WINTER is the Fail Time Of The Year! - Funny Snow Fails | FailArmy


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    When the weather gets bad, the mistakes get funnier! The weather might be cold, but these people have warmed our hearts with the results of their bad decisions. Bundle up and enjoy!
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    1. stopmotion army

      Human misery is the best type of entertainment

      1. Bill Miller

        lol true

      2. Amateur Shooter


      3. Alaric Amari

        damn! It took roughly 50 minutes for me but it worked!!

      4. Rogelio Yael

        How have I never seen that website before?!? This shit worked for me this is freaking great!

    2. jessie beardie


    3. Gretchen Froede

      you can tell they dont live in Canada

    4. Moto Sly

      " you took out a plant Bro!!!!"

    5. Jerry Knight


    6. Yvonne killa

      This whole video is chipped teeth waiting to happen

    7. ChuckChes Vi MixVlog

      So hilarious 😂😂but dangerous as well.

    8. Sam Stewart

      I saw that picture a

    9. Drake White

      Me and my friends were watching this and we were dying of laughter

    10. donald johnson

      3:15 - looks funny, but that is actually the safe way to cross a frozen stream.

    11. donald johnson

      1:03 - demonstration of why people don't yell in snow covered canyons....avalanche may result.

    12. John Fleming

      At least he got the snow off his roof! That's why we moved down south!

    13. Lukas Stanford

      Do you guys know this video you are watching is 25k dollars

    14. nick bassman

      Idiot with bin doing the moonwalk lol 😆

    15. Horse Friend

      2:48 You're welcome.


      super paperissima molto spettacolare complimenti ciao da valerio wontolla

    17. Mein Name ist nicht Dennis

      Who else is looking for that „only proof of humanity“ comment?

    18. MHUNTER_1464

      The best time when you get fun is when it snows and when you start hear laughter

    19. Noob Gamer


    20. Satya Velamuri

      friction less places

    21. 丁禹


    22. zveraboy888


    23. Turder

      1:43 when you spent entire life indoors online 24/7 and see the snow for the 1st time.

    24. Рустам Шарифов


    25. Рустам Шарифов

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂😅😂😂😂😅😂😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😁, а

    26. djr644

      “You took out a plant!” No, the plant took him out

    27. Nuna Yobusiness

      I am amazed at people’s stupidity

    28. Cristal Blessed

      The gay on Ice kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    29. Grapevine 1987

      Why didn't the dude in the driveway just walk through the snow? He was getting so mad 🤣

    30. n1ghtfusi0n

      western clowns

    31. Kristian Bušta

      2:10 What dumbass wears nike like that in winter

    32. Yu Toob

      the atv ones aren't great, I knew a guy who was killed nearly instantly when he took a turn to fast, was thrown and a tree stump that he landed on severed his spine. He had a daughter (and ex wife). The snowmobile dude that landed on his back was about another couple degrees of rotation from a head landing, breaking neck, etc.

    33. Alden K

      1:07 is my absolute favorite

    34. Aariz M

      Its funny until someone dies

    35. rennie rad


      1. doliio volay


    36. Miles Dudesick Gaming

      lol texas

    37. Klaus Slave Master


    38. Rman Nayr


    39. Rman Nayr

      HE CAN'T SWIM!!!!!!!!

    40. Rman Nayr


    41. Rman Nayr

      SNOW FAILS!!!!!!!!!

    42. Rman Nayr


    43. Rman Nayr

      POOR GIRL AT 2:00!

    44. Rman Nayr


      1. doliio volay

        Yes, the average IQ of each new generation has been falling rapidly since about 50 years ago.

    45. Rman Nayr

      2:48 SNOW DIVING FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. Roblox acc

      Trash can: *ight imma head out*

    47. nuffflavor

      People in their driveways. I live down here in GA.... how come I know you are suppose to put salt down to keep your driveway from icing over and they do not ?

      1. Moon Charon

        Good question.

    48. John Cole

      That's so funny

    49. LPMojoGL

      @3:53 watched it like 10 times, lololol

    50. Ddarke11

      In a world where shovels, sense, and salt don't exist.

    51. Proton Neutron

      Yes, the average IQ of each new generation has been falling rapidly since about 50 years ago.

      1. Proton Neutron

        @Jose Aguirre This is the opposite of the Flynn effect.

