reason. Its completely unjustified and 100% bullying at this point.

      3. Satisfied Warriors Fan

        @April It's not bullying bruh, you obviously don't know what bullying means, just because he gives negative feedback on Poki doesn't mean he's bullying. And also, she uses her fans to attack other people, she strikes down anyone who disagrees with her, and she said the N word on Twitter several of times. And Poki makes content for everyone to see, so yes, diesel is allowed watch her videos and give feedback on it because she made her videos public for everyone to see. How do you not understand that?

      4. April

        @Satisfied Warriors Fan Real criticism is thoughtful and constructive, and should target problematic content creators. This video in no way achieves that. It's bullying, and that's why I commented. If someone's content simply doesn't entertain you then don't watch it.

      5. Satisfied Warriors Fan

        @April First off, I wasn't trying to be funny, secondly, yes it is criticism, you can't expect everyone to like your content, a part of having a HUfast channel and being famous is that not everyone is gonna like your content and you're just gonna have to deal with that. And it's ironic how you say "don't like, don't watch" yet you don't like this video, and you're still watching it. So if you can't handle criticism, hate, or opinions, then you shouldn't be on the internet in the first place.

    11. Dysnomia

      ..... Oh boy....

    12. The Vloxy

      I see why diesel pathes doesn't like Poki, but these comments... like not everyone gets entartained the same.. jeez....

    13. Elaina

      they not gonna like this one LMAO

    14. AustYZT

      The dislikes are probably simps lol

    15. LazyBobby240

      U wouldn't think some1 can be more annoying/fake/cringe than morgz, but poki somehow did it

    16. LazyBobby240

      Unpopular opinion: pokimane isn't even pretty

    17. lolita

      this has sexist undertones just say ur pressed and go


        @lolita This is not misogyny, this is a persuasive argument based off of fundamentals from reality. The word misogyny is used far to abstractly. In addition, the claim you make on "hating for the right reason" is entirely constructed from an opaque ideoology or opinion (which ever term you prefer to use). The concept of hating something as flaggerant as this for the right reasons is entirely debatable, there is no right answer. Lastly, let's not forget the reality that HUfast is male dominated, if someone such as this were uploaded to TikTok for example, it would have an alternate response.

      2. lolita

        @WILLIAM MACDONALD i am but for the right reason . this is just plain misogyny. the only people who are defending this are incels and sensitive teenage boys


        I know not of what thou speaks, but this video speaks true, holy true, perhaps from a different perspective one could assume you are "pressed" as well.

    18. lolita

      proof that women cant do anything without being made fun of

      1. lolita

        @WILLIAM MACDONALD literally shut up u sound dumb asf

      2. lolita

        @Udder Budder modern feminism isn’t dumb. in a time where rape culture, slut-shaming, high standards, etc on women is so normalized, feminism needs to advocate for these important issues.

      3. lolita

        @BTSTangTV hehe armyyy!! happy yoongi day

      4. lolita

        @Udder Budder i never said corpse can’t do what he wants w his voice, i just want you to recognize that millions of ppl go crazy for him doing the bare minimum. for example, when he showed a single hair strand and got a million likes or the time he posted an audio of him just breathing and went trending. poki is just doing her job. let a girl make her bank.

      5. lolita

        @Udder Budder that’s ur perception though. you might think she has mediocre content while others might rlly enjoy her content. it’s not her fault that most of her audience are “thirsty simps”

    19. Eimear

      my man, i am a straight girl, and I watch pokimane and I get entertainment out of it. I watch her HUfast videos and they aren’t made out of shit. anyway, in case you’ve gotten a load of hate I’m gonna go move on with my day, have a good one


        @Eimear 1. "Everyone is their own hypocrite" Put in a manner of abstract colourfulness. Yes, everyone is their own hypocrite but on altering magnitudes and consistencies. She has partook in many hypocrisies of great magnitude, those of which I need not provide an example of seeing as they have been illustrated in this video. 2. Thou has misunderstood, there are principles to good content. One could question her fame, why does she have a following of great size and amassed millions of dollars despite her abyss of content of unaltering simplicity. 3. I wish not argue with thou, I wish to debate. Humanity cannot progress without the art of debates and the questioning the fundamentals of our reality.

