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    1. Tyler Hannah

      Congrats on 1.B XXX R.I.P

    2. ejthahitmaker

      1BILLION VEIWS!!!!

    3. Sienna Grace

      1 BILLION. He would be so proud. Fly high bro ❤️

    4. no name 0

    5. Oni Chan

      1B VIEW❤️ 1B LIKES👇

    6. Caleb Hansen

      Anyone else still vibing to this song in 2021?

    7. Korounganba Heigrujam


    8. Richard Lopez

      Who is here still listing to the legend in 2021

    9. xgteev

      1B let's go

    10. Max

      Who is here in 2021❤

    11. nenedarockstar

      He hit 1b omg 🥺☹️

    12. hypnoticby0

      One billion let's gooooooooooooooooo

    13. Muhammad Lutfi bahrumsyah

      1Bilion ☀️ 2Bilion🌥️

    14. zeng boy

      no doubt 🤙everybody can listen to his songs till our death 🥺🔥

    15. Shanna Bissay

      1bililion for xxx

    16. _kks_

      1B!!!! X I would be happy

    17. Rojit Chaulagain


    18. Jeffy vlogs

      Don’t cry because he died.””smile because he was born”

    19. Macyn Official

      Rip xxx love him always

    20. Lucero Torres

      I would put this in my bus and say fuck haters

    21. Mosesluc Consigna


    22. 238 Fredo

      claim ur spot in line to try and convince the government to clone jah here

    23. bugha 11

      Im sad i know you🙏🙏😓😭😭


      1b gang✅

    25. Naseem Hamed

      1b bro, love you bro, always in my heart

    26. Jaspreet Kaur

      And everyone who sees this everyone thinks that drake killed xxxtentacion

    27. Naruto Sad

      I'm Indonesia🇮🇩:')

    28. Jaspreet Kaur

      We are all proud of you xxxtentacion

    29. SWAG

      1 Billion Nigga's R.I.P *XXX*

    30. a person on the internet

      Lets go we finally did it LLJ

    31. CorpseHusband fan

      This 1b is for you man we miss you🙏

    32. isabella vizcardo

      I love you X

    33. meow World

      Happy 1B views and 30M sub

    34. AzPlayZ

      Hi 1B crew

    35. Versatile Fidelity

      I was waiting for it to hit 1 billion views, This is now certified as a classic, Love you X🖤🕊️

    36. Leticia gamers


    37. Kondzio_Rek

      Congregation 1billion views

    38. CarAlex07 Al3456

      Lets go 1b my men it was the legend realy happy for him

    39. CR7

      Who else is still here after the legend of singing has sadly passed away 3 years ago 💔😭😢

    40. Jazy Sotelo ツ

      God I wish he was here to see him hit 1B views 😭

    41. gamer boi

      This song is legendary 1B VIEWS

    42. krekzy

      He loved every single person of the 1billion people that watched this

    43. Foziljon Eshmatov


    44. Pedro Enrique

      Rip xxxtentacion 😢😢

    45. IXS XOWNMC

      1 BILLION!!!

    46. ShxY

      X is looking down at us smiling because we still care about him.

    47. Isaiah Richardson

      I have been waiting for this to hit 1 billion for 2 years

    48. Keanus

      The billion!

    49. Pethex Kyng

      We miss you x 😭😭😭

    50. wiktoria ćwiek

      1mld !!!

    51. mommy loli

      Sdds xxtencion

    52. Fernanda Tavares

      2021???? Rip X❤

    53. Tyler Wynn

      1b let’s go !!!

    54. Tobi

      The true fans are the one's who never left

    55. Nicholas Palacio

      First rapper to hit 1B with just a cover art #LLJ

    56. claudiana Pontes Villela de almeida Leitão

      man im so sad he died

    57. cetan Basaldua


    58. zAntony

      1 B 🖤

    59. Joseph Rivera

      early birthday gift to u xxx ♥️ happy 1B!!!

    60. Cyrus Sprouse

      My kid memories started with this guy

    61. the beast

      5 billion by next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Andrew Carranza

        Sadly, I doubt that

    62. SPYRO _2811

      dont be sad cuz he was born and made this song to make you happy

    63. Naruto x Hinata


    64. fatih fauzan

      finally 1b


      Welcome to the 1B club 😎

    66. ismail güney


    67. Relix痛

      1B club

    68. FaZe Grande

      ayy it hit 1 billion 😃

    69. Danilo Muguruza Barra

      1 B wow

    70. VAND FF

      30M SUB 🔥

    71. FRIZER YP

      this is Amazing that you get 1b r.i.p a legend😔

    72. ANTONY WAR

      1B club😍😍

    73. Storybook Villain

      :( I'm sad your still gone

    74. Carlos Calixto

      FINALLY 1B

    75. Isaiah Waterman

      Miss you so much makes me happy to see people still listenin to you even after you're gone rest in peace x

    76. Z J H

      Here for the billionth time ✍︎︎

    77. J s

      follow me @janilsonntx

    78. J s

      follow me instagram @janilsonntx

    79. Ender

      1 BILLION!!!!!!!!!!!

    80. los cracks


    81. João77 gzn

      First 1 Million 🔥

    82. Khaliyah Fraser

      how come to this video all the time before i this song hit 1b views

    83. Tylar Kenedy

      X is better than 1b

    84. GM Wesley So


    85. Only The Truth

      Before 10000000B

    86. CGS Central


    87. icarus Gabriel


    88. ブバイエムンバ

      Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who is listening to this masterpiece in 2021.

    89. Laith gebalyyy

      30 mil subs boyzzz

    90. Hamdi Mohamed


    91. Lennon B

      I'm not an x fan but congrats on 1Billion

    92. Bib Teen

      This song will always be remembered g💯

    93. Danyal Rafique

      Congrats on 1B XXXFAMILIA X would be proud 😁

    94. Mr. Llamos

      1B!!! YES🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳

    95. Juan Medina

      Rest in peace big X😔❤

    96. LevnWtf

      Congrats 1bill

    97. Joel 2K7

      One billion he must be Proud RIP man still can believe your gone 😥😥

    98. LeTHal Eli

      Beat song

    99. saimon o comedor de mulher casada

      Brasil🇧🇷 rumo a 2 bi❤️❤️🙅‍♂️🙌