      2. Jose Aguirre

        its called the Flynn effect

    52. Nabiha Habibullah


    53. maltacross1987

      He can't swim. So your bright idea is to go on a frozen pond? Well I can't say much I learned to swim by rolling a tractor tire into pond and swimming back.Its either that or drown.

    54. Kaptain Badrukk

      3:57 ahahahaha

    55. Y. N


    56. Ronald McDonald

      1:45 millennial snow removal technique

    57. Shauka Hodan

      6:02 two fails in one clip

    58. Shauka Hodan

      6:02 two fails in one clip

    59. Bluezebra2

      I remember y'all back in like 2013...

    60. GroverKent

      We all know why we clicked on this.

    61. Aref Karimi

      05:00 The (not) survival of the (not) the fittest

    62. Aref Karimi

      As someone who has not seen snow for 11 years I felt cold after watching this video

    63. TheClapsProduction

      3:23 RUSSIA

    64. 강석대

      제정신아닌사람들 너무 많네

    65. Jian Huang

      Yeah, car door does not close on high way, filming it definitely helps

    66. Edoardo Lupi

      4:04 Jurassic Park

    67. Randy Smith


    68. seryi

      о май гад, о май гад, о май гад, ЕБАНЫЙ РОТ, о май гад, о май гад, о май гад,

    69. alida flus

      And this is why me or my spirit animal will always live close to the equator.

      1. alida flus


    70. Kira Yuki

      Beating the boss level be like: 2:12

    71. Your Face

      Soooo, anything funny stashed away?? Sigh

    72. james w

      2:48 you can tell that hurt look at her face. Please check the softness of snow before you dive....

    73. Steve Utgaard


    74. Aleksandr Roginskiy

      Главное - головой: в стену ...вбубеницца: а можа... - чАго и будиць - со стеной!!!

    75. Doug Larsen

      5:31 WOW what a view. And hilarious.

    76. doliio volay

      0:50 - imagine pumping exhaust fumes into your daughters face 😵

      1. doliio volay

        f*ck upon a time/

    77. paxwallacejazz

      You took out a plant bro!

    78. Johnny Jerk Face

      I thought this guy was going to grab the side view mirror here. Anyone else? 1:20

    79. Dave Sanders


    80. Michael Wilson

      1:00 why would you tow your kid behind a car that spewing out exhaust fumes What a fckn couple of fckin idiots

    81. Mar Snipe

      Honestly here because it's satisfying

    82. Игорь Листопад

      The belligerent sharon internally dry because fine ironically start to a gleaming scissors. afraid, cheerful gliding

    83. Matte Edström

      Most fails are made by stupid ppl that can't hold a camera!!!

    84. Josh

      7:35 Driving, in unsafe conditions, filming himself with one hand and the other is demonstrating how the door doesn't close?

    85. Bertie Blue

      It's @2.47 lads

      1. sokin jon

        Go to 0:16 and 7:44 to listen to hear delta male laughing noises. 👁 👁 👁️ 👁️ 👁 👁 👄 👄 👄 you're welcome.

      1. Гришка расПутин

        @sokin jon Idiots everywhere are.

      2. sokin jon

        so much autism in the world, especially in america...

    86. Alen Adam

      5:38 ja ka sm va reku

    87. ArlindBlaze

      The one at 5:30 was just fucked up.

    88. MM MM

      who else is born on winter and thinks he is a fail TwT

    89. Lex Walker


    90. J B

      @2:47 Thank me lator!

    91. Jeff Hag

      This was really good......due to no-one really got hurt and was done by real people...... thank you everyone and God Bless.

    92. Miner Man

      f*ck upon a time/

    93. Allan Hernandez

      Texas is just keep slipping on ice I mean like the state has no power after that fall

    94. sokin jon

      All these people trying to walk on ice, blissfully unaware of just how lethal it can get, really quickly.

      1. Javi Sanchez

        Hi mamasita

    95. tauruszuma

      And they drugs don't diminish your brain capacity!

    96. Tyler Piovarchy

      7:45 wanna hear the most annoying sound on the world?

      1. sokin jon

        7:19 Lol Snowmobile flip challenge noice

    97. Prabhat Bhasme

      2:34 when polar bear finally sees snow...😂😂

    98. Mr. KnowItAll

      2:19 walk in the Snow