      2. Eimear

        @WILLIAM MACDONALD 1. everyone's their own hypocrite 2. there is no principles for content. as long as things aren't in appropriate, or just plain hate videos with no basis, videos can be whatever. yes that's a very plain explanation of it, but oh well. 3. because someone does chill videos or vlogs doesn't make their videos low effort or shit. 4. please don't argue with me, I just wanted to put that down. you have every right for your own opinion, so don't think I'm trying to argue with you. I just don't want someone's personality to be generalized. byeeeeeeee


        That does not excuse the fact she has a particular lack in the principles of content and has a past forged in hypocrisy.

    20. Vibha U.

      Hey what game are you playing here?

      1. Vibha U.

        @Ultpeppega Thank you!

      2. Ultpeppega

        Battlefront 2

    21. unknown


      1. unknown


    22. Paco 123

      I like Pokimane

      1. Ultpeppega

        Welp, at least you’re honest...

      2. Satisfied Warriors Fan

        At least you're not an angry fan

      3. stepwiseolive 98


    23. The cj chol Cake pie

      How rude

      1. Ultpeppega

        Shut up.

    24. you shouldn't add zombot to this deck guy

      I never liked or hated pokimane but I gotta admit you got some good points.

    25. Ethan Mobile

      So relatable

    26. lychee luvv


      1. Khasem


    27. One random Dude

      To be fair, I know exactly 1 entertaining female streamer

    28. Allie Vaccaro

      I don't like her either, but I found that some of this criticism has misogynistic undertones to it. I think you made a lot of valid points. She is hypocritical, her content is not entertaining in the slightest, and she doesn't deserve the following she has. However, as a girl who plays games, its very hard to be taken seriously and even if she is an exception to the rule, it doesn't make that experience invalid for other girls who play video games. No matter how we act, girls are almost always accused of being fake to get money. Anything even remotely feminine in the gaming community is immediately taken as a "pick me" thing or considered cringy now. I can name some examples. People (usually girls) who post their pink setups get hate for it, and I see a girl who plays bedwars constantly getting mean and sexist comments that a man would never get. Not to mention, when I give callouts in game, I'm usually flooded with inappropriate and sexually charged comments that I have never heard a guy get. Criticize Pokimane, but please don't feed in to the "gamer girl" stereotype. We play games for the same reason everyone else does: to have fun.


        Do not forget the fact that a male in a female dominated industry or on a female dominated platform receives that same volumes.

      2. Bruno

        The sexist comments are prlly because they get a better reaction more often, guys insult each other in games all the time, but because it's so common there is no real point to insulting a guy cuz he will most likely ignore it or punch back

    29. E Cat3

      I personally think that it's quite offensive and sexist that bout the point of how she only gets attention because of her body. I'm not a fan of her's by any means. I just find it so disgusting that just because she is a women streamer, that when you have no stronger points to make it goes straight to how she presents herself is trying to get attention. I do think that she is a bit overrated, and sure some people do give her attention just for that. I just find it gross why this is the point people are making, at least emphasize that she's not funny or that the content isn't entertaining enough for her to have this attention. It's just gross that when your a woman on social media this automatically happens. I'm not surprised, reason being that this was made by a man-


        Is this not a point based off of fundamentals from reality? If it is reality than it is not sexist.

      2. Bruno

        He did enphasize that she's not funny or entertaining, that's why the conclusion is that she gets attention because she's atractive

      3. Bruno

        I'm confused now, the point is not bc she's a woman, but bc she's "pretty"

    30. MexiGirl6579021

      She is like Valkyrae, but at least Rae had some entertaining content without stealing peoples content

    31. Yert Dest

      The only reason ppl watch her is bc she is pretty

    32. areesha faysal khan

      funny how he was dragging poki in the video but dude ur getting clout n views by talking shit abt her??????

      1. areesha faysal khan

        @Just a Random Person tysm for correcting me lmfao

      2. areesha faysal khan

        @Bruno my point is that hes getting clout and views by talking shit abt some1, like dude wtfx

      3. areesha faysal khan

        @Marlee. thats ur pov, i think shes pretty cute n i like her streamsx

      4. Khasem

        He’s not a lazy streamer who does nothing. If you watch his other videos, he’s funny and has some good points about what he’s talking about.

      5. Bruno

        What's your point

    33. Gangley Tundra

      **+5.3 Million simps have entered the chat**

    34. Thenerdicat 134975

      Pokimane's personality is blander than unseasoned tofu.

    35. It’s Curly

      I think her content got better

    36. Das


      1. Ultpeppega


    37. Delgerjargal Enkhtuya

      whats the game name guys pls tell me

      1. Delgerjargal Enkhtuya

        @Ultpeppega thank you

      2. Ultpeppega

        Battlefront 2

    38. Mrworm285

      I forgot what he was talking about cuz I was watching the sick gameplay

    39. Science Compliance

      This is the most of Pokimane I have ever seen and shall henceforth be all of her that I will willingly expose myself to. What a useless individual.

    40. Sandara Park is my Queen

      Pls support daph39 instead..they're friends but Daphnie is much more entertaining/better

    41. TOERAGw06

      Ngl if I was a quote on quote “attractive woman” I would probably act “cute” or “show my body more” to make a bag. I can respect it but.... I hate her

    42. Kitten

      No offense but if u don't like it don't watch it

      1. Ultpeppega

        Have you heard of “constructive criticism”

      2. Marlee.


      3. Marlee.

        Typical white girl

      4. Marlee.

        "If you don't like it don't watch it"

      5. Satisfied Warriors Fan

        It's ironic how you tell diesel if you "don't like her don't watch her", yet I bet you didn't like this video and still watched it, pure hypocrisy

    43. Venom Miz

      relax streaming is just a work and it is so ez for girls for sure simps all around the place but you should take it ez in the end she is just a girl

      1. Udder Budder

        "she is just a girl" so?

    44. Emory Maclan

      solid 2/10

    45. TheCommunistCanadian

      Im Dying Poopy midget

    46. Lily _

      *”Ah yes, the bland boring Jessica. If she was a spice, she’d be flour”*

    47. Pink

      For me she kind a anoying girl for me she like my stupid sister how she like react at anyting

    48. Locke Spartan

      7:52 lol in my class in school a girl said "ugh! Im so ugly!" And I said "yeah your so ugly"

    49. Locke Spartan

      Whats the description bruh xD and what game is that?

    50. TwinYoshi

      I mean she looks good but your points are very good and i think like you

    51. General 71

      who else is just loving the gameplay rn?

    52. Redroom trainer Played

      Poki makes an onlyfans and the website will probably crash

    53. Josh Nethersole


      1. Jk Lol The Genius

        Battlefront 2

    54. [DJ Club] SansTheSkeleton

      I like how the game play is the original Battlefront 2

    55. caroline

      she eats so close to the mic it’s disgusting

    56. Qwuuvy

      Remember when “leafy is here” made a video like this and now he’s gone

    57. Fizzled

      that chat is the main reason I took out the greater portion of my brain

      1. Ultpeppega

        You and me both

    58. Carol

      the vibes from this video are: "women deserve no respect regardless of what they do" and that's gross like... I agree she is quite bland but there are countless male streamers as bland as her and don't get the same criticism. she is not wrong on pointing out the sexism in this field.

      1. The E

        We aren’t saying women doesn’t deserve respect, we are saying Pokimane doesn’t deserve respect.

      2. No Stop it

        @Carol no it doesn't, that would be bad criticism, he isn't sexist, he's open

      3. Spicy Wind

        @xAN0NYM0US_M3L0Nx Couldn't have said it better

      4. xAN0NYM0US_M3L0Nx

        This guy has shit on males and females, black and white people, LGBT and straight people, he doesn’t discriminate when comes to insulting people

      5. Carol

        @caroline it becomes a gender thing in the moment this guy utterly and openly disrespects her and insults her instead of making a decent and constructive criticism, and everybody else in the comment section and other "criticism" videos shames her the same way. and i have to disagree on boring guys not being popular, there are plenty of those out there...

    59. WarriorOfThePast

      I almost threw up from realizing how much she got off from the little boys apology video. She got off from that in such a evil way... I feel horrible for the kid.

    60. andy the goblin


      1. SocialistAnthems

        @No Stop it Oh. My bad then lol.

      2. No Stop it

        @SocialistAnthems it's a joke

    61. Booples Dooples

      I'm so happy I'm not alone... I feel bad bc the Amigops and some of their other friends that are cool play w her and I don't want to get harassed off the internet a third time for stating an opinion that's considered unpopular or wrong...

    62. EKuSe -

      Her reactions are faker than her face

      1. Elizabeth Kitty

        Her reactions are faker than her personality

    63. James Albert Rabor

      I used to think EVERYONE loved poki, but now I realized that people just can't speak out that they dislike her.

      1. Random Person

        And I didn't even know why they liked her lol

      2. Random Person


    64. Sins

      I just keep on coming back just for the intro. It’s too good for the 500th time

      1. Sins

        @Just a Random Person I bet there are

      2. Just a Random Person

        I keep coming back to see if they're any simps in the newest first lol

    65. TEAM TREES

      I never watched her content but when I watch someone else and she is participating. The only reason I don’t like her is because the way she talks makes her sound so condescending

    66. Harson-

      "why i dont like pokimane" says the guy who used this woman's photo for thumbnail

      1. Ultpeppega

        Your logic is as flawed as your ability to pick up chicks.

      2. SocialistAnthems

        @ShowoffGaming Cus no one would want to like a Simps comment.

      3. ShowoffGaming

        @SocialistAnthems yep, like every single simp comment in here. The replies have more likes than the actual comment. Let that sink in

      4. SocialistAnthems

        Notice how the replies have more likes than the actual comment 😬

      5. Just a Random Person

        He used her as his thumbnail cause the video is about her dumbass

    67. VaderLucid

      My goodness, that was the greatest intro ever

    68. Brandon Connelly

      Wait what’s wrong with idubz gg?

      1. Ultpeppega

        Search up on google “iddubz’ gf controversy” it’s too long to explain in a comment section.

    69. Astronauseous

      Yes be an anti simp my lord

    70. daniel barrera

      good point

    71. Mr. Potato

      The fact that she banned the name of your HUfast channel on her discord I mean bruh

    72. Dila Apaydin

      Am I the only one who doesn’t think she is THAT attractive

      1. Ultpeppega

        Yeh, she’s just.... bland

      2. Dila Apaydin

        @Elizabeth Kitty right?! she is Moroccan..

      3. Elizabeth Kitty

        People think she is cute bcus she looks asian

      4. tim Tim

        Yeah shes ugly

    73. Noel Lecombe

      She’s super obnoxious and annoying. What the kid said, it’s completely wrong and inappropriate. But she should’ve appreciated that he apologised to her publicly. She should’ve calmly accepted his apology and explain to him that everyone should learn to respect others. But she acted immaturely :/

    74. Xavier The modern human

      Woah at the start you called her poopy-head calm down

    75. LBPvsSplatoon

      Don't mind me, just looking at the comments, seeing how many SIMPS I could find.

      1. Ultpeppega

        I found a total of 7

    76. RafaFN

      the people that disliked this video are simps

    77. Thomo King

      Simps:What did you say to my *BELOVED QUEEN!?*

    78. mikah ong

      I have a bad feeling abt the entire offline tv gang or whatever they are. I dont get how phoneymane is the most popular, even if we say itz cuz of her looks she isnt that cute.

      1. mikah ong

        @No Stop it ye but thats not new to the gamer streaming world...like what is their appeal as individuals and as a "group"?

      2. No Stop it

        Their popular now because of Among Us, they're going to milk it until another popular game comes along

    79. Luminous T

      Ok but what's wrong with your voice

      1. gimeeda pussiboss

        His voice is just like that.

    80. ogPotatoSauce

      People who disliked-??? Why man's be speaking faxxx

    81. Chase

      my least favorite part is the chat

    82. Jake the bone Crusher Playz

      Simps are the dislike

    83. TeckTeck

      This dude just playing the only one true Battlefront II while destroying simps and their idols... THAT IS WHAT I CALL A GOOD MAN 👏 EDIT : Darth Maul is OP son play Vader like a real man !

      1. TeckTeck

        @Juan Rodriguez como es possible

      2. Juan Rodriguez

        no hablo ingles pero estoy deacuerdo con tu comentario

      1. Ultpeppega


      2. ناصر الحربي


    84. Geoffrey Sparrow Miller

      4 minutes he said. 15 MINUTES OF MY LIFE WAS USED

    85. Hoisan Fong

      yo nice 4k game

    86. sophia

      this has a twinge of misogyny but points were made ngl

    87. XtractChuno

      12:46 she makes fun of him for saying that the video is from is actual youtube channel and that there are people pretending to be him. I rewatched this video, and she imitates him saying that the channel that video is posted on is his and not some random person, also she made up him telling people to subscribe to his channel

    88. nemo

      when i'm watching among us streams with others, poki also the most boring one in the group...

    89. Coolguy 123

      pokimane SUCK

    90. Joshua J.

      Imagine if the simps who disliked this video had to fight the chads who liked this video.

    91. le mao

      The way she handles every situation is the opposite of the image she tryna portray

    92. Alexis Schultz

      I mean I don’t mind her, but she has done some stuff that people took out of proportion simply because she had done other things that were wrong.

    93. law

      i love how his name is pussi in the game

    94. Jocelyn Guiao

      Because pokimane simp is going homeless because they always fucking donate pokimane even pokimane fricking use them If i die my last word is "you frick simps of poki"

    95. Đức Nam Đinh

      i don't know wherther this is bait or just 4 fun but u r really just jealous,someone famous just because of their beauty right don't need to be too frustrated about gaming part bro

      1. stepwiseolive 98

        Haha u a simp u a loser

      2. Emmanuel Brako

        @zincbak warrior oh shoot I replied to the wrong guy lol

      3. zincbak warrior

        @Emmanuel Brako how is he an idiot he literally has the same points as you i’m talking about zombot btw

      4. unscribe fanigo

        lmao you simping on pokimane because you are a loser and you can't find a girlfriend and you are simping on a female streamer that looks like middle aged woman without makeup like smh

      5. Emmanuel Brako

        @you shouldn't add zombot to this deck guy idiot

    96. akwgamer25

      diese simps sind so nervig, ich spreche auf deutsch, damit du weißt, dass ich verrückt bin> :(

      1. Panda Express

        Stimme dir zu Bruder. Ich hasse es das pokimanes content einfach nur aus rumsitzen und Videos gucken besteht . Ihre Videos sind so unglaublich langweilig und schlecht. Und dan gibt es diese loser die versuchen sie zu verteidigen.

    97. paan bon

      me to

    98. EQUILER

      lmao youre just telling truth and same mind as me you got new sub dude dont lose this content keep going xD

    99. Darkseed

      pokimane is a ploopy